Winning The Pick 4 lottery - Part 3


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This is the conclusion of the trilogy of winning the Pick 4 lottery series. Discover how the Pick 4 System with its multiple strategies fared in the challenge compared to luck when it comes to finding and playing a winning Pick 4 number successfully. It is a story about luck versus knowledge.

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Winning The Pick 4 lottery - Part 3

  1. 1. Winning the Pick 4 Lottery - Part 3In the first two parts of the series of winning the Pick 4 lottery I offered acomparison between one lucky Pick 4 player from North Carolina and oneVirginia Pick 4 Lottery player without luck on his side. Both won the Virginia Pick4 lottery multiple times by playing the 5117 over the past couple of years.The lucky North Carolina gentleman plays this winning Pick 4 number based onhis self-proclaimed “born under a lucky star” status and his feelings toward aparticular Pick 4 number and when to play it.The Virginia Pick 4 lottery player who wasn’t born under a lucky star worked atbeing equally successful also winning on the 5117 multiple times using a multi-strategy Pick 4 system that provided him with a calendar strategy among others.The strategies taught him how to find this winning Pick 4 number. He madecopious notes and pieced together the information on the previous dates andtimes when the 5117 had been drawn. He relied on the development of his keendetective eye to recognize the clues that pointed out the connection between thedates of the winning drawings for the 5117.The lucky North Carolina man began his relationship with his lucky number,5117, in April 2009 indicating that, if he has a feeling about a number, he’ll playit. This feeling was worth $90,800 for this North Carolina gentleman who playedtwenty tickets on this winning Pick 4 number in the Virginia Pick 4 Lottery. Hismost recent win of $65,800 occurred on October 13, 2011 with the same Pick 4number, 5117.Since most players don’t have the same lucky advantage when it comes towinning the Pick 4 lottery, this story is also about a Virginia Pick 4 player whohooked up with a multi-strategy Pick 4 System that gave him an arsenal ofstrategies to use in finding winning Pick 4 numbers, including a calendarstrategy that has helped him win multiple times playing the same Pick 4 number,namely 5117.
  2. 2. Armed with the calendar strategy and good detective note taking this VirginiaPick 4 Lottery player has strung together information and clues from the historyof the drawings of the 5117 along with the relative forms of 1715 and 1175 tomake the 5117 his favorite winning Pick 4 number. Good strategies and harddetective work is his success story for winning the Pick 4 lottery.Part 2 ended with another successful win for this Virginia Pick 4 player hittingthe 5117 on September 16, 2010 in the evening drawing. This was his third winin the last three times the 5117 was drawn.The calendar strategy from the multi-strategy Pick 4 system and the detectivework that used the clues of numbers, days, dates and months of the year haveall contributed to this Virginia Pick 4 Lottery player’s success without any claimof his being “lucky”.With the aforementioned fact that the 5117 history included being drawn in backto back months which was indicated by the April to May 2009 case, the recentSeptember 2010 drawing of the 5117 suggests that plans for an October 2010play on the 5117 is in the works. Applying the same days and date ranges thatwere used for the September 2010 win make it a no-brainer choice in setting upthe days and dates to play the 5117 in October 2010.Unfortunately, the 5117 was not drawn in October 2010. But like many detectivestories this is not the end of the story nor is the case closed for this Virginia Pick4 Lottery player. Hanging on to what was learned from his investigation in thespring of 2010 of the 5117 is the fact that the consecutive months can carry overfrom one year to the next. This means all these notes and information on the5117 will be put on the shelf until October 2011. In 2011 when October onceagain becomes the second half of the back-to-back monthly cycle, he will returnto the case of the 5117.
  3. 3. When October 2011 approaches the not so lucky Virginia Pick 4 lottery playerspulls all his notes down from the shelf and re-opens the case of the 5117 in hisattempt to score another win in the Pick 4 lottery. He takes his files of notes andlays out all his collected data on the table to re- create the date and day rangehe plans to play the 5117 in October 2011.Next, based on the past historical evidence found in the Virginia Pick 4 Lotteryarchives of the dates and days that the 5117 and relative numbers have beendrawn, the October 2011 plan patiently and carefully is pieced together by theVirginia player detective to produce another big Pick 4 win playing the 5117much like the North Carolina Pick 4 lottery player did.He combines the date and day ranges along with other crucial evidencecollected about the 5117 to create a playable calendar of dates and days forOctober 2011 playing off the last winning date of Thursday, September 16, 2010.Not to overlook any significant piece of information, he thoroughly reviews all thedata and collectively chooses the dates to play the 5117 on his October 2011calendar. He carefully notes the crucial same day to same day evidence, andtherefore this Virginia player includes all the Thursdays in October 2011, namely,the 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th.Now his play calendar is complete. Based on all the evidence of the calendarstrategy he is playing the 5117 on October 6 th, 10th, 12th, 13th, the 15th throughthe 20th, 22nd and 27th. With renewed confidence after having combed throughall the evidence in his files, he truly believes that the 5117 will be drawn on oneof these dates since it failed to show up in October 2010.
  4. 4. On Thursday, October 13, 2011 in the midday drawing the 5117 was drawn,proving once again that the calendar strategy and multi-strategy Pick 4 Systemis a very valuable tool in helping Pick 4 players across the country, just like thisVirginia Pick 4 Lottery player, to find and play potential winning Pick 4 numbers.One doesn’t have to be lucky to win the Pick 4 lottery big time like the NorthCarolina gentleman. One can be unlucky and smart just like the Virginia Pick 4Lottery player.Get a good multi-strategy Pick 4 system, study and learn the strategies well, andapply them to the Pick 4 lottery numbers, just like the calendar strategy, to findwinning Pick 4 numbers. A good multi-strategy Pick 4 system, with the correctuse of the strategies, is a very valuable and helpful tool for the Pick 4 player towin the Pick 4 lottery. Knowledge can trump luck with the right multi-strategyPick 4 system.Just like the late Paul Harvey said at the end of his broadcasts: ‘Now you knowthe rest of the story.Copyright © Robert