An Insider's Look at Life Insurance: Unique Facts And Coverage Options To Consider


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An Insider's Look at Life Insurance: Unique Facts And Coverage Options To Consider

  1. 1. An Insider’s Look At Life Insurance: Unique Facts AndCoverage Options To Consider Presented By: Wholesale Insurance
  2. 2. Theory Behind Life InsurancePay a little bit now and your family will receive a largerpayment in the event of a death.The premise behind life insurance coverage is that the finalbenefit will help the bereaved handle the loss without havingto be evicted from their home or go through additionalfinancial hardship.Ultimately, offering some form of financial security to lovedones provides security and comfort.
  3. 3. Understanding Life InsuranceWhile the purpose of life insurance isstraightforward, there are many methods toobtain coverage.Understanding the many components of lifeinsurance is not always a simple task.With options like whole life insurance, term life insurance, mortgage lifeinsurance, etc., it’s often confusing to decide what will give the most efficientcoverage.Highlighting a few surprising facts and unique choices will help give betterclarity on what the life insurance market has to offer.
  4. 4. Fact: Life Insurance Rates Can Go Down As Age Goes UpMost people who purchase life insurance believe that term life insurancepolicy will always become more expensive as they grow older.However, a large number of people actually watch rates decrease as they agedue to several factors.The average life expectancy is increasing which lowers the risk of the insuredactually cashing in a policy. The lower risk equates to a lower premium.Lack of government regulation also contributes to lower rates as insurancecompanies need to offer competitive pricing.Understanding the competitive pricing means individuals are free to shoparound and switch companies at any time.
  5. 5. Fact: The Quote You Get Isn’t A Final Price Many people wrongfully assume that the initial quotes received will reflect the actual price. While this is generally true, it is not always the case. The insurance company can only base its quote off of limited information initially provided. For accurate rates and a gauge on the health of an individual, medical underwriters are required. Medical underwriters perform a health exam and determine other key health factors to create finalized premium cost.
  6. 6. Fact: You Should Still Re-Evaluate Your Life Insurance Cost, Even If You Have Whole Life Coverage Term life insurance is easy to re-evaluate due to its impermanent nature. Re-evaluating even whole life insurance coverage is key. Whole life insurance is similar to term life in that as life expectancy increases, cost of insurance decreases. Consistently re-evaluating and staying on top of these changes will help save money in overall decreased costs. Evaluating a current whole life policy versus a new whole life policy is slightly more difficult than a term policy comparison and requires speaking with an agent.
  7. 7. Life Insurance For Special Circumstances Few people realize that there are unique life insurance policies specifically tailored to an individual’s particular needs. These special types of insurance come with restrictions, but often offer the best premiums and favorable incentives for people.
  8. 8. Mortgage Life InsurancePaying off a mortgage can be a lifetime endeavor and particularlydifficult with only one homeowner working.If the main financial contributor dies with no established financialprotection implemented, a family may have to sell their home.Mortgage life insurance was created to counteract this occurrence.This special policy pays off your debt if the money earner dies.
  9. 9. Life Insurance Without An Exam Guaranteed life insurance is possible without any kind of exam. This special type of coverage is a welcome option for anyone whose mortality risk is so high a medically underwritten policy is not feasible. This special coverage is also of use during an interim period between coverage or while a current term policy is being sent to an underwriter.
  10. 10. Key Man Business And High Risk Life Insurance Invaluable employees to a business can also be covered under special policies. Key man life insurance is any coverage that prevents a company from failing when it loses a key player by providing an infusion of capital which can be saved, invested, or used immediately. Individuals covered under a high risk policy will be charged higher fees. However, there are insurers who specialize in this type of policy and can offer customers a competitive rate.
  11. 11. Choosing The Best Life Insurance Plan Ultimately, sourcing a great broker plays a key role in finding the best life insurance. Working with someone who understands all the components to life insurance policies will be able to provide the most efficient options. Always consult a good agency before making any changes to current policies. It’s most effective to understand and monitor the details of a life insurance policy at all times. With a little focus and time, getting a family protected and obtaining the best life insurance rates available can prove a straightforward task.
  12. 12. About Wholesale InsuranceWholesale Insurance is a company that specializes in findingthe best life insurance rates for its customers.The company has a network of advisors and can providecustomers with life insurance policies from some of thecountry’s top insurance companies.Visit their website at