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25 tools to entertain, educate, enthrall
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25 tools to entertain, educate, enthrall


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25 tools that I think are fun, interesting and helpful. All are free, and quick to learn. Try a new tool today!

25 tools that I think are fun, interesting and helpful. All are free, and quick to learn. Try a new tool today!

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. 25 tools to entertain, educate, enthrall and excite!
    Phil Bradley
  • 2. Tagxedo
    Next generation Wordle product
    Simple and easy to use
    You can add your own images to create your own wordcloud shapes
  • 3. Two of my creations
  • 4. Vuvox
    Media Creation, made easy, and Incorporate images, videos
    Create embedded content and hotspots
    Use photographs as frames for slideshows
    A nice alternative to Powerpoint
  • 5. Web 1.0 and 2.0 compared: a worked example
  • 6. Voxopop
    Discuss interests with others
    Interact quickly and easily
    Using your own voice
    Start your own talk groups
  • 7. My worked example
  • 8. Readability
    Readability makes it easier to read webpages
    It removes the clutter around what you’re reading
    Great for printing as well
    Install as a browser bar button
  • 9. Before/after BBC news story
  • 10. Wallwisher
    Online bulletin board with post-it notes
    Easy to create, maintain, and involve others
    Great for group use
    Embed video and image links too
  • 11. Wallwisher demo wall
  • 12. Trailmeme
    Create a ‘trail’ of websites/pages for people to explore
    Good way to introduce a subject
    Assisted learning, explored at own pace
    Easy to create
  • 13. My Web 2.0 apps example
  • 14. Animoto
    Create video compliations from images
    Produce professional looking products
    Free accounts limited to 30 second clips
  • 15. My worked example
  • 16. Whichbook
    Choose a book to read based on various criteria
    Use a simple sliding scale to emphasis elements
    Then choose your book and borrow from your library
  • 17. Whichbook in action
  • 18. YouSendIt
    Send large files easily
    Browser based
    Overcome email limitations
    Free and commercial versions
  • 19. YouSendIt home page
  • 20. Plugoo
    Plug a chatbox into your site/blog
    Links directly into your messenger
    Excellent for ‘Ask a librarian’ type service
    You have complete control over it
  • 21. Me chatting to.... Me!
  • 22. CopyTaste
    Create your own private URL with data
    Share with friends, colleagues, the world
    Include photos, video etc
    Easy way to collate data
  • 23. Copytaste public pages
  • 24. Flame
    Create wonderful flame/smoke type images
    Simple, easy and quick to create
    Sometimes just having fun is enough!
  • 25. Flame creation page
  • 26. Netvibes for home/start pages
    Pull all your links and content together in one place
    Save time as data flows to you
    Add RSS feeds, create dashboards,
    Share, or keep private
  • 27. An example Web 2.0 subject dashboard
  • 28. Google searchstories
    Create 30 second stories around Google search
    Choose 7 searches, add music, you’re done
    Upload to YouTube
    Simple and easy to use
  • 29. My UK General Election example
  • 30. Slideshare
    Add your presentations
    Keep them private, make them public
    Create your own network
    Excellent for training, distributing
  • 31. My page at Slideshare
  • 32. Tizmos
    Create a page of large thumbnails of resources
    Use as a start page, subject guide or trail
    Simple and easy to use
  • 33. Search engines page example
  • 34. Star Wars weather forecast
    Great fun if you like Star Wars, not so much if you don’t.
    A different answer to an obvious question
    Sometimes things are just fun
  • 35. London weather, April 17
  • 36. Tinychat
    Create a real time chat room in seconds
    Add video functionality to it
    Stream up to 12 people at once
    Make private video calls
  • 37. Simple screenshot
  • 38. TitsUp
    Checks to see if a site is down for everyone, or just a local problem
    Quick and easy
    It does what it does!
  • 39. What it looks like:
  • 40. Krunchd
    Quick way to share a lot of URLs
    Great for teaching, subject guidance, training
    Generate your own link
  • 41. A worked example
  • 42. ScreenToaster
    Free online screen recorder
    Works with a single click
    Add voice over
    Embed anywhere
  • 43. Their demonstration
  • 44. What do you suggest?
    Takes an idea from you
    Uses Google to make suggestions on improving the search
    Interesting concept – useful for teaching search
  • 45. Web 2.0 worked example
  • 46. Web Seer to compare suggestions
    Choose two different things
    Compare the Google suggestions
    Quickly see similarities/differences
    Fun and educational all at once!
  • 47. Worked football team example
  • 48. Zinepal
    Create printable PDFs and eBooks from any online content
    Quickly, easily produce your own material in a different format
    From blog, search results, website
  • 49. UK General Election worked example
  • 50. Glogster
    Poster yourself!
    Create online posters
    Incorporate text, images, music and video
  • 51. Glogs related to ‘books’
  • 52. Even more!
    If you found these interesting, you’ll probably find my other resources helpful:
    “I want to” is a collection of over 1,100 applications that help you do different things
    My “Web 2.0 weblog” which is updated most days with new resources.
  • 53. Thanks
    You can contact me at
    Or via my website at
    I’m happy to discuss working with you to update your staff or colleagues with tailor made courses on social media or internet search, from an hour to a day.