Goodwins theory


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Goodwins theory

  1. 1. Paramore- Monster is an alternative rock song. Aspects that normally link with this genre are:-Dark colours-Quick edits-Direct address-Band performance-Narrative
  2. 2. Dark colours In this specific song the dark colours are mainly midnight colours e.g. silver, blue and grey. When watching this video I see that the band footage has mainly dark colours. This is due to dark and electric colours being symbolic references to the genre of alternative rock. However, there is a monochrome effect that gives and over exposed effect exaggerating the dark colours, when looking into the other videos by this band I discovered the overexposed effect was a running theme as seen again ‘Brick By Boring Brick’ . I believe that the dark colours in clothing are used because it’s there signature Quick edits In this video quick edits are used like many other rock songs. This is because the edits match the beats of music and create a sense of rhythm; due to rock songs being fast and upbeat to match this the edits must be quick. They also engage the audience and make them want to watch the video over and over, so that they can see the intricacies of it. This is in stark contrast to a slow tempo track or a ballad which would normally involve lots of long takes without fast cuts. For example, a slow tempo song also from Paramore ‘You Are The Only Exception’.
  3. 3. Direct addressDuring this video, the narrative is shot in water with the band memberslooking up at the camera. This engages the audience and creates apersonal connection which would be a marketing scheme andattempting to give the audience and the lead band member, HayleyWilliams, to have specific connection to the audience. It’s also acommon theme that runs throughout rock videos, this I believe is tohighlight the intensity and intimidating atmosphere of the video wantto create.Band performanceThrough this music video there is a narrative involving the band andactual band performance. During this you see the several shots withthe band member and their instrument. There are also clips of bandmembers running through a collapsing building. This would be doneto create focus on each band member so the audience see all of theband, this can be done to market the band as a whole and it’s incontext to what the song was written about, an old band memberleaving, so this is done to try and avoid accusations of the female leadsinger taking the lime light.NarrativeFrom the beginning of the narrative there is a sense of calm andawakening, giving the audience a sense that the band have realisedsomething. As the video continues we see a light bulb explode andeach band member is shown as a close up. This is done to link to theactual context of the song, that two band members have left, that theband are together and on there own. This is exaggerated by themember being stood on their own and uniting at the end of the video.
  4. 4. In this video there are few links to the visuals through lyrics.“You were my conscience These lyrics link to the visuals as the band members are in water.So solid, now youre like water However, the water also connotes the calm and a slow tempoAnd we started drowning” before the music picks up and the bass kicks in. This gives the audience a tranquil feeling and the change of music to and buoyant rhythm keep the audience interested.“But I let my heart go In this clip the camera shot moves down to signify her heartIts somewhere down at sinking to the bottom like the lyrics express.the bottom” In this shot we see the lead singer, Hayley Williams, hitting a wall“Ill stop the whole and holding the wall. This should connotate the fact that she isworld, Ill stop the whole holding everything back, it’s showing her as a strong character,world” this also links to the lyrics as shes claiming the band are stronger.“Well, now that youre At the end of the song, she sings about how they world isgone, the world is ours” theirs. This shot shows this as they are all united together.
  5. 5. There is a link between the music and visuals as when theguitarist starts playing heavy music, the light bulb explodes.This is done to show intensity and power that the bandmember possesses. It also relates to the genre as rock iscommonly known for loud and explosive music. At the beginning of the music video, the tempo and beat is calm. The music reflects this as the band members are lay still in the water. This in turn creates a gentle atmosphere for the audience, creating more of an impact when the heavy music kicks in. In this part of the music video, the music relates to the visuals as the singer is really highlighted so the shot is of Hayley Williams singing, this really exaggerates the focus on her.
  6. 6. Throughout the video there are repetitive shots of Hayley Williams, this is because sheis the lead singer and the main focus for the public is her. The marketing side of it isthat she represents the band so the close ups of her sell the band more. However,there are several close up of the band members this maybe due to the accusations ofthe band being focus around Hayley Williams, so the attention on the band will stopthe media from causing drama around them.
  7. 7. Throughout the music video’s that Paramorehave created there is always a monochromeeffect. I believe this is done to exaggerate thepaleness of the lead singer, to create astereotypical look of a person who would listento that type of music. It also highlights the colourof her hair to help marketing as she is known forher bright hair colours, therefore, appealing tothe audience and advertising more. Paramore ‘Monster’Paramore ‘Playing God’ Paramore ‘Brick By Boring Brick’
  8. 8. Looking at most of Paramores videos, with the genre alternative rock, I noticed that direct address is used a lot. This because it’s appropriate to the genre and gives the certain atmosphere the music video would want to create. With this in mind whenfocusing on the ‘Monster’ video it is used direct address sixteen towns. However, all the direct address and looking effect were all used during the narrative. This could be because they want to create a certain connection with the audience to get the musical point across.
  9. 9. While looking for intertexual references, I cant find any that link directly toParamore. However, I believe this is down to the marketing scheme of the label asthe genre of the band and bands like this are commonly known for the individuality .The band advertise and promote themselves by the image. As we can see HayleyWilliam is the female lead singer, the rest are males, so to highlight the fact there is afemale singer (which isnt common in bands of the genre) she has bright red hair, thisseparates her from the dark haired males.