Sun Secure Brochure 2009


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Sun Secure Brochure 2009

  1. 1. Personal Safety Storage -Give your guests and yourself a peace of mind. SunSecure introduces the world first personal safety deposit box that is available to put on the pool or beach. It functions both as a drink table and umbrella base, every detail of the product has been engineered to fit the heavy duty requirements of the hotel and beach environment. Easy to move and maintain. It’s a money making product bundled with a great service to offer your guests. The safety deposit box dimensions are big enough to hold, a wallet, a mobile phone and a normal sized digital camera. With SunSecure your guests can truly relax and they will definitely come back to your premises for some real peace of mind. -Their belongings are safe with SunSecure! SunSecure AB, Sweden, 2009
  2. 2. Technical Information Included Functions • Umbrella base • Drink table / 4 cup holders • 2 Personal safety deposit boxes Material The base is manufactured in high strength ABS/PMMA which has excellent outdoor properties. It´s a 3- layer material that is solid colored with a surface that withstand scratching and UV-light. The pipe for the Umbrella is manufactured of high quality Swedish steel that has an electroplated coating of zinc-iron with yellow chromatin for protection against corrosion. The base is Swedish Patented invention and is fully developed and manufactured in Sweden. Too lower our carbon footprint and logistics it is exported in parts so the bases can be stocked in racks. To get a weight that can keep the umbrella in a safe position we recommend filling the special removable plastic mold form with cement, the total weight will then exceed 40 kg. For a permanent position the base can be fixed in the ground with bolts. The assembling of the product is very easy and can be done without any special tools. Technical specifications Dimensions: 450mm x 440mm (H x W) Weight empty; 8 kg Weight filled with concrete: 43 kg (approx) Inner diameter umbrella pipe: 15 – 53 mm (adjustable) The detachable locking mechanism is water and sand resistant and is delivered with two keys and a rubber band (for fist or ankle wearing). In series over 20 pieces it is delivered with two master keys. Color: Light grey/Silver At request (extra charge): All colors available Marked with labels with logo or company name Marked with design signs with logo or company name For prices and order details: Represented in your country by: ZL USA Enterprises LLC. 114 Alsaskan Way. Suite 660 Seattle, WA 98114 MADE IN SWEDEN – HIGH QUALITY PATENTED PRODUCT 2009