Detached Farmhouse/Villa Limits of Mosta/Mgarr - Malta (EU)


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Detached Farmhouse/Villa Limits of Mosta/Mgarr - Malta (EU)

  1. 1. Detached Villa l/o Mgarr, MaltaEuro 7.5m Finished/Furnished – Euro 6m Unconverted FREEHOLDThis gem of a property can be found facing a valley and with spectacular views, it issurrounded by approximately 8,000sqm of private land with mature garden. TheVilla offers total privacy and tranquility from the large front terrace/pool areafacing the underlying valley, as well as the house itself.The property is being offered with the option of finishing internally to the client’sexact specifications and to highest of standards in a very short time frame withintelligent lighting, energy saving features, solar panels, triple glazing aperturesand the highest quality soffits, light fittings and accessories. Within this period, theclient will be offered a luxury residence in Portomaso, St. Julian’s in which to resideuntil the works have been completed and the place is ready to move into.The true value of this unique property is its exclusivity, location and privacy as wellas size. It has never been on the market before. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie hadexpressed an interest in purchasing this property a few years ago. It is THATexclusive!The internal layout can be planned and modified to the buyer’s requirements andspecifications. There is also the possibility to construct an additional floor as wellas extending the building itself.Few properties in The Mediterranean region offer such qualities as this exclusiveresidence in the tranquility and total privacy of the Maltese countryside yetminutes from larger towns, shopping, entertainment areas, ports and airports.
  2. 2. Private land (part of the residence) at the front – this can be transformed into afront garden leading down from the front terrace/pool area greatly embellishingthe residence
  3. 3. Façade from private land below
  4. 4. Private road at side
  5. 5. Façade from private land below
  6. 6. View form private land
  7. 7. All private land at the front
  8. 8. Back of residence flanked by road and private entrance drive way
  9. 9. Entrance to terrace and pool areas from private road
  10. 10. Part behind trees will be glass conservatory overlooking terrace and pool area
  11. 11. Side view overlooking private land
  12. 12. Side distant views
  13. 13. Private land at base of terrace area (which can be extended onto this land)
  14. 14. Area behind wall is to be extension of the residence
  15. 15. Residence from pool area
  16. 16. Mature garden/pool/terrace area
  17. 17. Another ‘extendable’ area
  18. 18. Pool area can be extended over private land at the base of the property