Facebook graph search; thoughts and concerns


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The new Facebook graph search is very powerful; but to what extent does it further diminish privacy? What should we be aware of when using it?

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Facebook graph search; thoughts and concerns

  1. 1. Search Facebook with Graph Search; thoughts and concerns Phil Bradley http://www.philb.com
  2. 2. Introducing Graph Search
  3. 3. Discovery via friends • People who share your interests • People who like your photographs • People who live in Manchester and like restaurants in Leeds • Films that your married friends like • Books that my relatives like • Photographs taken in London before 2003
  4. 4. Discovery from strangers • People who like wargaming – and who live in Basildon • People who like eHarmony (a dating site) – And who are married • Pastors who like Ann Summers (an adult store) • People who like Alcoholics Anonymous – And who work for Microsoft – Or who work for Google
  5. 5. In other words • With Graph Search you can look up anything that has been shared with you on Facebook • Other people can find things you have shared with them
  6. 6. Privacy issues • Control who sees your Profile on the About Tab • Review photographs that you have shared or been tagged in • Review your posts with location tags in your activity log
  7. 7. Using Graph Search
  8. 8. However... • It’s surprising what you can actually find out...
  9. 9. But hang on! • Only two married men out of millions of men who are that stupid? • How trustworthy are these results?
  10. 10. Let’s get back on track
  11. 11. Concerns • • • • Should I worry about blurring out faces etc? After all, it IS public data. Isn’t it? Do these people know that it’s public? What responsibility, if any, do I have for or with their data? • At what point do we need worry about linking A + B data to get C, which may be private?
  12. 12. More concerns • Up to what point can we extrapolate? • Does ‘liberal minded’ in a ‘complicated relationship’ mean something that others might think is a bit sleazy? • If we don’t think so, what about other people who will?
  13. 13. Targeting selling • Easy to find all the people who like Argos • Then corrolate to those who also like gardening • Then who live in a particular area • Promote a 20% off offer on lawnmowers! • Is this acceptable? After all, it’s advertising they might actually want!
  14. 14. Getting Graph Search If this is what you’re seeing, then you don’t have access to Graph Search
  15. 15. Click on the cog option
  16. 16. Account settings, General Account
  17. 17. Save and you’re done.