ACE Office Furniture: Leader in Furniture Business


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ACE Office Furniture is your source for unique and modern office furniture in Brooklyn, New York. Since 1998, they have been providing top-of-the-line selections of furniture foroffice, home, and school use. With its full range of luxury to budget furniture, they have much to offer for just about any client.

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ACE Office Furniture: Leader in Furniture Business

  1. 1. ACE Office Furniture:Leader in Furniture BusinessACE Office Furniture is the best source for unique and modernoffice furniture in Brooklyn, New York. Since 1998, they havebeen providing top-of-the-line selections of furniture for office,home, and school use.With its full range of luxury to budget furniture, they have muchto offer for just about any client.
  2. 2. World-Class ServiceACE Office Furniture guarantees world-class customersatisfaction. It takes pride in its host of hardworking and friendlyemployees. Day in and day out, they deliver world-class service toclients. With their vast knowledge on the office and homefurniture industry, everyone at ACE Office Furniture is up to thetask of handling requests and inquiries their clients might have.At the Heart of New YorkACE Office Furniture is conveniently located at the heart of NewYork. For nearly two decades, they have been part of the cultureof excellence in the city. This is evident in their offerings of onlythe trusted brands in the market. They also offer online shoppingsupport.100% QualityBeing in the industry for decades, they understand the meaningof quality. The showroom in New York simply does not have aplace for inferior and defective merchandise. Customers canexpect only the first-rate pieces of commercial office and schoolfurniture.
  3. 3. Be it office or school furniture, they have the best item in stockfor everybody.- Modern Office SettingBulky cabinets and largedrawers are a thing of thepast. Businesses today needa fluid and manageable officesetting. They need pieces ofcommercial office furniturethat are smaller, compact,and ergonomic. Moreimportantly, these fixturesmust meet the demands ofmodern office operations.An enjoyable workplace canmean the difference between increased productivity and profitloss for business. As part of their dedication to the industry,ACE Office Furniture offers the best office solutions for everybusiness. Their line of customizable luxury furniture includes: Corner desks Hutches Cubicles Mobile carts L-shaped desks U-shaped desks Office chairs Partition Panels
  4. 4. - SchoolEvery classroom should have the right pieces of furniture soevery student can focus on learning, not on finding acomfortable place to sit or write. This is the place where theirlearning and growth are cultivated. ACE Office Furniture valuesthe importance of a good learning environment. This is whythey offer pieces of school furniture that are above and beyondmarket standards. Customers can count on the best productsin the market today. Storage cabinets Bookcases Computer desks Marker boards Bulletin boards Activity tables Student desks
  5. 5. Go Big on SavingsACE Office Furniture believes that not all good things shouldcome with a high price; they can be affordable too. ACE OfficeFurniture offers all kinds of office furniture at the most reasonableprices. Anyone can have the furniture they need without havingto worry about the price tag.Apart from this, businesses can get big discounts on completecollections of furniture. Anyone can even ask for a price quotethrough At ACE Office Furniture,everyone is encouraged to go big on savings.Other furniture businesses have come and go. Only the best canstay and lead the industry like ACE Office Furniture.