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Resources slides from the 8/26/11 Cofinder event in Tempe, AZ. These resources and more can be found on the ASU Entrepreneur & Innovation Facebook page here

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Cofinder resources slides

  1. 1. Places Tech Business DesignGangplank is a group of connected individuals and smallbusinesses creating an economy of innovation and creativity A-Listin the Valley. We envision a new economic engine comprisedof collaboration and community, where industries come Agendatogether to transform our culture. ------5:30p------We’re not coworking – we’re a collaborative workspace. Check-in ------6:00p------ Panel Discussion ------6:30p------ Structured NetworkingLaunchSpot is a new era of co-working space and techincubator in a town that needs it. With a great funnel ofinnovation, amazing mentors, successful entrepreneurialfounders and strong capital funding, look for LaunchSpot todo great things. Stop by and check it out.
  2. 2. Places Tech BusinessGangplank is a group of connected individuals and small Designbusinesses creating an economy of innovation and creativity A-Listin the Valley. We envision a new economic engine comprisedof collaboration and community, where industries come Agendatogether to transform our culture.We’re not coworking – we’re a collaborative workspace. ------5:30p------ Check-in ------6:00p------ Panel Discussion ------6:30p------Central Phoenix is quite unique. It is home to a range of Structured Networkingindependent artists, photographers, designers, webdesigners, writers, etc. who benefit from working togetherand are willing to grow through this model of collaborationbut don’t have the space to do so in a professional manner.
  3. 3. Advertising TechAmigo (Free to Sign Up)Amigo matches advertisers with online newsletters, and vice Businessversa. DesignHelp a Reporter Out (Free) A-ListAn email list you can join, which sends out several emails a daywith notices of stories for which reporters need a source. Agenda ------5:30p------Analytics Tools Check-inGoogle Analytics (Free with G-Mail Account) ------6:00p------Gives you insights into your web traffic and marketing Panel Discussioneffectiveness. ------6:30p------ Structured NetworkingKISSmetricsYou get an analytics solution that helps you track yourcustomers behaviors throughout their entire lifecycle from firstvisit to active usage and beyond.SWIX AnalyticsTrack over 75 social media metrics in one unified dashboard!
  4. 4. Business Plan Tools TechPlanHQ (Free 30 Day Trial) BusinessPlanHQ is a web based business plan tool that turns your staticdocument and spreadsheet into a dynamic and up-to-date Designoverview of where you’re going and how you’re tracking. With A-ListPlanHQ, your business plan changes as your business changes,not just once or twice a year.$) ------5:30p------From the authors of Limited Liability Companies for Dummies, is a leading document filing service that helps ------6:00p------entrepreneurs and start ups form Corporations and LLCs. They Panel Discussioncan also help you with trademarks and corporate compliance. ------6:30p------ Structured NetworkingBusiness Model Toolbox for iPad ($)The Business Model Toolbox combines the speed of a napkinsketch with the smarts of a spreadsheet. It enables you to map,test, and iterate your business ideas – fast.
  5. 5. Blogging TechTumblr (Free)Set up an account, start writing, blog. Enhance your Businessbusinesss visibility DesignCollaboration Tools A-ListDropbox (Free 2GB)Receive up to 2G of space online for free, access it anywhere. Agenda ------5:30p------Minus (Free-Unlimited Space) Check-inMinus is a simple sharing platform that allows users to share,publish and discover photos, docs, music, videos and more. ------6:00p------ Panel DiscussionSkype (Free) ------6:30p------With Skype you can build your business by working closer Structured Networkingwith clients, colleagues and suppliers, wherever they are.Slideshare (Free Account)Share PowerPoints and documents with customers.Doodle (Free!)Online group scheduling.
  6. 6. Customer SupportSnapEngage (Free Trial) TechLive chat integrates with your workflow. BusinessUserVoice (Free Trial)Live chat integrates with your apps. DesignKampyle (15 Day Free Trial) A-ListTurn customer feedback into sales and relationships.Olark (Forever Free Limited Trial) AgendaLive chat that works from your IM client. ------5:30p------ Check-inDocument ToolsOoo Label Templates (Free) ------6:00p------Free blank label templates, many same sizes needed for Avery Panel DiscussionLabels. Set-up site is very quick, designing and creating labels is ------6:30p------pretty simple Structured NetworkingWriteboard (Free)Free shareable, web-based text documents that let you saveevery edit, roll back to any version, and easily compare changes.Google Docs (Free with G-Mail Account)Make rich free surveys, polls, presentations, etc. using GoogleDocs.
  7. 7. E-mail ToolsCampaignMonitor (Try it for Free) TechSend beautiful e-mail campaigns, track the results and manageyour subscribers. Business DesignMailUp (Free Trial)MailUp is a web based tool for managing email newsletters. It A-Listcan be integrated with web sites or CRM applications. AgendaMailChimp (Free 12 Month Subscription) ------5:30p------Store up to 2,000 subscribers. Send up to 12,000 emails per Check-inmonth. ------6:00p------File Sending Tools Panel DiscussionDropSend (Free 2GB Storage + 5 Sends per Month)This online application allows you to send files (up to 2GB) via ------6:30p------email or store them online for later retrieval. Structured NetworkingMediaFire (Free Trial)Offers simple file uploading/downloading through a web site asan alternative to emailing large files.senduit (Free)A beautifully spare and elegant file sharing tool.
  8. 8. Invoicing Techinvoicebubble (Free)Free invoice software! Business DesignBilling Orchard (Free Trial)Online billing and invoicing software. A-ListBlinksale (Free 15 Day Trial) AgendaThe easiest way to invoice online! ------5:30p------FreshBooks (Free Trial) Check-inBilling/Invoicing/Timetracking service/software. ------6:00p------ Panel DiscussionMoney Managing Tool ------6:30p------mint (Free) Structured NetworkingHelps you manage your money, for free! Mint brings all yourfinancial accounts together online, automatically categorizesyour transactions, lets you set budgets and helps you achieveyour savings goals.
  9. 9. Organization Tools TechHighrise (Free 30 Day Trial)Easy-to-use app for small businesses that keeps track of your Businesscontacts, clients, leads, deals, and tasks DesignTungle.Me (Free)Tungle lets you schedule meetings without the hassle of going A-Listback and forth over e-mail to find a slot that works.Toodledo (Free) AgendaToodledo is an easy to use, web-based to-do list. ------5:30p------ Check-inSearch Engine Optimization Tools ------6:00p------ Panel DiscussionAdGrok (Free Basic Account)Google adwords optimization tool. ------6:30p------ Structured NetworkingSeoBook (Free)An array of free search engine optimization tools.SEO Digger (Free)Find the top ten keywords ranking to your websites.SEMRush (Free)SEO and campaign management tool.
  10. 10. Software TechMicrosoft BizSpark (Free)Virtually free access to all current Microsoft software if youre a Businessstartup, three years old or less, and make under $1 million peryear. DesignThinkFree (Free Trial)A portable, zero-footprint, Microsoft Office compatible office A-Listsuite you can cart around with you on a U3 USB drive. AgendaPassword Corral (Free) ------5:30p------Password Corral is a freeware password manager. Check-inSurveys ------6:00p------SurveyMonkey (Free) Panel DiscussionConduct, manage, and schedule surveys for free (Limitations ------6:30p------apply). Structured NetworkingQuickker (Free Account)Create surveys, manage your respondents, collect, compare,and track responses.Zoomerang (Free Basic Account)Create unlimited surveys & polls. Send via email, Facebook,Twitter or web.
  11. 11. Web Page ToolsGoogle Sites (Free with G-Mail Account) TechCreate your website for free! BusinessSiteKreator (Free Trial) DesignSiteKreator helps businesses create a web site. SiteKreator hasseveral features, such as blogs, web forms, discussion forums, A-Listand mailing lists. AgendaThemeForest ------5:30p------Website templates starting at $1. Check-inMcrosoft WebMatrix (Free!) ------6:00p------WebMatrix is a free web development tool from Microsoft that Panel Discussionincludes everything you need for website development. ------6:30p------ Structured NetworkingPhone ServiceGrasshopperThe Virtual Phone System Designed for Entrepreneurs
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  14. 14. Tech Business Design Michael Hool, Managing Partner – Hool Law Group A-ListMichael Hool works with select companies as an advisor, legal Agendacounsel and periodically serves in executive and board capacities.Michael’s practice is focused primarily on corporate and ------5:30p------commercial representation, securities, finance and venture capital, Check-inmergers and acquisitions, corporate governance matters, and allaspects of counseling emerging companies. He represents both ------6:00p------issuing companies and investors in a large variety of financingtransactions. Michael also has broad merger and acquisition Panelexperience, ranging from very large transactions such as the Discussionacquisition and financing of an NHL hockey franchise, several roll-up acquisitions combined with a public offering of the acquirer, ------6:30p------the sale of health care systems, consolidation of large franchise Structuredoperations, to acquisition and sale of a variety of closely-held and Networkingemerging enterprises.
  15. 15. Tech Business Design David Pinkus, Vice President – A-List Tallwave AgendaDavid Pinkus is currently the Vice President of Technology for theTallwave Venture Accelerator, where he helps start-up companies ------5:30p------get to market faster, with better products that have been market-validated. He’s been building companies for decades, including his Check-inown start-up that he grew from 1 to 38 people, and the softwaredepartment within the Apollo Group that he grew from 75 to 225 ------6:00p------people. He’s interviewed and hired hundreds of people in the PanelPhoenix area, and is passionate about the hiring and team-building Discussionprocess. David was also the CIO for Universal Technical Institute,and a Site Engineering Manager at Google, where he not only had ------6:30p------site recruiting responsibility, but also ran the department that built Structuredthe hiring systems. Networking
  16. 16. Tech Business Design Vaidy Iyer, CEO – SEAL Innotech A-ListVaidy Iyer brings nearly two decades of leadership, management,sales, operations and technology expertise across a variety of AgendaFortune 1000 companies as well as start-ups. Iyer has led thedesign and deployment of large-scale, complex enterprise systems ------5:30p------for leading global brands such as DHL, Avnet, Lenovo, CHEP and Check-inmany others. He has also driven major initiatives with technologyorganizations including Web-Methods, and managed several large ------6:00p------teams across the global arena in the deployment of complex Panelapplications. Most recently, Iyer was also responsible for building asuccessful manufacturing practice for SEAL Consulting, including Discussionthe responsibilities of building delivery teams, overseeingoperations, driving marketing initiatives, leading enterprise sales ------6:30p------efforts, and building partnership relations. He has an educational Structuredbackground with an engineering degree in computer science and a NetworkingMaster’s degree in technology management.