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The Early Childhood in China
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The Early Childhood in China


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. By: Anna, Jing, Qian, Thipika, Yuan, Yan
  • 2. Agenda History Curriculum of Early Childhood Education Program in China Accessibility of service Program Structure The Teacher’s Qualifications, Requirements and Training
  • 3. History The three educators:  Xingzhi Dao (1891-1946) – he was the creator for Early Childhood program for farmers and factory workers in Nanjing and Shanghi.  Xuemen Zhang (1891-1973) – child educator in North China and Taiwan, was a ECE for many years.  Heqin Chen(1892-1982) – he was a child psychologist and an ECE also studied psychology and pedagogy in US at Columbia University.
  • 4. The Curriculum For EarlyChildhood Education in China “ A common method of teaching in Chinese preschool is learning by rote or recitation in unison in class” “Most Preschools in china is less structured or guided play time but more studying” “Historically, the emphasis in Chinas preschool education has been on childrens regimentation and obedience training”
  • 5. The Service-Kindergarten types The government Work units Government-licensed Individuals For instance, in shanghai in 2003, 1/3 were independently managed. Full-day : 8am to 4pm Part-day : temporary schedules Boarding programmers : 24hours, five days
  • 6. Pre-primary Classroom – a linkbetween kindergarten and primary school One part of The elementary school Half-day Prior to 1st G Teaching Emphasis methods on Similar to academics Elementary classrooms
  • 7. Enrolment of young children The Chinese Government guarantee the entry and encourage children attend the preschool programs. 2001 2002 2004 20,218,400 20,360,200 20,894,000
  • 8. Program structure - Group Size andStaff-child Ratios two teachers &one assistant for each group 3-4 year 5-6 year olds<25 olds<30 children children The ratio>1:10
  • 9. Program Structure – A day 7:50am opening up  3:50pm clean up activities  11:00am lunch  4:00pm group 8:20am morning  11:30am meeting, departu exercises relaxation re 8:40am snack  12:00am nap 9:00am large  2:30pm get up group activity  3:00pm snack 10:10am small  3:20pm outdoor group activities 10:40am clean
  • 10. Early Childhood Educator Graduate from kindergarten teacher school Accepts junior high-school graduates Three years to complete Must participate in ongoing continuing education Grade from level 1 to level 5 Caring each child relationship with family and community
  • 11. What’s the Differences?China Canada Teacher-directed  Children are active learner More group activities  Curriculum based on kindergarten for preschool children’s cue - three to six years old  Guided by Day Nurseries Boarding programmes : Act Mon-Fri 24 hrs.  Age grouping: Infant Ratio: no more than 1:10 Toddler Preschool Pre-primary school  Low staff-child ratio Teacher need ongoing  Teacher need ECE diploma training to graduate
  • 12. References The Importance of Early Childhood Education. (n.d.). Rural Education Action Project. Retrieved November 1, 2011, from Melhuish, E. C., & Petrogiannis, K. (2006). Early childhood care and education: international perspectives. London: Routledge. (2007). Early Childhood Education(First ed., Vol. 4). Westoirt: Praeger . Children [Online image] available November 09, 2011 China Flag[Online image] available November 11, 2011 Canada Flag[Online image] available November 11, 2011 Heqin Chen[Online image] available ic+Exhibition November 14, 2011