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Pioneer AV Receivers 2013 - VSX series features explained
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Pioneer AV Receivers 2013 - VSX series features explained


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The Pioneer VSX series features explained. Visit for more information.

The Pioneer VSX series features explained. Visit for more information.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Pioneer VSXAV Receivers 2013Features 1 88
  • 2. 2 88Overview§§ Audio Technologies§§ Video Technologies§§ Audio Formats & Licenses§§ Sophisticated Surround System§§ Connectivity§§ Network Features§§ Advanced ControlOverviewApplicable models displayed in icons:VSX-1123-KVSX-923-K/SVSX-828-K/SVSX-528-K/SVSX-423-K/SvVSX-323-K1123923828528423323
  • 3. AudioTechnologies 3 88
  • 4. 4 88Phase controlThe “Phase Control”Compensates for the Delayof Low-Frequency SoundPhase control 5281123 423923 323828Source AV ReceiverPhase ControlSpeakers
  • 5. 5 88Auto Phase Control PlusAuto Phase Control PlusEffect of Phase Control Plus (data comparison)923 1123Original disc playback Delay setting: 0 msec Playback with Phase Control Plus Delay setting: 9 msecSuperior sound provided by compensating the lag in the subwoofer channel on the disc
  • 6. 6 88MCACC Auto Room TuningAcoustic Calibration by MCACCEffect of Phase Control Plus (data comparison)528828 423vCalibrationBefore CalibrationSpeaker distance, sound pressure level,and frequency response are all uneven.Speaker sizes and number of speakersare automatically detected.The sound field is automatically measuredusing the supplied mic.SET-UPMICSET-UPMICAter CalibrationSpeaker distance, sound pressure level,and frequency response are all equalized.
  • 7. 7 88Advanced MCACCMCACC Reverberation Characteristics1123 923Before Calibration After Calibration
  • 8. 8 88Standing Wave ControlStanding Wave in a Typical Listening Room1123 923= Standing Waves
  • 9. 9 88PQLS with HDMISound Degradation from Jitter1123 923Jitter effects on D/A conversion prevents accurate signal conversion
  • 10. 10 88PQLS with HDMI 1123 923Conventional HDMI Transmission Jitterless Transmission (PQLS)Audio signal with jitterAudio signal with jitter Audio signal with jitterBlu-ray Disc PlayerServoCircuitServoCircuitHDMIIN/OUTHDMIIN/OUTHDMIIN/OUTHDMIIN/OUTDATAMEMORYData transfer Data transferControlData transferAudio DataAudio ClockAudio DataAudio ClockControl DataAV Decoder AV DecoderDAC DACClockingCrystalBlu-ray Disc PlayerAV Receiver AV ReceiverJitterless signal via PQLS
  • 11. 11 88Advanced Sound RetrieverAdvanced Sound RetrieverRestoration Image4238281123 323528923
  • 12. 12 88Advanced Sound RetrieverAdvanced Sound RetrieverCompensation Effect4238281123 323528923
  • 13. Current Sound Retrieverunable to play 8-15 kHzrange for MP3’s 64 kbpsCurrent Sound Retrieveroptimized for128 kbps bit rateUpper limit forplaypack differsby frequency13 88Auto Sound RetrieverPlayback Upper Limit Frequencyby Bit Rate1123 923
  • 14. 14 88Auto Sound Retriever 1123 923Compressed Sound Restored SoundAn ideal feature when switching betweeninternet radio stations with different bit-rates.
  • 15. 15 88Auto Sound Retriever for ARC 1123 923By applying Pioneer’s Auto Sound Retriever feature toTV broadcast signals, it adjusts the effects according tothe bit atransferred via HDMI’s ARC (Audio Return Channel),letting you enjoy digital TV broadcast in high-definition soundvia Pioneer AV receiver.
  • 16. 16 88Sound Retriever AIR 8281123 528923Sound Retriever AIR OFF Sound Retriever AIR ONPioneer’s Sound Retriever AIR is the world’s first technologyfor improving the quality of Bluetooth transmitted sound.
  • 17. 17 88Sound Retriever AIRImprovement for S/N Ratio8281123 528923
  • 18. Auto LevelControlMusic Hi-Def MovieDifferent VolumesStandardized Playback VolumeSound Level EqualizationRadioSatellite/Cable18 88Auto Level ControlAuto Level Control for Multi Surround Playback4238281123 323528923
  • 19. PreviousPrevious16-bit DAC16-bit SignalsRed: original analogue signals (ideal)Black: 16-bit digital signals (actual)24-bit DAC24-bit DAC +Hi-bit24DAC alonemakes nodifferenceDAC + signalprocessing-> closer tooriginal signalin red19 88Hi-bit24 Audio Signal Processing 1123Bit expansion processing required to bring out the real performance from 24-bit DACEffects of Bit Expansion Processing
  • 20. 20 88VideoTechnologies
  • 21. Compatible Resolutions3,840 x 2,160 pixels (24 Hz/25 Hz/ 30 Hz)4,096 x 2,160 pixels (24 Hz)• Transmits 4K x 2K(Digital Cinema; 4,096 x 2160 pixels 24p) video signals• Supports Full HD x 4 resolution (24/25/30p)• Source device and software required to pass through 4K content21 884K Ultra HD Pass Through4K Ultra HD Pass Through lets you take advantage of the highest quality video source, by passingthrough 4K signals for viewing on a compatible display.4238281123 323528923
  • 22. 22 884K Ultra HD UpscalingYou can enjoy Ultra high definition images at 24 frames-per-second (fps) in 4K output from DVDsand TV broadcasts, even with entry class disc players.1123 923
  • 23. 23 88Precise Conversion for 24p (1080/24p Upscaling)You can enjoy real film-quality images at 24 frames-per-second (fps) in 1080p output from DVDsand TV broadcasts, even with entry class disc players.1123 923
  • 24. 24 88Precise Conversion for 24p (1080/24p Upscaling)1080/24p conversion1123 923
  • 25. 25 88Stream SmootherIt reduces block noise and mosquito noise on low bit rate video content such as YouTube,offering finer and clearer images.1123 923Stream Smoother OFF Stream Smoother ON *For illustration prupose only
  • 26. 26 88Advanced Video AdjustOptimizes video signals according to the connected display typeor distance of your viewing.1123 923By Display Type By Distance
  • 27. 27 88Advanced Video Adjust 1123 923Through PDP Mode 1PDP Mode 1Adjusts for optimum image with more detail and less noise
  • 28. 28 88Advanced Video Adjust 1123 923Through PDP Mode 2PDP Mode 2Adjusts for a more natural image
  • 29. 29 88Advanced Video Adjust 1123 923Through LCD ModeLCD ModeAdjusts LCD’’s washed out black for optimum image
  • 30. 30 88Advanced Video Adjust 1123 923Through Front Projector ModeFront Projector ModeProvides a sharp and vivid image suited for a front projector
  • 31. 31 88Highly-Precise I/P Conversion 1123 923Conventional I/P Conversion Motion Adaptive I/P ConversionMotion Adaptive I/P ConversionFor video content, Motion Adaptive I/P Conversion processes moving images by eliminating con-version errors or noise generation, to deliver high-quality pictures.
  • 32. 32 88Digital Video ConverterComposite or component input video signals can be converted for HDMI outputto view on a compatible display.9231123 828
  • 33. 33 88Triple HD Video Noise Reduction 1123 923Grainy imageGaussian NoiseClear ImageMosaic-Like ArtifactsBlock NoiseClear ImageHazy EdgeMosquito NoiseClear Image
  • 34. 34 88Deep ColourSmooth gradation steps with more accurate precision of brightness and colour information.423923 5281123 323828
  • 35. 35 88x.v.Colour 4238281123 323528923Smoother Images24-bit 16 million colours 36-bit 68,719 million colours
  • 36. 36 88Audio Formats& Licenses
  • 37. 37 88DTS-HD Master Audio™and Dolby TrueHD 423923 5281123 323828High Definition Audio FormatsDTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD provide sound that is bit-for-bit identical to the studiomaster, delivering sound at extremely high variable bit rates far exceeding standard DVDs.Comparison of High Definition Audio Formats
  • 38. 38 88DSD File Playback 1123The AV receivers can play high-quality DSD (Direct-StreamDigital) audio files from a memory stick, via the front USB input. Pre-viously, DSD could only be played back on SACD players. Now, youcan enjoy the superior sound without any special players.
  • 39. 39 88Playable PC Audio Files 8281123 528923
  • 40. 40 88SophisticatedSurround System
  • 41. 41 88Various Speaker SettingsSpeaker Layout example (7.1ch)1123 923
  • 42. 42 88Various Speaker SettingsSpeaker Layout example (Wide Surround Mode)1123 923
  • 43. 43 88Various Speaker SettingsSpeaker Layout example (Dolby Pro Logic IIz)5289231123 423828
  • 44. 44 88Virtual SpeakersLets you enjoy full surround soundwithout placing extra speakers.1123 923
  • 45. 45 88Virtual Speakers 1123 923
  • 46. 46 88Virtual Speakers 1123 923
  • 47. 47 88Front StageSurround AdvanceWith Front Stage Surround Advance, you can enjoy surroundsound coming from only the front speakers and the subwoofer.4238281123 323528923
  • 48. 48 88Connectivity
  • 49. 49 88HDMI (3D, ARC) 4238281123 323528923ARC (Audio Return Channel)
  • 50. 50 884238281123 323528923Compatiblewith iPhone 5
  • 51. 51 888281123 528923Made foriPod, iPhone and iPadMade for iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone, iPad (4th generation), iPad mini,iPad (3rd generation), iPad 2, iPad, iPod touch (5th generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch(3rd generation), iPod touch (2nd generation), iPod touch (1st generation), iPod nano (7th generation), iPod nano(6th generation), iPod nano (5th generation), iPod nano (4th generation), iPod nano (3rd generation).
  • 52. Made for iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPad mini,iPod touch (5th generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (3rd generation),iPod touch (2nd generation), iPod touch (1st generation), iPod classic, iPod nano(7th generation), iPod nano (6th generation), iPod nano (5th generation), iPod nano(4th generation), iPod nano (3rd generation).52 88423 323Made foriPod, iPhone and iPad mini
  • 53. Digital signalDCPDOCKDCPADCDACDACAMPAMPAnalog signalAnalog signalDigital signal53 88Digital Audio fromiPod/iPhone/iPad via USB 423923 5281123 323828The audio signals are directly transferred to the AV receiver’s high-performance DAC, offeringsuperior sound compared to analogue connections.Connection ComparisonAnalogue Audio (previous)Digital Audio (previous)
  • 54. 54 88Video Playback fromiPod/iPhone/iPad via USB 828923 5281123iPod/iPhone/iPad Video Playback
  • 55. 55 88Android Audio/Video Playbackwith MHL 828923 5281123
  • 56. 56 88HTC Connect certified 828923 5281123
  • 57. 57 88NetworkFeatures
  • 58. 58 88AirPlay Wireless AudioAirPlay — Enthusiasts have complete access, control and playback of their entire iTunes music li-brary wirelessly through their AV receiver.8281123 528923
  • 59. 59 88DLNA Certified (1.5)AirPlay — Enthusiasts have complete access, control and playback of their entire iTunes musiclibrary wirelessly through their AV receiver.Digital Media Server (DMS):Stores and distributes content to DMP/DMRExample: PCDigital Media Player (DMP):Finds and plays content on DMSExample: TV, stereo/home theatre, game consoleDigital Media Controller (DMC):Finds content on DMS for playback on DMRExample: internet tablet, Wi-Fi digital camera, PDADigital Media Renderer (DMR):Plays content received from DMC, which finds content on DMSExample: TV, AV receiver, remote speakers8281123 528923
  • 60. 60 88Network features 8281123 528923Compatible with Windows 8Compatible with Windows 7High-Quality Audio StreamingInternet Radio (vTuner)
  • 61. 8861AdvancedControl
  • 62. 62 88iControlAV2013 ReadyFree iPod touch/iPhone/iPad/Android remote control app1123 923Balance
  • 63. 63 88iControlAV2013 Ready 1123 923Control
  • 64. 64 88iControlAV2013 Ready 1123 923Finger EQ
  • 65. 65 88iControlAV2013 Ready 1123 923MCACCC
  • 66. 66 88Sound ExplorerThe new Sound Explorer option lets you easily adjustand discover the various sound parameters.1123 923Sound Explorer Drop Icon Mode
  • 67. 67 88Sound Explorer 1123 923Sound Explorer Fixed Position Mode
  • 68. 68 88Sound Explorer 1123 923Sound Explorer Settings
  • 69. 69 88Pioneer ControlApp ReadyFree iPod touch/iPhone/iPad/Android remote control app828 528
  • 70. 70 88Bluetooth Ready 8281123 528923• A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)• AVRCP (Audio Video Remote Control Profile)• Registers up to 8 devicesAS-BT200 Optional Bluetooth Adapter
  • 71. 71 88Bluetooth Ready 8281123 528923
  • 72. 72 88Air Jam Ready 8281123 528923Air Jam application lets you stream music from up to four devices.
  • 73. 73 88Air Jam Ready 8281123 528923iPhone/iPod touch/iPadAndroid Smartphone/TabletAir Jam AppTop MenuSelect SongEntry LogAir Jam
  • 74. 74 88AVNavigator: Wiring NaviBy answering questions about your equipment and terminals,the actual connection image will be displayed.1123 923
  • 75. 75 88AVNavigator: Wiring Navi 1123 923
  • 76. 76 88AVNavigator: Interactive ManualThe interactive HTML manual can be browsed on your PC,and clicking on a keyword will send a command to the AV receiver.1123 923
  • 77. 77 88AVNavigator: Interactive Manual 1123 923
  • 78. 78 88AVNavigator for iPad 1123 923
  • 79. 79 88Wireless LAN Converter ReadyWith the optional AS-WL300 wireless LAN converter,you can enjoy wireless LAN connection for the AV receiver.1123 923
  • 80. 80 88HDMI Zone Out (HDZONE)With Pioneer’s HDMI Zone Out, you can stream HD audio/video content to a separate room.If unused for HDZONE, the terminal can be used for MAIN ZONE OUT 2.1123 923
  • 81. 81 88Multi-ZoneWith Pioneer’s Multi-Zone, you can play music and movies from different sourcesin two zones at the same time.1123 923Multi-Zone (ZONE2)Simultaneous playback ofseperate sources
  • 82. 82 88Control with HDMI 5288289231123• Volume adjustment/mute of AV receiver via TV• Automatic input change when TV channel is switched or playbackstarts on a player• Linked power on/off with TV
  • 83. 83 88Standby Pass-Through without CECWith standby pass-through, the AV receiver can pass audio and video signalsvia HDMI even during standby.1123 923Standby Pass-through
  • 84. 84 88ECOfriendly
  • 85. 85 88ECO Mode 1 323423528923 8281123• ECO Mode 1 features moderate energy saving operationwhile maintaining high-quality sound, ideal for CD music.• 20% power reduction compared with normal surround mode.
  • 86. 86 88ECO Mode 2 323423528923 8281123• ECO Mode 2 features moderate sound quality,suitable for content with dynamic sound such as movies(multi-channel/2channel) or live concerts.• 50% power reduction compared with general analogue AMP.
  • 87. 87 88ECO Mode 2 323423528923 8281123The ECO Manager option in iControlAV2013 lets you manage allthe ECO settings from your smart device.
  • 88. Pioneer VSXAV Receivers 2013Endvisit for line-up & full details 88 88