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Learn about the different types of engineered spring supports and when to use variable springs, constants or big tons depending on the design conditions. See how shock control, restraint and support devices are used to guide or restrain movement during normal operating conditions or under impulse loading events. Learn about pre-insulated pipe supports, including various insulating materials used for both cold and hot applications. Discover the slide plate sandwich concept and explore different slide plate materials used to reduce the coefficient of friction. View examples of expansion joints, pressure vessels, pig launchers and receivers.

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  • Display this slide before the presentation begins, while viewers are joining…. Do not say what is on slide…. Switch to next slide before welcoming
  • Hello everyone, I would like to welcome you to our Webinar on Components for pipe support, deflection and restraint. The Webinar today is hosted by Piping Technology & Products. My name is ______________ and I will be your presenter today. If you would like to join in on the audio portion of the presentation, please make sure you select speakers/headphones in the audio choice box and double check that your volume is turned up. You can also listen to us by telephone, the information is listed on the screen. Also, if you have a question during the presentation, please feel free to type a question into the text box you see to the right of the presentation, or if you prefer, you can ask questions after the presentation during our “Questions and Answers Session.”
  • For those of you who are unfamiliar with us, I want to quickly go over some background information. If you would like to know more, please visit our “About Us” section at Our parent company, Piping Technology & Products, Inc., also known as PT&P, has been… in business since 1975, PT&P and its wholly owned subsidiaries, US Bellows, Sweco Fab, Pipe Shields, and Anchor Darling, offer a wide range of engineered products and services for various industries and applications. As you can see, our product line is extensive… from engineered pipe supports, expansion joints, pre-insulated pipe supports, and miscellaneous fabrication to various engineering and technical services, PT&P has decades of experience providing products and services for all your engineering and construction needs. DO NOT go over certifications—that is on the next slide
  • We have achieved various certifications over the past 30 years: PT&P is a member of MSS, SPED, and APFA. We are also a Minority Business Enterprise , as well as, a member of the Houston Minority Business Council . Our U.S. Bellows division is a member of the Expansion Joint Manufacturers’ Association We have the ASME U-Stamp , R-Stamp and N-Stamp for our Sweco Fab division Pipe Shields is ISO 9001-2000 certified for the manufacture of hot and cold supports And we are ASME Nuclear Qualified in our Fronek Anchor Darling division concerning snubbers
  • A little about our history… In 1975, we began doing stress analysis 1978, we incorporated as Piping Technology & Products, Inc. The same year, we developed the constant load spring hanger design 1986, we acquired SWECO Fab ( ASME U-Stamp Shop ) Two years later, in 1988, we moved to Holmes Road, which is our current plant location 1995, we acquired RM Mfg. ( metallic expansion joints ) And in the same year, we added 100,000 sq. ft. of covered shop space Two years later, in 1997, we acquired U.S. Bellows ( metallic expansion joints ) In 1999, we added an additional 100,000 sq. ft. of covered shop space 2001, we purchased an additional 5 acres for future expansion 2003, launched Field Services division 2004, Acquired Fronek Group And in 2007, PT&P received the ISO 9001:2000 Certification underneath Pipe Shields Division 2007: Purchased additional 5 acres for expansion
  • With over 700 Employees at our facility From Sales, Engineering, Office Administration, Manufacturing, Customer Service, Marketing, Accounting, Etc., our resources include 75 Engineers and Designers, including 4 Ph.D.’s
  • - Located just a few miles from the Port of Houston, the largest port in the United States, PT&P is able to quickly and conveniently transport products to customers in a timely manner, world-wide. - With over 450,000 square feet of covered shop space on a 35 acre property, PT&P's manufacturing facilities are capable of fulfilling the needs of each customer and their requests. - If you are in the area, please stop by our Houston headquarters and visit us today for a complete shop tour. We are located at 3701 Holmes Road Houston, TX 77051
  • PT&P manufactures a variety of pipe supports and pipe hangers. Pipe system designers must calculate the pull of gravity and for movement due to thermal expansion. Engineered Spring Supports are devices which are cost effective and structurally sound in solving certain pipe support issues. Variables use coiled springs to support a load and movement. The resistance of the coil to a load changes during compression, which is why these devices are called "variables". Big Ton springs are designed primarily for the petrochemical industry where stability and heavy loads are present. Constant Spring Supports are principally used to support pipes and equipment subjected to vertical movement due to thermal expansion at locations where transfer of stress to other supports or equipment can be critical. The maximum recommended variation according to MSS standard from the operating load is 25% for variable spring hangers. If the variation exceeds 25%, a constant support hanger should be used.
  • PT&P offers 7 types of variables , meaning seven different physical connections to the supporting structure. Hangers are suspended from structural members while base supports (type-F) rest on a supporting surface. Shown here are just a few of the types offered. Top-Left : F-type variable spring supports , which are designed to support piping from below, directly from the floor or supporting steel. Adjustment is made by inserting a bar into holes in the load column and turning the load column as a jack screw. The base plate is bolted to the case and has four holes for fastening. Top-Right : Spring hangers with 3-bolt clamps. (*I want to point out that PT&P ships the complete assembly, which allows for easier field installation and assists our quality control department in quickly verifying the product for customer service.) Bottom-Left : B-type variable spring with external travel stops. Bottom-Right : G-type variable springs where the spring support assembly is formed by welding two standard spring assemblies to the ends of a pair of channels.
  • “ Big Ton” is the name PT&P uses for a special type of variable spring support. Many of these supports have been in service for more than 20 years. A typical big ton will have a rectangular array of coil springs supporting a pressure plate which in turn support a top load flange. - This type of support is used where 2 important characteristics in spring supports are necessary: 1.) Extremely stable : Base supports springs of this design are frequently used under horizontal pressure vessel saddle supports in combination with slide plates or roller supports. Our Big Ton design lends itself ideally to this support situation. Type-F design is sufficient where there is a minimal amount of lateral movement, but where the combination of heavy loads and thermal expansion are required, big ton industrial springs should be your choice. 2.) Heavy Loads : The big tons’ multi-spring design lends itself to supporting very high loads. Loads up to 200,000 lb. can be handled with no problems. Note: division & centering plates divide 2 coils stacked on top of each other and the little guides in side that holds spring in place Top-Left : 90,000 lb. load, A-36 carbon steel big ton spring . Top-Right : 8' long big ton spring assembly fabricated from carbon steel with a painted finish. This big ton includes PTFE, 25% glass filled slide plates already welded to the top of the load flange, which allows for immediate installation in the field. Bottom-Left : A516 Grade 70N carbon steel big ton springs with PTFE, 25% glass filled slide plates on load flange. (79,000 lb.) Bottom-Middle : 63" x 63" big ton springs custom designed from carbon steel with a hot-dipped galvanized finish and a stainless steel slide plate. Bottom-Right : Big ton springs with polished A-304 stainless steel slide plates.
  • As mentioned earlier, shipping complete assemblies helps with ease of installation in the field. - The plant supervisor called us in a panic because he could not find the big tons at the site. - The supervisor searched and searched for disassembled parts for a spring, all the while stressing about assembling it before installing it. - We sent a field service technician out to assist, and he found the big ton was already installed. - The supervisor was shocked, he said, “It never crossed my mind, that it was already installed, We are not used to complete assemblies arriving ready to go.”
  • Left Picture : C-Type Vertical Constant Top-Right : A-36 carbon steel, 200 U-type upthrust constant for a geothermal plant. - Frame Dimensions: W 40" x H 75" x L 142". - Constant load of 9888 lb. to 10,239 lb. Design Travel: 46". - Utilizes rollers and PTFE, 25% glass filled slide plates to reduce the friction resulting from axial movements. - Standard load and travel testing was conducted prior to shipment. ( Bottom-Right : A-36 carbon steel, 200 C-type constants for a steam plant. Load Range: 17,800 lb. to 25,600 lb. - Downward travel ranging between 12 1/2" and 16" Diameter of spring coil housing is 21". - Design includes a universal locking device capable of locking the hanger rod at any desired position. - It also includes lifting lugs that aid in installing the constant in the field. - Standard load and travel testing was performed before shipment. (
  • Big Ton Upthrust Constants designed for a global engineering & construction company The customer needed a support for a vessel, but had very limited space available for the support. Big Ton T Upthrust Constants Total Travel: 5" Design Load: 75,000 lb. and 67,464 lb. Total Height: 16.5" Big Ton D Upthrust Constants Total Travel: 4" Design Load: 50,022 lb. Total Height: 26"
  • This is a birds-eye view of some U-Type upthrust constants installed in the field Duct work will be installed on top of the constants
  • Shock Control, Restraint and Support Devices Sway Braces use spring coils and are recommended for controlling vibration, absorbing shock loadings; guiding or restraining the movement of pipe resulting from thermal expansion; bracing a pipe line against sway. Standard pipe sizes range from 2" to 24". Sway Struts are rigid supports used to restrain movement of piping in one direction while providing for movement due to thermal expansion or contraction in another direction. Hydraulic and Mechanical Snubbers are passive restraints using either fluid or mechanical means to lock or restrain the equipment in place. They are used primarily when the piping load is subject to abrupt conditions, such as movement from seismic or water hammer situations.
  • Left : 126" long carbon steel sway braces - Utilize integral piston assembly with guide to eliminate any buckling and/or misalignment during extension and compression - These have 10 ½" of travel and a 1500 lb. load capacity - Combination of standard spring coils is used to achieve required spring rate of 150 lb./in. hydraulic ram test was performed prior to shipping these items Top-Right : Sway braces used to stabilize tall stacks for a Coker Plant. - Deflection capability of up to plus or minus 9" in all directions and 8000 lb. load capacity - Five springs in tandem prevent binding during operation and are necessary due to extreme length - Precision machined pivoting ball joints positioned at each end allow for freedom of movement in any unpredictable direction Bottom-Right : Travel test being performed on sway brace for a client, this sway brace is designed for 14" of travel.
  • Top-Left : Sway strut assemblies with custom designed 3-bolt pipe clamps for an LNG plant - Operating load range is 8000 lb. to 15,000 lb. - Carbon steel with a hot-dipped galvanize finish - Includes a custom 2-coat paint system over the galvanize finish Top-Right : 15' long carbon steel sway strut for a Cycle Unit Project - 2" adjustment capabilities, 8" diameter pipe, 130 ¼" long - Assembled with rod ends and brackets for an overall assembly length of 15'-0" - The 2" adjustment capability is accompanied by a load capacity up to 128 KIPS. Bottom-Left : Sway Struts Bottom-Right : 240" carbon steel sway strut to support a 30" process line in a refinery - Fabricated from a 6" diameter pipe with a 15,000 lb. load capacity - Components were hot-dipped galvanized and the pipe was coated with shop primer - This type of support was necessary, because the current line had only a few I-beams for support - Additionally, the I-beams that support the line are very high off the ground and not capable of handling the large forces acting on the line - Due to the loads acting upon the pipe and length of the required strut, a heavy schedule pipe and heavier duty strut ends were necessary
  • Hydraulic Snubbers Top-Row-Left : Hydraulic shock suppressors and clamp assemblies - Figure 2100 snubber with cylinder size of 3 ¼" diameter and 5" stroke load - Load capacity is 25,000 lb. and temperature up to 1100 ° F. Top-Row-Middle : 140,700 lb. load hydraulic snubbers designed for a power plant - They are adjustable type with two rear brackets, design temperature is 375 ° F and design pressure is 1750 PSIG with a stroke of 6" Top-Row-Right : Carbon steel snubber extension rod ends for a power company - Size range: 1 ½, 4, 5, 6, extension rods are used in conjunction with hydraulic snubbers to extend overall length. Mechanical Snubbers Bottom-Row-Left : Fixed Length mechanical snubber Bottom-Row-Middle : External housing developed to hold two mechanical snubber assemblies working in tandem Bottom-Row-Right : Adjustable length mechanical snubber
  • Support Assembly Components - Pipe Clamps : light 2-bolt clamps, heavy 2-bolt clamps, carbon steel double bolt, alloy double bolt, heavy duty double bolt, light 3-bolt and heavy 3-bolt clamps. - Riser Clamps : standard and fabricated riser clamps. - Hold Down Clamps : anchor type, restraint type and arrestor type. - Hardware, Rods and U-Bolts : turnbuckles, weldless eye nuts, steel washer plates, forged steel clevis’, long tangent u-bolts, welded eye rods, weldless eye rods, all-threaded eye rods, welded/un-welded linked eye rods and hanger rods. - Pipe Hangers and Clevis Hangers : adjustable band and clevis hangers, clevis hangers for insulated lines, standard and heavy duty yoke u-bolts, roller hanger and trapeze hanger. - Beam Attachments : welded beams, welded lugs, concrete clevis plates, concrete single lug plates, channel assemblies, beam clamps, malleable (malleable iron) beam clamps, heavy duty beam clamps and horizontal travelers. - Saddle Supports and Coverings : adjustable pipe saddles, saddles with u-bolts, insulated protection shield 1"-4", roller chairs, roller stands and adjustable elbow supports.
  • Top : Type-E constant spring support and cradle assembly for a furnace project (24 total in project) - Designed for loads of 9,856 lb. to 13,288 lb. and total travel ranges from 3.5" to 5.5". - The cradle assemblies are to support pipes with operational temperatures of 1070 °F to 1100 °F . - The pipe saddle was made by splitting a section of A387-11 chrome alloy pipe. 304 stainless steel eye rod (1-3/4"), two u-bolts (27" inside diameter), and two 33" lengths of 3" diameter SCH. 80 pipe. ( Bottom-Left : Hold-down clamps with PTFE, 25% glass filled slide plates Bottom-Right : 42 " heavy duty alloy yoke clamp which was designed for a load excess of 70,000 lb. - We performed a Finite Element Analysis to optimize the design and it showed making the yoke out of a 6 " thick plate actually produced more loading inside the u-bolt than in the yolk section. - The u-bolt was made out of a 3 " diameter bar and the yolk was made out of 6 " fabricated chrome-molly steel. - This was a high temperature application wherein the operating temperature exceeded 1,050 °F, and as a result, the clamp was made out of chrome-molly 387 grade 22.
  • Standard horizontal travelers are available in four sizes and up to loads of 20,700 lb. (Highly economical, minimum friction, virtually dust proof, compact design for minimum head room, versatile) Top-Left : Single horizontal traveler Top-Right : Dual horizontal traveler with a 20,000 lb. load capacity Bottom : Structural pipe hangers with MegaLug ® pipe attachments designed for an ongoing project to rebuild the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. - A-36 carbon steel and galvanized to withstand corrosion from the ocean waters and rough winds. - The supports will be welded to Pipe Shields’ C Model Anchor Plates, which are set in a cast concrete to the bottom cavity of the bridge. - They utilize friction holding devices known as MegaLug®, which permit attachment to the pipes without welding. - They were designed and fabricated to include improvements in regard to strength and durability to withstand high loads during earthquakes and other seismic events. Flanges are incorporated into design to permit attachment via “MegaLug” which bites into ductile iron pipe
  • Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports Cold Shoes : used for cryogenic applications - PT&P has conducted extensive testing of its pre-insulated pipe supports products including load bearing testing. - Polyurethane foam (PUF), Permali, Micarta, and FoamGlas are all insulators used by PT&P in the manufacture of cold shoes. - Our pre-insulated pipe supports department is devoted to the production of pipe insulation products for a variety of different applications: (LNG Plants, LNG Pipelines, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Steam Water Pipelines, Chilled Water Pipelines, Chemical Plants, Polypropylene Plants, Polyethylene Plants, Power Plants, Cogeneration Plants, Nitrogen Production Plants) Hot Shoes : used for high temperature applications - Marinite, FoamGlas and Calcium Silicate are the insulation medium used in the manufacture of hot shoes
  • Top-Left : Cold Shoe Anchors Top-Right : Stainless Steel Base Insulated Supports with Permali ® Insulation for a Flare Line Application - Permali is an insulating material used in applications which require high tensile and compressive strength - It also has exceptional resistance to moisture which is good where the support is exposed to harsh environment elements Bottom-Left : We keep many different sizes of Polyurethane Foam in-stock for faster production times and emergency needs (*PT&P began color coding the foam based on the density) - Polyurethane foam is one of the major components of pre-insulated pipe supports manufactured at PT&P - Polyurethane is different from most plastic materials in that it can be tailored to meet various load requirements of varying applications Bottom-Right : Polyurethane Saddle Supports for FRP Pipe - Size range: 2" to 36" in diameter, 36" diameter line - Molded density 20 lb. polyurethane block - Load bearing capacity of 150 PSI on these items - Base is bonded to a 20 gauge steel pan that provides steel to steel resting surface - The foam is extended on each side of the base to allow field strapping of the support to the pipe - Saddle supports are often used in a circulating water services, the supports pictured here are to be used in a power generating station
  • Top-Row : 84" hot shoe with a design temperature of 1220 ° F for a styrene plant - This wide base sliding hot shoe has up to 2" of axial travel and 3 " of lateral travel - It can support loads up to 33,721 lb. - As you can see in the picture, she is applying the adhesive that bonds the calcium silicate layers together, creating the shoe Bottom-Row-Left : Clamped hot shoe with spring washers called Belleville washers Bottom-Row-Middle : 73" diameter hot shoe with 5" thick insulation - This hot shoe is fabricated from carbon steel, calcium silicate and Firetemp® - Design temperature: 1200 ° F. We expedited this order one week per the customer’s request Bottom-Row-Right : 48" Guided hot shoes designed to be installed on four emergency diesel exhaust mufflers at a hospital - Fabricated from carbon steel with a hot-dipped galvanized finish - 4" thick high density calcium silicate - Maximum axial travel: plus or minus 4-1/2" - Vertical load rating: 7100 lb. - Operating temperature: may exceed 1200 ° F, therefore design temperature is 1700 ° F *We have a recorded Webinar on Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports available on our website at, click on news, then webinars
  • DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT….. DO NOT SAY TEFLON….!!!!! Slide plates are a very cost-effective way to allow for movement of mechanical systems for very high temperatures and cryogenic temperatures as well. They are also suited for both high and low loads. We supply slide plates for a variety of applications including support of piping, heavy equipments such as pressure vessels, and structural members. The plates provide a surface with a low coefficient of friction which can be attached to a supporting structure. This combination provides support while simultaneously allowing an object to move or slide freely along the supporting structure. Shown here are the five main materials used: PTFE, 25% Glass Filled, Bronzphite®, Graphite, Marinite and Stainless Steel - Sandwich Concept: Most designers use the “sandwich” concept, which is simply two slide plates one on top of another. Each slide plate is composed of two components: 1) metal backing plate, which is the “bun” of the sandwich and 2.) a low coefficient friction material which is bonded to the metal backing plate - The illustration on the bottom-right shows a slide plate that is welded on top of one steel beam supporting another steal beam. When the top beam moves, it slides across the surface of the plate without contacting the supporting beam. The top half of the “sandwich” is bonded to the sliding beam, bottom half of “sandwich” to the supporting beam. DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT….. DO NOT SAY TEFLON….!!!!! If you need it…. NOTE: PTFE, 25% Glass Filled: PTFE is the abbreviation for Polytetrafluoroethylene. PT&P uses PTFE filled with 25% Glass Fibers (by weight). Fillers improve the strength and durability. *We also have a slide plates Webinar recording available on our website
  • Our U.S. Bellows division provides a wide variety of expansion joint products and services. The general categories supplied can be described by the materials used and the type of movement provided. We also provide Emergency Replacement Services for time constrained issues that may arise. Pictured here are the different types of thin wall metallic expansion joints: - Single bellows expansion joints are the most economical. Can absorb small amounts of axial, lateral & angular movements, & can deflect in any direction. - Hinged joints can bend in a single plane & designed to accept the full pressure thrust. - A gimbal joint is similar to hinged, except that instead of being limited to deflection in only one plane, it can accept bending or angulation in any plane. - Our tied universal expansion joint consists of two bellows separated by a pipe section or spool. The primary purpose of this arrangement is to have a unit which will accept large amounts of lateral deflection. - On the second row, you see an elbow pressure balanced joint which retains & balances the pressure thrust so main anchoring of the pipe or adjacent equipment is not required, & forces & movements on attachment flanges of delicate equipment, such as turbines, are kept to acceptably low levels. - Next, you see an inline pressure balanced joint . When axial deflections exist, & anchoring is impractical for structural or economic reasons, such as high in the air or short straight pipe runs between two large vessels, this type of expansion joint is a powerful solution to a difficult design problem. - Externally pressurized joints are used when large amounts of axial deflection are required in piping systems of relatively high pressure. - A toroidal convolution consists of a circular tube (or totus) wrapped around weld ends or pipe ends having a gap at the I.D. to permit axial stroke. Most toroidal bellows are hydraulically formed which requires high pressure. Others are free formed, similar to blowing up a balloon. More accurate convolution shapes may be formed into toroidal dye cavities. Since this forming pressure is high, pressure resistance is also high.
  • Shown here are additional expansion joint categories starting with the thick wall… - This type of expansion joint is cost-effective for large-diameter piping systems which operate at low pressure. Convolutions for our thick wall joints are fabricated by shaping two washer-shaped metal pieces. A single convolution is formed by welding the outside circumference. - Shown next is a slip-type , which is commonly used when the primary problem is large axial movement. - Next is a rectangular metal expansion joint with rounded corners. Since there are no standard duct sizes, and due to the wide range of pressure and temperature combinations, each rectangular metal expansion joint is custom-engineered to provide the most economical design that will not sacrifice the integrity of the joint or the system in which it is installed. - Our fabric joints are often used in ducts which carry hot gases at low pressures. - Next to it, you see a neoprene fabric joint , which are mostly used in low temperature water applications. - Lastly, is the clam shell bellows which is a thin wall metallic expansion joint.
  • Top-Left : Same Day Turn Around Service by Refurbishing an 8" Single Expansion Joint for an Emergency Shutdown - Added new 321 stainless steel bellows and limit rods, Refurbished 1500 lb. flange on one side and a 150 lb. flange on the other side Top-Middle : 66" Metallic Tied Universal Expansion Joint Designed for a Pipe Carrying Sulfur Dioxide - Temperature: 1022 ° F, Pressure: 5 PSIG, 66" inside diameter - Design movements: 4" lateral and 4.5" axial compression, Inconel 825 bellows with carbon steel weld ends - Bellows and pipe longitudinal weld seams were 100% x-rayed prior to a 5 PSIG air test and then dye-penetrant examined Top-Right : 24" Single Tied Expansion Joints for a Pipeline in Alaska - 12" diameter joints overall length is 12" and 24" diameter joint overall length is 14 1/2" - Designed with tie rods that do not permit axial movement, but allow lateral movement up to 1/2" - Will be used on a process line that contains exhaust gas and hydrocarbon vapor at a low concentration, The joint will connect an oil tank with a vapor control system - Stainless steel, design pressure: 50 PSIG, 100% dye-penetrant tested and hydro-tested Bottom : 24" Universal Hinged Expansion Joint - Includes elbows on both ends for overall length of 125 5/8", Hinges allow for up to 5 degrees of angular movement - Inconel® 625 bellows, a 304 stainless steel liner, and carbon steel 150 lb. flanges - Longitudinal weld seams were 100% dye-penetrant examined prior to being formed and the joint was hydro-tested at 188 PSIG
  • Top-Left : Externally Pressurized Expansion Joints (externally pressurized joints can absorb large amounts of axial travel) - Diameter range: 4" to 10", Length range: 21" to 42" - 304 stainless steel bellows, 300 lb. carbon steel flanges, Design conditions: 200 PSIG at 500 ° F - Incorporate internal guide rings that serve as limit stops in case of anchor failure - 100% dye-penetrant examined and hydro-tested Top-Right : 24" Inline Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint - In order to absorb partial axial and lateral movements, these expansion joints were designed at 175 PSIG and 610 ° F - The bellows are composed of Inconel® 625LCF material and the flanges and liners are constructed from SA516 Grade 70 material Bottom : Refurbishment of a 54" Pressure Balanced Elbow Turbine Crossover Expansion Joint on 2 Separate Occasions (The pictures you see here are of the second expansion joint) - 1 st joint leaked from a crack in the bellows causing an unscheduled power plant outage - Fabricated from a high pressure turbine crossover piping for steam service of 97 PSIG at 634 ° F - 321 stainless steel bellows and carbon steel root rings were replaced. Outside cover bolts were removed and new bolts were installed. - 27 foot long, 27,000 lb. joint was refurbished in less than 4 weeks - 2 nd joint also for high pressure turbine was replaced during a planned outage - Same refurbishment, both joints were dye-penetrant tested and hydro-tested at 146 PSIG
  • Top-Left : Thick Wall Flanged and Flued Head Expansion Joint - Two 78" I.D. x 110" O.D. & two 36" I.D. x 68" O.D., fabricated from ¼" thick ASTM A516 grade 70 carbon steel plate - The joints were cold formed & heat treated to customer requirements and external surface of the joint was painted with one coat of shop primer - Weld ends of the joint are beveled, & drainage plugs are installed in the crest of the bellows, Bellows long weld seams were 100% dye-penetrant & 100% x-ray tested Top-Right : 47 ¼" I.D. Universal Expansion Joint With SB-443 (Inconel 625) Round Corners Bellows, SA516-70 flanges for ethylene plant ( ) Bottom-Left : 128" x 229" Rectangular Fabric Expansion Joints - The three-layer belt consist of an inner layer of silica cloth, a middle layer of mineral wool and an outer layer of PTFE/coated fiber glass - The frame includes an insulation blanket of mineral wool and stainless steel wire mesh, frame and liner fabricated from ⅜ " thick 304 stainless steel, frame and liner welds were dye-penetrant tested - Design pressure: 1 PSIG, Design temperature: 1010 ° F, 2" Axial Displacement, ¾ " Lateral Displacement Bottom-Right : 44" fabric expansion joints - 44" ID x 40" face to face, fabricated from stainless steel pipe and flanges, three layer fabric belt protected by an insulation pillow, Stainless steel covers are to protect the fabric expansion element from possible outside damage - Design conditions: 3 PSIG at 845°F, lateral movement of ½" & an angular rotation of 1.5° (
  • Expansion Joints Top : Tied Universal Expansion Joint with Refractory Lining - 80" Diameter, 36' Long, Weight: 54,000 lb. - Two-ply Inconel® 625 LCF bellows, tie rods, slotted hinges, insulation bags and liner seals - Designed to operate at 58 PSIG and temperatures up to 1450 ° F - This joint is present for 6" lateral travel, but is capable of up to 13" Bottom : 30" spent standpipe catalyst metallic expansion joint for a refinery in Montana - Overall installed length: 89" - Design pressure: 19 PSIG and design temperature: 1050ºF - Expansion joint is fabricated entirely from 321 stainless steel, except for the carbon steel flanges to match the existing nozzle material and drilling - Assembly is lined with abrasion resistant refractory which prevents erosion of the 321 stainless steel piping - The pentographic linkage is designed to distribute the axial compression between the two bellows and support the weight of the center pipe between the bellows - Pneumatically tested to 55 PSIG. Positive Material Identification was performed on all alloy materials. All of the longitudinal welds were 100% x-ray tested. *Again, we have a recorded Webinar on our website that goes into much more dept on expansion joints, it is simple to register and then you will receive access to all of our recorded Webinars.
  • ASME/Misc. Fabrication PT&P/Sweco manufacture a variety of ASME code fabricated products. Designs and engineering are developed and performed per ASME Section VIII, division I. Our Pressure Vessels and Tanks are designed per ASME Code and welded steel tanks per API codes. (Storage Tanks, Air Receiver Tanks, Hot Water Expansion Tanks, Tanks Mounted on Trucks, Rubber-Lined Tanks, Neutralization Tanks, Boiler Feed Tanks and Deaerators), (Pressure Vessels, T-T Vessels, Filter Vessels, Surge Protection Vessels and Steam Drums) Pig Launchers & Receivers : pressure vessels used to introduce and remove pigs, spheres and inspection tools from the pipeline. Spectacle and Line Blinds : We offer a wide range of spectacle blinds, spacers and blanks manufacture to API standards and B31.3 specifications. We are capable of handling size ranges from 1" - 150 lb. class to 36" - 2500 lb. class. Paddle blanks, spacers and spectacle blinds may be purchased using carbon steel, 304 SS, 316 SS or any material. Also several finishes are available as follows: smooth mill machined or serrated finish.  All of our blanks are produced according to the thickness required in the ASME Code, B31.3-1987 edition. Conical Strainers : per ANSI B31.3 and other codes, Sweco/PT&P also manufacturers: Line Strainers, Tee Type Strainers and Perforated Plates Bellmouth Reducers : used in the cooling process of petrochemical refining. These reducers can range in size from 24" to 54", according to the size of the inlet piping.   Instrument Supports : PT&P offers a complete line of adjustable instrument support components which, when combined, will create various configurations to your exact requirements or individual needs. We also provide welded instrument supports fabricated according to your specifications. Adjustable Instrument Support Components : Primary support components are available in various mount styles, including floor mounts, wall mounts, u-bolt mounts and cable mounts. These primary mounts can be used independently or together with secondary components to construct various packages for individual needs. Duct & Transition Pieces : Hydrocarbon Flue Gas, Engine Exhaust Duct Spools Dampers & Louvers : Dampers are used to control ventilation in flue gas ducts Orifice Plates & Flanges : can be manufactured in SS304, SS316, and all other grades of S.S., C.S. Brass, Monel 400, Alloy 20, Inconel 600, 625 and 718, Nickel 200, Hastelloy C276 & B-2, Titanium Gr.2 and Zirc. 702
  • ASME/Misc. Fabrication 150 special embed plate pieces for 4 gold mines in Cajamarca, a province of northwestern Peru: -At an altitude of 4,700 m, this complex of four gold mines and processing facility is Latin America’s largest gold producer. The gold district is a 10 by 4-km zone of altered rocks with a belt of Tertiary volcanic that extends through Peru. -This project involved the production of one hundred fifty, 93" x 27" x 1" embed plates which required the use of 80,000 pounds of steel and anchors. -The custom designed, carbon steel, embed plates are to provide stability for the feed openings of four mineshaft reclaim tunnels and are scheduled to be put to use immediately. -The initial birth of this project began at the end of December 2000 and production was expected to last through the beginning of March 2001, but PT&P advanced its completion date to February 2001. In addition, PT&P also performed bend test on each plate to ensure product quality. -The test requires bending the studs 5 degrees to determine whether the weld is in accordance to B31.3. Steel Structural Supports for an Aluminum Smelter Plant in Iceland -Designed to support a process piping system, the process piping is secured by u-bolts to the slotted supports, a 3-coat paint system was applied Anchor Bolts for Boiler Feed Water Pump Turbine Drives, special high-strength bolts used in coal-fired power plant to secure water pumps’ foundation -Size range 1" to 3-½" in dia. & 137" in length, & fabricated from ASTM low Alloy Steel F1554-04, grade 55 -Steel tensile strength: 517-655 Mpa, (75-95 Ksi) & yield strength: 380 Mpa, (55 Ksi) -Nuts are made from ASTM A563, grade A, and the washers from ASTM F436, Type 1 -The bolts are threaded per UNC threading, class 2A fit and the finish is plain
  • Pipe Shoes, Guides, and Anchors Supports which require welding : -T-bars without cradle and with a slide plate -Double T-bar or Standard T-bar cradle supports and structural anchors -Double T-bar or Standard T-bar cradle supports with bonded or bolted slide plates -Double T-bar or Standard T-bar cradle supports with guide and slide plates Supports with no field welding : -U-bolt cradle support with bonded or bolted slide plate -U-bolt cradle support with guide and slide plate -Bolt cradle support with bonded or bolted slide plate (weld base or bolt base) -Bolt cradle support with guide and slide plate (weld base or bolt base) -Heavy duty pipe saddles -Cylinder guides (aka spider guides)
  • Our engineering and design department is involved in the following processes: -Piping, Pipe Support and Structural Design -3D Modeling Technology -Pipe Stress Analysis, in which we use Caesar II -For Structural Analysis, we use STAAD II -Our engineering and design department uses Finite Element Analysis for many projects: -FEA is used for Special Stress and/or Thermal Problems -It is used in 3D Part Design -They use ANSYS for Mesh Generation and Analysis and Results Analysis -Our Engineering and Design department is also involved in Field Testing.
  • 3, 36 " Diameter single gimbal expansion joints for a large petrochemical company in California. These joints are designed for a pressure of 750 PSIG at 275 ° F. The design pressure thrust is approximately 1,000,000 lb. and the hydro-test pressure thrust is approximately 1,500,000 lb. Fabricated from Inconel 625 material, these expansion joints are equipped with testing ports to detect leakage in between the two plies. The gimbal ring, hinges, standoff, and pins have all been designed to withstand the design and hydro-test pressure thrust force. The total assembled weight of each expansion joint is 14,560 lb. Gimbal expansion joints allow for restrained angular movement of attached piping in two planes. Expansion joints, in general, allow for axial, lateral, angular and Torsional movement in piping systems. FEA was used to design this gimbal expansion joint assembly and structural FEA was performed to ensure the product is structurally sound. Determining the thermal profile helps to prevent polythionic corrosion of the bellows.
  • PT&P offers on-site installation guidance, inspection and/or maintenance of pipe supports and snubber inspection. We carry a system of stock standard items and have an “on-call” engineering team available 24x7.
  • This slide shows an example of how our Emergency Services minimized the amount of time a plant was shut down due to failure U.S. Bellows design… A Petroleum Firm used our Emergency service for the immediate replacement of a 48” expansion joint. The plant failure was due to a G417 Pump failing suddenly during the plant start-up. We received the call on a Friday at 5:30pm. The next morning, the expansion joint was fabricated with tie rods to help prevent squirming in the future and was shipped that same day. Sunday, the expansion joint was installed at the petroleum plant. - Utilized existing expansion joint design - Modified design through additional tie rods shown
  • Value-Added Services Product Testing/Quality Control Cold Shoe Testing Constant Testing Spring Load Testing Anchor Shoe Testing Marinite Slide Plate Testing
  • We have a system of stock pipe supports and spring supports. Over 30,000 spring coils on-site Over 1 million pounds of standard items And a full year supply of beams, angles, plates, rods, etc.
  • Since we don’t have much time this hour, you may want to check out our website; there you will find a plethora of technical information, including different Tests we carry out, FEA Analysis, and much more. Remember, we would love to provide you and your group a quick tour of our facility if you are ever in the Houston area If you missed part of the Webinar or know someone who needs to hear it, please go to our website, click on “News” then “Webinars” and you will find recordings of past Webinars
  • That concludes our Webinar on Components for Pipe Support, Deflection, and Restraint…. I hope everyone enjoyed the presentation and as a reminder, we have a staff of experts for each product category standing by to answer any questions you may have. You can just chat them now while in session until the end of the hour, you can also send them to us by e-mail at, or you can visit our discussion forum and post your question there, just click on the blue graphic labeled “DISCUSSION FORUM” on the left hand side of our home page at The next Webinar will be on ______________________ and is scheduled for __________________, registration will be open in about an hour. Thank you again for your attention and your business
  • Components for Pipe Support Deflection & Restraint

    1. 1. Attention all Attendees… <ul><li>Welcome! </li></ul><ul><ul><li>To listen to the audio portion: 1.) Make sure your speakers or headset are on and turned up. </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>OR </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>2.) Dial the phone number listed in your confirmation e-mail: </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Thank you for attending. We will be starting shortly. </li></ul></ul><ul><li>2:00 pm Time Slot </li></ul><ul><li>U.S. #: (1) 516-453-0014 </li></ul><ul><li>Access Code: 277-523-614 </li></ul><ul><li>10:00 am Time Slot </li></ul><ul><li>U.S. #: (1) 323-417-4600 </li></ul><ul><li>Access Code: 125-912-651 </li></ul>* If you are located outside the U.S., please refer to your confirmation e-mail for a list of phone numbers to call for your area. Kenneth Cain (Presenter)
    2. 2. Piping Technology & Products, Inc. November 19, 2009 and wholly owned subsidiaries presents… Components for Pipe Support, Deflection, and Restraint For Audio: 1.) Select Speakers/Headphones & Turn Speakers Up or 2.) 10:00 am Session: Dial (1) 323-417-4600 Access Code: 125-912-651 2:00 pm Session: Dial (1) 516-453-0014 Access Code: 277-523-614 (for countries outside the U.S. please refer to the list of numbers in your confirmation email)
    3. 3. PT&P and Subsidiaries U.S. Bellows, Inc.  Metallic Expansion Joints  Thin-Wall and Thick-Wall  Rectangular Expansion Joints  Fabric Expansion Joints  Slip-Type Expansion Joints PIPING TECHNOLOGY & PRODUCTS, INC. - Engineered Pipe Supports - Variable, Constants, Big-tons - Vibration Control Devices – Snubbers, Sway Struts - Support Assembly Components – Clamps, misc. Hardware - Pre-insulated Pipe Supports – Cryogenic/cold & Hot Applications - Fabricated Pipe Shoes, Guides & Anchors - Slide Bearing Plates - Anchor Bolts, Embed Plates IAS Certified, Member of MSS, SPED, APFA Member of EJMA SWECO Fab, Inc.  Pressure Vessels  Pig Launchers/Receivers  Spectacle/Line Blinds  Instrument Supports  ASME/Misc. Fabrication ASME U-Stamp & R-Stamp Pipe Shields, Inc. Insulated Pipe Supports  Commercial & Light Industrial  Heavy Industrial – Base Mounted Types, Anchors  Pipe Riser Clamps ISO 9001-2000 Certified Fronek A/D Ent., Inc.  Hydraulic Snubbers - Short & Adjustable Strut  Mechanical Snubbers  dynA/Damp Compensating Strut ASME Nuclear Certified
    4. 4. <ul><li>ASME U-Stamp </li></ul><ul><li>ASME R-Stamp </li></ul><ul><li>ASME NS Certified </li></ul><ul><li>EJMA Member </li></ul><ul><li>ISO 9001:2000 Certified </li></ul><ul><li>Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) by City of Houston </li></ul><ul><li>Houston Minority Business Council (HMBC) </li></ul>PT&P Certifications
    5. 5. PT&P History Milestones
    6. 6. <ul><li>Over 700 Employees </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Sales, Engineering, Office Administration, Manufacturing, Customer Service, Marketing, Accounting, etc. </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Resources include 75 Engineers & Designers </li></ul><ul><ul><li>4 Ph.D.’s </li></ul></ul>PT&P People
    7. 7. <ul><li>Houston, Texas, USA </li></ul><ul><li>450,000 square feet covered shop space </li></ul><ul><li>35 acre property </li></ul><ul><li>Located near Port of Houston for convenient shipping around the world </li></ul>PT&P’s Manufacturing Facility
    8. 8. Constant Spring Supports Big Ton Spring Supports Variable Spring Supports PT&P Products Engineered Spring Supports
    9. 9. PT&P Products Engineered Spring Supports – Variables Spring Hangers F-Type Variable Spring Supports G-Type Variable Springs B-Type Variable Spring with External Travel Stops
    10. 10. PT&P Products Engineered Spring Supports – Big Tons 8' Long Big Ton Spring Assembly with PTFE, 25% Glass Filled Slide Plates 90,000 lb. Load Big Tons 225,000 lb. Big Ton 79,000 lb. Load Big Ton Big Ton Spring
    11. 11. 120,000 lb. Load Big Ton Springs for a Large Diameter Elbow PT&P Products Engineered Spring Supports – Big Tons
    12. 12. U-Type Constant with 46 &quot; of Travel Specially Designed Constants for Large Loads PT&P Products Engineered Spring Supports – Constants C-Type Constant with Universal Locking Device
    13. 13. PT&P Products Engineered Spring Supports – Big Ton Upthrust Constants <ul><li>Big Ton D Upthrust Constants </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Load: 50,022 lb. </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Total Travel: 4&quot; </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Height: 26&quot; </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Big Ton T Upthrust Constants </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Load: 75,000 lb. </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Total Travel: 5&quot; </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Height: 16.5&quot; </li></ul></ul>
    14. 14. Upthrust Constants Installed in a Petrochemical Plant in Canada PT&P Products Engineered Spring Supports – Constants
    15. 15. Snubbers (Hydraulic & Mechanical) Sway Struts Sway Braces PT&P Products Shock Control, Restraint & Support Devices
    16. 16. PT&P Products Shock Control, Restraint & Support Devices – Sway Braces 8000 lb. Load Sway Braces with Machined Pivoting Ball Joints 126&quot; Long Sway Braces Travel Test on Sway Brace Designed for 14&quot; of Travel
    17. 17. PT&P Products Shock Control, Restraint & Support Devices – Sway Struts 15' Long Carbon Steel Sway Strut Sway Strut & 3-Bolt Clamp Assemblies 240&quot; Carbon Steel Sway Strut Sway Struts
    18. 18. PT&P Products Shock Control, Restraint & Support Devices – Snubbers Hydraulic Shock Suppressors & Alloy Clamps Fixed Length Mechanical Snubbers Tandem Configuration Mechanical Snubbers Adjustable Length Mechanical Snubbers Hydraulic Snubbers with 140,700 lb. Load Snubber Extension Rod Ends
    19. 19. Hold Down Clamps Saddle Supports and Coverings Riser Clamps Pipe Clamps Clevis Hangers Pipe Hangers Beam Attachments Hardware, Rods and U-Bolts PT&P Products Support Assembly Components
    20. 20. Hold-Downs Heavy Duty 42&quot; Alloy Yoke Clamp Type-E Constant Spring Support and Cradle Assemblies PT&P Products Support Assembly Components FEA
    21. 21. Single Horizontal Traveler 20,000 lb. Dual Horizontal Traveler PT&P Products Support Assembly Components Structural Pipe Hangers with MegaLug ® Pipe Attachments
    22. 22. Hot Shoes Cold Shoes PT&P Products Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports
    23. 23. PT&P Products Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports – Cold Applications Polyurethane Foam Cold Shoe Anchors Permali ® Insulated Pipe Shoes Polyurethane Saddle Supports
    24. 24. PT&P Products Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports – Hot Applications Clamped Hot Shoe 73&quot; Diameter Hot Shoe 84&quot; Sliding Hot Shoe with 34,000 lb. Load 48&quot; Guided Hot Shoe
    25. 25. Backing Plate Low Coefficient of Friction Material Supporting Element “ Sandwich” Concept PTFE, 25% Glass Filled Bronzphite ® Graphite Marinite Stainless Steel PT&P Products Slide Plates – Overview Supported Element
    26. 26. Single Tied Universal Hinged Gimbal Expansion Joint Inline Pressure Balanced Elbow Pressure Balanced Externally Pressurized Toroidal Expansion Joint PT&P Products Expansion Joints – Overview #1
    27. 27. Clamshell Bellows (Thin Wall Metallic) Rectangular Expansion Joints Fabric Expansion Joints Neoprene Fabric Thick Wall Slip-Type PT&P Products Expansion Joints – Overview #2
    28. 28. PT&P Products Expansion Joints 66&quot; Metallic Tied Universal Expansion Joint 8&quot; Single Expansion Joint (Emergency Plant Shutdown) 24&quot; Universal Hinged Expansion Joint <ul><ul><li>Length: 125-5/8&quot; </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Inconel 625 Bellows </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>304 Stainless Steel Liner </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>150 lb. Carbon Steel Flanges </li></ul></ul>Single Metallic Expansion Joint
    29. 29. 24&quot; Inline Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint 2 nd Refurbishment of a 54&quot; Pressure Balanced Elbow Turbine Crossover Expansion Joint PT&P Products Expansion Joints Removal of Existing Bellows Installation of New Bellows Shipping Refurbished Joint Externally Pressurized Expansion Joints
    30. 30. 47- ¼ &quot; Universal Expansion Joint with SB-443 (Inco. 625) Round Corners Bellows PT&P Products Expansion Joints 78&quot; Thick Wall Flanged & Flued Expansion Joint 128&quot; x 229&quot; Rectangular Fabric Expansion Joint with Three Layer Belt 44&quot; Fabric Exp. Joint
    31. 31. PT&P Products Expansion Joints 80&quot; Diameter Tied Universal Expansion Joint with Refractory Lining 30&quot; Diameter Spent Catalyst Standpipe Expansion Joint with Pentographic Linkage and Abrasion Resistant Refractory <ul><ul><li>Length: 89&quot; </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Design Pressure: 19 PSIG </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Design Temperature: 1050 ° F </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Pneumatically Tested to 55 PSIG </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Longitudinal Welds 100% X-Rayed </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Dye Penetrant Tested </li></ul></ul>Pneumatic Test Dye-Penetrant Test Protective Cover
    32. 32. PT&P Products ASME/Misc. Fabrication ASME Code Pressure Vessels & Tanks Swegee Pigs Pig Launchers & Receivers Bellmouth Reducers Instrument Stands Spectacle & Line Blinds Duct & Transition Pieces Conical Strainers Dampers & Louvers Orifice Plates & Flanges
    33. 33. PT&P Products ASME/Misc. Fabrication Embed Plates Ready to Ship Flat Embed Plates for Grizzly Feeder Opening Close up View of Embeds 150 Special Embed Plate Pieces for Gold Mines in Cajamarca, Peru Structural Supports Anchor Bolts Province of NW Peru, Home to Latin America’s Largest Gold Producer
    34. 34. PT&P Products Pipe Shoes, Guides, and Anchors
    35. 35. <ul><li>Engineering and Design </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Piping, pipe support and structural design </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>3D modeling technology </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Pipe Stress Analysis </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><li>ANSYS </li></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Finite Element Analysis </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Special stress/thermal problems </li></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Pro/E for 3-D Part Design </li></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><li>ANSYS for Mesh Generation + Analysis + Results Analysis </li></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Field Testing </li></ul></ul>Value-Added Services Engineering & Design
    36. 36. Value-Added Services Technical Capabilities – Finite Element Analysis <ul><li>Design Pressure: 750 PSIG at 275 ° F </li></ul><ul><li>Design Pressure Thrust: 804,242 lb. </li></ul><ul><li>Hydro-Test Pressure Thrust: 1,500,000 lb. </li></ul>Gimbal Expansion Joint Prior to Shipping Gimbal Stress Analysis 36 &quot; Gimbal Expansion Joints
    37. 37. <ul><li>On-site installation guidance </li></ul><ul><li>On-site inspection/maintenance of pipe supports </li></ul><ul><li>On-site snubber inspection </li></ul><ul><li>A system of stock standard Items </li></ul><ul><li>“ On-call” engineering team </li></ul><ul><li>Available 24x7 </li></ul>PT&P’s “On-call” engineering team guarantees a response time of 30 minutes Value-Added Services Field Services & 24x7 Emergency Services
    38. 38. Friday, 5:30pm Saturday Sunday Value-Added Services 24x7 Emergency Service for a 48&quot; Expansion Joint
    39. 39. Cold Shoe Testing Constant Testing Marinite Slide Plate Testing Spring Load Testing Anchor Shoe Testing Value-Added Services Product Testing/Quality Control
    40. 40. <ul><li>> 30,000 spring coils </li></ul><ul><li>> 1 million lb. of standard items </li></ul><ul><li>Full year supply of beams, angles, plates, rods…etc. </li></ul>At Piping Technology & Products, we stock: Value-Added Services Inventory & Stocking Capabilities
    41. 41. Fatigue Testing Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints FEA: Plate Thickness and Pipe Stress Inspection and Maintenance of Supports “ Over 450 Project Examples” Value-Added Services Technical Literature (Online)
    42. 42. Thank You for Attending November 19, 2009 PT&P Webinar: Components for Pipe Support, Deflection, and Restraint Please send any additional questions or inquiries to [email_address] We invite you to visit our Discussion Forum at