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Hyperlocal blogging – the only answer?
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Hyperlocal blogging – the only answer?


Published on

Presented at Ross Hair's Social Media Marketing Camp on July 21, 2011

Presented at Ross Hair's Social Media Marketing Camp on July 21, 2011

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Hyperlocal Blogging: The Only Answer? Jay Thompson @PhxREguy
  • 2. What Some Experts Say
    • Real Estate Blogging is essential for a Real Estate Professional, especially on a hyper local level.
    • By adjusting your blogging to the specific neighborhoods in the territory you serve (think hyper-local), you can CRUSH the competition.
    • Your real estate blog can not be successful unless your focus is hyper local.
    Jay Thompson @PhxREguy
  • 3. What Jay Says
    • Blogging is not essential to be successful in real estate.
    • You do not have to “go hyperlocal”.
    • There are countless ways to have a successful blog.
    Jay Thompson @PhxREguy
  • 4. Super Secret #1
    • You know more about real estate than your reader does.
    Jay Thompson @PhxREguy
  • 5. Why Do This? Jay Thompson @PhxREguy
  • 6. The Most Important Things
    • Define a goal for your blog
      • Measure progress
      • Make adjustments
      • Rinse & Repeat
    • Write
      • You are not Hemingway
      • You are not a journalist
      • You are a real estate agent
    • Calls to action
    Jay Thompson @PhxREguy
  • 7. The Least Important Things
    • Huge traffic
    • What other agents think
    • How pretty your blog looks
    • Comments
    Jay Thompson @PhxREguy
  • 8. What to Write
    • Write what you are passionate about.
    • Period.
    Jay Thompson @PhxREguy
  • 9. Don’t have time for this?
    • How much time are you spending on prospecting?
      • Hint – it should be at least two hours a day
    • Schedule posts
    • Use an editorial calendar
    Jay Thompson @PhxREguy
  • 10. What do people like to read? Jay Thompson @PhxREguy
  • 11. How Long Should Posts Be? Jay Thompson @PhxREguy
  • 12. Fact vs. Opinion Jay Thompson @PhxREguy
  • 13. Super Secret #2
    • The two most important tools in blogging:
    • Your Brain
    • Your Keyboard
    Jay Thompson @PhxREguy
  • 14. Do This Today
    • 1) Develop your blog’s goal.
    • 2) Write something. Anything. Publish it.
      • For the love of fluffy bunnies, write for you and your readers, NOT the search engines!
    • What do I do tomorrow?
    • Repeat step 2
    Jay Thompson @PhxREguy
  • 15. Resources
    • Blog Goals: http:// /what-is-your-goal/
    • What to Write About:
    • Editorial Calendar (WP plugin): http:// -calendar/
    • My blogging presentations: and
    Jay Thompson @PhxREguy