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TIHM VLM PP Ethiopia



Virtual Led Movement

Virtual Led Movement
TIHM, There is Hope Ministries' PP Presentation as presented in Ethiopia about their involvement in the Internet Ministry (VLM) in ( SA ) South Africa



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TIHM VLM PP Ethiopia TIHM VLM PP Ethiopia Presentation Transcript

  • There is Hope MinistriesVirtually-Led Movement Internet Mentoring, Coaching Training & SMS
  • Since 1982 fulltime secretary for Pieter and enjoying her ministry as e- mentor. During June 2008 she completed her 5th consecutive Comrades Marathon (89km). She absolutely loves living in Kleinmond with its all-year- round beauty & numerous outdoor activities.
  • AdminDevelopment Promotion MPD & others. After-hours I love kayaking in the deep cold waters of the WC, picking mussels, crayfishing, walking, cycling & biking.
  •  Peet is still working hard as IT programmer. Since beginning 2009 he started studying Christian Organizational Leadership after hours. Daleen got married in 2008. Botanical artist. Freelance sketching (UP, Botanical Gardens and others). She did her Honors in translation (France & English).
  • Kobus did a gap year at Beyond Adventure in 2010. He studies civil engineering at CPUT (Cape Peninsula University of Technology). An active skateboarder, enjoys mountain biking & loves playing his electrical guitar.
  • CCC BackgroundOur 20 years as fulltime staff with CCC hasreally shaped our lives. The principlesbeing taught by CCC will forever be part ofus, as it is DEEPLY ENGRAVED in ourhearts.Today Magdaleen and myself are stillworking to the fulfillment of the GreatCommission in the Internet Ministry.
  •  During 2006 I got increasingly fascinated by the Internet Ministry. While listening to the fundies at the 2007 MinistryNet Conference in Bangkok, I realised that the possibilities of the Internet Mininstry are endless.
  •  The Internet ministry is not about web sites, but it is about a Web Ministry. Many web sites are all about content - with no interaction at all, but in a Web Ministry, it is all about interaction which leads to spiritual growth. This communicates and encourages a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  •  We make use of a variety of stepping stones: True to CCC is the words: Win, Build, Train & Send In the Internet Ministry we use several methods or stepping stones which have an impact on people, (not only the 4SL on a Web page – that is too impersonal), but rather different ways to present the gospel.
  • We see our role not as counsellors, or MISTER KNOW IT ALL, but rather in: Walking alongside the person, trying to hear what they say, making sure of their relationship with Christ, giving suggestions, material & links to other web sites and organisations (NETWORKING!!), praying with the people, inviting them to contact again, if necessary and, challenging the new Christians to become involved in an online study.
  •  We try to accommodate the visitor in a medium that suits him. If it is Skype, we Skype, Chat, E-mails, Forums, Blogs to interact, etc. E-Learning is very effective. Universities & colleges increasingly use it as an add-on to courses. We also use it for online training. It is an excellent tool to connect with students for a period of 4 to 10 weeks…
  •  With the Upcoming Events module in Drupal, all the online trainers will have the opportunity to advertise his/her training opportunities scheduled for the year. They can even decide on the amount of students. Visitors enrol online (no secretary) and every applicant receives a personal password, linked to his course and trainer, with automatic reminders. TIHM’s web site is unique in the sense that the participants of the different trainers/mentors never get mixed up. In this way, staff can have online ministries, linked to them individually.
  • World map - March 10, 2009 Last 1000 visitors to our site: www.KnowingGod.co.za
  • www.hope365.co.za Example of visitors (2009-03-10) Country Location Distance(km) South Africa Parow, Western Cape 195* South Africa Johannesburg, Gauteng 1,099 South Africa Midrand, Gauteng 1,123 Korea Republic of Seocho 13,509 South Africa Midrand, Gauteng 1,123 Canada White Rock, British Columbia 16,566 South Africa Johannesburg, Gauteng 1,099 South Africa Midrand, Gauteng 1,123 United States Amarillo, Texas 14,814
  • Visits &Page Views on TIHM’s Web Site(2009-03-10)
  • Some DEVELOPMENT SINCE 2007EXPANSION MINISTRY Campus Crusade for Christ, SA SMS, Flyer & Internet Project
  • hope to 36836
  • IVR Info Line : 082 234 2200
  • Experimenting with a flyer distributed tothousands of houses, 3-4 times in a row
  • Realised the importance of a TESTIMONY, followed by an EXPECTATIONMy life changed completely when I received Jesus as Saviour and Lord, 37 years ago! (Pieter Brits: Expansion Ministry) ** This can also happen to you TODAY! * *
  • Making aware of a NEED These two HEARTS represent two kinds of lives SELF is on the throne Christ is on the throneInterests are directed by Interests are directed by self, resulting in discord Christ, resulting in harmony & frustration with God’s plan Christ is outside the life Self is yielding to Christ 1) W hich heart b est represents your life ? 2) W hich heart w ould you like t o ha ve re present you r lif e?
  • ChallengeSpend one minute to read the message below:Your eternal destination can change forever!Respond to these 3 questions and see what happens:
  • The 3x QUESTIONS  Are you interested in knowing how to receive Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord? Are you a frustrated Christian, with a lifeof emotional conflict? Do you want to knowhow you can live the abundant life in Christ?  Do you need material that can help you grow in your relationship with the Lord?
  • The INVITATIONIf you answer YES to any of the above questions, we will be able to help!
  • F PL rY oE jR e c t– Aug2006
  • Our first web page April ‘07 … FLYER on the Webwww.Christians.co.za/em/index.asp
  • Opportunity to respondYour name:Your e-mail address:Your country:Your hometown:Language Preference:What material do you need?Tell us how we can helpyou! SEND
  • E-Mentor to Act within 24 hours
  • Magdaleen became more and more involved in e-mentoring (up to 40+ requests p.d.), and we decided to put the mostrequested sites as links on www.Hope365.co.za
  • As we place thismentioned sites as links on our page, it became more like a self-help,resulting in lesser emailrequests, and more time available for the really needed people.
  • Our newest Poster & Flyer:Faces express STRESS
  • More featurs SMS Ministry: – 1,300 sms p.m. NewsFlash: - 4,500 email p.m: Graphic mail: - Mass sending with Photo’s & Teasers, linking to:www.Hope365.co.za: - Full NewsFlash (doc with parent & content)
  • Example of NewsFlash:http://www.hope365.co.za/news-prayers-inspiration-salvation
  • More featurs Blogs, Quiz, Poll, Active Groups – DrupalGarden, where CCC staff candevelop their own ‘Mini Page’ Spiritual material (Accordion), etc
  • Example of QUIZ on Assurance: http://www.hope365.co.za/node/17
  • Example of QUIZ on Assurance : http://www.hope365.co.za/node/17/takeAfter completion, the visitor received a print-out with his (i)points & (ii)corrections with (iii)Biblical explanations on all the questions.
  • Presenting Material by using an Accordion:http://www.hope365.co.za/news-prayers-inspiration-salvation
  • Initial training for all our volunteers E-MENTORS (www.truthmedia.com/getinvolved/volunteer.html )
  • There is hope Ministries Werb Pages TIHM Evangelism Web Pages: www.Hope365.co.za www.KnowingGod.co.za