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I am on the 1st page of google yahoo and bing in just a week
I am on the 1st page of google yahoo and bing in just a week
I am on the 1st page of google yahoo and bing in just a week
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I am on the 1st page of google yahoo and bing in just a week


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Since I have been working as a freelancer for various clients/contractors from differentcountries for more than 3 years now I decided to create my own blog. The first thing in my mindwhen I started this blog 3 months ago was to promote myself as a Filipino SEO and thats what Iam doing now. Simply because its quite hard to get a stable job as a freelancer so I gave myselfa chance to be a blogger and try to earn from blogging.I havent published original post from this content except this post. I am a lazy writer! Literary Iam! It all begun back at school where I just listen to my teachers lecture and photocopyeverything that my classmate has written in her notebook. Thats just to have a reference and fora review purposes. Who cares about that anyway.Out my laziness I only manage to published 13 blog post on this blog and they are all re-writtenarticles! Im so not into blogging and I had a client to tend to which made this blog the least inmy list. As usual, when youre a freelancer you dont get a steady job clients will just use you fortheir specific campaign and then cut you off when you manage to do what they want. Of coursethey will also cut you off if they didnt manage to get what they want which what usuallyhappens to most freelancers. Most online clients just dont give a shit about us ( freelancers) andthis is the worst part they want things to be done their way ( they are paying us anyway so itstheir right). What I mean when I said they want things to be done their way is that they are notgiving the freelancer a space to prove their knowledge and professionalism. I really hate clientsgiving me task and they want it to be done as it is when there is a simple way and much effectway to do it. Okay, enough of them.On the 12th day of July 2012 I found myself browsing this blog of mine and thought to give itmuch attention. I have manage to acquire good SEO manuals that contributed to my skills inover-all so I decided why not share it on my blog. Thats when I post Reason Why You NeedYouTube Marketing <-- this post is another re-write. Then from that day on I begun my SEOCampaign for this blog til my post on the 18th of July 100 High Quality Do-Follow Blog Sitesexcept the RIP Dr. Stephen Covey that post is due to my respect to the person.
  • 2. Market Samurai Rank Tracker: Filipino SEO As you can see Im at #7 in Googles first page and #4 at Yahoo and #5 for Bing. Where in thekeyword Filipino SEO shows 135,000,000 results.And shows that I have 3,604 External Backlinks with just 12 referringdomains.
  • 3. My rank at from 21million is now down to 7.7million. If all of my externalbacklinks will be index I will have most likely 5k-6k external backlinks in just a week butcrawlers takes time Im expecting an increase by Sunday.I bet youre thinking Im doing blackhat SEO. No! Not with now, not when Google Penguin isaround. I have SEO tools that help me do it and how to do it right