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  • 1. 3/27/2012 James Beirne Scam 1
  • 2. 3/27/2012 James Beirne Scam 2
  • 3. 3/27/2012 James Beirne Scam 3
  • 4. With still a looming contempt of court charges for over 200 alleged violations of a L.A. Superior Court Judge Order in connection with “misleading and deceptive advertising,” Atty James Beirne appears to have committed perjury in declarations he signed and submitted to the court on January 23, 2012.3/27/2012 James Beirne Scam 4
  • 5. Attorney Joel Bander said that “the documentary evidence shows that Beirne is lying under oath about the contempt charges, and directly to the court that is considering his contempt charges.” Beirne is still potentially facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and a possible 3-year jail time if convicted of the contempt of court charges, separate and apart from any perjury conviction that could arise.3/27/2012 James Beirne Scam 5
  • 6. Attorney Beirne’s massive legal troubles stem from his advertising campaign, titled “Setting the Records Straight” which began coming out in the Balita Media Midweek and Weekend editions since December 2011 and ostensibly authored by the beleaguered attorney. That advertising campaign was started by the Balita-Beirne Group to distract the Filipino community from a widely read expose’ that specifically documented the revelations of two former clients of Atty Beirne whose cases were grossly mismanaged. One case was in immigration, the other bankruptcy.3/27/2012 James Beirne Scam 6
  • 7. 3/27/2012 James Beirne Scam 7
  • 8. In a taped interview with, Reynaldo Villarica, recounted in November 2011, that Beirne’s law office had filed three different petitions in his behalf using three different companies, always being referred to the employer by Balita/Beirne operatives. The PWD Investigative Team learned that the first, employer was non-existent, including the fabricated address and phone numbers.3/27/2012 James Beirne Scam 8
  • 9. Since that article in November Balita/Beirne has never even denied that the employer fabrication was a ‘scam’. “After those petitions were denied they hid everything from me,” Villarica said. Villarica had paid the law office of Atty James Beirne a sum of about $7000, never got any immigrant visa or refund.3/27/2012 James Beirne Scam 9
  • 10. In that same article Gertrudes and Rick Pecaoco of Burbank, said, “The help and assistance that we perused in Beirne’s advertisements (published in Balita) were not met,” the couple told Gertrudes said: “Parang, he was just there to file it. But he didn’t care to be concerned of ano ba talaga ang gusto mo? How can I be there to help you? What do you want to do? He was not helpful. He was not concerned.”3/27/2012 James Beirne Scam 10
  • 11. has now learned that the federal bankruptcy judge and the assigned trustee called Attorney Beirne’s preparation of the Pecaocofile “a mess”, and the attorney sent by the Beirne office even agreed. The federal judge dismissed Beirne’s ill-prepared bankruptcy petition on the spot,” Gertrudes said. “Dismissed ang kaso ko. Bali wala.” As for the refund? The couple only got refunded for the lien stripping, which was only one- third the estimated $10,000 they paid to Beirne.3/27/2012 James Beirne Scam 11
  • 12. Setting the Record Straight Advertisement On December 17, 2011, Beirne started running the “Setting the Records Straight” advertisements claiming that Villarica and Pecaoco were “turned down by us 10 years ago because they were not qualified for the relief they sought.” Beirne has continued to make that claim for at least three months in the widely published open letters.3/27/2012 James Beirne Scam 12
  • 13. In the allegedly perjury-prone declaration of January 23, 2012, Beirne declared that “In early 2001 Reynaldo Villarica was turned down when he requested that I help Mr. Villarica find a new employer to ‘port’ Mr. Villarica’s immigration petition to.” Villarica said “I was never turned down, they are the ones keeping my case alive to justify the fees.”3/27/2012 James Beirne Scam 13
  • 14. 3/27/2012 James Beirne Scam 14
  • 15. 3/27/2012 James Beirne Scam 15
  • 16. Allen, who has never publicly denied actually owning the Beirne law office, signed a February 6, 2003, letter stating in part, “We are currently processing a new petition on [Villarica’s] behalf. This can only be done with a new employer. “The letter indicates Beirne’s office is taking care of everything,” Attorney Bander said. “No turn down. That’s a lie. All the porting talk and activity came from Beirne’s office.”3/27/2012 James Beirne Scam 16
  • 17. Another letter signed by Beirne to an Atty Setareh, dated September 25, 2006, where Beirne admits “We have worked for this client since March 2001, having filed three labor certifications and one RIR on behalf of three employers….” Bander said“March 2001 is pretty darn early 2001.3/27/2012 James Beirne Scam 17
  • 18. Beirne’s own letters shows he was lying under oath in January 2012.” Bander concluded, “I guess the Balita/Beirne response will be to write about me, and not tell Filipinos or the Superior Court the truth.”3/27/2012 James Beirne Scam 18
  • 19. This newly surfacing documents support the contentions of Villarica all along, and certainly seems to be spelling serious legal troubles for Atty James Bierne. Attorney Bander cautioned “perjury issues would be referred to the District Attorney after the contempt matter is concluded. It would not be any time soon.”3/27/2012 James Beirne Scam 19
  • 20. fin3/27/2012 James Beirne Scam 20