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Total Project Management...the future organization.

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Tpm Presentation

  1. 1. Total Project Management (TPM) © 2008 Advanced Management Services, Inc. v. 1.0 v 10 All Rights Reserved This document is provided pursuant to an Agreement and contains restrictions on its use. This document contains trade secrets and proprietary information and is protected by federal copyright law. Neither this document, nor the materials within may be copied, modified, translated or distributed in any form or medium, disclosed to third parties, or used in any manner not provided for in the Agreement, except with written authorization from Advanced Management Services, Inc. This document is current as of the date of publication only. Changes in the document may be made from time to time. This document is the exclusive property of: Advanced Management Services, Inc. 960 Turnpike Street Canton, MA 02021 Phone: 781.828.8210 Web: Confidential Reproduction is Prohibited © 2008 Advanced Management Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved 1
  2. 2. Total Project Management (TPM) © 2008 Advanced Management Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved 2
  3. 3. Total Project Management (TPM) In a project-based culture, projects are aligned with an organization’s corporate strategy and thus receive support from managers at all levels People process and technology are the key drivers in levels. People, this environment. Excellent communication and collaboration must be developed as norms within the organization. This style of management will drive accountability into the process and create a platform for continuous corporate and individual performance improvement. The model shown illustrates the macro elements that provide an infrastructure for this enterprise- wide management system. When the model is set in motion along with the best practice standards such as communication protocols, organizational and competency assessments, portfolio analysis, project methodology development, project planning, application-based work management systems, as well as coaching/mentoring, it will produce an efficient approach to achieving world-class project management attributes. The evolution of project management from a competency into an industry parallels the evolution of the global marketplace and the world economy. This transformation has created the marketplace we know today as the new economy The old school perceptions of business have changed allowing the economy. changed, emergence of a new breed of customer focused, quality driven, and ultimately more profitable companies. Organizations such as these are not driven by, but are oiled with the lubrication of technology – e- solutions, technical competence and most importantly, a belief that collaborating all we knew, with what we know, results in time tested experience and optimum results. TPM will help to stabilize your business process during g y g growth and begin to move the organizational g g norm to one of refined efficiency and accountability. © 2008 Advanced Management Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved 3
  4. 4. Total Project Management (TPM) Successful businesses in all segments have restructured and retooled to respond to the dynamics of a competitive market place and rapid technological advances. In doing so, they have changed the perceptions associated with old school business. TPM and the system of management that it deploys will help guide you through the changes. Change is productive when implemented correctly, destructive when not. The methods that comprise TPM will help to drive the process of change in a productive way. In fact, the concept of this system is built on the ideal that change equals improvement. © 2008 Advanced Management Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved 4
  5. 5. Total Project Management (TPM) The implementation of TPM can save substantial cost associated with poorly executed planning activities. ti iti In addition to resource cost, a well-designed project support infrastructure and efficiently structured processes have multiplied other benefits, including: • Clarified client expectations • Measurable processes for both the implementation of project work and continuous pp support • Performance measurement allowing for cross-functional consistency around reasonable expectations • Human Resources becoming integral in resource availability and competency issues, thus allowing the project manager to focus on the work at hand • Project portfolio which is guided more directly by the organization’s strategic initiatives • More accurate management of cost factors • M More effective change management ff ti h t All of the aforementioned attributes are relevant to project success. In addition, they are also relevant to organizational success in our rapidly changing global economy. TPM encompasses all of the useful elements of time-tested management processes and practices and merges them with forward-thinking solutions. This merger will incorporate collaborative thinking, g g g g tools, methods and appropriate technology to create a synchronized and highly productive company. © 2008 Advanced Management Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved 5
  6. 6. Total Project Management (TPM) © 2008 Advanced Management Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved 6