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Slovenia martin


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Published in: Travel, Business

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  • 1.  
  • 2.
    • The Slovenian flag gets its
    • colours from the Yugoslav
    • flag before it broke up. On the
    • emblem you see Slovenia’s
    • highest mountain Triglav. The
    • 3 stars are the 3 dukes of Celje
    • and the wavy lines represent
    • the longest river- Sava and the
    • sea.
  • 3.
    • Since Slovenia is in the
    • Europian Union it’s 2 million
    • Inhabitants and 20,273 km²
    • use the euro currency. It lies
    • south of Austria, east of Italy
    • and west of Hungary.
  • 4.  
  • 5.
    • Ljubljana is the capital city of Slovenia and is also a very
    • beautiful city. Is has roughly 280 220 inhabitants. The river
    • Ljubljanica flows through it and there are several bridges
    • across it including the famous Tromostovje, a triple bridge
    • and the Dragon bridge.
  • 6.
    • Bled lies in valley next to the second biggest lake in Slovenia.
    • It is a very popular turist spot because it offers a lot of
    • Activities like swimming, kayaking, canoeing, skydiving,
    • parachuting andmore, and it even has an island in the middle
    • of the lake. You can also go mountainering or enjoy the local
    • delicacy; kremšnita. Another very nice spot to visit is Vintgar;
    • it’s a walk down a cannyon with the river Sava Bohinjka.
  • 7.
    • If there is a feature that describes Bohinj it’s; Slovenia’s biggest
    • lake. And the most f ascinating thing about the lake is that it
    • w as made by a glacier. Just like in Bled, Bohinj offers a wide
    • range of activites. The most comon is kayaking and canoeing.
    • It is also a nice starting point for mountainerig.
  • 8.
    • Piran or Pirano as it is referd to in Italian is the most western
    • town in Slovenia that lies next to the 43 157 metres of Slovene
    • coast. The town lies on a penincula between the Piran and
    • Strunjan gulf. The mos western point on the penincula is cape
    • Madona. Piran’s most famous spot is Tartini’s square named
    • after a famous composer Giuseppe Tartini who was born there
    • in the year 1692.
  • 9.
    • The most known fact about Ptuj is that it is Slovenias oldest
    • town. It was built by the Romans when they reached the river
    • Danube. First it served as military base, but it then grew into a
    • small town and then it just cept growing. Today its most
    • famous atraction is kurentovanje on shrowe Tuesday.
  • 10.
    • Idrija used to be a minig town. In the mine where the men
    • worked they where diging for mercury. But the amount they
    • dug up was stagering; before the mine was shut down they
    • suplied 64% of the worlds mercury suplies. But now the mine
    • is a museum and is probably the only museum intoxicated
    • with radon. It also has a nice aquarium of indigiouse and
    • exotic fish.
  • 11.
    • On this slide I will describe to you an unbelivable
    • Phenomenon that happens here at Cerkniško jezro, actualy
    • the lake is the phenomenon. It’s never there for an entire year.
    • In the dry season it goes down holes called požiralniki, and in
    • the wet season it comes back up up holes called bruhalniki
    • and via the rain. And if you ask the locals if they can describe
    • the lake in one sentence they will say: jzeru je, jzera nej .
  • 12.
    • Koper or Caprodistria in Italian, is Slovenias only town to have
    • cargo port and it’s big. It is Slovenias sixth biggest town and
    • there are two official languages amomg the 23 726 inhabitants,
    • Sloven and Italian. The cargo port sometimes gives tours to
    • students on there way to Croatia for there 5 day field trip.
  • 13.
    • Jesenice is also an industrial town, but it has stealworks
    • Instead of shipping, but then again how can you have
    • shipping in a valley. The steal factory used to be a lot bigger
    • than it is now. Roughly half of the factory was torn down so
    • that more people could live there. Nowdays Jesenice has one
    • of the bigger hospitals in Slovenia.
  • 14.
    • Slovenia offers a variety of mountaineering choices. There are
    • 4 mountain groupes: the Alpes, the Karavanken mountains,
    • Dinarsko gorstvo and the Kamniško-Savinjske alpe. The
    • highest mountain is Triglav 2864 metres. On top of it sits a
    • tower called Aljažev stolp.
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  • 22.
    • - Google- pictures
    • - Wikipedia
    • - My mind
  • 23.
    • Made by:
    • Martin Mayland of 9.B