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Qtech research

  1. 1. ResearchThe most important part of creating my music video, advertisementand website was making sure that it would be as close to aprofessional product as possible. This meant that the research andplanning was vital to achieve this; as it would allow me to increasemy knowledge of the ‘Alternative Rock’ genre. During this I used asmany multimedia product as possible to enhance my knowledge ofmedia presentation.
  2. 2. PowerPoint Presentations.I used PowerPoint presentations frequently throughout theresearch and planning stage of my coursework.I first used PowerPoint to present what I had found onGoodwins theory. This product enabled me to present all theresearch I had found on this particular topic, then present theinformation; it allowed me to show my understanding andknowledge on this particular theory and apply it to the song‘Monster’.I then created 5 PowerPoints about website designs and whataspects of them related to my ‘Alternative Rock’ genre. I foundthis product particularly useful during this piece of research as Icould effectively create a layout, which allowed me to screengrab website views and comment my thoughts and feelingsaround them.
  3. 3. How effective was PowerPoint?PowerPoint presentations were extremely helpful to me. Itallowed me to successfully highlight the important parts ofparticular subjects and refer back to important information whenI needed to. For example, my PowerPoint on Goodwin’s theorywas full of the relevant information that I could easily relate toother music videos.I then put all my PowerPoints on to my blog. To do this I usedSlideshare, this website allowed me to upload myPowerPoints easily.I found this product useful as it was convenient and easilyaccessible.
  4. 4. YouTubeYouTube is a popular website that it used by millions and containsthousands of videos. This is why I chose this product to find officialvideos of songs that related to my genre.I used YouTube for the first time when analysing music videos formy genre. When doing this I was able to pause and re-watch thevideos numerous times to note what aspects were important andinspirational.I then went on to using this product when analysing music videosshot by shot. Once again, the videos were easy to pause after eachshot . The timeline bar at the bottom of the video helped me moveeasily from one shot to another; I could then easily screen print thepicture crop it and analyse it further on my blog.YouTube became particularly important when identifying theconventions of ‘Alternative Rock’ in music videos from specificbands that linked to my genre; as it enabled me to search for anysong I required.
  5. 5. How effective was YouTube?Due to YouTube being an extremely popular video searchengine, I found this product very helpful. It allowed me to searchfor thousands of videos of the ‘Alternative Rock’ genre; which Icould then go on to analyse, either briefly or shot by shot.However, I did not only find this product useful just for itspopularity, I found the small aspects of YouTube extremelyhelpful. The timeline below the video appears when you hoveryour curser over it. This was particularly beneficial for me as Icould easily go back to the shot I required. For example, in myshot by shot analyse, I could pause and analyse shots theneasily go back to a previous shot to compare them both andhow they relate to my genre.I also found the quality of the videos were to a high standard;which means I could effortlessly point out aspects that linked tothe conventions of my genre.Finally, an interesting aspect was the link to other songs thatwere relevant to the one I had just played. This allowed me tofind songs that I may have not considered or thought of whenconcerning the ‘Alternative Rock’ genre.
  6. 6. WikipediaThe main reason I used Wikipedia was to find bands that linkedto the ‘Alternative Rock’ genre. Once I had found these bands, Iused this product to research key information about them.The first piece I researched through this product was ‘AlternativeRock’. I did this as, although knowing a few bands from thisgenre, it was hard for me to give a clear definition of what thegenre actually was. Once I had identified this however, I printscreened it and presented it on my blog. This way, the audiencecould understand what the ‘Alternative Rock’ genre was about.After this, I researched into particular bands, such as Biffy Clyro,by doing this I got key information including his record label. Thiswas quick and convenient and allowed me to develop andunderstand the type of people who were involved in the‘Alternative Rock’ genre.After discovering the record label, Wikipedia enabled me toresearch key information about the bands and who their recordlabel was. After I had several record labels to refer back to I wasable to chose which was most appropriate for my ‘AlternativeRock’ artist.
  7. 7. How effective was Wikipedia?Wikipedia was an effective tool when finding information andresearching particular bands, subjects and labels. The processwas quick and convenient and allowed me to gather numerousamounts of information on a particular band; which wouldinfluence the style and background for my artist. For example, Iwas influenced by Biffy Clyro after researching his life style andorigin.I also found this site useful as it presented links to relatedsubjects; which allowed me to jump form information about‘Alternative Rock’ to Biffy Clyro to his label Beggar Banquet.The only downfall that Wikipedia had was its reliability, asanyone and everyone can edit a post about certain subjects.This meant I had to question whether the information given isaccurate. This then means I then had to back up the informationyou have just received by checking whether it is correct onanother site. This is ineffective but the information I hadresearched was correct and therefore did not create anyinconvenience .
  8. 8. PreziPrezi is a presentation website that enabled me to presentimportant information in a more interesting way.I first used Prezi to present my information when researchingthe logos that ‘Alternative Rock’ bands had used. I chose touse this particular product as I wanted to emphasis thepictures and this allowed me to highlight them as they werethe main subject of my research.Not only did the product present the pictures as the mostimportant aspect, it also allowed me to analyse them after in away that was imaginative.
  9. 9. How effective was Prezi?Prezi was effective as it successfully allowed me to present myideas in an inventive form. Rather than creating lengthy essays,this product enabled me to split the information up into particularand relevant sections and show it in a way that easy to read andunderstand.However, I found this product slightly ineffective as putting allthe information on to Prezi was slightly over complicated andtime consuming.
  10. 10. VokiI only used Voki once throughout the researchand planning stage. I used this to talk about therecord label; as it allowed me to apply multimediato present my information.How effective was Voki?Aspects of Voki was effective as it allowed me topresent my information in a varied way. I also feltthat the person I chose to speak reflected thecharacters that would be associated to the‘Alternative Rock’ genre; although this is a smallaspect I found it effective as it gave a sense ofwho my target audience was.Although, I did find Voki was ineffective as onceone Voki had been added to a post, it did notallow any others to be posted; as it would replacethe original automatically. Unfortunately, I couldnot fix this problem and only used the productonce.
  11. 11. VimeoVimeo is a sight smaller that YouTube, it has several movie andTV openings on it, so, that is why I chose this product to haveon my blog when showing my ‘True Blood’ opening.How effective was Vimeo?I found Vimeo effective. The site enabled me to get the ‘TrueBlood’ opening; which I was unable to find on other sites, suchas YouTube. I also found the opening was of a high quality andeasy to watch. This meant that I could show what my inspirationwas easily and quickly. I also felt that this product was effectiveas I could easily share the videos on my blog by using theembedded code, this was easy to find and worked straightaway.The only downfall to Vimeo was that it didn’t have music video’srelating to my genre on. Regrettably, this meant I was unable touse this again as that was vital.
  12. 12. AnimotoDuring my research and planning I had to chose and highlight theclothing common in music video’s based around the ‘AlternativeRock’ genre. Once I had picked all the photo’s that I felt portrayedthe costume used in my genre I uploaded onto the Animoto sight.This put both ‘Alternative Rock’ music and pictures together andplayed them in a slideshow. This enabled me to combine all mythoughts and ideas about costume together; so I could see andunderstand my genre in more depth.How effective was Animoto?I found Animoto effective as not only did it present my idea in acreative form, it combined all my thoughts and ideas; which thenhighlighted the important costumes I could refer back to whenmaking my music video. For example, I referred back to my artistwearing a suit.Animoto only allowed me to use a small clip, though. I felt that thiswas ineffective as a longer clip would have benefitted me more asmore of my ideas could have been shown.
  13. 13. PaintPaint was only a small part in my planning and research butvery useful. I used Paint to create print screens into JPEGpictures and crop them to the correct size. Once I had done thisI was then able to add my pictures to my blog.How effective was Paint?Despite the fact Paint is only a small product and did not createany significant changes to my work, I felt it was extremelyeffective. Without Paint I would not have been able to addpictures to my blog quickly. For example, Paint became veryuseful during my shot by shot analysis as this required severalprint screened shots to justify my thoughts. I also felt that paintwas convenient as it did not require any downloading and isfound on almost all computers and laptops.
  14. 14. GoogleGoogle is one of the most popular search engines and I used itconstantly during my research and planning. Google allowed meto search questions or quires; which then enabled me to get thevital information I needed to complete my in-depth research into‘Alternative Rock’.How effective was Google?I found using Google very effective. As Google is one of theleading search engines. Because of this I was able to find anduse information/pictures quickly and without any hassle. Googlealso enabled me to check the reliability of my information fromother sources; so I knew that my information was accurate anddependable.Altogether, Google was the most informative and educational.
  15. 15. BloggerBlogger was my choice when deciding which blog site I should usefor my A2 Portfolio. The reason I chose Blogger was the security; asblogger was linked to my Google account, I believed this site wasthe most secure to upload my work onto. I had also used this siteduring my AS studies. As I already had in-depth knowledge on howto work Blogger, I felt overall, it was the best site to use.How effective was Blogger?Using Blogger throughout this process has been extremely effective.I found making posts and uploading different information, in severalmultimedia forms, was easy and simple to do. I also found thatthroughout the process none of my work had been lost and thereforedid not create any unnecessary re-writes.