Topic 10 the world is our campus by puno


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Topic 10 the world is our campus by puno

  1. 1. Republic of the Philippines MINDANAO STATE UNIVEyRSITY Fatima, General Santos City THE WORLD IS OUR CAMPUSPresented to: Dr. Maria Theresa Pelones Presented By: Trend Louise B. Mamad Diasy Camansi
  2. 2. The School Experience In a SUC presidency, there is no formal schooling. There is only The School of Experience wherein you take the examination first and hopefully learn the lesson later on. THE SCHOOL OF EXPERIENCE Failure to learn the appropriate lesson could have serious consequences. The instructional methodology in this kind of schooling is learning INSTITUTIONAL how to learn. There are no teachers, no PLANNING classrooms – no nothing, only you teaching yourself in a free for all situation. According to Sydney Hook, a world renownFORIEGN LINKAGES educator: “There is no substitute for and PARTNERSHIP intelligences. Unfortunately its not enough. There are those who have knowledge but do
  3. 3. The School Experience For school heads who have the creativity and the political will to THE SCHOOL OF implement the necessary changes the EXPERIENCE sky will be the limit as far as development in his educational institution is concerned. INSTITUTIONAL We educators must see to it that the PLANNING knowledge we supply to our students comes from a flowing stream and not from a stagnant pool.FORIEGN LINKAGES They say education is not to make and PARTNERSHIP anything anybody. It simply opens the mind of people – to go from cock sure
  4. 4. Institutional Planning For a relevant and meaningful program a situational analysis clearly defining NEEDS, PROBLEM and OPPORTUNITIES is a must. THE SCHOOL OF Then we follow it up with our own EXPERIENCE institutional evaluation of our strength and weakness. The world has become a global village. We INSTITUTIONAL are not just citizens of the Philippines. We PLANNING are now the citizens of the world with all rights and privileges appertaining thereto. We educators and educationists are supposed to be the intellectual elites in the world yet in our perspective we can be veryFORIEGN LINKAGES conservative. and PARTNERSHIP Let us be active participants in the
  5. 5. Institutional Planning What then should be the focus of our mission global then our focus should also be international. Must be able to capture the THE SCHOOL OF imagination of people in statement . If our EXPERIENCE locus is for us to realize this, we the world. The very essence of ENTREPRENEURSHIP INSTITUTIONAL – producing something from nothing! We PLANNING must be Academic Entrepreneurs in THOUGHTS, in WORDS and in DEED. For our SUCs the challenging heights to beFORIEGN LINKAGES attained are waiting for us in the and PARTNERSHIP international scenario where the participants are the big time players. It is where the men are separated from the
  6. 6. Foreign Linkages and Partnership Foreign linkages and partnerships are not developed overnight. THE SCHOOL OF Partnership - a mutually beneficial and EXPERIENCE complementary relationship. This kind of linkage has to be carefully nurtured to develop mutual trust and confidence. It takes time, effort and initiative to start a INSTITUTIONAL foreign tie up and make it an on-going PLANNING undertaking. There are no necessary cuts and putting one over the other. The onset of the global village and the communications highway gives a new perspectiveFORIEGN LINKAGES in terms of relevance and academic excellence . and PARTNERSHIP It will be very difficult for a higher education institution to claim relevance and academic excellence if it is not an active participants in
  7. 7. Foreign Linkages and Partnership Entry Point in Foreign Linkages THE SCHOOL OF Most of the educational tie ups EXPERIENCE abroad in the past were done on a government to government basis in the form of foreign scholarships INSTITUTIONAL for our faculty and students, short PLANNING term training programs , conferences, and visitations. This kind of programs were mostlyFORIEGN LINKAGES for the participation of trainees in and PARTNERSHIP government service.
  8. 8. Foreign Linkages and Partnership To capture the imagination of our foreign partners we have to: THE SCHOOL OF EXPERIENCE • find out the unmet needs in the country of operations. Our SUCs must be able to come up with INSTITUTIONAL specific programs to address PLANNING these needs which their school failed to handle. • create a demand for existingFORIEGN LINKAGES and PARTNERSHIP academic programs and professional expertise in the SUCs.