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Second Integral Journey

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Integral journey 2 1

  1. 1. Integral Journey Hawaii - San-Francisco - Colorado 25.04.12 - 11.05.12
  2. 2. Purpose & MeaningProminent business leaders all over the world tell usabout the inner source of energy, creativity andinnovation. It helps them bring to life things nobodycould ever dream of.Purpose of this journey is in opening this source foryourself and the world:• Find the power that drives and motivates you today - not 10 years ago• Clarify your dreams for the next chapter of your life and create a powerful vision• Embody this vision in successful business that has a hart and a meaning in it.Coaching Institute of Saint-Petersburg and aninternational team of businessmen, coaches andteachers will guide you through this path.Welcome to the team of 12 active, visionary andhungry-for-life people!We will hit the road on the 25-th of April 2012.
  3. 3. 3 parts of the journeyHawaii San-FranciscoVision Quest: Native- "Feel&think tank" onAmerican practice for going international business.through major lifetransformations and finding Meeting with prominentvision. business leaders from the most successful companiesTotal stop, silence and from Silicon Valley and themeeting with yourself. Bay area.Drawing the picture of the Sharing best practices ofnext chapter of your life and business-development.your business. Networking and finding alliesMike Bodkin one of the most for future projects.experienced and well-knownVisionQuest leaders in the Nature and culture of the Bayworld. Area - look from inside.Hawaii spring - meetingwhales and dolphins. Colorado Meeting Ken Wilber the founder of Integral Approach and one of the most well-known philosophers of our time. Small group meeting asking and answering the most important questions.
  4. 4. 26 of april: Day 1 - Arrival
On the 26-th of April our international team arrives to Hawaii and settles down for a piece of calmand quiet after the long road.
  5. 5. 27 of April: Day 2 - Meeting
We meet each other and get acquainted with the map of the Integral Journey.You meet your personal coach who will guide you during the Journey to make the most out of it. Our coaches are Alexander Savkin,Phillip Guzenuk, Dana Carman, Marina Danilova, Varvara Kudryavtseva.We lead our first session on creating the team of allies and prepare for the Journey together.
  6. 6. 28-29 of April: Days 3-4 - beginning of the Vision QuestWe meet our VisionQuest guide Mike Bodkin leave the hotel and set off to find the place for our base camp in nature.Here begins the first stage of our Vision Quest called the Severance. Its purpose is to leave behind everything disturbing, everythingholding you back, everything that is blocking your consciousness. Strengthen your intention and prepare for the meeting withyourself.This two days we live in tents studying ancient Native-American practice of Medicine Wheel preparing for the Solo time.
  7. 7. 30 of April: Day 5 - Threshold stage of the VisionQuestThreshold is a time between worlds - time of rebirth. It is time of being alone. Time of fast. Time of trials for your spirit and yourintention. During this time you will be alone with the forces of nature talking to them and learning from them.The purpose of Threshold is to acquire a new identity you new self. To find a clear vision for the next period of your life. See a sourceof energy for new achievements, strengthen your intention.
  8. 8. 1-2 of May: Days 6-7 - stage three of the VisionQuest "Recapitulation"Recapitulation begins when you leave the place of your vision and return to the base camp to those who wait for you. You have toleave the sacred mountain and come back to your people, your friends and family.This may be the hardest moment of the journey - turning your vision into life will require courage and wisdom but the wold needs yourgift. No one passes the threshold just for him or her self. ...You return to the base camp, celebrate your new vision, share it with your allies and make your first step in the human world in yournew identity.
  9. 9. 2-3 of May: Days 7-8 - meeting whales and dolphinsWe will spend these days resting from our VisionQuest experience. And the best rest is the change of activity as you know.Ocean at Hawaii is jokingly called "Whale soup" at this time of the year. Our hosts are whales and dolphins. Connection with themwill help us to discover new parts of ourselves.Our goal is to learn more about the state of being that we can lead from. Calm state of connection to your center total focus and atthe same time complete relaxation.
  10. 10. 4 of May: Day 9We fly from Hawaii to San-Francisco. Meet the city and take rest from the road.
  11. 11. 5 - 9 of May: Days 10-14 - feel&think tank on creating world-class business
Series of events in San-Francisco and Silicon Valley. Our focus is: how do you create a successful word-class business that has hartand soul in it for you? The most important topics worked through together in an international team of top-managers and businessowners..Each participant individually debriefs these events with his or her personal coach to integrate ideas and insights into practice of his orher business.
  12. 12. "Innovation is what distinguishes a leader from the followers" Steve Jobs6 of May: Day 11 feel&think tank "Trends, borders and oceans"We live in an interconnected world where some the old borders do not exist. As change increases exponentially new paradigms forthinking need to be developed.Which trends will shape the future of your industry? What borders that exist in your company your industry on your market should bebroken? What do the "garages" giving birth for the companies of the future look like? What is your "blue ocean" strategy?In the international group of experts we will use the future search technology to create a practical manual for building an Apple in yourindustry.
  13. 13. 7 of May: Day 12 - training "Happiness in action: energy sources for peak performance"How can you get energy, drive and pleasure from your work? How to avoid professional burnout, emotional strain and stress? Howcan you create a coherent attitude in your team? How can you make happiness in action one of the ingredients of your companyculture?Together with our international team of business-leaders we will learn the model of 7 sources of energy at work and will share bestpractices and real-life stories of turning work into a source of energy for yourself, your management team and your company as awhole.
  14. 14. 8 of May: Day 13 - feel&think tank "Crisess as a source of growth"Crisess are unavoidable. What separates great leaders from average leaders - how creative you are in the face of crises.  How to turn crisis into the source of new enchantment and growth for yourself and for your company? What strategies and tacticsbring results? What can you lean on when there is nothing to lean on?Sharing the experience of overcoming personal crisis and crisis in business. Best practices and real stories from 5 continents.
  15. 15. 5 - 9 of May: Days 10-14 - networking space
Above from the feel&think tanks during these days we will have a series of informal meetings and parties with Silicon Valley and BayArea company leaders. You can invite people representing industries that are interesting to you through the organizers of theJourney.Our goal is to dive into creative atmosphere of the business community and find friends and partners for all kinds of projects throughnetworking.
  16. 16. 5 - 9 of May: Days 10-14
Also during these days we will have series of events for tuning into the culture and nature of the Bay Area. Among them we will haveballooning, visiting the famous Red Forest and taking a workshop on working with the voice as an instrument of opening our talents.
  17. 17. 
10 of May: Day 15
Denver, Colorado. Meeting Ken Wilber, spending time in a series of questions and answers with him. Then havingthe final dinner together and conclusion of our Journey.
  18. 18. 
11 of May: Day 16Flying back home.
  19. 19. To take part in the Integral Journey you need to pass an introduction interview with one of the leaders of this Journey PhillipGuzenuk: +7 (911) 927 9248,, skype: phil.guzenuk. This will give you more information about theprogram.For any technical details you can contact program coordinator Yulia Novikova: +7 (921) 428 3399,,skype: novikovayulia_vitatravel.