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The most Outstanding Athlete of the World: Haile Gebresellasie


The aim of the learning project is to illustrate the heroic deeds of the world famous athlete: Haile Gebresellasie from Africa – Ethiopia as role model, and to enable students work in the Student …

The aim of the learning project is to illustrate the heroic deeds of the world famous athlete: Haile Gebresellasie from Africa – Ethiopia as role model, and to enable students work in the Student Centred Approach in Pedagogy. Find other great lessons like this one on the Partners in Learning Network (Africa): http://africa.partnersinlearningnetwork.com

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  • This Virtual Classroom Tour template has been provided so you can develop your own Virtual Classroom Tours. Use the template to record a special learning project that you have found particularly successful in your classroom. Then share the project with other teachers in your school, district or beyond. Here’s how: Follow the prompts on each slide and in the embedded Word documents, in this PowerPoint document, to insert your project information. When you have finished inputting all of the project information that is requested, delete the prompts. Select each one and press the Delete key. Note: To enter the title of your Virtual Classroom Tour you must select View , Master , Slide Master , and enter it on the slide master. Then click Close Slide Master . This will cause the title to appear on each of the slides. From the File menu choose Save As … and save the document as a PowerPoint Show. (Use the File type: drop-down list to choose PowerPoint Show). You can then distribute the Virtual Classroom Tour.
  • Open the Word documents at the bottom of each slide by double clicking the icons. Follow the prompts [in the yellow boxes] for inserting information about your learning project.


  • 1. Documents MS Word, Powerpoint, Front Page, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, Swish Champion, Medalia, Winner, 5,000 m, 10,000 m, Marathon, Cross-country, World Record, Olimpic Record Authors Girma Mitiku Aleme, Physics Teacher & ICT Club Coordinator, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia ( [email_address] ) Objectives Software Description The aim of the learning project is to illustrate the heroic deeds of the world famous athlete: Haile Gebresellasie from Africa – Ethiopia as role model, and to enable students work in the Student Centred Approach in Pedagogy Learning Areas Collaboration Levels The Age Level of students participated in the project are 17 & 18 year olds – selected from grade 12 To enable the students develop team spirit, team work & collaboration when they develop the contents of the website entitled: ”Haile Gebresellasie - The Most Outstanding Athlete of the World” and share it to the world via the internet Keywords Project Overview
  • 2. Teacher Planning and Management
    • Background & Planning :
    • The School:
    • The school where this Collaboration Project was done is Menelik II Preparatory High School (comprising of grade 11 & grade 12 students) located in Arada Sub-city in the centre of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
    • The Teacher:
    • The Teacher Coordinator of this Collaboration Project is Girma Mitiku Aleme, a physics teacher & the ICT Club Coordinator of the school (September 2001 - September 2009), who’s a visionary of capacity building in MS Application Packages for teachers & students in Ethiopian high schools, and he’s one of the innovative teachers who actively participates in National, Regional & International School Net Projects.
  • 3.
    • Planning :
    • Project Goals
      • The students will be able to apply their basic knowledge of IT and web page development skills to develop the web pages on the Role Model: Haile Gebresellasie;
      • They’ll be able to develop team spirit, team work and collaboration among themselves and also develop useful leadership skills or 21 st century skills
      • To make them become Global Citizens by enabling them to share their knowledge within a group, across groups, and across cultures;
      • To develop, on the way, the learners’ English Language , interpersonal communication and IT skills .
  • 4.
    • Planning :
    • The planning and origin of the project
      • The project was planned to select a role model and work a website on that role model in collaboration so that students will learn from this model to build their confidence and become good citizens; and on the way, the website developed can popularize the heroic deeds of the role model to the world.
      • The selected role model is Haile Gebreselassie: The Most Outstanding Athlete of the World, from Africa – Ethiopia. The content of the website portrays the birth history of the athlete, his athletic career, his victories and what we can learn from the current humanitarian activities of the athlete besides his talent.
      • So to do the website, we’ve used direct interview method, taking photos and web search methods.
  • 5.
    • Planning :
    • The curriculum context of the project
      • There’s a close relation b/n the curriculum and the context of the project. Since the students take IT courses in the Preparatory high schools (grade 11– 12), the relevance of the project was obvious. Also, the main aim of the current Ethiopian Curriculum as one of its packages for insuring quality education is encouraging training of pupils in ICT and Science & Technology.
    • The technology context
      • The students were given a hands-on training on how to design workable but simple web pages, by the support of UNESCO/IICBA & the British Council-Ethiopia and they’ve used their skills of basic IT helped by their teacher coordinator mostly using the Software of Microsoft to design the web pages.
  • 6.
    • Planning:
    • The project management
    • Four (2 Females & 2 Males) Interested and competent ICT Club student-members are selected from grade 12
    • Hands-on Training on Internet Usage & web designing skills was given to the students
    • The necessary documents are collected to satisfy the ’requirement analysis’ to design the website of the athlete
    • Direct Interview of the athlete by the students & the teacher coordinator was done at his office located in Alem Building, Africa Avenue in Addis Ababa.
    • The Athlete’s Villa/ Castle was visited by the group to learn about the trophies & medalias collected
    • The ”Indurance” Film on the athlete was watched by the group.
    • The website has been designed using all the entry documents and photographs collected. Then it was uploaded on a temporary web-hosting site to be commented by voluntary viewers, and copies are kept on a CDs for further reference as educational resource.
  • 7. Classroom Image 1: Team Work & Team Spirit
  • 8. Classroom Image 2: Collaboration
  • 9. Teaching Resources
    • Student Project Overview : The students were required to perform the following main tasks as active participants:
    • Collect resources for entries to their website through interview of the athlete, collecting of written documents and visiting different websites to fulfil the requirement analysis to design a workable but a simple student website on the athlete and save it on a CD for review and approval;
    • Use the basic hands-on Practice they’ve had on web page development & Internet Usage skills to design simple but workable web pages to demonstrate that the athlete they’re portraying is really the Most Outstanding world class athlete.
    • Share the knowledge they’ve acquired about the athlete to their peers within and across groups, and share it to the global community by uploading their website on to the internet via temporary free web hosting sites. This step was optional and was applied only temporarily.
  • 10. Assessment and Standards
    • The students were selected because they’re active members of the ICT Club, based on their results at grade 12, as they were ranking students, and also because they’ve shown due interest in the project.
    • In the Web Design & Internet training course, the trainer has been evaluating them at each step.
    • When the students as a group gather information for entry to the website, the teacher-coordinator has evaluated the information gathered whether it fulfills the “requirement analysis” for entry to the website.
    • Also, after the website is uploaded onto the internet on the temporary free web hosting site ( www.freewebs.com ), feedbacks were collected from local voluntary viewers and a copy of the students’ website was sent through the secretary of the athlete on a CD for the athlete’s own perusal.
    Assessment Rubrics:
  • 11. Teacher and School Information School : Menelik II Preparatory High School, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Teacher-Coordinator : Girma Mitiku Aleme, [email_address] , Physics Teacher & the ICT Club Coordinator of the school (September 2001 – September 2009).