Handicrafts Catalog 2011 | Embroidered Bedding


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Wholesale catalog of Indian embroidery handcrafted bedding: bed sheets, be spreads, bed covers, cushion, etc. Ethnic Indian embroidery exports catalog.

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Handicrafts Catalog 2011 | Embroidered Bedding

  2. 2. Ari-ZariElephant & Various Designs
  3. 3. Ari Zari embroidery with metallic strings is among paramount design patterns of traditional Eastern fashion and décor. “Aar” is for needle, this is why very often Ari, Zari and Zardosi are referred to the same type of embroidery workmanship, “golden thread”. Ari-Zari deploys strings in its embroidery, e.g. saadi (shining beige look), salma (thick golden-look wire thread), sequined lace (thicker silver jewelry-type thread), pure metallic wires, badla wires (extra-shiny golden ) etc. Nowadays cotton, silk and artificial threads are also used for Zari imitation. In India Ari-Zari work is enormously popular for garments and accessories among women of different castes in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and other states. The popularity of “golden thread” embroidered items is also growing in various countries of Western culture for apparels / accessories, as well as for soft home furnishings. Ari-Zari workmanship had taken its stable position among the most attractive elements of both interior design and fashion industry. Size: 16x16’’ / 40,6x40,6 cm 18x18’’ / 45,7x45,7 cm request price ►Product Name: Beige Product Name: Light Brown Product Name: Yellowy Brown Product Name: Bright BrownProduct Code: HF_CC_AJ_E_001 Product Code: HF_CC_AJ_E_002 Product Code: HF_CC_AJ_E_003 Product Code: HF_CC_AJ_E_004
  4. 4. Product Name: Yellow Multicolor Product Name: Red Product Name: Darkish Product Name: Red MulticolorProduct Code: HF_CC_AJ_E_005 Product Code: HF_CC_AJ_E_006 Product Code: HF_CC_AJ_E_007 Product Code: HF_CC_AJ_E_008Product Name: Multicolor Brown Product Name: Fancy Brown Product Name: Elephant Product Name: Light RedProduct Code: HF_CC_AJ_E_009 Product Code: HF_CC_AJ_E_010 Product Code: HF_CC_AJ_E_010a Product Code: HF_CC_AJ_E_011 Ari-ZariProduct Name: Tricolor Product Name: Bright Red Product Name: Tricolor Light BrownProduct Code: HF_CC_AJ_E_012 Product Code: HF_CC_AJ_E_013 Product Code: HF_CC_AJ_E_014 Various Designs >>
  5. 5. Product Name: Light Beige Product Name: Blue Product Name: Red Product Name: YellowProduct Code: HF_CC_AJ_VD_001 Product Code: HF_CC_AJ_VD_003 Product Code: HF_CC_AJ_VD_002 Product Code: HF_CC_AJ_VD_004Product Name: Saffron Product Name: Yellow Bicolor Product Name: Dark Yellow Star Product Name: Beadwork, YellowProduct Code: HF_CC_AJ_VD_005 Product Code: HF_CC_AJ_VD_017 Product Code: HF_CC_AJ_VD_007 Product Code: HF_CC_AJ_VD_008Product Name: Tricolor Product Name: Light Tricolor Product Name: Yellow Star Product Name: Beige StarProduct Code: HF_CC_AJ_VD_011 Product Code: HF_CC_AJ_VD_010 Product Code: HF_CC_AJ_VD_012 Product Code: HF_CC_AJ_VD_013
  6. 6. Product Name: Mirrorwork, Fawn Product Name: Light Yellow Product Name: Beige Tricolor Product Name: Black Horse Product Code: HF_CC_AJ_VD_009 Product Code: HF_CC_AJ_VD_014 Product Code: HF_CC_AJ_VD_015 Product Code: HF_CC_AJ_VD_016 After getting spread during Mughal empire times, Ari-Zari had become popular throughout modern territories of India and Pakistan. Intricate design had been performedinitially on the finest silk with golden and silver threads. Today, provided that gold is such a commodity that is not as easily available as in the past of India, mostly metal threads areused for embroidery Same old pattern is used in new decorative ornamental concept motifs, they are multicolored with embroidery.
  7. 7. Ari-ZardosiTissue Silk & Plastic Mirror, Shisha Embroidery
  8. 8. Ari Zardosi mirrorwork on tissue silk, plastic mirror. “Sewing with gold string” (Persian) is the translation of the Zardosi into the language of today. The main part of embroidery on furnishing items, however, made of metal threads with further “golden” decoration with an intention to create a jewelry-like worked fabric. Exceptionally popular in various parts of India for women‟s apparel, bags, accessories, as well as house decoration. The design technique is originated from khatia work, the process of stretching fabric and further gold, silver (today mostly just metal) embroidery stitching. Size: 16x16’’ / 40,6x40,6 cm 18x18’’ / 45,7x45,7 cm request price ►Product Name: Elephant Product Name: Yellow Product Name: Red Product Name: BlackProduct Code: HF_CC_AZ-TSPM _003 Product Code: HF_CC_AZ-TSPM _002 Product Code: HF_CC_AZ-TSPM _001 Product Code: HF_CC_AZ-TSPM _004
  9. 9. Silver ZariBoxer, Silver Embroidery with Glass Workmanship
  10. 10. Silver Zari embroidery is recognized as the most ancienthandicraft pattern by Indian historians. Fantasy silver thread of “boxer” style with Silver Zariglass workmanship is featured in this cushion‟s design. Sparkling element of any embroidered home furnishingstyle interior decoration. brings luxurious spirit into anyAmong an astonishing number of embroidery patterns of India Silver Zari from modern design. Materials usedBhopal (Central India) gained world fame due to its exceptional workmanship in Zari finishing are absolutelyquality and creative use of matching materials. Extensive range of varieties nature friendly, they add long-declined throughout the course of history, though. Today only several major lasting value to the “boxer”designs are available. As Bhopal Silver Zari workmanship is an inherited art, embroidery cushions illustratedartisans‟ number dramatically decreased together with the patterns of Silver Zari.Unlike their predecessors, modern artisans and cottage producers use assortment below, as well as otherof modern materials. Old workmanship required hard handwork of skilled elements of home décor of thecarpenters and stitchers in order to prepare heavy frames, test material quality, same pattern manner.apply proper design and implement sophisticated finishing with expensivematerials. Previously a three-hundred-year boom period of Silver Zari flourishingended up at the dawn of nineteenth century, a separate Zari workmen communityhad to switch its working specifics. Simplification, nonetheless, made Silver Zariaffordable for wide public. Together with Golden Thread Zardosi and Beadwork Size: 16x16’’ / 40,6x40,6 cmSilver Zari is among the trends of artisans‟ production promoted by the 18x18’’ / 45,7x45,7 cmGovernment of India. request price ► Product Name: Beige Product Name: Light Brown Product Name: Saffron Product Code: HF_CC_B_003 Product Code: HF_CC_B_002 Product Code: HF_CC_B_001
  11. 11. Brocade
  12. 12. Brocade fancy cushions cover of thick, extensively decorated color silk with shiny threads, gold- and silver-like. „Its beauty, splendor and elegance can be hardly dreamt of,‟ Brocade or “Kinkhwab” gained its worthy characteristic centuries ago. Shuttle-woven cloth of ornamental brocading is successfully applied in interior design of various styles since early seventeenths century. Kinkhwabs are heavy fabrics with several layers of warp threads, from three to seven layers of threads. Solid texture and durable characteristics. Fabrics of brocade décor elements bring expensive look and decency to every house interior. Winning decorative solution for shops, clubs and other public places. Size: 16x16’’ / 40,6x40,6 cm 18x18’’ / 45,7x45,7 cm request price ►Product Name: Yellow Elephant Product Name: Red Elephant Product Name: Green Elephant Product Name: Fancy ElephantProduct Code: HF_CC_BR_E_003 Product Code: HF_CC_BR_E_004 Product Code: HF_CC_BR_E_002 Product Code: HF_CC_BR_E_001
  13. 13. Tanchoi Silk Brocade refers to a specific manner of weaving borrowed from a Chinese style of rich ornamentation with small detailed miniatures. The fabric of tanchoi includes silk with added wool. Plain woven body with one color extra weft, one color weft and one color warp. Tanchoi is an exceptionally authentic silk brocade type, regional design pattern of India applied on fabrics mainly for interior design. In modern garments the most popularity is gained with tanchoi saris. Indian headquarters of tanchoi is Surat city in Gujarat. Size: 16x16’’ / 40,6x40,6 cm 18x18’’ / 45,7x45,7 cm request price ►Product Name: Dancing Elephants Product Name: Green Peacocks Product Name: Elephants & Peacocks Product Name: Blue KaleidoscopeProduct Code: HF_CC_BR_S_001 Product Code: HF_CC_BR_T_021 Product Code: HF_CC_BR_S_007 Product Code: HF_CC_BR_T_012
  14. 14. Product Name: Elegance Product Name: Beige Flowery Product Name: Homely Brown Product Name: Peacocks Product Code: HF_CC_BR_T_025 Product Code: HF_CC_BR_S_005 Product Code: HF_CC_BR_T_027 Product Code: HF_CC_BR_S_008 Product Name: Acid Green Product Name: Swampy Yellow Product Name: Beige Wickerwork Product Name: Green Phantasm Product Code: HF_CC_BR_T_015 Product Code: HF_CC_BR_T_016 Product Code: HF_CC_BR_T_018 Product Code: HF_CC_BR_T_019Product Name: Multicolor Peacocks Product Name: Old Style Product Name: Red Dots Product Name: Red KaleidoscopeProduct Code: HF_CC_BR_T_023 Product Code: HF_CC_BR_S_004 Product Code: HF_CC_BR_T_014 Product Code: HF_CC_BR_T_011
  15. 15. Product Name: Red Wallpaper Product Name: Red Vase Product Name: Dark Red Flowery Product Name: Red FloweryProduct Code: HF_CC_BR_T_020 Product Code: HF_CC_BR_T_022 Product Code: HF_CC_BR_S_003 Product Code: HF_CC_BR_S_002Product Name: Blue Flowery Product Name: Dark Blue Product Name: Sky Blue Product Name: Green ForestProduct Code: HF_CC_BR_S_006 Product Code: HF_CC_BR_S_010 Product Code: HF_CC_BR_S_009 Product Code: HF_CC_BR_T_024 Satan Katrawan Tanchoi fabric,used for cushion covers, is distinguished among other Indian silk cloths in which the floating, extra weft, gold thread at the back is cut and removed. Motifscommonly used to create the raised effect on the item surface include leaves, flowers, fruits, birds, figures of dancing wome n and women wavingfans. The entire work done on the brocade fabric manifests usage of a huge variation of colors thus imitating the enamel work done on the jewelry.
  16. 16. Silk Brocade stands for weaving in gold and silver on the finest silk. Immensely popular in India, Brocade work varies with Banaka, Mukta, Tanduri and other types of silk fabrics. Twisting and reeling techniques as part of silk brocade production transforms brocade fabrics into shiny-nature eye-catcher. Sophisticated process of artisans‟ work includes bleaching, degumming, boiling in soap water and further dying. Two types of coloring are deployed today; vegetable dying is step by step replaced with aniline coloring, which cheapen the final silk brocade products. All procedures are closely controlled by Q&A engineers; this brings cottage manufacturing of silk brocade into international level and simultaneously preserves uniqueness of handwork. Silk brocade core is traditionally decorated with light floral embroidery and fringed with Kinkhwab embroidered silk brocade. Size: 16x16’’ / 40,6x40,6 cm 18x18’’ / 45,7x45,7 cm request price ►Product Name: Red Product Name: Green Product Name: Dark Brown Product Red SquareProduct Code: HF_CC_BR_S_002 Product Code: HF_CC_BR_S_001 Product Code: HF_CC_BR_S_005 Name: HF_CC_BR_S_004
  17. 17. Chess work Chess Workmanship
  18. 18. Chess work tricolor cushion, wickerwork. The fabric constitutes the mixture of finest silk with added wool. Close relativity to tanchoi brocade, apart from better elasticity of chess work silk fabric and accordingly items made of it. Modest embroidery added to chess work design patterns. Size: 16x16’’ / 40,6x40,6 cm 18x18’’ / 45,7x45,7 cm request price ►Product Name: Tricolor Product Name: Beige Product Name: Green TricolorProduct Code: HF_CC_Ch_001 Product Code: HF_CC_Ch_002 Product Code: HF_CC_Ch_003
  19. 19. CottonCotton cushions & cushions with cotton embroidery
  20. 20. Block-printed cotton cushion Cotton cushion‟s cover with a side zipper, hand block-printed cotton, the finest quality. Design pattern come from Saganer and Bagru villages in Rajasthan; the headquarters of India‟s most advanced cotton block-printing traditions. Red-yellow-beige-white, the famous square of colors. Floral patterns are hereditary for Rajasthani block printed bed linen, originally from Iran. Simple and decent element of both bedroom and dining room. Total variety, including block printing, hand block-printing and gold printing. Size: 16x16’’ / 40,6x40,6 cm 18x18’’ / 45,7x45,7 cm request price ►Product Name: Flora Product Name: Nature Block-printed items: Table Mats & Napkins ►Product Code: HF_CC_C_HBP_001 Product Code: HF_CC_C_HBP_002 Bedding ►
  21. 21. Cotton embroidery Refined simplicity. Ornamental motifs of cotton embroidered cushions and other soft items of home furnishing include flora, fauna, geometrical figures and swastika-cross varieties. Simplified traditional embroidery patterns, performed on cotton. Several embroidery techniques are implemented in the cotton cushions, including Sheesha Mahal, famous Mirrorwork. Size: 16x16’’ / 40,6x40,6 cm 18x18’’ / 45,7x45,7 cm request price ►Product Name: Green Swastika Product Name: Green Cross Product Name: Red Swastika Product Name: Brown CrossProduct Code: HF_CC_CCE_001 Product Code: HF_CC_CCE_004 Product Code: HF_CC_CCE_002 Product Code: HF_CC_CCE_003
  22. 22. Jogi work soft calmness Zigzag work of Jogi pattern is easily recognizable stitching design. Jogi soft home furnishings always use calm colors and phantasmagoric stitching lines. Inspired by nature itself. Jogi work is simple to perceive and except in various interior designs because patterns are eye friendly and keen to create inspirational, as well as peaceful atmosphere of stylish modern house. Never out of fashion since fifteenth century, Mughal Empire‟s time of India. Product Name: Silence Size: 16x16’’ / 40,6x40,6 cm Product Code: HF_CC_C_J_001a 18x18’’ / 45,7x45,7 cm request price ►Product Name: Silence Product Name: Horizon Product Name: Cheer-up Product Name: PuffyProduct Code: HF_CC_C_J_001b Product Code: HF_CC_C_J_002 Product Code: HF_CC_C_J_004 Product Code: HF_CC_C_J_003
  23. 23. Taj Mahal workmanship With a little bit of smart home lighting aTaj Mahal workmanship applied on a Light Saffron and other cheering-up colored couple of cushions with Tajcotton cushions signifies huge mirrorwork pieces embroidered circle wise. Mahal work will easily turn aTaj Mahal is not displayed on the cushion as embroidery; this is the workmanship dining room into a restaurant,title, contrary to Sheesa Mahal – small mirror glasswork. a bedroom into a theatre and a hall into a dance floor. ByDaylight and especially non-natural house lighting create glamorous effect with just applying some creativity.shining of mirror glasses embroidered into the cushion. Spectacular play of lightadds a lot to a holiday-missing family, as well as to a public place. Size: 16x16’’ / 40,6x40,6 cm 18x18’’ / 45,7x45,7 cm request price ► Product Name: Yellow Product Name: Saffron Product Name: Fancy Brown Product Code: HF_CC_C_TM_005 Product Code: HF_CC_C_TM_001 Product Code: HF_CC_C_TM_002
  24. 24. Product Name: Light Saffron Product Name: Reddy Product Name: Khaki Product Name: Dark BrownProduct Code: HF_CC_C_TM_007 Product Code: HF_CC_C_TM_004 Product Code: HF_CC_C_TM_006 Product Code: HF_CC_C_TM_003 Taj Mahal embroidery deploys huge plastic mirror pieces with silver backing, as well as additional embroidery elements. Modestly applied on the cushion,decorative motifs create a starry sky contour of picturesque figures in phantasmagorical sequence. Don‟t be surprised with the difference made by a couple of cushions,lending a sparkling appearance of Eastern fashion into the interior.
  25. 25. MughalCotton Embroidery Mughal Workmanship Bedding
  26. 26. Mughal workmanship cotton embroidery Originally strips and other pieces of various shapes were sewn together in several compositions to construct fabrics sufficiently large for use as quilts, canopies, hangings and long decorative friezes. Today Mughal appliqué cutwork is totally decorative and focuses on estheticism rather than recycling of used clothes. Mughal appliqué soft furnishings are easily recognizable by simplified flora- and-fauna motifs and the scenes of village life. Mughal work is a hereditary artisans‟ tradition. Size: 16x16’’ / 40,6x40,6 cm 18x18’’ / 45,7x45,7 cm request price ►Product Name: Horseman Product Name: Blue Horse Product Name: Multi-animals Product Name: Cats & PetsProduct Code: HF_CC_C_M_001 Product Code: HF_CC_C_M_003 Product Code: HF_CC_C_M_013 Product Code: HF_CC_C_M_017
  27. 27. Mughal Cotton EmbroideryProduct Name: Elephant Product Name: Elephant, Red Product Name: Elephant, VioletProduct Code: HF_CC_C_M_008 Product Code: HF_CC_C_M_009 Product Code: HF_CC_C_M_006 Product Name: Acid Green Product Name: Homely Elephant Product Name: Elephant Product Code: HF_CC_C_M_007 Product Code: HF_CC_C_M_010 Product Code: HF_CC_C_M_002Product Name: Elephant, Multicolor Product Name: Elephant, Green Product Name: Elephant PhantasmProduct Code: HF_CC_C_M_004 Product Code: HF_CC_C_M_005 Product Code: HF_CC_C_M_011 Bed Sheets, Curtains, etc.>>
  28. 28. Product Name: Well Product Name: Nature DelightProduct Code: HF_CC_C_M_012 Product Code: HF_CC_C_M_014Product Name: Green Nature Product Name: Multi-petsProduct Code: HF_CC_C_M_015 Product Code: HF_CC_C_M_016Product Name: White Rabbit Product Name: Acid NatureProduct Code: HF_CC_C_M_018 Product Code: HF_CC_C_M_019 Disregarding the simplicity of appearance and orthodoxy of motifs reflected on embroidery and appliqué work, Mughal workmanship is appreciated for authenticity.
  29. 29. PatchworkCotton Embroidery Bedding, Curtains, etc.
  30. 30. Patch work Lucky combination of cottonElephant embroidered patchwork cotton cushion is a cheering soft home furnishing embroidery with patchwork ofelement. Elephant, the most famous animal of India, is incrementally pieced with its four layers creates changinggeometric shapes of various figures on a cushion. visual effect while approaching from variousElephant cushion design deploys traditional patchwork of Mughal interpretation angles of different directions.together with embellishment of cotton fabric with needlework in matching color of Winning type of stitchingmother Nature. composition makes cushion attention the grabber in theAn exciting effect is being created with carefully stitched four-layer patchwork whole house decoration.combining colored shapes in value progression, which indicates a composeddesign of the finest contrasting color-and-work pattern example. Size: 16x16’’ / 40,6x40,6 cm 18x18’’ / 45,7x45,7 cm request price ► Product Name: Green Elephant Product Name: Multicolor Elephant Product Name: Grey Elephant Product Code: HF_CC_CEP_001 Product Code: HF_CC_CEP_002 Product Code: HF_CC_CEP_003
  31. 31. TagaiCotton Embroidery Bedding Quilts, etc.
  32. 32. Tagai workmanship cotton embroidery Soft Flower and Elephant Tagai cushion with side zipper. Tagai is known as one of the advanced variations of traditional Rajasthani sewing patterns; it belongs to quilting family of stitching, immensely popular in various communities of Rajput culture of India.Product Name: Soft Flower Product Name: Mild Flower Product Name: Flower BedProduct Code: HF_CC_CET_001 Product Code: HF_CC_CET_004 Product Code: HF_CC_CET_003 The title Tagai basically constitutes quilting; it stands for rough stitched cotton cloth (sometimes mixed cotton, cotton with wool) for warm bedding and clothing. The best decoration practice is to place Tagai cushion side by side with woolen bed sheets, with decoration of the same stitching family and use it for winter-style home décor. Tagai: mild feeling of warmness.Product Name: Brown Flower Product Name: Elephant Product Name: Bright Elephant Size: 16x16’’ / 40,6x40,6 cmProduct Code: HF_CC_CET_002 Product Code: HF_CC_CET_005 Product Code: HF_CC_CET_006 18x18’’ / 45,7x45,7 cm request price ►
  33. 33. CTCColor Embroidery Bedding
  34. 34. CTC Workmanship Cotton Embroidery The blend of various colors, fabrics and embroidery patterns has found its place in CTC cushion. Cotton is the main fabric of the cushion, but all the front side of the item is covered with colorful embroidery, introducing the entire layout of geometric figures, stitched by thick woolen thread, with shisha embroidery work. Up to seven shiny colors, including red, yellow, green, blue and their variations are joined in vibrant wickerwork of the CTC cushion. All these colors are perfectly matched in a wonderful mixture. Artificial light of the room tend to multiply the effect of the cushion‟s visual perception. Threads of various colors together with mirror work compose a vibrant piece of authentic handicraft, the one India can rightfully boast with. Interestingly, the embroidery of the cushion is handmade. One could never identify this fact from substantial distance because of the precise manner, in which the colorful Product Name: Starry Bright embroidery is realized. Careful artisans‟ work with authentic Product Code: HF_CC_CTC_003 kaleidoscopic design patterns of CTC make this item a desired element of one‟s home or/and chill out, as well as public saloon. Exceptionally strict manner of stitching and modest contribution of shisha mirror work bring the cushion into one line with the richest embroidered handicrafts of the world. Shisha, embroidery‟s ID, stands for Shisha Mahal, Pakistani saint place in Lahore. Shisha Mahal is nowadays known around the world due to its famous embroidery fashion: mirror work with small pieces of shiny plastic glass. Shisha is translated as “small mirror” from Hindi; also this type of needlework is named Abla Embroidery. As many other design patterns of Indian embroidery, Shisha is made by firstly fixing the fabric into a tight hoop, only after that the finest design application is made possible. Artisans‟ working norm is one CTC cushion per day, not less and not more than that: much attention and skill are required to implement embroidery in the best possible manner.Product Name: Starry Product Name: Starry Light Size: 16x16’’ / 40,6x40,6 cmProduct Code: HF_CC_CTC_001 Product Code: HF_CC_CTC_005 18x18’’ / 45,7x45,7 cm request price ►
  35. 35. Product Name: Modest Product Name: Starry Shine Product Name: Sun Product Name: Starry DesertProduct Code: HF_CC_CTC_002 Product Code: HF_CC_CTC_006 Product Code: HF_CC_CTC_004 Product Code: HF_CC_CTC_007Product Name: Ruggy Product Name: Blacky Product Name: Camel Product Name: Shiny CamelProduct Code: HF_CC_CTC_008 Product Code: HF_CC_CTC_009 Product Code: HF_CC_CTC_010 Product Code: HF_CC_CTC_011Product Name: Carpet Product Name: Oasis Product Name: Dark SM Product Name: DarkishProduct Code: HF_CC_CTC_015 Product Code: HF_CC_CTC_014 Product Code: HF_CC_CTC_013 Product Code: HF_CC_CTC_012
  36. 36. GoldsufVelvet Embroidery Bedding
  37. 37. Goldsuf velvet embroidery What is noticeable about Goldsuf cushion is that velvet embroidery with slight additions of mirrorwork gives it a distinct feeling so that one wants to touch the cushion more and more as if a cat‟s smooth fur. The feeling is so homely! The fabric, obviously harder than the velvet embroidery, serves as a dish that serves juicy fruits to the guests. The surface of woven cloth is skillfully worked in a Kashmiri manner. The thing is that velvet, as well as Cashmere wool is originated from that northern Indian state, this is why the region is famous with various velvet embroidery patterns. The particular design of this Goldsuf cushion and accorded beddings are stitched with plain silk type of velvet. It ensures the finest look and the rich kaleidoscope of luxury impression of your home. Home Luxury FeelingProduct Name: Delight Product Name: Rich Green Size: 16x16’’ / 40,6x40,6 cmProduct Code: HF_CC_G_010 Product Code: HF_CC_G_004 18x18’’ / 45,7x45,7 cm request price ►
  38. 38. Product Name: Light Saffron Product Name: Sun Product Name: Rich Saffron Product Name: SaffronProduct Code: HF_CC_G_001 Product Code: HF_CC_G_008 Product Code: HF_CC_G_002 Product Code: HF_CC_G_006Product Name: Rich Brown Product Name: Dawn Product Name: Dark Product Name: Rich GreyProduct Code: HF_CC_G_003 Product Code: HF_CC_G_009 Product Code: HF_CC_G_007 Product Code: HF_CC_G_005 Velvet embroidered luxury that you can touch Goldsuf velvet embroidery
  39. 39. KutchHand embroidery bedding
  40. 40. Kutch workmanship hand embroidery Many a times Kutch is spelled and pronounced as Kachchh, which is the Indian center of handicrafts and art work (state of Gujarat). Kutch embroidered cushions presently signify recycled appliqué workmanship of with Ari embroidery (golden-like thread), sparkling and colorful. Size: 16x16’’ / 40,6x40,6 cm 18x18’’ / 45,7x45,7 cm request price ►Product Name: Red 01 Product Name: Red 02 Product Name: Saffron 01 Product Name: Red 03Product Code: HF_CC_KHE_001 Product Code: HF_CC_KHE_002 Product Code: HF_CC_KHE_003 Product Code: HF_CC_KHE_004
  41. 41. Product Name: Red 04 Product Name: Purple 01 Product Name: Purple 02 Product Code: HF_CC_KHE_005 Product Code: HF_CC_KHE_006 Product Code: HF_CC_KHE_007 Product Name: Purple 03 Product Name: Purple 04 Product Name: Purple 05 Product Code: HF_CC_KHE_008 Product Code: HF_CC_KHE_009 Product Code: HF_CC_KHE_010 Kutch embroiderycushions displayed is exquisite anda high-quality representation of tribalembroidery, originated fromKachchh, one of Gujarat‟s districts.The background is made fromvegetable dyed fabric. A hook isused to create loops with metallicthread and a repetition of thismovement leads to a line of chainstitches. Between these stitches, Product Name: Saffron 04 Product Name: Saffron 02 Product Name: Saffron 03snakes of gold, cerise or pearl Product Code: HF_CC_KHE_014 Product Code: HF_CC_KHE_012 Product Code: HF_CC_KHE_013sequins enhance the beauty.
  42. 42. Several embroidery and stitchingmethods of Kutch reflect strikingmixture of cultures andcommunities, located in Kutch. Product Name: Red 08 Product Name: Red 06 Product Name: Red 07 Product Code: HF_CC_KHE_015 Product Code: HF_CC_KHE_016 Product Code: HF_CC_KHE_017What makes the difference is thatone finds various nomadic, seminomadic and artisan groups whichinfluence Gujarati Kutch designs, aswell as other authentic embroiderypatterns stitched traditionallythroughout Asia. Product Name: Yellow 01 Product Name: Blue 01 Product Name: Blue 02 Product Code: HF_CC_KHE_018 Product Code: HF_CC_KHE_019 Product Code: HF_CC_KHE_020Kutchcushion coverscovered with rusticembroidered piecesof dyed fabric arejoined with a classic Product Name: Pink 01 Product Name: Pink 02 Product Name: Red 05Coptic stitch. Product Code: HF_CC_KHE_021 Product Code: HF_CC_KHE_022 Product Code: HF_CC_KHE_011
  43. 43. Mirror Work Less Workmanship Embroidery
  44. 44. Shisha embroidery Small mirror work is central for all types of fashion designs of India nowadays. Originated from Persian, mirror “Shisheh” work was highly popular during Akbar dynasty, Mughal times. Garments, architecture, interior design, - every side of ancient Indian life was filled with mirrorwork. Mirrors of small dimension are inset with great care into and stitched in the most orthodox manner. This manner came to beProduct Name: Bright LW Product Name: Saffron LW known as Shisha embroidery. Now thisProduct Code: HF_CC_L_003 Product Code: HF_CC_L_001 embroidery is familiar to many people globally and is simply called Indian Embroidery. Cushion covers with ordinary shisha embroidery square wise are presented here. Full rainbow of colors. Often mirror work is associated with Lahore Fort, where intricate mirror-work inlaid into the white marble walls and ceilings creating gleaming effect preserved the example of long-gone triumph of Mughals. The lavish room has come to be known as Palace of Mirrors, and sometimes the Hall of Mirrors. Similar halls are also found in the contemporary palace of the Agra Fort, and show influence on the later additions to Amber Fort and the Harimandir Sahib, all included into World Heritage list.Product Name: Saffron LW02 Product Name: Brown LW Size: 16x16’’ / 40,6x40,6 cmProduct Code: HF_CC_L_002 Product Code: HF_CC_L_004 18x18’’ / 45,7x45,7 cm request price ►
  45. 45. Pakistani Authentic Embroidery
  46. 46. Khadi Pakistani-style embroidery Khadi world popularity was launched by Mahatma Gandhi. The Khadi movement aimed at boycotting foreign goods and promoting Indian goods. The spinning of Khadi for rural self- employment and self-reliance gain enormous popularity back then. Khadi in regional Indian languages means cotton. Exactly it is Indian handspun and hand-woven cloth. The raw materials may be cotton, silk, or wool, which are spun into threads on a spinning wheel called a charkha. It is a versatile fabric, cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Khadi means a lot for fashion industries of various countries. For many designers Khadi equals authenticity and uniqueness, together with eternal freshness and modernity. Size: 16x16’’ / 40,6x40,6 cm 18x18’’ / 45,7x45,7 cm request price ►Product Name: Green Product Name: Red Size: 16x16’’ / 40,6x40,6 cmProduct Code: HF_CC_P_K_002 Product Code: HF_CC_P_K_001 18x18’’ / 45,7x45,7 cm request price ►
  47. 47. Product Name: SquareProduct Code: HF_CC_P_S_001
  48. 48. Product Name: Silver Bright Product Name: Bright Product Name: Saffron Product Name: RedProduct Code: HF_CC_P_S_006 Product Code: HF_CC_P_S_005 Product Code: HF_CC_P_S_003 Product Code: HF_CC_P_S_002Product Name: Kaleidoscope Product Name: Dark Red Product Name: Mars Product Name: PatternsProduct Code: HF_CC_P_S_009 Product Code: HF_CC_P_S_007 Product Code: HF_CC_P_S_004 Product Code: HF_CC_P_S_008Product Name: Inpak 03 Product Name: Inpak 04 Product Name: Inpak 02 Product Name: Inpak 01Product Code: HF_CC_P_S_012 Product Code: HF_CC_P_S_013 Product Code: HF_CC_P_S_011 Product Code: HF_CC_P_S_010
  49. 49. Pakistani embroidery Round & Square Shape Pakistani decorative art, an integral part of Indian sub continental culture, provides incredible stitching patterns and embroidery designs. Today less Pakistani styles are known to the world due to negligibility of the country‟s foreign trade. India knows all about Pakistani embroidery: embroidery originated from Northern states of India have a common name, just Pakistani. Available on order.Product Name: Simplicity Product Name: PuffyProduct Code: HF_CC_P_R_002 Product Code: HF_CC_P_R_004Product Name: Mars Product Name: Cross Size: 16’’ / 40,6 cmProduct Code: HF_CC_P_R_003 Product Code: HF_CC_P_R_005 18’’ / 45,7 cm request price ►
  50. 50. Patchwork embroidery Patchwork or "pieced work" is a form of needlework that involves sewing together pieces of fabric into a larger design. The cushions and bed sheets design is based on repeat patterns built up with different colored shapes. These shapes are carefully measured and cut, straight-sided, basic geometric shapes making them easy to piece together. Precise joining makes for patchwork that lies flat without puckers. Elephant, the most branded animal of India, is presented in bedding in full variety of colors. Patch work ElephantProduct Name: Elephant Size: 16x16’’ / 40,6x40,6 cmProduct Code: HF_CC_PW_E_001 18x18’’ / 45,7x45,7 cm request price ►
  51. 51. Silk embroidery on Art Silk Indian territory has been known for excellent silk weaves since the first millennium B.C. Delhi and Varanasi, world known weaving centers, till today provide extensive variety of silk, including all types and qualities. Silk embroidery on cutwork art silk, realized in the particular cushion design, constitutes easy-to-perceive though three-level structured stitching appliqué. Three types of needles and laces stitched in one order create a fine floral look, supported by calm homely colors.Product Name: Flower silk Size: 16x16’’ / 40,6x40,6 cmProduct Code: HF_CC_ASE_001 18x18’’ / 45,7x45,7 cm request price ►
  52. 52. VelvetEmbroidered bedding
  53. 53. Silk embroidery Silk embroidery bedding items always is a wining solution. Abstract silk embroidery on cotton (to the left) deploys commonly used motifs, hardly upgraded during its twoProduct Name: Bright 03 Product Name: Bright 02 Product Name: Bright 01 thousand years. Sun, the centralProduct Code: HF_CC_V_C_009 Product Code: HF_CC_V_C_006 Product Code: HF_CC_V_C_003 circle figure of cushions‟ embroidery, is surrounded with floral-like patterns and modest shisha work, tiny mirror pieces inserted square wise. A substantial feeling of luxury is brought about in the presentable showiness of velvet cushions (on the next page). Velvet is a perfect match with brocade silk, but especial awesomeness is introduced by Ari Zari embroidery, theProduct Name: Beige Product Name: Saffron Product Name: Browny needlework of golden-like thread andProduct Code: HF_CC_V_C_008 Product Code: HF_CC_V_C_007 Product Code: HF_CC_V_C_001 metallic laces. King-worthy patterns. Size: 16x16’’ / 40,6x40,6 cm 18x18’’ / 45,7x45,7 cm Price: request price ►Product Name: Blue 01 Product Name: Blue 02 Product Name: Blue 03 Size: 16x16’’ / 40,6x40,6 cmProduct Code: HF_CC_V_C_002 Product Code: HF_CC_V_C_004 Product Code: HF_CC_V_C_005 18x18’’ / 45,7x45,7 cm request price ►
  54. 54. Product Name: Beige Product Name: Fawn Product Name: Red Product Name: Red 02Product Code: HF_CC_V_V_010 Product Code: HF_CC_V_V_001 Product Code: HF_CC_V_V_002 Product Code: HF_CC_V_V_011Product Name: Red 01 Product Name: Pink Product Name: Bright Product Name: HomelyProduct Code: HF_CC_V_V_005 Product Code: HF_CC_V_V_006 Product Code: HF_CC_V_V_008 Product Code: HF_CC_V_V_007Product Name: Mars 01 Product Name: Mars 02 Product Name: Mars 03 Product Name: PuffyProduct Code: HF_CC_V_V_003 Product Code: HF_CC_V_V_004 Product Code: HF_CC_V_V_009 Product Code: HF_CC_V_V_012
  55. 55. Appliqué Velvet Embroidery Bedding
  56. 56. Appliqué velvet Embroidery Gorgeous cutwork velvet embroidery cushion present a beautiful form of needlework with portions of the background fabric cut away and discarded, with the edges worked over in buttonhole stitches. The method for making this cut work begins with fastening a certain number of threads in a frame, crossed and interlaced, tack them to a piece of lawn, and finally do the buttonhole stitch around the edges. The lawn is cut away leaving the buttonholed lace, which may or may not have picots. Size: 16x16’’ / 40,6x40,6 cm 18x18’’ / 45,7x45,7 cm request price ►Product Name: G03 Product Name: R02 Product Name: B01 Product Name: R01Product Code: HF_CC_VEA_026 Product Code: HF_CC_VEA_014 Product Code: HF_CC_VEA_001 Product Code: HF_CC_VEA_011
  57. 57. Product Name: G01 Product Name: G02 Product Name: G03 Product Name: B03Product Code: HF_CC_VEA_002 Product Code: HF_CC_VEA_003 Product Code: HF_CC_VEA_009 Product Code: HF_CC_VEA_010Product Name: W02 Product Name: W01 Product Name: W03 Product Name: W04Product Code: HF_CC_VEA_006 Product Code: HF_CC_VEA_005 Product Code: HF_CC_VEA_007 Product Code: HF_CC_VEA_008Product Name: B02 Product Name: Patterns GW Product Name: Patterns Orange Product Name: Patterns RedProduct Code: HF_CC_VEA_004 Product Code: HF_CC_VEA_016 Product Code: HF_CC_VEA_016a Product Code: HF_CC_VEA_016b
  58. 58. Product Name: Y01 Product Name: B05 Product Name: B10 Product Name: BeigeProduct Code: HF_CC_VEA_012 Product Code: HF_CC_VEA_015 Product Code: HF_CC_VEA_021 Product Code: HF_CC_VEA_025Product Name: B06 Product Name: B08 Product Name: B07 Product Name: B11Product Code: HF_CC_VEA_017 Product Code: HF_CC_VEA_019 Product Code: HF_CC_VEA_018 Product Code: HF_CC_VEA_022Product Name: B04 Product Name: B09 Product Name: B12 Product Name: R03Product Code: HF_CC_VEA_013 Product Code: HF_CC_VEA_020 Product Code: HF_CC_VEA_024 Product Code: HF_CC_VEA_023
  59. 59. ZardosiGolden Thread Embroidery
  60. 60. Zardosi workmanship golden embroidery on velvet velvet cushion with Zardosi hand embroidery, which signifies the silhouette of Ganesha, Hindu god of prosperity and successful beginning, is the example of India‟s best handicraft design patterns. Velvet as a background fabric of the cushion provides luxurious look of kings‟ dimension. Sewing with gold string (Persian) is the translation of the Zardosi Ganesha Black traditional design pattern into the Product Name: language of today. “Aar” is for needle, Product Code: HF_CC_Z_V_003 this is why very often Ari, Zari and Zardosi are referred to the same type of embroidery workmanship. The main part of embroidery, however, is made of metal threads with further “golden” decoration to get the jewelry- like worked fabric. Exceptionally popular throughout millennium in various parts of India for women‟s apparel, bags, accessories, as well as house decoration. Zardosi embroidery work is of Persian origin, but it has been in India since Rig Veda time.Product Name: Ganesha Dark Green Product Name: Brown Elephant Product Name: Ganesha Dark Brown Size: 16x16’’ / 40,6x40,6 cmProduct Code: HF_CC_Z_V_001 Product Code: HF_CC_Z_V_002 Product Code: HF_CC_Z_V_004 18x18’’ / 45,7x45,7 cm request price ►
  61. 61. Zardosi workmanship golden embroidery on velvet Product Name: TM cushion with beadwork Product Code: HF_CC_Z_H_002 and Zardosi hand embroidery, signifying the spectacular silhouette of Taj Maha, is the example of India‟s best handicraft design patterns. The technique is originated from khatia work, the process of stretching fabric and further gold, silver (today mostly just metal) embroidery stitching. In Zardosi golden and silver strings are sewn on high quality fabric in a number of ways in order to create cheerful pieces of handmade clothes, accessories and furnishing elements. Some of the popular motifs included paan, a name derived from its similarity to the paan leaf, flower, patti(leaf)and pachni (V-shaped motif with zari filled on the inner side and glass on the outer). On the completion of the whole embroidery, the fabric is reversed and the threads are fixed in place with diluted adhesive to give firmness to the cloth. The cloth is finally finished where it is cut to the shape of the desired product and lined with satin cloth, and stitched.Product Name: Yellow TM Product Name: Elephant Size: 16x16’’ / 40,6x40,6 cmProduct Code: HF_CC_Z_H_001 Product Code: HF_CC_Z_H_003 18x18’’ / 45,7x45,7 cm request price ►
  62. 62. www.iindia.usIndia, Head Office India, Branch Office315 - MSB, New Siya Ganj, Q-18, B, Ground Floor, Back Side,Indore 452001 Jangpura Extension, New Delhi 110014+91 731 4042149 +91 931 3051309
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