Recommendation letter by executive director (svs)


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Recommendation letter by executive director (svs)

  1. 1. RECOMMENDATION LETTERMBA / MIB /Diploma Program AdministratorGrenoble Graduate School of BusinessDear Sir/Madam,I am Ms. KhinThet Maw, Executive Director of Social Vision Services and also superior ofPhone Su Soe who was working at SVS as Management Executivesince fromJune 2008 tonow. Phone Su is one of the best people I have every worked within my 15 years in MediaManagement and 4 years in Social Field. He easily can adopt the abilities of what we guidehim in his very initial stage.I knew him last 4 years ago when he finished matriculation exam. According to our countrysprinciple, all matriculation students got long holidays after they finished final exam. He saidthat he want working experience within his holidays. Since on that time he was working asmanagement trainee and then to Management Executive after one year experienced with hisanalytical effort. He can think and analyze more than his age level. When he passed hismatriculation with 3 distinctions, he ignored his medical institute and tried to attendmanagement course. He assisted me since on that time and I found out that he can easilyadopt if he got systematic teaching guide line.He was really looks like a literature. He was very strong in self study. He can follow most ofthe guidance and also can apply back. He also very good in analytical thinking whencompare to his age. He was mature than other same age level and he can take leading role.Phone Su has the highest standards of integrity and never lets anyone down in this manner.He is always honest, graceful and sincere. I in fact respect and trust him so much that hehas impressed us with his maturity and has passed his responsible and brought ways ontothe job.Phone Su genuinely cares about others and is constantly make sure that his team membersare doing well. He has tremendous strengths in key areas for business success;interpersonal skills, leadership and teamwork stills, maturity, intelligence and technical
  2. 2. ability. However, one of Phone Su Soes greatest strengths can also be a liability for him: hehas tremendous focus. His focus allows him to quickly become competent at anything hedoes.Even he interested to be a business man he dont have that circumstances yet. He didn’thave international exposure and he didn’t know how to deal to get business. Except knowingtheory and English cant be a good business man. He still need to understand in depth ofbusiness theory and must know how to apply back in real business environment. Theprinciple weaknesses of Phone Su is when he is absorbed in something, he tends to losesight of projects that require his attention. He needs to work at multi-tasking skills anddelegating. Phone Su is well aware of his need to develop better multi-tasking skills and hasalready started to address this weakness.Phone Su Soe has talked about GGSB (Grenoble Graduate School of Business) as hisschool of choice from day one. He gets excited when he talks about GGSBs curriculum andits emphasis on the Business Management. He sees your program as unique among thebusiness schools he has investigated. I know that GGSBs program is the best fit for him andI sincerely support him in his choice.Phone Su Soe already has a very successful future ahead of him. I will of course spend a lotof energy trying to persuade Phone Su to return to our group after he receives his degree. Iwould be honored and thrilled to work with him again. And also I can similarly predict muchsuccess for him. He will be a mover and a shaker no matter what the environment.I reiterate that Phone Su Soe is a most special young man with extraordinary talents andcapabilities. He is a unique individual, and he has a host of rare qualities to contribute to ourcountry. Please do not hesitate to call me if I can be of further assistance to you as youevaluate his candidacy.Truly yours,KhinThet MawExecutive DirectorSocial Vision Services