Atty James Beirne Scam | Balita Media Anthony Allen

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A message from young atty allen

A message from young atty allen

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  • 1. Atty James Beirne Scam |Balita Media Anthony Allen
  • 2. A Message from Young Atty Allen
  • 3. I just got out of law school.And I have no legal experience –none, nada, zero, zippo, wala,before coming to my present office.Oh, and now I got three offices, justlike that. It was easy, mommy anddaddy just turned over their BeirneLaw Office to me, or at least we aremaking believe that it’s my office.Mom and dad are nice that way.
  • 4. Hey, I will tell you a secret. Weare just using all the same staff,phones, offices as theJames Beirne set up. But since hisfuture is so uncertain, mom anddad thought I should justhold that place for them now,because they need a lawyer infront of the business.
  • 5. vMy mom and dad must knowwhat they have been doing,controlling this law officeand newspaper together since Iwas little. Many Filipinos werefooled and they didn’t really havemajor damage. Do not payattention to those folks sayingfraud and failure. It does nothappen that much.Everything is going to be ok,because we are using the samestaff and business set up.
  • 6. Oh, another secret — I will justadvertise about debt relief, but willsell you a bankruptcy when you cometo the office, and mom and dad canmake more money. I love telling thesesecrets.Don’t Worry. I do care about yourfamily.I probably will not lose your house.You might even see me sometime afteryou pay your money.Trust me.‘Boy’ Allen – One Day I Will GrowUp