Syllabus cite 3 s current trends and issuest


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Syllabus cite 3 s current trends and issuest

  1. 1. 5280660254635Republic of the PhilippinesMINDANAO STATE UNIVERSITYCOLLEGE OF EDUCATIONBachelor of Secondary Education Department Tambler, General Santos City(083) 380-7774<br />COURSE SYLLABUS<br />Course Number: CITE 3S<br />Course Title: Current Issues and Trends: Teaching Multi-Grade<br />Course Credit: 1 unit<br />Time Duration: 17 hours<br />Course Description<br />CITE 3S emphasizes to equip students with the necessary knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the basic principles in multi-grade teaching. The course introduces prospective teachers to the complex nature of multi-grade learning and teaching environmental classes which include an exposure to ICT-based teacher training for multi-grade teachers and the basic principles associated with the different methods, strategies and current approaches in multi-grade teaching purposely designed for diverse group of students in a class. <br />Suggested Activities:<br /><ul><li>DATE# of hrsSpecific TaskLearning EvidencePersons In-ChargeEvidence/ Means of VerificationsOrientation Seminar2Course ContentKnowing each otherElection of OfficersGrouping and Assigning of TopicsPlanning and Scheduling of ActivitiesFacilitator AttendanceList of OfficersList of GroupingsTraining DesignSEMINARS4SEMINAR 1:The Nature of Multi-grade Learning & Teaching Environmental ClassSeminar Proceedings (ALBUM)Group1/ classSponsorCLASS 19:00-10:00Executive Summary of the Events, Seminar Proceedings/ Programs, Pictorials, Training Design, Attendance Sheet, Certificates, Evaluation Sheet, Committees,4 SEMINAR 2:Seminar on the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Teaching High School StudentsSeminar Proceedings (ALBUM)Group2/ classSponsorCLASS 210:00-11:00Executive Summary of the Events, Seminar Proceedings/ Programs, Pictorials, Training Design, Attendance Sheet, Certificates, Evaluation Sheet, Committees,4SEMINAR 3:Multiple Intelligences, Differentiated Learning and Understanding By DesignSeminar Proceedings (ALBUM)Group13/ classSponsorCLASS 311:00-12:00Executive Summary of the Events, Seminar Proceedings/ Programs, Pictorials, Training Design, Attendance Sheet, Certificates, Evaluation Sheet, Committees,
  2. 2. FOCUSTERM PAPER (Online Researches)CLASS 11:00-2:00CLASS 21:00-2:00CLASS 31:00-2:00Educational InnovationKnowledge and Innovation: A primary factor for productivity and economic growthAdo, ReyesAbadInnovative Approaches to knowledge managementAlamin, SaritaAbolitivoPeer-to- Peer Knowledge ManagementArca, SinonAbpetEducating the next generation of InnovatorsBello, SoriaBarandaSocialization of Youth in Contemporary SocietyProblems of a humanisation of education;Biongan, TauthoBAyudanProblems of safety of education;Cabrisante, ValdezBionganCreative activity;Cueva, VeniegasBorjaTechnologies of continuity in education;DaligCabasagArt education;DalungdongCaceresTraining in multicultural education space;DemavivasCAmansiIntercultural communication. The system of values in the dialogue of cultures;DionesCastillonEducation Individual and SocietyPedagogies and Methodology of Education;DivinoCawalingPsychological and pedagogical content of educational activities;DomingoDaudIntegration of cross-cultural studies in the curriculum;ElizardeDela TorreGeneral and vocational education;EnesarioDianalanPre-school education;EslanaDiazExtra-curricular and out-of-school activities;GiganteDunkenEducation through life;HortelanoEgboAlternative Education;InamargaEstandarteEducation of children and pupils with special educational requirements and / or chronic diseases;IndicoFundarTechnology in Teaching and LearningLearning and Teaching InnovationsJimeneaGalanidaICT Skills EducationLantinganGarciaAdvanced classroom applications and technologiesLecitaInamargaOnline/Virtual LaboratoriesLidoJadulose-learning experiencesManeguedJamalm-Learning: mobile applications and technologiesMedranoJonditBlended LearningMinionKutine-TutoringNapilaLAbaTraining the e-TrainerNawalLanchita, ValentosOnline AssessmentNiervesLantingan, TripoliVirtual UniversitiesPabionaMamad, TabernaBuilding Virtual CommunitiesPacioMinandang, SamaWeb 2.0 and Social Networking: Blogs, Wikis, …PasonMocles SalidaniaVirtual Learning Environments (VLE)RamosMontero, RecomunoLearning Management Systems (LMS)RegidorMoralizon, PesalbonEducational/Serious Games and SoftwareResenteOra, Paulo</li></ul>DUE DATE: July 15, 2011<br /><ul><li>DATE of presentationPOSITION PAPER ( Books)Person In-ChargeCLASS 1CLASS 2CLASS 31 hrVirtual University-Where Higher Education Goes to Cyberspace, Nona RicafortAdo, Enesario, Nawal, VeniegasAbad, Sama Dianalan, SalidaniaEducation Reform in the Philippines, Isagani CruzAlamin, Eslana, NiervesAbolitivo, Diaz, Recomuno, TAbernaState of the Philippine Education, Armin A. LuistroArca, GigantePabionaAbpet, Tripoli Dunken, PesalbonEducation, Training and Competitiveness, Edgardo J. AngaraBello, Hortelano, PacioBaranda, Egbo, Paulo, ValentosHigher Education Research in the Era of Globalization: Dilemmas and Challenges of Alternative Research, Roland G. SimbulanBiongan, Inamarga, PasonBAyudan, Estandarte, Ora1 hrLegacy of Educational Reforms, Serge RemondeCabrisante, Indico, RamosBiongan, Fundar, MoralizonThe Third Millenium Challenges to the Knowledge Builders of the Asia Pacific Region in 21st Century, Erlinda PefiancoCuevas, Jimenea, RegidorBorja, Galanida, MonteroEducators as Guardians of Standards, Mar RoxasDalig, Lantingan, ResenteCabasag, Galinada, MoclesChallenges of Technology in Education Ofelia M. CaragueDalungdong, Lecita, ReyesCaceres, Garcia, MinandangThe World is our Campus, Carlito S. PunoDemavivas, Lido, SaritaCAmansi, Garcia, Mamad1 hrTeaching Our Teachers: Meeting the Challenges of the 21st Century: Erlinda PefiancoDiones, Manegued, SinonCastillon, Inamarga, LantinganTotal Quality Management (TQM) and Transformational Leadership in Private Schools, Nilo L. RosasDivino, Medrano, SoriaCawaling, Jadulos, LanchitaWalking Together Through the Main Education Highway, Preciosa S. SolivenDomingo, Minion, TauthoDaud, Jamal, LabaUniversity-Industry Collaboration, Rosita L. NavaroElizarde, Napila, ValdezDela Torre, Jondit, Kutin3 hrs17 hrsTOTAL NUMBER OF HOURS</li></ul>Course Requirement:<br /><ul><li>Attendance & Active Participation
  3. 3. Attendance to Seminars & Workshops
  4. 4. Reaction or Position Paper/ Reflection Paper (group output per topic)
  5. 5. Term Paper (Online Researches) News Clippings (individual output)
  6. 6. Group Portfolio
  7. 7. Seminar Documentation (ALBUM)</li></ul>Grading System:<br /> AREAS WEIGHT RUBRIC COMPONENT<br /><ul><li>Attendance & Active Participation-------- 20% ( seminars attended & engagement)
  8. 8. Group Presentation-------- 10% (content, mastery, relevance, presentation)
  9. 9. Reaction/ Position Paper/ Reflection Paper-------- 10% (content, coherence, depth, communication skills, punctuality)
  10. 10. Term Paper (online researches w/ clippings)-------- 20%(content, coherence, depth, relevance, creativity)
  11. 11. Portfolio Development ( Documentation Album --------- 40%(content, creativity, completeness, punctuality, coordination)
  12. 12. & Group-Individual Report)
  13. 13. TOTAL --------100 % </li></ul>References:<br /><ul><li>Current Trends and Trends in Education, 2010
  14. 14. Wiggins, G & McTighe, J.,Understanding By Design, 2nd Edition. Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development,2005
  15. 15. Palma, Jesus C., Curriculum Development System: A Handbook for School Practitioners in Basic Education., 2nd Edition, National Bookstore, Mandaluyong, MM. Philippines,2009
  16. 16. Bilbao, P. Curriculum Development., Lorimar Publishing Inc., MM, Philippines, 2008
  17. 17. Vega, V., Social Dimensions of Education. Lorimar Publishing Inc., MM, Philippines, 2009</li></ul>Prepared by:Approved by:Noted by:<br />Maria Theresa P. Pelones, DMSalome F. Sestina, MAThelma B. Pagunsan, MS<br />Faculty BSED ChairmanDean<br />