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Biomass boilers and the £500k+ available from the RHI.

Biomass boilers and the £500k+ available from the RHI.

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  • 1. Introducing  Biomass   Boilers  and  the   revenue  available  to   your  golf  club  from   the  Renewable  Heat   Incentive  (RHI)   November  2012Constant  Energy  Ltd  Magnetic  HouseMedia  VillageThe  QuaysManchester,  M50  3XWPhilip  R.Smith-­‐LawrenceOffice:  +44  (0)161  813-­‐1768Website:  www.constantenergy.co.ukEmail:  psl@constantenergy.co.uk
  • 2. DO  YOU KNOW...... ....How  many  tonnes  of  CO2   your  golf  club  emits  every  year  and  would  you  like  to  reduce  these   emissions  and  reduce  your  annual  fuel  costs?A  recent  feasibility  study  undertake  for  Ripley  Castle  and  Estates  shows  that  introducing  a  biomass  heating  system  could  save  £10,577  fuel  costs  and  210  tonnes  CO2 every  year.Case  StudyA  country  house  hotel  and  spa  in  Wales,  is  thought  to  be  the  first  hotel  in  Wales  to  harness  the  power  of  biomass  fuel  for  all  its  heating  needs.  The  600kW  renewable  energy  system,  which  is  powered  by  wood  chip,  will  completely  cancel  out  the  £90,000  a  year  oil  bill  of  the  four  star  hotel  and  will  help  safeguard  its  future  as  a  key  island  employer  of  80  people.RENEWABLE  HEAT  INCENTIVE  (RHI)The  Renewable  Heat  Incentive  Scheme  provides  businesses  and  the  public  sector  with  cash  back  for  the  generation  of  renewable  heat.  It  is  a  government-­‐backed  measure,  which  was  introduced  in  July  2011,  to  make  production  of  heat  through  renewable  means  more  financially  attractive.The  Renewable  Heat  Incentive  Scheme  will  represent  over  £860m  of  investment  over  the  spending  review  period,  driving  a  more-­‐than-­‐tenfold  increase  of  renewable  heat  over  the  coming  decade  and  shifting  renewable  heat  from  a  fringe  industry  firmly  into  the  mainstream.  This  is  with  the  ambition  of  increasing  the  total  heat  produced  from  renewable  sources  from  1%  to  12%  by  2020.  This  would  save  about  60  million  tonnes  of  CO2  by  2020,  helping  to  minimise  heating  effects  on  climate  change.
  • 3. WHAT  WE  OFFERConstant  Energy  Limited  can  provide  full  project  management  for  the  purchase,  installation  and  commissioning  of  biomass  boilers  -­‐ pellet  feed  or  log  feed.There  are  a  number  of  options  available  to  acquire  a  biomass  boiler,  from  our  FREE  TO  FIT  scheme,  backed  by  a  £20  million  fund,  to  an  outright  purchase,  the  full  details  are;a) Under  our  FREE  to  FIT  scheme  we  can  supply,  install,  commission  and  maintain  a  biomass  boiler  at  the   premises  and  you  only  have  to  purchase  the  fuel,  which  could  mean  a  saving  of  up  to  40%  against  current   oil  fuel  prices.  Under  this  model  the  owner  of  the  boiler  asset  retains  the  rights  to  the  RHI  income  and   the  carbon  credits  generated.b)          You  can  purchase  the  biomass  boiler  outright,  or  via  finance,  which  we  can  help  arrange  this  for  you,  and   you  retain  all  the  RHI  income  and  carbon  credits,  again  we  will  help  through  this  process.  The  estimated   amount  payable  from  the  RHI,  over  twenty  years,  for  the  installation  of  a  190kW  boilers  is  in  excess  of   £500k.One  finance  source  has  a  repayment  structure  that  is  geared  to  the  future  projected  RHI  income.c)          A  third  party  investment  fund  that  may  invest  in  your  project,  you  wont  need  to  pay  them  back  any  of   the  capital  until  an  agreed  date  in  the  future,  which  they  will  agree  with  you.  So  unlike  a  bank  loan,   where  you  start  paying  back  each  month  soon  after  you  take  out  the  loan,  youll  have  plenty  of  time  to   get  your  project  established  before  you  need  to  worry  about  repayments.  In  return,  theyll  also  ask  you   to  pay  them  a  share  of  the  income  that  your  installation  delivers.  This  will  come  from  the  Renewable   Heat  Incentive  payments,  for  example.  So  you  only  pay  them  when  the  project  is  working  successfully.  Its   a  great  example  of  win/win  working.Would  you  like  a  free    report  outlining  how  many  tonnes  of  CO2 you  can  save  per  annum,  ongoing  fuel  savings  and  the  projected  RHI  revenue  you  could  receive?All  we  require  at  this  stage  is; 1. What  current  fuel  you  are  using  for  heating  and  hot  water. 2. What  was  the  total  fuel  cost  for  the  last  financial  year. 3. Your  Postcode.You  could  be  eligible  for  in  excess  of  £500k  plus  in  revenue  from  the  RHI.Constant  Energy  can  provide  a  full  independent  feasibility  study  for  your  golf  club.  This  study  will  highlight  the  full  range  of  renewable  energy  possibilities  and  associated  incentives  available.  If  you  are  interested  in  exploring  this  opportunity  further  please  contact  Phil  on;Mobile:  07748443805.                                                                                                      Email:  psl@constantenergy.co.uk
  • 4. GOLF  CLUBS:  CASE  STUDIESKemnay Golf  Club  in  Aberdeenshire clubhouse  was  built  in  2000  few  anticipated  how  energy  costs  would  spiral  over  the  coming   with  extensive  windows,  was  powered  by   The  club  looked  into  ground  source  heat  pumps,  but  their  ongoing  electrical  supply  costs  and  longer  payback  period  made  this  a  less  attractive  option The  switch  to  solar  panel  and  biomass  energy  has  been  immediately   said  David on  electricity  costs   even  after  the  cost  of  wood  pellets.  We  anticipate  full  payback  of  our  biomass  boiler  installation  outlay  within  less  than  eight  yearsBowood Spa  in  WiltshireIn  2008,  the  new  Bowood Spa  Hotel  and  Golf  Club  in  Wiltshire,  which  has  extensive  forestry  operations,  also  embarked  on  this  technology  to  heat  its  clubhouse  and  conference  centre   but  was  concerned  about  the  visual  impact  it  would  create.  Therefore,  a  semi-­‐sunken  energy  centre  with  timber  cladding,  powder-­‐coated  flues  and  screening  by  mature  trees  was  built  for  a  320kW  woodchip  boiler  and  two  standby  gas  boilers,  and  pre-­‐insulated  plastic  heat  mains  pipes  connect  the  biomass  boiler  to  the  buildings  across  the  estate. and  slide-­‐open  wood  fuel   allows  woodchip  to  be  tipped  directly  into  the  fuel  bunker.  Fuel  is  delivered  by  a  tipping  tractor  trailer.  The  boiler  uses  about  250  tonnes  of  seasoned  woodchip  sourced  from  the   to  supply  approximately  750MWh  of  renewable  biomass  heat  for  the  facility,  saving  150  tonnes  of  carbon  dioxide  per  year on  gas  architect  Jeremy  Blake.  Furthermore,  this  approach  clearly  has  a  good  PR  value.  At  the  time,  The  Times  newspaper  described  BowoodThe  Oaks  in  YorkshireA  few  years  ago,  The  Oaks  Golf  Club  &  Spa  in  Yorkshire  installed  four  kerosene  boilers,  but  by  2007  these  were  consuming  around  £30,000-­‐worth  of  fuel  per  year,  which  was  set  to  rise  by  50  per  cent  within  a  year.As  subscriptions  are  set  a  year  in  advance,  the  club  could  not  offset  price  increases  among  the  membership.  The  REKA  biomass  boiler  was  identified  as  the  boiler  option  and  a  200kW  unit  was  installed.  The  scheme  is  sited  within  a  purpose-­‐built  boiler  house  containing  the  boiler,  an  auger-­‐fed  fuel  hopper  comprising  a  second-­‐hand,  slightly  modified  diet  feeder  trailer  and  a  skid-­‐mounted  1.5  tonne  wheat  tote  bin  for  the  ash.A  member  of  staff  checks  the  system  each  morning,  while  an  integral  air  blast  system  clears  the  pipes  every  20  minutes,  reducing  manual  pipe  maintenance  to  once  per  month.  Hot  water  from  the  boiler  is  piped  underground  straight  into  the  existing  heating  system.  The  kerosene  boilers  have  been  retained  as  backup  and  should  output  from  the  biomass  boiler  fall  below  a  preset  level,  they  will  automatically  take  over.The  boiler  cost  £35,000  and  the  investment  was  recovered  by  2010   just  three  years  afterthe  boiler  was  built.
  • 5. GOLF  CLUBS:  CASE  STUDIESCleobury Mortimer  Golf  Club   ShropshireA  75kW  Attack  Profi Log  Boiler  and  5,000  litre  accumulator  tank  to  provide  heating  and  hot  water  to  the  entire  golf  club  installed  in  a  purpose-­‐built  plant  room  adjoining  the  golf  club.  An  LPG  boiler  provides  back-­‐up  if  required. it  offers  to  all  who  play  there.  Like  many  golf  clubs,  CMGC  was  severely  affected  by  the  economic  downturn  and  even  more  so  by  recent  bad  weather.  This  concentrated  the  minds  of  the  owners  to  look  for  more  efficient  ways  to  run  and  operate  a  clubhouse  that  needs  to  be  warm,  friendly  and  inviting,  whatever  the  weather  outside.It  became  clear  that  a  biomass  boiler  heating  system  could  offer  real  benefits  and  would  fit  in  well  with  the   supply  fuel  for  the  boiler.  The  Renewable  Heat  Incentive  (RHI)  pays  the  golf  club  a  tax-­‐ free  income  for  the  heat  that  it  produces  for  20  years  and  this  is  estimated  at  approximately  £7,000  annually.  The  club  is  saving  just  under  £1,000  a  month  on  LPG  costs  during  the  heating  season  and  his  produces  a  combined  annual  financial  benefit  of  approximately  £11,600,  and  investment  capital  will  be  recovered  in  just  over  2  years.*Please  note  these  installations  are  case  studies  of  existing  biomass  boiler  installations  and  none  of  the  above  our  clients. The  Internal  Structure  of  our  Eco  Cabinets
  • 6. ABOUT  USConstant Energy Limited provides a complete and expert turnkey service in the commissioning, design, finance,installation, management and maintenance of biomass boilers, to the public and private sectors. We bringtogether commercial experience, expertise and a unique funding model to biomass boiler installations, a proven,clean technology fuel, which has been used successfully in the Nordic countries for many years.Constant Energy project management includes the full design of your biomass boiler system, supplyand installation of the boiler(s), buffer vessel, fuel store, controls and heat meters, flue and connection to yourexisting hot water flow return system. Constant Energy also includes ongoing monitoring andmaintenance of the system, and fuel supply under our long term fuel supply contracts.We also finance packages that are tailored to our clients circumstances, be it 100% financing or our truly Free toFit model, backed by our investment partners. This enables us to deliver to our clients a structured andimmediate cash flow saving on the biomass boiler system and clients will also benefit from reduced fuel costs.Our service takes care of every aspect of biomass boilers from initial consultation through design, installation,commissioning, ongoing operation and fuelling. Our state of the art systems will monitor the day to dayoperation of the system, and will even tell us when fuel levels need replenishing. Our aim is to make savingmoney with biomass very straightforward.Constant  Energy  Limited  only  works  with  experienced  market  leading  partners  and  sub-­‐contractors  who  have  completed  many  biomass  boiler  installations  throughout  the  UK,  including;Q  Hotels  -­‐ Norton  Park  Hotel.  200kW  Biomass  energy  cabin.Cosmopolitan  Housing  -­‐ Liverpool.  Twin  80kW  pellet  boilers  to  heat  a  social  housing  project.Mersey  Forest  Trust  -­‐Constant  Energy  Ltd,  Magnetic  House,  Media  Village,  Salford  Quays,  Manchester,  M50  3XWPhilip  R.Smith-­‐LawrenceOffice:  +44  (0)161  813  1768DDI:  +44  (0)  161  848  0027Mobile:  07748443805.Website:  www.constantenergy.co.ukEmail:  psl@constantenergy.co.uk