Pinterest as a Power Tool for Your Business


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Social media marketing can be hit or miss. Pinterest can be an amazing toll to help you reach your goals. Once your Pinterest business account is optimized keeping SEO and the Pinterest user in mind, it can be great for traffic generation, increasing leads, increasing sales and more. It does take time and work but if approached with your followers in mind you could find great success. For more Pinterest tips for your business visit

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Pinterest as a Power Tool for Your Business

  1. 1. As a Power Tool for Your Business Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng  
  2. 2. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng     Cynthia Sanchez @OSPInteresting
  3. 3. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Why should your business have an interest in Is it the right tool for you?
  4. 4. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Pinterest Hits 10 Million U.S. Monthly Uniques Faster Than Any Standalone Site Ever – Tech Crunch headline
  5. 5. Membersh6p://­‐us-­‐funding-­‐pinterest-­‐idUSBRE91K01R20130221     now has Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng    
  6. 6. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Econsultancy  
  7. 7. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Pins are links
  8. 8. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Pins are organized into boards
  9. 9. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Pins shared between users are called repins = 80% of all pins
  10. 10. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Pins can quickly spread to followers and followers of followers
  11. 11. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   •  Drives more referral traffic than Google +, YouTube and LinkedIn COMBINED •  Drives more referral traffic than Twitter TechCrunch  
  12. 12. According to BlogHer's annual study on women and social media, of women representing the general U.S. population who indicated that they used each of the social media services said: •  81% said they trusted blogs and Pinterest •  67% said they trusted Facebook •  73% said they trusted Twitter   Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng     Trust and Pinterest
  13. 13. The BlogHer study found if they'd ever made a purchase based on a recommendation (from social media sources) •  61% from a blog recommendation •  47% from Pinterest •  33% from Facebook •  31% from Twitter Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng  
  14. 14. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Great, but how do I use this for my business???  
  15. 15. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng     You might already be a Pinterest celebrity even if you haven’t done a thing
  16. 16. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng     This shows what has recently been pinned directly from your site
  17. 17. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Pin it buttons: or
  18. 18. Have a plan and set goals Sample goals: •  To increase brand recognition and authority •  To grow my audience by building a following on Pinterest •  To increase sales •  To bring traffic back to your site •  To learn about my followers and potential customers   Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng    
  19. 19. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Look at the goals, strategies and tactics of big brands for inspiration
  20. 20. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Calibrating (setting up your account) Business  name  /  username   160 characters 3-15 characters Don’t change! 37 characters
  21. 21. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Profile  image   Logo Logo photo hybrid Recommended size: 600 x 600 px Will be reduced down to 165 x 165 px (Edges are slightly cropped) Calibrating (setting up your account) YOUR     LOGO  
  22. 22. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Verify  your  site   Calibrating (setting up your account)
  23. 23. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Boards •  Create boards that appeal to the lifestyle of your ideal customer •  Keep board topics relevant to your business (no cupcake decorating boards for an auto repair shop unless they’re decorated to look like cars) •  Minimum of 5 pins per board Calibrating (setting up your account)
  24. 24. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Boards- titles and descriptions- a little personality and fun is ok Calibrating (setting up your account)
  25. 25. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Boards- Arranging •  Most important first •  Change order seasonally if appropriate •  Choose and position board cover image   Calibrating (setting up your account)
  26. 26. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Do you have the right supplies? Is your site Pinnable?  jpg, png or gif Images | YouTube or Vimeo videos  
  27. 27. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Images - content Keep in mind why people go to Pinterest •  To find information- recipe or tutorial •  To find something to buy- gift or for themselves •  For inspiration- art or design •  To find people with similar interests •  For fun
  28. 28. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Images - Size Tall & Colorful Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   vs.   WIDE   Up to 1935 px will show in interest graph At least 85 px BIGGER is better
  29. 29. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Images - content From this     to this    Do your images communicate your message?   Watermark your images  
  30. 30. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Where do I find images?   FREE sources Your own images!
  31. 31. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Where do I find images?   h6p://   h6p://   FREE sources
  32. 32. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   h6p://   Where do I find images?   Paid source •  Not a credit based system •  Images as little as $1
  33. 33. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Free image editing tools  h6p://   h6p://   h6p://    Similar  to  Photoshop     h6p://­‐ma5c/  Fun  filters  and  effects  
  34. 34. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Quotes Used for inspiration, motivation or to give helpful hints or tips about your business
  35. 35. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Infographics & Instructographics Infographics- data Instructographics- how to •  Don’t reveal 100%, encourage them to go to your site for more information or full instructions •  Can be infinitely tall but Pinterest will hide whatever is more than 1935 px in the interest graph h6p://­‐vs-­‐proofreading  
  36. 36. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   h6p://   Website Pin it Button options h6p://­‐pin-­‐it-­‐ bu6on/  
  37. 37. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Don’t ONLY use hover only Pin it buttons h6p://­‐pin-­‐it-­‐bu6on-­‐on-­‐image-­‐hover.html  
  38. 38. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Ben Silbermann Pinterest co-founder and CEO: “When we released our mobile apps, we were taking bets on how long it'd take for those to surpass our web traffic. I figured it'd take a few weeks. It was literally the day it was released [that the traffic was passed].”   engadget
  39. 39. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Pinterest and SEO Pinterest is being used as a search tool – Keep SEO in mind!
  40. 40. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   •  Account name •  Board names •  Board descriptions •  Pin descriptions (500 characters) •  (Names of images on your site) Anywhere text can be used on Pinterest, use keywords Pinterest and SEO
  41. 41. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Pinterest and SEO Keeping SEO in mind can have added benefits beyond being found in Pinterest Ohio based coffee business’s Pinterest board ranks #1 on Google
  42. 42. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Reaching your Pinterest goals Putting the power tool to work! This is the fun part
  43. 43. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Reaching your Pinterest goals To increase brand recognition and authority •  Build trust by building your account to a resource of information in your field •  Show your business personality by including your thoughts in pin and board descriptions (builds trust)
  44. 44. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Reaching your Pinterest goals To increase brand recognition and authority Active pinning and repinning will spread your profile image and account name even on content that isn’t yours
  45. 45. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Reaching your Pinterest goals To grow my audience by building a following on Pinterest •  Monitor account engagement – repins / comments •  Don’t just pin your own stuff •  Pin regularly – Multiple times a day multiple times a week 3-5 pins each session
  46. 46. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Reaching your Pinterest goals To grow my audience by building a following on Pinterest Group boards- Share followers When you’re invited: •  Does it make sense for you to join the board? •  How can it benefit your followers? Before you invite: •  Does it make sense for them to join the board? •  Can you trust them? •  How can it benefit your followers?
  47. 47. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Reaching your Pinterest goals To bring traffic back to your site / To increase sales Do your pins: •  Solve a problem or inspire – educational/ informational (tutorial, recipe, news, review) •  Offer something desirable (product or service) •  Appeal to a hobby or interest (travel, decorating, tattoos, cars)
  48. 48. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Reaching your Pinterest goals To bring traffic back to your site / To increase sales 6 ways 1 pin can bring you traffic
  49. 49. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Reaching your Pinterest goals To learn about my followers and potential customers (market research not stalking)   •  Location •  Other interests •  What they’re pinning from competitors’ sites **Be  careful  what  you  pin**  
  50. 50. Measuring your results Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng    
  51. 51. Brand recognition and authority 1.  Account engagement – repins / comments 2.  Are you gaining followers? Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng    
  52. 52. Analytics h6p://   h6p://­‐tools/free-­‐pinterest-­‐analy5cs/   h6p://   Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng    
  53. 53. To see where traffic is going Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng    
  54. 54. To see Pinterest traffic flow Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng    
  55. 55. To see which pins are bringing you traffic Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng    
  56. 56. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng  
  57. 57. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   Analytics
  58. 58. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng     Finding success on Pinterest Accounts need time and attention or you could end up with weeds
  59. 59. Give your pins some time…. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng     Be patient
  60. 60. “Why the half-life of a Pinterest pin is thousands of times longer than a tweet or Facebook post” “Sure, you get 70 percent of your clicks in the first two days,” Piqora CEO Shara Verma told me last week. “But there’s a huge long tail. Clicks kept coming all the way for 30 days, and even beyond.” Source: VentureBeat Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng    
  61. 61. Seasonal pins will see a resurgence Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng    
  62. 62. Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng   tool tool Noun A device or implement, esp. one held in the hand, used to carry out a particular function
  63. 63. Cynthia Sanchez @OSPInteresting Copyright  2013  Oh  So  Pinteres5ng     Thanks!