Safe.. big and agile so what's now2


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SAFe or scaled agile framework is subject to controversy in the agile world nowadays.
The purpose of this presentation is about starting a discussion on managing programs and keeping the agile culture at scale.

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Safe.. big and agile so what's now2

  1. 1. safe - scaled agile framework big and agile… so what now? @elpedromajor PAM Project & Analysis Management Summit Kraków
  2. 2. Pierre E. Neis Senior Scrum Coach & Trainer Head of Agile @ Wemanity Associate @ We&Co @elpedromajor
  3. 3. apologies • I stoled some topics from SAFe • I didn’t followed the training • but I’ve been involved in Program Management since 20 years @elpedromajor
  4. 4. what’s the story?
  5. 5. Scrum alone is only a part of the solution! ! Kanban alone is only a part of the solution! ! Lean alone is only a part of the solution! ! Devops is only a part of the solution Agile is the way that we want to go! we discovered that
  6. 6. why?
  7. 7. @elpedromajor
  8. 8. what’s the point today? @elpedromajor
  9. 9. let’s check SAFe! @elpedromajor
  10. 10. Principles of SAFe synchronize alignment, collaboration and delivery core values: code quality, program execution, alignment and transparency Dean Leffingwell creator of SAFe Contributors: Alex Yakyma, Drew Jemilo, Colin O’Neil, Alan Shalloway @elpedromajor
  11. 11. SAFe @ Program Management @elpedromajor
  12. 12. the idea for program self organizing, self managing team-of-agile-teams continuous value delivery aligned to a common mission via a single backlog common sprint lengths and estimating face to face planning cadence for collaboration, alignment, synchronization and assessment value delivery via Features and Benefits @elpedromajor
  13. 13. Develop on cadence. deliver on demand Deliver on-demand Develop on cadence PSI PSI PSI PSI PSI PSI customer preview customer update Major Release Major Release new feature
  14. 14. if you need to keep some points in mind
  15. 15. #1 alignment @elpedromajor
  16. 16. #2 feedback @elpedromajor
  17. 17. #3 flow @elpedromajor
  18. 18. #4 cost of delay @elpedromajor
  19. 19. #5 motivated people @elpedromajor
  20. 20. more documents available @elpedromajor
  21. 21. Closing point: where to focus?
  22. 22. Failure modes on Agile Programs too much/less structure leads to calcification/fragmentation @elpedromajor Appropriate ! self organization Fragmentation:! critical lack of guiding culture, waste, missed passes, poor communication, , chaos Calcification:! regression to waterfall habits, rigid, over structured, heavy processes Chanceofsuccess Amount of structure
  23. 23. questions?
  24. 24. Agile Program Management Training & Coaching
  25. 25. ThanksFrance! 28, rue du Sentier 75002 Paris ! Belgium! Rue Middelbourg, 64A, 1170, Bruxelles ! Netherlands! Scheepstimmermanstraat 85 1019 WV Amsterdam ! Luxembourg! 19 place Bleech L-7610 Larochette
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