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PACA November Newsletter

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PACA November Newsletter

  1. 1. November 2009 Newsletter In This Issue President's Message PACA's Monthly Dinner Meeting Hi PACA Community- Credentialing As we enter the season of Thanksgiving, I often Resources reflect on what I am grateful for and connect with values I hold true. This past week I have been ACP Int'l Event reflecting upon PACA's objectives and values of A Taste of the ICF commitment, connection and collaboration. These values drive what we attempt to achieve as an Conference organization and how we operate on a daily basis. PACA's 2009 Holiday It is also the "face" that we present to our members and other organizations we interact with. Event As I reflect upon this year, I see how these objectives are being fulfilled Member Corner and I'd like to share some of my observations with you and invite you to see how each of these is showing up in your life and business. Congratulations!! Commitment: According to my thesaurus, there are many ways that you can demonstrate commitment, including dedication, responsibility,   Quick Links obligation and also as a pledge or assurance. This past year, PACA has shown dedication to the membership through staying current on the PACA Website issues of the profession and facilitating dialogue amongst the members. The Yahoo group is a wealth of information for members and those just Our Events interested in learning more about coaching. During this past month, there was also a reflection of the pledge toward the profession in the Member Area discussion and dialogue that has occurred (and I am sure will continue) regarding ICF's review of the credentialing process. The discussions Contact Us have been passionate and informative and respectful of varying opinions. All traits you see when you bring together people who are committed to the profession of coaching and to each other. I invite you Connect with to become informed on what is happening at the ICF level and voice your opinion. It will allow you to feel more connected to your profession PACA and the organization. This brings me to our next objective, which is Connection. Connection: Again to my handy thesaurus and I find that connection is also a link, an association and relationship. PACA is certainly a link to the coaching community at large. Many of our members serve on committees at the ICF level and Cheryl Vermey was just elected to the Add PACA as a friend Board of Directors. Congrats again to her AND to PACA. Many of our on Facebook members will be presenting at the ICF conference in December and this will further our association to each other and to many attendees from around the world. It is a great opportunity to be in the midst of coaches
  2. 2. from different countries, different specialties and different paradigms so we can all connect to talk coaching. It is an opportunity to create relationships that continue well beyond the few days of the conference. This brings me to our last objective, collaboration. Connect with PACA on LinkedIn Collaboration: Partnership, teamwork, alliance, relationship are all indicators of collaboration. PACA is the ultimate collaboration. For many of you, the "face" of PACA may be the dinner meeting. The teamwork that goes into a dinner meeting is incredible. It begins with Visit PACA's Chris Coward and her committee working extremely hard to bring Web Site excellent speakers who provide maximum benefit to our attendees. Then Rosy and her committee work to have the evening flow from the arrangements with the venue to the registration process both online and then the night of the meeting. Then all of the different members of the Interested in board have their roles in the success of the evening. And of course, there is you, the attendees. Your attendance and participation is Being crucial. This is just a snapshot of one of the areas that PACA Interviewed for collaborates. There are new member events, the Mega Mixer, the Our New Member annual survey, special events such as the Coaches' Café and an expo in the planning stages. There is outreach to other organizations and the list Column? could go on and on. We are a dedicated group who are in partnership with each other to make PACA the organization that it is today. Please contact Pat Weeks at: Commitment, Connection and Collaboration were listed as the "strategic objectives" for PACA in 2009. However, I also think they are the heart of PACA. They drive what we do on a daily basis and the actions we take on behalf of the members. I am also drawn to think about what objectives I have for my own business and I invite you to do the same. Think about what drives you and your business on a daily basis. Display Your Perhaps you want to set your own "strategic objectives or values" for Products And 2010. Once you have clarity about what is important to you, you can move forward in support of your objectives. Promotional Materials At Enjoy this month of appreciation, connection and planning. I hope to see Monthly Meetings you at our next dinner meeting or let's get connected over a cup of coffee soon. Did you know? Wishing you great success- PACA members are welcome to bring and All the best - display their coaching sue products at all monthly PACA meetings. A long- Susan Guiher, MS CCC standing member-only President, Philadelphia Area Coaches Alliance benefit, a table will now be available just for PACA members to display their items. So bring your coaching tools, books, flyers of upcoming events, etc. PACA's November Monthly Dinner Meeting and share with our community! Date: Thursday, November 19, 2009 For more information, Time: 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM EST* please contact Chris Coward at *All members are invited to join us from 5:30 to 6:00 pm for our New Member Pre-Meeting where we'll be or 215-472-1572. discussing exciting issues about credentialing and standards. More info on the issues here.
  3. 3. Topic: "Stand Up, Stand Out-And Change The World: How Good News for Businesses of the Future Will Gain the Competitive You Edge" Have you been: Speaker: Lizabeth Phelps, Influential Communications Trainer, Certified Empowerment Coach Covered in the Location: Double Tree Guest Suites, 640 W. Germantown news? Pike, Plymouth Meeting, PA (610) 834-8300 Published in a magazine? Details & Registration: Click here Quoted as an expert? It's one thing to change the world as a coach-and another to change the world as a business owner. The world has changed. Consumers are Then we want to know! dramatically more selective in their purchasing habits, while they're also Send your good news asking for more. The products and services they buy will be those that links to stand apart, and those that offer the exceptional: they stand for communications@ something; inspire community; and make a difference. Your business must do all of this, and you must be able to convey that during the selling so we can share with the process. In short, you must be able to inspire your prospects with a whole PACA community. powerful message right out of the gate. Influential Communications Expert, Lizabeth Phelps, and CEO of Inspired Leadership Training, a seminar company dedicated to helping coaches establish their one-of-a-kind business voice, is thrilled to be sharing with PACA members a revolutionary strategy for setting their business apart from all others and elevating it to the ranks of "world changer." In this session, she will teach a step-by-step process for uncovering the inspirational message that a business will stand on and perhaps even brand on. Two members will sit in the "hot seat" as examples to the rest of the group. Everyone will walk out with Lizabeth's book on this subject, which they can use to further develop their unique, inspirational message. You will learn .... How to develop your core message and communicate this message to inspire others How to sell coaching and achieve a better conversion rate How to brand yourself uniquely through greater clarity on your message. 1.5 CCEU's will be awarded in the area of Personal Development and Core Competencies. SPEAKER BIO: Lizabeth Phelps, Influential Communications Expert and CEO/Founder of Inspired Leadership Training, has achieved national attention for her unique system of getting powerful and revolutionary results from the platform. Secrets of Impact & Influence teaches a results-driven "New Paradigm" of speaking and presentation techniques based on the latest brain research. Years of expertise in marketing, executive coaching, speaking, training, adult learning and brain-based communication strategies and instructional design has afforded her keen understanding of effective influential communication. She received her Bachelors of Science in Advertising and Marketing from F.I.T, and was certified in 2001 as a coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. She has worked privately with executives and entrepreneurs across the globe, and spoken for such
  4. 4. organizations as Roche; American Standard; Pace University; St. John's University; the Entrepreneur Organization; Young Presidents Organization; NJ Ad Club; ICF; NAWBO; Rotary; and other associations. In addition to helping coaches, speakers, authors and other service professionals develop the most original and advanced on-stage speaking skills available, she also teaches them to deliver off-stage, business messages that stand apart from all others and create urgency to buy-- using the latest influencing techniques. Her live and internet-based trainings are high-energy environments of fun that implement the very brain-based learning techniques she teaches. Private consultations are also provided for presentation design; presentation critique; small business differentiation; and unique selling practices. Lizabeth can be contacted at: 973-783-5070 or Register online now!   Credentialing Resources For YOU  Stay tuned - stay informed! Lots of exciting issues about credentialing and standards are being discussed in the coaching community. For quick links check out the following: For information on the proposed ICF credentialing changes use this link: action=view&articleID=500&menuID=0 For FAQ on coach training and certification on the PACA website go to: Come to the November 19th PACA dinner meeting beginning at 5:30 pm for a roundtable conversation around these issues. Here's the background on why your antennae need to be up right now. Typically new members and those in coach training programs have lots of questions about training and certification. These questions have become more important since ICF has announced a proposal for revisions and enhancements to the system. To serve the interests of PACA members on these issues we are focusing on two directions. First, we have finalized a document entitled "Frequently Asked Questions about Coach Training and Certification" that is now on the PACA website. New and prospective members can use this as a starting place to gain information about options for them. Please take a few moments to check this out. We are interested in your feedback. Second, the PACA Board has asked that I serve as the point person on the credentialing issues for both the Board and the membership. To that end, at the October PACA dinner meeting we had a very productive roundtable discussion about the proposed ICF changes. As a result, I
  5. 5. have compiled the identified issues and submitted them to the ICF Global Board of Directors for consideration at their December meeting. To keep you informed of new developments on the ICF Credentialing front there will be another roundtable discussion before the November 19th PACA dinner meeting beginning at 5:30 pm. I hope you will come with your questions. I also encourage you to be informed by checking out the FAQ sheet using the link noted above and by visiting the ICF website. For those of you who are really using your coaching curiosity, there is an in-depth document entitled ICF Credentialing System Enhancement Overview, which may be found here. Stay tuned for other new information as it becomes available. As nothing is yet final there are many unresolved issues and questions. We will make every effort to keep you informed as new information becomes available. We are in the season of celebrating abundance. And I am celebrating the abundance of wisdom in the coaching community as we collectively decide the future of our profession. Cheryl M. Vermey, Ed.D, CPCC, ACC, CTC Vice President of Professional Development Association of Career Professionals International - Greater Philadelphia Chapter Date: Friday, November 13, 2009 Time: 7:45 to 9:45 am Location: Our new location, The Pyramid Club, 52nd Floor, 1735 Market Street in Philadelphia Topic: "Leveraging Social Media for Your Clients and Your Business" With LinkedIn at 47 Million users, Twitter at 30 Million users and Facebook at 90 Million users, Social Media has become a major factor in how Job Seekers network and Businesses communicate. The explosive growth of this phenomenon necessitates that it be part of any comprehensive job search campaign or organization marketing strategy. It's no wonder that at a recent ACP International event, attendees identified Social Media as one of the most important areas to learn more about this year. In response to this request, the Philadelphia Chapter has brought together two of the region's most prominent experts to teach us how to establish a strong presence on these sites. Hear how to leverage social media's tremendous capabilities to help our clients and students get jobs and our career services grow. For those who already have a basic understanding of these media, the program is designed to take you to the next level of understanding in how to make the most of them. Our panelists include: Phyllis Mufson - One of the region's Top 10 most influential Twitter
  6. 6. members with a following of more than 13,000 people on Twitter, a certified life coach and long time Philadelphia Chapter member. Ed Callahan, Jr. - Author of the ebook "How to Use LinkedIn for Selling and Consulting" and owner of the consulting firm EOS Worldwide. Register online at by November 9th at 5 pm. Due to the alliance between PACA and ACP International, PACA members register at the Member fee of $25. A Taste of the ICF Conference Our own Cheryl Vermey will be presenting at this year's ICF Annual Conference. Here, she gives us a taste of her presentation. We invite you to attend her session this December in Orlando where it will be offered as a concurrent session in the Mind, Body, Spirit Track on Friday, December 4th from 11:00 - 12:30 pm. To register, please visit the ICF website. Date: December 2-5, 2009 Location: Orlando, FL Topic: The Yoga of Coaching: Applying an Ancient Science to Coaching Practice Coaching from one or two dimensions is like clipping the wings of an airplane and using it as an automobile! Coaches endorse the principle of coaching the client's whole life. How do we implement this holistic practice, especially in organizational or corporate settings, where the sponsor may be focused on specific outcomes or the bottom line? This interactive session will explore how coaches can use the ancient science and principles of Yoga, the Chakras, and the Koshas to inform and enhance their coaching practice. Much of the underlying theory of coaching may be traced back to these early teachings. Exploring these principles, along with personal experience, will provide coaches with new and creative strategies in serving their clients to be the whole people they already are. We will explore the seven Chakras: the centers of vital life energy responsible for balancing the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of being. We will examine the five Koshas: the facets of the human being that include the physical, energy, emotional, wisdom and bliss "bodies". Finally, we will apply these and select yoga principles, to enhance coaching practice and client outcomes through case examples. It's a powerful tool even without using the word "yoga"! Dr. Cheryl Vermey, CPCC, ACC, CTC, president of EnVision Coaching, Inc., is an executive and leadership development coach. She is a member of the ICF Research & Education Committee (2006-09), is also currently Vice President of Professional Development of PACA and
  7. 7. was recently elected to the ICF Global Board of Directors. Cheryl has more than thirty years experience as an educator, dean, and administrator in both university and non-profit settings. She has decades of service on various boards of directors and is an advanced certified yoga teacher. The presentation can be accessed before the conference on the ICF website: Please feel free to contact Cheryl at or visit her website if you would like to discuss how she uses this work in her practice. PACA's 2009 Holiday Event Date: Thursday, 12/17/2009 Time: 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM Topic: "It's OK to Play" Speaker: Evan Marcus Location: Double Tree Guest Suites, 640 W. Germantown Pike, Plymouth Meeting, PA (610) 834-8300 Details & Registration: Click here Come celebrate 2009 and have some holiday fun! We'll have some business: Inducting the 2010 Board Members. We'll have some fun: A fantastic book exchange and table improv game. We'll have some learning: Evan Marcus will help us learn how recess really can mean success!! The Book Exchange: Here's how it works. Select a book that is in your top 10 must reads. Put your business card in the front cover and wrap your book. Each person that brings a book will participate in the exchange. You'll leave with that great book that you are meant to read next. About our Speaker: Evan Marcus, a leader in the field of leadership is sought out by clients who are seeking new approaches to fundamental business challenges. An experienced business owner himself, Evan advises individuals and organizations who are interested in taking their company to the next level or who are struggling to achieve work-life balance. Evan is an adjunct professor at the Rutgers School of Business in their MBA program where he specializes in Corporate Culture, where he teaches "When Work Matters, An Exploration of Spirituality at Work." Evan is co-author of "It's O.K. to Play: 30 Days to a Ridiculously Wonderful Life." Evan's greatest joy is
  8. 8. bringing a compassionate ear, an artistic eye and practical solutions to the concerns and aspirations of the people he works with. When he's not playing with his three young sons, he's donating his time leading Beacon's of Light, a retreat for leaders of non-profit organizations. Evan can be contacted at Learn more about Evan's work at Member Corner - Robert "Haas" Tobey Interviewed by Patricia Weeks It becomes clear early in a conversation with him that many threads have contributed to the tapestry that has become Robert "Haas" Tobey. He calls himself a "natural" coach and healer. His background in science, research and business combined with his interest in healing and teaching has led him to develop a unique approach to executive and life coaching. Coaching has been a process of evolution for Haas (as he prefers to be called), beginning in the late '50's as a graduate student at Harvard fascinated with creativity. He read everything mathematicians had written about the creative process and how to evokes one's own creativity, personally, as well as how one evokes it within a working team. Haas came to the conclusion that evoking your creative flow includes release of physical pain, emotional catharsis, the relaxation of mental anguish and spiritual rebirth. But it wasn't until 2000 that Haas learned that coaching had become a formal profession. He had been using coaching principles for many years before he called himself a coach, first as a mentor to scientists and professors at IBM and the Department of Computer Sciences at Illinois Institute of Technology. In both cases he saw bright new people joining these organizations and realized they needed guidance on how to debug systems, think about problems and come to workable conclusions. Those efforts led to consulting with Fortune 500 firms. At some point he realized, "I'm made for this and this is something I want to do for the rest of my life." During the course of his work in business, Haas began to incorporate healing work into his efforts. Haas offers his clients a combination of "laying on of hands," body work (myo-facial release and cranio-sacral therapy), and exploring with them their sense of themselves and their sense of dis-ease within their unique psychological framework. Haas' favorite clients? People who are sincere, open, able and willing to be honest with themselves and comfortable with searching. Helping people who are honestly seeking breakthroughs, are seriously in the game of life and are trying to discover their mission/legacy and live their best life is rewarding. His clients have ranged from Fortune 500 executives to welfare moms, Ph.D.'s, and
  9. 9. other coaches. And if Haas were to be given two weeks of free professional development? He would go on an Outward Bound course or some similar experience in the wilderness to stretch his limits and engage with intelligent and challenging people. Haas' professional development has been guided by following his curiosity and intuition to the next learning. Haas' life and career has left him with a number of accomplishments for which he feels pride. He has built five degree-granting programs at universities and within a couple of years was doing 20% of the work with 1/20th of the resources. He developed a powerful and transformative weekend retreat that has changed lives. He has "six gorgeous grand children and four fantastic kids" and is very proud of how they are creating themselves. Haas is also a veteran Board member of PACA, having served as Treasurer and been cited twice for outstanding contributions to PACA. Most importantly, Haas has been present for love. He has come to a fuller understanding that there are two key emotions that affect energetic flow - fear and love. As his practice has developed, his understanding of these emotions has been enhanced through the healing work he does. He sees that fear is always present when his clients are unhappy or not at ease. He also notes with satisfaction: "I have coached individuals from the brink of suicide to alive, productive, scintillating individuals." As a coach, he is always seeking the best question that will move a conversation forward. As he notes, "if I find myself working an agenda, that's a red flag that I may be getting in the way." Further, with a specific individual in a specific situation, he recognizes that each conversation will generate a unique coaching response within the healing framework. More about Haas and his work can be found here: http://www.break- . Congratulations are in order!! Congratulations to the two lucky PACA members who won the PACA 2009 Annual Survey raffle -- they will both receive a $25 gift card to Barnes & Noble! DeDe Brown and Andrea Cabrelli 2009 ICF International Conference
  10. 10. Global Conversations: Inspiring individuals, Building communities, Impacting the world Make plans now to attend the 14th ICF Annual International Conference! Join this year's largest global gathering of professional coaches, December 2-5 in Orlando, Florida, USA. If you are passionate and curious about professional coaching, don't miss this premiere industry event expected to draw 1,200 attendees, over 40 expert speakers (including our very own Cheryl Vermey!) and more than 50 unique exhibitors. All events will take place at one convenient location, the breathtaking Rosen Shingle Creek resort. What to do at conference: Dialogue with peers, industry experts and ICF leaders. Learn and earn Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEUs). Connect during special networking and social events. See and try new coaching products and materials. Enjoy your stay at the luxurious Rosen Shingle Creek. Have fun at Orlando's world famous attractions and theme parks. In Florida, we'll engage in Global Conversations about the sustainability and future impact of the worldwide coaching community. Join the conversation and let your voice be heard! Register early to maximize your savings. Discounts available if you register before September 30, 2009. For more Conference information and to register, go to:   Connection with Your Executive Board! Join us at a PACA Board Meeting to get better acquainted with your Board: 1st Thursday of each month from 10:15 AM - 12:00 Noon. As location varies, please contact PACA Secretary Christine Fontana or 610-585-6960 to confirm your attendance at a Board meeting and receive instructions. If you have suggestions or observations about our community, please feel free to contact any of the Board members