3rd Street Project Overview


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PWD is replacing sewer infrastructure along 3rd Street in Old City from Chestnut Street to Market Street. The sewer line being replaced was installed in the 1850’s and began to fail in October 2011. During initial repairs, further damage was discovered requiring additional work including the replacement of several sections. This project includes:
• Replacement of 1850s sewer on 3rd Street from Market Street to Elbow Lane
• Lining of existing sewer on 3rd Street from Elbow Lane to Chestnut Street
• Replacement or relocation of PGW and PECO infrastructure

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3rd Street Project Overview

  1. 1. 3rd Street Sewer Repair February 16, 2012 Update Chestnut Street to Market Street
  2. 2. Timeline Of EventsOctober 2011: Sewer failed under3rd Street.October 2011: PWD began work torepair the broken section of sewer.During these repairs, two morebroken sections of sewer wereidentified.November 2011: PWD beganexcavation to see the extent of thedamage and found that the Sewerneeded full replacement fromElbow Lane to Market Street.December 2011: PWD beganworking with PECO and PGW todiscuss moving of criticalinfrastructure so that repairs canbe made to the broken sewer.
  3. 3. Why is this so Challenging? It’s crowded down there3rd Street Looking Towards Chestnut Street
  4. 4. Excavation ChallengesMany UtilitiesActive infrastructureNarrow StreetMaintain Local access
  5. 5. What Needs to Be Done?Replacement of 1850s sewer on 3rd Streetfrom Market Street to Elbow LaneLining of existing sewer on 3rd Street fromElbow Lane to Chestnut Street (cuttingfour months from construction schedule).This section is in good shape
  6. 6. To Do ThisPGW needs to relocate its 6 inch gas mainlocated directly above the sewerPECO needs to maintain existing servicewhile relocating ducts & cables above newsewer. Impacted lines feed bothsecondary & primary customers in thisarea of Old City
  7. 7. What Work is PGW Planning ? Excavate and install new pipeline along east curb Tie-in/energize new pipeline at Elbow Lane and Market Street Install customer laterals /make service line connections
  8. 8. What Work is PECO Planning? Build New Duct Bank Pull new cable and rework electrical circuits Coordinate customer outages
  9. 9. Construction SequencePGW must go first – expected constructiontimeline – 6 to 8 weeksPWD follows – will excavate for sewer whilesupporting ductbanks. Excavation, sheeting andshoring, new sewer construction and existingsewer relining expected construction timeline – 8weeksPECO last– expected construction timeline – 8weeks – but cannot take place during hotweather
  10. 10. Road ClosuresPGW – loss of parkinglane on east side of thestreet. No road closuresPWD - will be keepingone lane of traffic open asmuch as possible for localtraffic as it works on thewest side of the street.Loss of parking lane androad closure duringdaytime constructionPECO – loss of parkinglane to maintain twolanes of traffic;occasional loss of onetraffic lane duringmanhole reconstruction
  11. 11. Property Owner ConcernsUnderstand property owners/businessconcernsDeliveries and trash pick upPedestrian safetySignage for road closuresOpen for business signageCommunications with contractor and PWD
  12. 12. Concerns Voiced by Businesses on December 15, 2011PWD will reach out to the Parking Authority to see if it is possible towork with them to eliminate ticketing on the block for the duration ofthe work.Make certain that our contract requires consistent clean up (dust,materials, etc.)Investigate making the contract call for 12 hour work days instead of8 hour work days.Make certain that proper signage with all business names is postedat the entrance of the streets alerting customers that thesebusinesses are open during construction.Make certain that all deliveries can be made to businesses that needthem with as little hassle as possible during construction.Look into which properties have vaults in the sidewalk so we areaware when we are going to be doing any work in the sidewalk forreconnections.Work with the properties who have upcoming construction projectsto allow them site access and room to do the work they need toaccomplish.Work on promotion for the businesses on this Street to let peopleknow they can still shop, eat, and walk down this block.
  13. 13. SIGNAGE/PUBLICITY Road close during working hours Street reopens nightly and weekends
  14. 14. SIGNAGE For NB traffic-locate construction signs PLAN at Chestnut, Walnut and Locust Streets For EB traffic- locate signs at 5th and Chestnut.
  15. 15. Sign up for Updateswww.phillywatersheds.org/alerts