P B A Rules V.2


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All Team Reps please ensure your players have read this document and have signed the player registration. Players my be declined in playing without adhering to rules & regulations.

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P B A Rules V.2

  1. 1. PINOY BASKETBALL AUSTRALIA Rules and Regulations1. Competition 1.1. Pinoy Basketball Australia Season One Competition is conducted on a TEAM basis.2. Team Entry 2.1. Teams applying for the competition will enter a team by lodging a team entry form with payment to the Pinoy Basketball Australia committee. 2.2. Teams can add a new player or trade players only within the 4 weeks of the season commencement date. Additions or trades will be prohibited after the 4 weeks.3. Registration of Players In order to play in the competition ALL players 3.1. Must complete a registration form. 3.2. Are permitted to register for only one team in the competition. 3.3. Pay the registration fees by the set date4. Conduct 4.1. If, in the opinion of the Committee, any player, Team or Official conducts themselves in a manner that is considered detrimental to the Competition, such Player(s), teams or officials may be charged and sent to the tribunal. 4.2. Pinoy Basketball Australia has the right, where it sees fit, to refuse entry and or remove any player/team from the competition if the conduct of the player/team or officials is deemed to be outside of the Basketball Victoria code of conduct. 4.3. Players who are adversely affected by alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to play.5. Incident Reports 5.1. Each Pinoy Basketball Australia game venue holds an Incident Report Form that can be used to report significant matters felt to be of importance to the integrity of the Game of Basketball. 5.2. A 10-minute cooling off period is to be observed before completion of an incident report. 5.3. The Committee will review the incident report and take whatever action deemed necessary to deal with the incident. The outcome will be advised in writing to the complainant and or team delegate.
  2. 2. 6. Playing Times and Rules 6.1. Playing times for the games will be two 20 minute halves. 6.2. The clock will stop for all whistles in the last 3 minutes of the second half 6.3. Referees are required to start the clock on scheduled commencement times, each minute players do not assemble on court for the commencement, the offending team will be penalised one (1) point per minute. 6.4. Time-outs are not permitted to commence or to run into the last minute of the first half. Time outs taken during the last two minutes of the first half will be shortened so that they do not extend into the last minute of the first half. 6.5. Each team is allowed two (2) time-outs per half at 1 minute with the clock running. 6.6. Players shall be allowed to score and to sub into the game off the scorebench 6.7. The playing rules shall be those of Basketball Australia except as adopted by Basketball Victoria and as modified by Pinoy Basketball Australia. 6.8. Should an injury occur, the clock will not stop. Should the next game be affected the clock will start on scheduled time and play will commence when injured player has been moved from the playing area. If the injury occurs within the last 3 minutes, and the player is unable to be moved, the clock will be restarted after 1 minute. 6.9. Should a whole game be affected the game will be awarded as a draw.7. Finals 7.1. In FINALS the games shall be of two 20 minute halves. Each team will be allowed two time outs in each half. 7.2. Finals are conducted over two weeks. In week one, teams placed first and fourth play each other and teams placed second and third play each other. The winners of these games play in the grand final in week two. 7.3. The clock will stop for all time-outs throughout the game and for all whistles in the last 3 minutes of the second half. 7.4. In the case of the game resulting in a tied score then an extra 5 minutes will be played. 7.5. Each team will be permitted one time-out in this extra period. 7.6. For the finals, Pinoy Basketball Australia will provide an official for each bench. In all instances the official shall control the clock and the scoring. 7.7. Ties for position will be decided on percentage of results for the overall season. 7.8. Players who were registered with the team when the team was entered and have fully paid the fees, will be allowed to play in finals. 7.9. The Committee shall make decisions in regard to disputes arising from eligibility of players to participate in finals.
  3. 3. 8. Scoring 8.1. Each team must supply a COMPETENT scorer for any game in which they are engaged. 8.2. Scorers should check their opponents team and the name of any player not present is to be crossed out from the score sheet. 8.3. Players may choose to score if no non-playing scorer is available and subs may be made from the Score bench during the game. If a team has only five players and no scorer, then one player must be a scorer throughout the game unless the team elects to take a 10 point penalty. The penalty must be applied before the commencement of the second half. No penalty applies for subs from the score bench.9. Forfeits 9.1. A team forfeits a game when they fail to turn up (locally ten minutes after start time); the actions of the team prevent the game from being played; it refuses to play after being instructed to do so by the referee. Penalty, the game is awarded to opponents and the score will be 10 - 0; The forfeiting team receives no points; winning team receives 3 points. 9.2. A team loses by default when, during the game, the team has fewer than four players on the court able to play. If the winning team is ahead, the score stands. If the defaulting team was ahead the opponents then win 10-0. The defaulting team receives 1 point; winning team 3 points. 9.3. Any team which is withdrawn from the competition at any time during the playing season will not receive a refund. 9.4. Where the decision to cancel the game occurs after the completion of the first half the scores at the time of cancellation will stand as the final score. Where it occurs prior to the completion of the first half, the game is not deemed to have been played and both Teams are awarded a bye. This applies to court conditions such as water on the court but does not apply to any players or team officials disqualified or through player injury (where the player cannot be moved) or fouling out10. Playing Uniform 10.1. A players uniform shall consist of-  Jersey/Tops  Numbers  Shorts 10.2. Approved playing tops numbered back and front. Such garments as warm-up tops, track suit tops, wind cheaters or street clothes are not acceptable. Scarves, gloves, wrist tapes and jewellery cannot be worn on court. Wedding rings, studs and rings that cannot be removed must be taped. 10.3. Suitable sports footwear with soles which will not mark or damage the playing surface must be worn. 10.4. All teams must register uniform and trim with PBA committee. (Sponsorship of any kind are all deemed to be trim and so must be approved by PBA and must be uniform throughout the team) 10.5. A team shall forfeit five points for every player who is not in correct uniform.
  4. 4. 10.6. The Committee has the power to order any player or team to renew uniforms should they not be to the standard required. (Uniforms which have faded or discoloured to such an extent that they cause confusion to the referees.)11. Care of Venues 11.1. Any club, team player, official or other person responsible for causing DAMAGE to a venue may be required to pay the reasonable cost of reinstatement or a contribution towards such cost, as determined by the Committee.12. General 12.1. In any matter not specifically covered by these by-laws, the Committee will make the necessary ruling. All players competing in the Competition organised by PBA do so at their own risk. Pinoy Basketball Australia accepts no claims for loss or damage to personal property.13. Team Delegate 13.1. It is the delegates responsibility to make sure that their contact number and email address is current. The delegate will be the person responsible for all matters related to team entry and team conduct and will be the person to whom all matters are directed. The delegate will be responsible for responding to any matter raised by the Committee.14. Schedule of Fees 14.1 FEE TYPE FEE AMOUNT Playing Uniform $ 30 Player Registration Fee $ 120 Player/Team Withdrawal No Refund 14.2 Uniform fees is to be paid no later than 5th of March or Uniforms will not be given unless paid. 14.3 Players must pay a 50% or $60 deposit of the Registration fee no later than 19th March to secure you place in the League. Rest of the fees can be paid in instalments 2 weeks thereafter or must sign a payment plan agreement. -End-