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Presentation on Take That

  1. 1. Take That Who it consists of? Garry Barlow- English songwriter, pianist and record producer. Be with take that since 1988 (start) until present. Howard Donald - English songwriter, drummer, pianist, dancer, DJ and house producer Jason Orange - English musician, dancer and occasional actor Mark Owen- English songwriter Robbie Williams- English sing/songwriter, vocal coach and occasional actor. Left the group in 1995 to launch solo career then rejoined on 15 th July 2010 <ul><li>Music Genres </li></ul><ul><li>Pop </li></ul><ul><li>Pop rock </li></ul><ul><li>Dance </li></ul>
  2. 2. Take That How was their image established in the earliest videos? Once you’ve tasted love “ Once you’ve tasted love” was one of their first songs ever released, it was a song on their first album “Take that and Party” which was released in 1992. The image they are trying to give is like a typical boy band, they were all very hyper and energetic. They were dressed quite trendy for the 1990’s and were all young members during it, possibly using this image to attract a similar aged audience. Their hair styles were different and unique again providing this image that they were young, new and more appealing to the young audience.
  3. 3. Take That How was that image developed later in their career? Takes That’s image has developed and changed massively during their career. They started off being very lively and the typical boy band that you would have expected to of seen. Later on in their career Robbie Williams left in about 1995 to perform solo during that not much was heard from the band until about 2005 where they started off again and becoming very successful. Their image changed a lot from that because as they got older they became much more mature in the way they sang, dressed and came across, even there music changed during them years.
  4. 4. Take That Are there close-ups of the artist throughout their work? A lot of Take That’s early music videos were mainly just performance which meant that it was just a video of them performing. In these videos they used a lot of close ups on the band especially Garry Barlow who is known to be one of the main people. Even though the videos have changed slightly in their new videos e.g. The Flood which is a slight narrative but still a lot of performance they focus much more on the rest of the band even if they aren’t necessarily singing. By focusing a lot of camera time on the band and not so much what the video is about allows the record company to sell the song because its more about the band than the story or individual artists. In Take That’s early videos there hair, costumes, props were all very fashionable in that time and very appealing to that earer. However in their present songs they have changed to dress more smart and grown up as well as there hair styles have become less lairy to what they were like before. Previously the setting was mainly just in a studio but now they use different places e.g. in the flood when they are rowing down the lake.
  5. 5. Take That How are camerawork and editing used to reinforce and develop the image of the star? In the music video “Once you’ve tasted love” the camerawork round the studio is very clever, the camera constantly circles the members and when one is singing they focus full on them, then once the instrumental part begins it shows most of the members dancing. By doing this it helps reinforce the image so people know who is singing and the focus is on them but it doesn’t forget about the other they appear in the shot after. They don’t use much editing except the transitions where they fade the shot from one to some more the band. Again the camerawork is quite similar in “The Flood” by which they tend to focus a lot on the person singing reinforcing their image and showing the audience them. The editing in the “The Flood” is very clever and some of the special effects used are good as well, they change the video to the pace of the song and one part where the camera goes into the eye of one of the singers and then individually each member appears giving them a much better image to just being shown singing, by this way they are portrayed more as a band.
  6. 6. Take That What do you consider the wider cultural significance of the star? In the 1990’s when Take That were producing songs they were quite young and fashionable, I feel they became popular at this time because they were a good boy band that people really liked because of things like their energy and fashion and what they sung about. When they got back together, even though they were grown up people who remembered them and liked them in the 1990’s were excited to see them performing again. There music changed quite a lot as well during the time gap which I think even people of a younger generation now actually enjoy.
  7. 7. Take That Album covers and how they have changed? Both albums are from the band Take That, the one on the left was one of their first albums released called &quot;Take That & Party&quot;. The album cover shows all the members of the group together jumping in front if the shot looking quite crazy, this is where it differs from their more recent album cover. The other album cover on the right is called &quot;Progress&quot; here there aren't really the band members but there is still 5 figures which each one could be but with this cover they have shown more maturity where they have almost linked &quot;progress&quot; in with the evolution to achieve there album cover. You can tell by the way the band has changed there album cover on how much they have also grown up and changed in themselves and also with their music.
  8. 8. Take That Conclusion-sum up your overall essay Overall looking at the band it is easy to see that the band have developed massively with their music, image etc. The group was formed in 1990-1996 and then they rejoined in 2005 until the present year. After that massive gap of 9 years Take That really grew up and there music and image developed massively. Before in the years 1990-1996 they were a young hyper boy band but when they rejoined in 2005 they are now men who have changed hugely. Before they were wearing very casual clothes attempting to look fashionable for that earar now they have developed and become much more mature with their dress sense turning more smart an example at the top of them all wearing suits. Their music hasn't really developed in an obvious way it is both still easily to listen to and pop genre however what they sing about and the style it is sung in now it totally differently than what it was back then.