Social cause marketing


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Social cause marketing

  1. 1. Social cause marketing. By Positive Revolution INCAs the name suggests social cause marketing is a form of marketing that borrows sometechniques from commercial marketing with the aim of social engagement. It is through it thatthe targeted audience is influenced to change their social behavior in a way to benefit the society.It can either be related to environmental issues, matters of public health, safety or communitydevelopment marketing. In fact some people call it marketing for good since it main focus isusually on public good first.Today many organizations are turning to social cause marketing as they have realized that It’s notwhat you do today that matters but rather your history of caring. About 73% of consumersbelieve that companies should have a good environmental track record. It is for this same reasonthat companies donate money to charity and create eco-friendly products in order to make theirbrands jump onto the social mission band wagon. There are a number of thing that anorganization can achieve through social cause marketing. Some of these accrued benefits includeimproving overall corporate name, differentiating a brand, attracting the attention of targetedcustomers, invigorating brand preference and loyalty, attracting loyal employees and, eventually,increasing stock prices and profits.Social cause marketing has been proved to be having a very great impact on the customer’sperception. They tend to like organizations that participate in various social cause marketing andeventually buying from such organization. This means that customers may buy your product notbecause it is the best but only because they love you.Apart from the good will gained from customers for doing social cause marketing, it alsoprovides a good opportunity of market awareness. This is so because some of the activities ofthis form of marketing involves building a relationship with the customers themselves that givingyou an opportunity to learn what their needs are and at the same time taking advantage of theopportunities available.Social cause marketing can also be used by organizations to improve the structures of thesurrounding in which it is operating. This is so because there are certain public good it achievesthat still benefits them. For example an organization may come up to improve the transport of agiven area as a form of social cause marketing. This will not only improve customer’s preferenceto the company’s products but also improves the company distribution as they still use theimproved transport to reach the customers and even transport their materials.Though social cause marketing may be viewed as a waste of money the benefits from the samehave been proved to outweigh it cost. It is in fact a very good way of impacting customers toliking and even preferring your products and services.Positive Revolution is a group of industry professionals with the unique ability to successfullydrive investor and consumer traffic. Positive Revolution provides expert business growth andmarketing consulting for businesses interested using online media channels to increase their salesand shareholder bases. Positive Revolution accomplishes these goals by utilizing technology and
  2. 2. inexpensive labor to build markets quickly without breaking the bank. We are located in SanDiego, CA.We are engaged in business acceleration and proprietary marketing strategies to majorcorporations within diverse industries. Our Marketing Process and Technology are unmatched inthe industry. Our system is a process-centered, technology-enabled, performance-driven solutionexecuted by our in-house editors, SEO specialists, project managers and engineers. All of theseteam members work in tandem with experts who possess particular technical industryexperience.Our consulting practice is built on trust, proven success, long-term relationships and referrals.We only select clients we know we can help succeed, and we guarantee your completesatisfaction with our services. With Positive Revolution, every one of our clients has theadvantage of working directly with a senior consultant, not second string assistants and supportstaff. The ability to get results quickly is the key to our success.Positive Revolution can market anything you can imagine. Success comes from our initialinvestment into our clients program and hard work. Developers of proprietary softwaremanaging a staff of 150 outsourced online marketing experts used in a process to pop a marketwithin 45 days. Online strategist using positive content to drive investor and consumer traffic.Alan ArmstrongPositive Revolution IncSan Diego,