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Flipboard Magazine Webinar - network workshop webinar on how to broaden your audience and extend your blog content reach with Flipboard

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Flipboard Magazine Webinar

  1. 1. Leverage Your Blog Content with a Flipboard Magazine July 31, 2014 #LMBEmpowered Workshop Series
  2. 2. #LMBEmpowered Workshop Series !  Ongoing series of online workshops !  Topics that help you grow & reach further! 2 #LMBEmpowered
  3. 3. Leverage Your Blog Content with a Flipboard Magazine LMB Partners Create Flipboard Magazines 3 #LMBEmpowered
  4. 4. Leverage Your Blog Content with a Flipboard Magazine LMB Partners Create Flipboard Magazines 4 #LMBEmpowered
  5. 5. Magazines on Flipboard FLIP, CURATE, SHARE
  6. 6. THIS IS FLIPBOARD Flipboard is a visually rich magazine that allows you to: 2 Flipboard Is Your Personal Magazine – Access your social networks in a single place: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Flickr, & more – View top publishers’ web content in a beautiful magazine format – Discover content in curated sections (by topic and events like Tech, News, Design, Food, etc) – Save and collect content you love into magazines of your own that are easy to share with friends – Cross-platform via iOS, Android & Windows 8. User-created magazines are viewable on the Web
  7. 7. CURRENT STATS 3 Flipboard by the Numbers 90MM readers ! 100 Million Readers Worldwide ! 45 Million Readers in the U.S. 8 million+ Magazines created ! 15% of U.S. Readers Seek Content in Spanish ! U.S. Latino Content Guide Launched in June
  8. 8. LATINO USA 4 U.S. Latino Content on Flipboard 80% Spanish + 20% English • News in Spanish: CNN en español, Huffington Post Voces • News from Mexico: Milenio, Excelsior • News in English: Fox News Latino, New York Times, Huffington Post Latino Voices ! Lifestyle content • Latina Magazine • Esquire Latinoamérica • Variety Latino • CNET en español • Bi-Lingual mix of content
  9. 9. FLIPBOARD 101 5 ! < Search Use the search box at the top of the Flipboard start screen to find content items or sources. ! < Content Guide Tap the three bars at top right to browse content sources or access your social media accounts. ! < Share Tap Share icons to share a magazine or content via social networks, the web or email. ! < Follow Tap the Follow ribbon at top left to add a magazine or feed to your Flipboard. Quick Start Using Flipboard
  10. 10. CONTENT GUIDES 6 What Content Is Best For You?! • U.S. English • U.S. Latino • +23 Other International Guides ! ! ! To Change Content Guide: • Open Content Guide • Tap “New & Noteworthy” (or “Destacados”) • Select “Content Guide Edition” Choose Your Content Guide
  11. 11. FLIPBOARD MAGAZINES Flipboard Magazines make it easy to collect and share content you love. 7 A Magazine Is Your Own Collection – Flip articles, photos, videos, GIFs, music, and products into your magazines – Add content within Flipboard or from the web via the +FlipIt bookmarklet – Magazines can be public or private – Co-curate magazines by inviting friends to participate as contributors – Share magazines within Flipboard or via social networks using a standard URL – Read magazines within Flipboard or on the Web
  12. 12. CREATING MAGAZINES 8 1. Find Great Content For Your Magazine < Tap the [+] As you flip through stories, images and videos on Flipboard, you’ll see a small [+] button on every item. Tap the [+] to save any item into a magazine. < Save Things from the Web Flip articles, images, audio tracks, videos and products from the Web into your own magazines with the "Flip It" browser bookmarklet. Get the bookmarklet: share.flipboard.com 2. Give Your Magazine a Name < Add a Title and Description Be sure to add a description and select a category for your magazine tol help readers discover your magazines through search. You can also make a magazine private until you’re ready to publish it. Getting Started with Flipboard Magazines
  13. 13. CREATING MAGAZINES 9 3. Make a First Impression < Select a Cover Image You can choose the cover for your magazine. Just tap and hold any piece of content in your magazine and select “promote to cover.” 4. Edit, Reorder, Delete < Manage Your Mag from the Web Flipboard’s web-based Editor is a dashboard where you can rearrange and delete items, set covers and share your magazines with friends — all from editor.flipboard.com 5. Share Your Magazine < Tell Your Friends Tap the Share button on your magazine’s cover. From there, you'll be able to email or post it to your social networks or grab the magazine URL. Use the “Invite Contributors” button to add co-curators. Getting Started with Flipboard Magazines II
  14. 14. PRO TIP Your Blog Content In Your Magazine ! Vanity Search In Flipboard’s in-app search box, type the name of your blog, your social network username, or a hashtag you use. ! Find Yourself Flipboard gathers search results from across the social web and organizes them by source — Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Flickr RSS, etc. Scroll through Flipboard search results to find your content from the source you prefer. ! The Shortcut If you regularly share your blog or website content via Twitter, use that to bring your site content into Flipboard. Search for your Twitter @username, save it as a feed, then let Flipboard display all your Twitter content. ! You, The Magazine Once you find your content in Flipboard's search, tap to open your preferred feed, then tap the Subscribe ribbon to add it to your Flipboard. Use the saved section to curate your own content into Flipboard magazines. Flipboard lets you combine your original content from all your current social platforms, all in one place. Here’s how:
  15. 15. Pro Tips Make Your Flipboard Magazine Awesome ! 1. Focus, Focus, Focus Give your magazine a clear topic or point-of-view. Avoid all-purpose or general interest magazines. Readers respond best to magazines that provide consistent, focused treatment of a subject — the more specific, the better. The magazine title should evoke that focus. ! 4. Curate Your Cover Flipboard automatically creates a cover for your magazine, but to ensure your cover always looks great, select a strong, high- res cover image manually. Choose a new cover image in from time to time to keep the magazine feeling fresh. ! 3. Share and Update Add new content to your magazines as often as you can. Updating your magazine with 1 to 3 new pieces of content a day trains readers to visit your magazine on a regular basis. Use the Share button on the cover to promote your magazine; it creates a unique URL you can post in an email, on Twitter or Facebook.! ! 2. A Clear Description Want to give your magazine a fun or whimsical name? Go for it! Don’t be shy. But to ensure potential readers can find your magazine if they use Flipboard’s search features, include a description that clearly explains what the magazine is about and what subjects it covers. Be specific. ! 1 ! 2 ! 3 ! 4
  16. 16. Thank You Latina Mom Bloggers is a 100% Latino-owned social media-marketing platform that connects Latina bloggers with brands via meaningful and culturally relevant campaigns that produce measurable results for clients. Latina Mom Bloggers has developed campaigns for P&G, Unilever and Disney Junior. Latina Mom Bloggers is part of the Hispanicize brand of companies that includes the annual Hispanicize Event, Hispanicize Wire, the Hispanic PR Blog and Being Latino. For more information about Latina Mom Bloggers: Website: www.latinamombloggers.com Twitter: @LatinaMomBlogs What topics do YOU want to learn more about? Let us know at info@latinamombloggers.com ! #LMBEmpowered