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My holidays Laura Bogataj
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  • 1. MYHOL I DA Y S L a u r a Bo g a t a j , 8.b
  • 2. This year I spent my vacation on an island Korčula for the third time. Iwas there for two weeks. We drove about nine hours. When we arrivedwe went to our appartment in a small fishing village called Prigradica. Itwas a big house with a large terrace. The sea was warm and the weatherwas great. Just last two days was a little cloudy and rainy but it was akind of refreshing.
  • 3. One day we visited a city Vela Luka. It isn t far away from Prigradica.It s the biggest city on Korčula. It has a very clean sea (except in theharbour) and preserved nature. It s a place of very talented artists andmusicians, so there is a museum of all of arts and other historical objects.
  • 4. There s a lot of tracks for cycling and hikeing. We didn t takebicycles, so we just went for a walk. One day, when we went in a citynamed Korčula, my brother didn t go with us. He drove with acatamaran. He sad that it s very big and beautiful inside. He also sadthat is more spacious than he thought. Near our appartment was avolleyball and football court. But the locals are better in water polo sothere was also a space for that.
  • 5. Capital city of island Korčula is Korčula. Its from 10. century. Streetshave a shape like a fish. A very famous world traveller Marco Polo wasborn in Korčula. City has many old buildings. One of the most famousbuildings is cathedral of St. Mark, from 13. century. Very gorgeous is acity wall. In nowadays Korčula has about 3000 people.
  • 6. FOODIn Korčula make very good olive oil. Wherever you drive you see anolive tree. There s also a lot of fig trees and carobs.Usually we ate in appartment, but when we went out I ate pizza anddrank a cola. Of course, in every place we went I tried an ice cream.
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