Futures markets key market reports and commentary - gold +3.97 nas -4.38 crb +1.97 s&p +0.83 dow +7.22 usd +0.230


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Self Directed Futures Trading - Key Futures Market Reports and Commentary Make Sure 2013 Is A Trading Success for You as Global Averse Futures Trader. Read Pierre A Pienaar’s latest Newsletter

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Futures markets key market reports and commentary - gold +3.97 nas -4.38 crb +1.97 s&p +0.83 dow +7.22 usd +0.230

  1. 1. Advanced GlobalTradingKnowledge & Resources For The Say not, “I have found the truth,” but rather, “I have found a truth.”Tips by Pierre APienaar Independent Trader Khalil Gibran The author of The Prophet was born on this day in 1883. Make Sure 2013 Is A Trading Success for You as Global Averse Futures Trader Raise Your Investing IQ to the Highest Level With “Industry Leading Education and Training Focused on the Needs of Today’s Sophisticated Investor”
  2. 2. ‘Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.’General Futures TradingEducation,Softw Henry Fordare, Analysts,Alerts Dear Reader, Join Timothy Evans on hisTradersVideoPla journey as he navigates theybook If you like this Newsletter, please forward to your friends financial markets in the search and colleagues. Your comments and insights will be highly of profits. Timothy provides inToday’s Top 50 appreciated. If you wish to submit an article, I’ll jump in joy. depth market analysis as he cutsStocks list Just send it to me and will place it according to the through market noise in his industries covered through the week. search for market opportunity.Market Timing Receive the following with your Here is an indication: subscription to In-The-Money, aIndicators + trader’s journey to the land ofPredictions for Monday – Stock trading profits:Free Subscribe here Tuesday – Forex and CFD’sACCURATE Wednesday – Options, Binary Options, and Global EquitiesMARKET, Thursday – Futures, (Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds)SECTOR, AND Friday – Gold, Metals, Oil, (MLP, ETFs)COMMODITYFORECASTING () Only on an ad-hoc basis. Since the Newsletter is busyUSING CROWD evolving, Industries covered are subject to change. YourPSYCHOLOGY, comments and advice will be very helpfulELLIOT WAVETHEORY, Your Gateway to GlobalSENTIMENT Thank you Options on FuturesINDICATORS, MarketsAND OTHERPROPRIETARY Long Leaf Xpress is wellFORECASTING FUTURES PRICES suited for the trader whoTOOLS. Updated every 10 minutes around the clock wants quick execution on the electronic markets.Top 10 Penny Market Last Change % Traders have the ability toStocks trade futures and optionsMaster Crude Oil 96.75 +0.13 +0.13 from a price chart or anAdvanced order ticket. Long LeafCharting and Natural Gas 3.444 +0.026 +0.76 Xpress also offers optionTechnical chains, Depth of Market forAnalysis futures and options plus Corn 721.75 -7.25 -0.99 streaming real-time quotesFree Stock and charts.Trend Analysis Soybeans 1490.0 -5.5 -0.37 Supported Instruments:How To TradeMarket 30yr Bond 143.56250 +0.03125 +0.02 Futures, Options onSentiment Futures.Buy gold online If you wish to have 10yr Note 131.609375 +0.390625 +0.30- quickly, safely preferential treatment withand at low your Futures Tradingprices NY Gold 1681.4 +2.6 +0.16 Account, please contact Tony Klancic and refer toBehavioral Patt this report: Resources NY Silver 31.885 +0.008 +0.03ern For The IndependentMethodology Trader
  3. 3. RevolutionizesMarket Emini S&P 1506.00 -0.75 -0.05Forecasting and Free Video Seminar -Anticipating Emini Nasdaq 2738.25 +1.00 +0.04 "Spotting breakouts thatMoves to Profit! lead to trend reversals"Source Emini Dow 13925 -3 -0.02 Energy Stocks & Oil SpecialLearn More Trend Analysis ReportAboutMarketClubs $8.95 Trial! Forex Trading ResourcesWatch Todays 1pm Market EXTREME FUTURES Forex specialistsUpdatePresented by Unique features such as Symbol Last Change %30year Market Inside Viewer™VeteranAdamHewison NATURAL GAS 3.444 +0.026 +0.47 Trade Controller™ & Visual Trading Machine™Start and Make trading decisions PLATINUM Apr 1741.3 +4.8 +0.29monitor your knowing you are gettingown expert market analysisportfolio...Free! COPPER Mar 3.7480 +0.0075 +0.19 and technical reports,Free bonuses the way you want towith every receive them –SMS,Portfolio NZ$ Mar 0.8355 -0.0050 -0.70 Twitter, online chat, liveTake advantage news videos, emailedof free books, SOYBEAN MEAL 428.2 -1.1 -0.35 reports.trial software,DVDs, audioand videos LEAN HOGS 94.80 -0.40 -0.34 Today’s Top PreformingForex PairFree Apple Source: INO.COM sAnalysis! ---------------------------------------------------------------------Free 10 LessonTrading Course Free Video Seminar - "Spotting breakoutsLive Trading that lead to trend reversals"Chat RoomWith Real TimeStock Picks andDay Trading Taiwan Futures Exchange and Eurex form Learn to trade forex inEducation 90 seconds! derivatives trading alliance L’EXCELLENCE CRÉEEducation: VOTRE SUCCÈSThe Basics of Futures marketMunicipal Renminbi futures are traded at the Chicago Mercantile 限时活动:新交易账户奖 Exchange. The futures are cash-settled at the exchange rateBond 励 published by the Peoples Bank of China.Investing Новогодние подарки ---------------- отAForex – встречаемOur 20-chapter 2013 год вместе! Бонус
  4. 4. Grains - Soybean Futures Chart = will WASDE take it на каждое пополнениеguide will give to 1545 ? торговогоyou a complete Layne Hermansen - InsideFutures.com счета.Зарабатывайте с намиtutorial on This is a potenial bullish scenario pointing Marchmunicipal Soybeans to 1545 and possibly higher to 1585. RUMUS Trading Platform - Master Advancedbonds. Charting and Technical Soybeans have been under accumulation as it has set higher highs and higher levels of support. It is now poised to Analysis breakout above its December swing high of 1501 2//8ths. The next swing after that is its November high of Eröffnen Sie IhrDevisenkMy Archives 1545. That is my bullish scenario target. Above that is the onto underhalten Sie GR 61.8% Fibonocci retracement target near 1585 you can see ATISechtes BargeldgutgeLearn to Trade on the weekly chart if price can break through 1545. schriebenOptions Well -Is It Time to CFD(差金決済取引)は、 For this scenario to fulfill, the WASDE report tomorrow needsBet the Farm 二者同意(売り手と買い to be bullish and the daily chart RSI needs to rise andon Stocks? 手)に基づき、特定の条件 remain above 70 for several days. (It could rise limit up on Friday). に従って金融商品の始値とClassic 終値の差を交換します。Indicators - CFD は、株価指数、エネル Down in the lower left corner Ive included a 4 hourBack to the ギー、商品および金属など chart to give a close-up view for potential buy stops.Future を実際に所有することな 1491 is yesterdays high く、これらの金融商品におDramatic ける投機に最適な取引商品 ~1494 breaks the red trend line created within thisReversal as week です。Spanish PM 1496 is Tuesdays highCorruption 1498 is the high of the week ( Monday)allegations 1501 2/8 is Decembers high - major breakoutSweep Market pointand Today’sTop Preforming :Forex Pairs The daily chart has formed a pennant and is currently printing an "inside day". Charts are printed pre-market near 12 am Central prior to Abra uma conta detreinaFutures Markets - mento weekly export news. There is also talk of a drought inSpotting Argentina.breakouts that Tired of losing inlead to trend theforex markets? Investreversals in yourself with high probability candlestick setups from PipHut andOne -Time become part of the 5%Framing who succeed! ____________________Un plan detrading? Options TradingToday’sTop Preformin Index Options Systemg Forex Pairs Index Time Trading市场关注欧元集团 Machine会议以及日本央行会议- EUR/USD: Optionsосновные Trading Education -тенденции Options Universityhttps://docs.googl
  5. 5. e.com/file/d/0B6o Options7h1ieviEkWVBRR Universityoffers optionsG10RHhrTFU/edit trading education and live options classes online ...“IndustryGermanys Gold Leading Education2020: Focus on"Confidence" & and Training Focused onLiquidity - Drei the Needs of Todays TradingGründephysisches Goldzu kaufen Profitable Options Strategies ReportExpert ForexForecasts -Return of Your Global Leader in Binary Option Tradingforeign warsMarketClubs iOption Group andFaunus Analytics LLC announce aGlobal Strategy joint project to developportfolio unique trading signals___________ system for binary option trading. Faunus Covered Calls ExtremeRecent Trading SystemArticles Naked Puts Extreme Options Trading SystemA formerMilitary Your Binary IncomeIntelligence Engine Sales VideoAnalystuncovered a Optionslittle-known Daily PaychecksOptions"glitch" in the Day Trading Systemoptionsmarket. Vortex Stock Options Trading System V2.0 - The results Parabolic Trend and Patternhave been Collapse Systemamazing. Self Directed TradingPeople arepractically ___________________climbingthrough theircomputer Booksscreens to getaccess to thiswoman and hernew optionsservice. Whats evenmore amazing Long Leaf Trading Group offers professional futures andis how shescreated a way options traders access to global markets and competitive The Little Book That Stillfor everyday trading costs. Sophisticated trading technology provides Beats the Market (Little
  6. 6. investors -- the necessary tools the modern trader demands. Books. Big Profits)even those who Get access to agriculture, currencies, energies, Business & Investingwouldnt equity indices, treasuries, metals all from a single Book Storenormally touch platform.options with a Think Global, Grow Rich:ten-foot pole -- 7 Principles for Building ato generate Some of the things you will receive through Long Leaf’s Globalretirement- self-directed services: Portfolio Carl Delfeldchangingincome on Easy to enter order platforms. Drop down menus, Money & Markets is ademand. price ladders, command line order placement are one-stop shop for career- available through our offered platforms. Stop/Loss minded finance To see what orders, market, limit, stop-with-limit, etc. can all be professionals. Browseall the fuss is the store for hand-picked placed and executed. The use of stop loss or contingentabout, click books and magazines, orders may not protect profits or limit losses to thehere now. plus featured content amount intended. Certain market conditions make it from best-selling authors Amber is difficult or impossible to execute such orders. and industry experts.offering several Real time quotes and charts. Staring at delayed data Check back often for newFREE bonuses can be more than costly when trading in these markets. titles, blog posts, andto the nearly Long Leaf keeps you up to the moment with live data featured content.12,000 people feeds and interactive real-time charts that allow you tothat have the most available data in order to make timely The Biotech Traderdownloaded her Handbook (2nd Edition): trading decisions.recent options A Fast, ... by T. Streaming news. Stay in tune with what is driving thereport: Ayers PelzAnswers to market through a live streaming news feed. Ever beenYour 10 Most- stuck wondering what that USDA crop report had to sayAsked or what the Fed’s comments were in the Fed minutes?Questions on You don’t have to scramble all over the net any longer. BooksBoosting Let the news come to you.Income with Access to real-time account information. Keep yourOptions. If you account balanced through constant on-line monitoring.were one of Margin information, working orders, watch lists, etc. arethose people, all available through your secure connection to youryoull definitelywant to click account.here. And even Market research. Get daily market research that willif you missed keep you informed on the fundamentals of thethe report, you marketplace. You will receive daily access to the The Little Book That Stillmight still want Beats the Market (Little research from Hightower, Helms, Kespert, and more!to click here. Books. Big Profits) Discount Rates. Long Leaf understands that Overdose: Business & Investing commissions are a cost of doing business and you want Book Store The Next to minimize those costs. High volume traders can trade Financial as low as 99 cents/round turn, plus applicable clearing Think Global, Grow Rich: Crisis Adding fees. 7 Principles for Building a liquidity is Phone a Broker. Away from the screen and need to get Global not enough something done? Call the Long Leaf Trading Group trade Portfolio Carl Delfeld | JosephStigli desk at no extra cost! tz Money & Markets is a Although you may be an independent minded, self one-stop shop for career- sufficient trader, Long Leaf is here to help you with your JIM ROGERS - minded finance needs. professionals. Browse 2013 to Be Bad, God the store for hand-picked Long Leaf Xpress is well suited for the trader who wants books and magazines, Knows What Will Happen in quick execution on the electronic markets. Traders have the plus featured content
  7. 7. 2014 ability to trade futures and options from a price chart or an from best-selling authors order ticket. Long Leaf Xpress also offers option chains, and industry experts. Perpetuity Depth of Market for futures and options plus streaming real- Check back often for new Calculation in titles, blog posts, and time quotes and charts. 6 Minutes: featured content. Supported Instruments: Futures, Options on Futures. Present Value If you wish to have preferential treatment with your Futures of a The Biotech Trader Trading Account, please contact Tony Klancic and refer to Perpetuity Handbook (2nd Edition): this report: Resources For The Independent Trader Formula A Fast, ... by T. Thanks for reading this entire report. Ayers Pelz Top 3 Options Now, you can relax, like this Cape Seal Bull, taken at the Trades For 2013 Cape Cross Colony on our cool Namibian Coast, after taken action on the above information.Japan showsthe world howto come out ofeconomics ofstagnation -The EconomicTimes Sleep well.
  8. 8. Your comments will be highlyappreciated____________________________________________________________ “Have a peaceful, purposeful, profitable, and happy 2013” Trade smart, not with Greed Pierre A PienaarPierre A Pienaar retired in 2011 from business.I would like to share my passion, my interests,knowledge & experiences in Forex, Options, GoldInvestments, Futures, Stocks, Binary Options,Economics, Stamp Collection, Sports, Gardening,Reading, Photography, Politics ________________________________Forex, futures, stock, and options trading are notappropriate for everyone. There is a substantial risk of lossassociated with trading these markets. Losses can and willoccur. No system or methodology has ever been developedthat can guarantee profits or ensure freedom from losses.No representation or implication is being made that usingthe INO.com products or services or the information in thisletter will generate profits or ensure freedom from losses.HYPOTHETICAL OR SIMULATED PERFORMANCE RESULTSHAVE CERTAIN LIMITATIONS. UNLIKE AN ACTUALPERFORMANCE RECORD, SIMULATED RESULTS DO NOTREPRESENT ACTUAL TRADING. ALSO, SINCE THE TRADESHAVE NOT BEEN EXECUTED, THE RESULTS MAY HAVEUNDER-OR-OVER COMPENSATED FOR THE IMPACT, IF ANY,OF CERTAIN MARKET FACTORS, SUCH AS LACK OFLIQUIDITY. SIMULATED TRADING PROGRAMS IN GENERALARE ALSO SUBJECT TO THE FACT THAT THEY ARE