5 proven ways to treat carpal tunnel syndrome


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5 proven ways to treat carpal tunnel syndrome

  1. 1. 5 Proven Ways to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pins and Needles…. Nothing explains what is going on with your wrists better than that. You may be a construction worker who is constantly on the jackhammer, an office worker who is always typing away, or a new mother who is dealing with a colicky baby and has to hold it all the time. Whatever you are, you probably know the pain. It is much better to nip it in the bud before it gets too severe. Here are some ways to rid yourself of carpel tunnel syndrome before it puts you out of work! Understand where it comes from You have to know it in order to beat it, so here is some background on carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). The carpal tunnel is a small passageway that goes through the wrist. It has numerous nerves and blood vessels that are all squished together in that one passageway. When you are constantly doing the same motion with your wrists, those tendons begin to swell. This decreases blood flow, causes tension, and causes tingling sensations in the wrists. If nothing is done, there can be some serious muscle and nerve damage. Prevention is the best options Making sure you have an ergonomical keyboard or that you have protection for your wrists when you are working with the same stuff day in and day out is crucial. You should also be willing to give your wrists a break. Ask your boss if you can do something new to keep your wrists from wearing away. Splint it There are all sorts of splints that you can use for your wrists. These can really keep your wrist straight and neutral, which will improve the blood flow and circulation to the wrist. You will also find that because it isn’t bending that you aren’t compressing all of those nerves and tendons. This will make a huge difference if you wear it for a month or so. Ant-inflammatories You may have taken these back in the day when you were sore from playing football or working out in the fields all day. This drug can help calm your nerves for some time. It will also decrease pain and swelling. Exercises You could go to a physical therapist but there are exercises and stretches that you can do even in the office. It is important to get into a routine with your exercises and make sure that you are getting your wrists enough stretching and movement throughout the day. This will decrease swelling and pain as well.
  2. 2. Some people wait too long and have to get added help. If you fall into this category, then make sure you visit your doctor’s office in Florham park new jersey to treat your carpal tunnel syndrome. There is nothing more debilitating and frustrating than to have your wrist rendered useless…even for a day!