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Music magazine analysis
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Music magazine analysis

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  • 1. Other graphic features on the front cover are displayed like theyhave just been dropped onto the cover. This also is part of a pull- The mast head is in big, bold, block letters. This retroout posters advertising idea. design of the text wit the ‘E’ the wrong way round makes the logo text individual and unique . The effect of the breaking glass makes it seem like the band are breaking through to the reader or are ‘breaking news’. Also gives the magazine I different material than just paper.The main photo takes upmost of the cover except theheader and footer. Thecharacters are in front of themasthead waking them look Flash used here like a splash ofas if they are coming out of paint and the text has two layers ofthe photo, also the breaking colour to add a 3d effect.glass effect emphasises this. The puff is used here to give us the bands identity and why they are on the cover- ’smash up 2012!’
  • 2. The mast head and text logo The slogan (life is loud) representsis strong and bold with the the music (rock and metal) but alsoblack and white which also links to a bigger idea that everyone is In the central image therepresents the music along familiar with. main figure is in front of thewith the textural lines that masthead conveying he isare all over the text and the the main person mostrough edges of the letters. probably the vocalist of theAlso this anchors the picture band, while the others in theto the text with the black and background are behind thewhite suit that the main masthead but still part of thecharacter is wearing. picture. The coverage and puff of the main band is presented here in inverted colours to the masthead text. But also theres an anchorage between the . This small picture and the buzz word underneath also with a callout makes it different from that other magazines as you can ‘know his story’.This one also contains freeposters which suggests This magazine shows other artists names that will be in this issue on the footerthat’s what the audience and header. these also fit with the image ( with the red cross at the bottom andwant and most of these to white with black outline text) and the masthead/logo so the whole cover tiestypes of magazines may in with whites, blacks, and reds.contain them.
  • 3. Again, on this cover The main logo is in aalso there are the contrasting red and isother artists in the quite simple but bold. Themagazine in the header slogan on the left depictsand footer linking more that this is the magazineof the content to the that has the newest musicfront so you know if its before othergoing to be an issue magazines, which is what ayou will enjoy as you slogan is for. The way thatmay know the bands. the head of the main person and the character The flash looks like a sticker to the right’s heads are in and uses ‘win!’ a buzz word front of the main logo text that makes you think you have a chance at getting makes it seem more something for free. important which makes it more interesting and bold.The main photographshows the band members The cover line and thewho look determined and callout (above it) worksare looking straight at the well to tell you that thisaudience, which shows is an article by Rock……. And draws the viewer Sound by the linking ofin. There is a big contrast colours to the logo text.between the logo text onthe masthead and theother text on the cover tothe picture. This isdifferent from the other More music postersbut I believe is quite that are availableeffective. like the previous magazines.
  • 4. This magazine Is verydifferent from my otherchosen ones as it is a Again free posters andspecial edition. The stickers are with themetal hammer logo text magazine.in the corner links withthe bands name which Picture is highly saturatedimplies that ‘metal to give a warm and quitehammer brought you the old effect, with lots offoos’. browns and oranges.it also has quite a neutral colourThis puff is talking scheme.about the main The flash here is likeartist and refers to a sticker and is inthem as the ‘foos’ very bright andshortening it from noticeable coloursfoo fighters. This with something to bemakes them seem won.modern andtrendy. Other stories about the band in the magazine, withCallout from callouts and buzz words likeanother artist and ‘Exclusive’ which have thefrom real artist. colours in the pictures likeMakes them seem the brownie oranges ofpopular and their faces. Also the yellowconfinement; ‘We is used like stickers on thedo whatever the cover and are in veryf**k we want!’ and alerting colours, often usedthe use of the on ‘danger’ signs, makingswear word makes them eye-catching to thethe quote seem audience.true.
  • 5. ‘Up magazine’ is short buteffective. I don’t think it Again more postersrepresents a music available.magazine very well. Theoutline and colours makeit stand out on the pagebut it does not link oranchor with anything on Unlike others that I havethe page. looked at this one has the other artists even before the main artistI find that the picture looks name; this makes itmore blurred than the harder to know whichothers, it doesnt show name goes with the bandfacial features very well so in the centre image. Ityou do not link their faces also has some artists onto the band (enter shikari) the footer inand the colours of there yellow, which is notclothes don’t link at all with anywhere else on thethe text in the magazine. cover making a poor linkThe pictures of the artists at to the magazinethe bottom are better as especially the masthead.they are more interestingand you can see who theyare easier.
  • 6. Contents pages
  • 7. The text colour is the A small article is same throughout the actually on the page using yellow and contents page black which suggest maybe about the alert like danger signs. magazine itself. That colours make it eye catching and stop theThe main big image is page becoming greyclear and focused with and boring.a page tag at the topand a small descriptionof what this picture is. Instead of putting ‘pageAlso the background of 18’ they have laid it outthe image is nearly the with the numbers at thesame as the actual start so if you want to readpage background a specific article you canmaking it fit very well locate it faster. Also theyon the page. have divide it up withThe other categories of the magazinepictures are like ‘news’ and ‘features’smaller and frame and under those it has thehalf of the main artist in these parts. Ipicture which I really like this layout as itthink looks really gives you the artists yougood. Also they know in the sections thatare not too small you want to read.so you cannot seedetail and theyalso have pagelinks and smalldescriptions.
  • 8. The text is in avery ‘metal’ fontand is bold and The photos are placedbig on the page. in a column composition. Some of the photos are cut out to the persons shape like the top and bottom ones and then theThe colour scheme normal shaped ones inof red and black the middle. They stillworks well with the have tags to the pages.numbers in red and It is almost like athe words in black. It collage of images whichhas the articlesname and a some may be what thedescription magazine has found outunderneath. I see a their audience does.trend of black whiteand red used a lot in The stickers with buzzthese extracts so it words like ‘Free‘ are onmay be something most of the magazineto consider for my front covers andproduction. contents pages I have looked at. But these ones are rough and worn, which may be what the magazine is trying to convey.
  • 9. The bold title The photos depict mostgoes with the of the people looking atactual text you drawing you in. also‘kingsize’. they have links to the pages. Also they are not too contrasted and are quite neutral. All theAgain in the this contents colours on the page arepage as well the quite dull with the mostred, black, and white is used bright and vibrant colouras they work very well being a pale yellow. Thistogether and are easy to contents contrastsread. Also the some of the greatly with the previouspages mentioned here havedescriptions, meaning they one.are the most important andbiggest articles, and othersdon’t implying that they are There is gaps between thejust small stories. photos unlike the previous design, which makes them their own articles. I think this method is less busy Tags to articles helps and easy to understand but the reader identify is not as interesting at all. the bands that are in Also there is more the magazine and whitespace on this the news they bring. contents pages making it not as busy and confusing.
  • 10. Keeps the brandgoing onto thenext page tellingthe reader they This one only hasare still reading one main picture sotheir magazine. is different from the other magazine contents pages. TheThe font is basic image is very strongand easy to read though and workson the black really well at drawingbackground, also in the reader. Thethere is a blacks and blues ofdescription like the photo and whatthe other he is wearing iscontents pages anchored to the textunderneath the and the boxestitles of the around it.articles is you This callout workswish to read well on the nearfurther. white background and is emphasised with the whitespace around it.
  • 11. The colours on the The mainimage ispage all tie in clear and welltogether with the presented. Itreds, whites, and anchors with theblack which are all title ‘Drummer’present in the maybe implyingpictures as well. The that that is theheader gives us a article that for thebold outline that it is photo.the contents page This layout gives the pageand would be easy to number the biggest, thensee when flicking the article name, and thenthrough the the description. This works well as you do not need tomagazine. The read the description but‘drummer’ text you do nee to know theworks well on the page number and what itsbackground but has about-, thus putting themno reference to in a bigger font is better.where it came Smaller images onfrom, maybe its for the header andthe main image on footers which hasthe page but I still number tags tofind it quite unclear. the articles.
  • 12. Double page spreads
  • 13. All characters of the The colour scheme on this page are blacks, whites, greys, andband are presentedhere looking into the purples. The text box to the right and the flash on the left iscamera. The images anchored by the main persons t-shirt with the purple text on it.are not as divideddue to the fades the The main imageblack on the edges bleeds onto theand corners. next page. It’s a very gritty realistic photo and by the way he is not wearing his jumper/jacket suggest the idea of uncovered- maybe linking it to the article. This box makes the article more interesting This flash and callout The body copy of text is In one place and is and the strip helps the reader not split up. This makes it easier to read as of colour understand more and its all in one place and your not constantly makes it interpret the article with trying to find out which bit of the article more the bands point of view. goes next. appealing.
  • 14. The main title is a callout with the colour scheme that I have The ‘M’seen in previous magazines. The way that ‘the best mcr’ (my drops capchemical romance) is in white text makes it the first thing you creates aread which promotes the band as ‘the best’. link to the body copy text about it makingThis is quite a it lookstrong central part ofimage and fits the thepage well. article. The images are in sepia tone which makes them look older suggesting time has past as they have created music in the studio. It makes it seem more like a memory or special occasion instead of just studio work.
  • 15. The whole double page spread is designed like a notebook/collage that goes well with the theme and subject of the article: Dave Grohl. Its like a diary of his photos and quotes.The overlay ofthe imagemakes it looklike collagewhich arenormalpersonal things. This and the orange box are designed to look like little The body copy of text is in notepads. This also is designed columns with Drops caps on each to show that its supposed to be paragraph. personal and private content.
  • 16. Tells you about what the I think this is a very strong image as the picture fade nicely into black whicharticle is about in the greatest works for the text and its the only one on the page stopping it from beingdetail without it just being too busy. The image is clear and sharp and the facial expressions makesthe article. them seem fun and happy.The very big dropscap introduces thecopy body of thearticle, and its with aquotation from theband; which makes itvery different to thenormal articleswhich only have afew flash quotes onthe article. The text of this article is mostly white on black, which works very well and is easy to read. The bands name however is in a blue and bigger than any of the text, making it the focus of the page when you first look, which is what they intended.
  • 17. It has a small title The copy body of text goes across both pages of the spreadwhich I believe makes and is segmented. I think this is good because it feel smallerthe article weak. and less hard to read then getting huge columns of small text. This box is a side story to do with the band, hence why its in the box. The background has a texture that looks like broken and cracked stone. This makes the article more interesting and I think it makes it look older andThe text goes around the images making the pictures look more outlined and works well with theeffective. The column of picture is almost like the article is saying ‘have a break reflective article.from reading, and look at these pictures. The pictures are also annotated whichhelp you figure out what part of the article they are to do with.