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Marquette Tribune Nov. 5 2008 Special Edition
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Marquette Tribune Nov. 5 2008 Special Edition



Published in News & Politics
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  • 1. SPECIAL ELECTION EDITION THE MARQUETTE TRIBUNE WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 2008 Volume 93, Number 21 BARACK OBAMA ELECTED 44TH PRESIDENT Photo by Morry Gash/Associated Press President-elect Barack Obama waves after giving his acceptance speech at Grant Park in Chicago. The election results were announced at approximately 10 p.m. Tuesday. As of press time, Obama had received 349 of the 538 electoral votes. He needed 270 electoral votes to win the race. In Wisconsin, 64 percent of voters ages 18 to 29 voted Democratic, according to exit polls. cial crisis since the Great Depres- “Being a Republican in this cli- also made the tactical error of Illinois senator to serve as country’s sion. mate meant you were facing an suspending his campaign (to deal It all started with Ohio. uphill battle,” said Julia Azari, with the crisis).” first black commander-in-chief Leading up to Election Day, all assistant professor of political sci- Obama’s platform of change, eyes were on Ohio, one of seven ence. “Attributing the failure of fresh take on Washington politics battleground states, as both Obama this election to the McCain cam- and carefully constructed cam- Cain called “the most challenging By Ashley Niedringhaus and McCain fought fiercely for its paign is not entirely fair.” paign helped him to victory on campaign in modern times,” he and Jack Kelly 20 electoral votes. Obama even- But McCain did keep it closer Election Day. could not escape the shadow of tually edged out McCain by only than some expected. McAdams the Bush administration and the three percentage points. said the election “wasn’t a blow- Republican image. McCain failed The Road to Election Day “The new dawn of American Historically blue Pennsylvania, out.” to maintain control of traditionally Obama’s road to the White leadership is at hand.” and its 21 electoral votes, was an- Kirsten Kukowski, communica- “red” states, including highly con- House began in Springfield, Ill., On Nov. 4, 2008, as Barack other “must win” for both candi- tions director for the Republican tested Ohio and Florida. In a key on the steps of the State Capitol, Obama accepted the presidency dates in their race to the necessary Party of Wisconsin, stressed the step to victory, Obama took con- where Abraham Lincoln gave of the United States, he told the 270. Obama claimed Pennsylva- impact of the economic crisis. trol of seven formerly Republican his famous “A House Divided” world that change has come to nia with 55 percent of the total “The economy had a lot to do states that brought in 86 electoral speech in 1858. America. In the most historic vote, delivering a major blow to with the outcome,” Kukowski votes. Nearly 150 years after Lin- election of our generation, Obama McCain. said. “America is facing a tough Colorado and Virginia, two coln’s speech, on that symbolic became the first black, as well as “McCain had hopes of flipping economic time. We are hoping states that were reclaimed by the site, Obama officially announced the youngest, president-elect. Pennsylvania,” said John McAd- America can hope together, and Democrats, had a 44-year Repub- his candidacy for president of the Obama’s election completed a ams, associate professor of politi- hoping that Obama can lead us in lican voting streak. United States. full shift of power in the House cal science. “McCain’s failure to a new direction.” This truly was an election for Obama’s message of change and Senate, giving Democrats full win Pennsylvania and Ohio indi- McAdams also stressed the im- change. The election was more started early. After serving as com- control of both legislative and ex- cated it was over.” portance and key role of the eco- than just political parties and munity organizer on Chicago’s ecutive branches for the first time Some argued that for McCain, nomic crisis. campaign platforms. The winner South Side, he attended Harvard since 1994. the race to the White House would “The stock market crash really, of the election would inherit two In what Arizona Sen. John Mc- be a difficult battle. really hurt McCain,” he said. “He wars abroad and the biggest finan- See Obama, page 12 TODAY’S WEATHER INDEX INSIDE THE TRIBUNE VIEWPOINTS ............................. 2 Students race through Raynor See full results of yesterday’s High 70 VOTING ..................................... 3 Library and around campus elections. Low 50 following the results. STUDENT GROUPS .................. 5 PAGE 6 Congresswoman Gwen Moore PAGE 8 Mostly Sunny RESULTS ................................6-7 is re-elected for her third term. CAMPUS REACTION ................ 8 PAGE 11 LOCAL RESULTS .................... 10 Complete weather PAGE 2
  • 2. 2 VIEWPOINTS WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 2008 TRIBUNE Wed. Thu. Tue. Sat. Fri. Mon. Six-Day Forecast 42/32 70/55 62/45 47/35 42/33 39/31 STAFF EDITORIAL COLUMN Voting not enough From the mountains, for ‘perfect union’ to the prairies... The marathon for the White House has finally come to an end, way to Starbucks to get my While I was in line for those after months upon months of campaigning, conventions, fundraising free coffee (CNBC estimated two hours, I talked to several and advertising. But we urge voters not to shelve until 2012 the is- the company would lose $2.25 interesting people. One was sues this election highlighted. million in revenue for the day’s an ex-Vietnam vet who talked We congratulate Obama on his victory. More importantly, we ap- handouts) and start my day of about the draft and his military plaud American voters for going to the polls in record numbers to nonstop election coverage for service. Another was a woman Jim make this the election of a lifetime. the Tribune’s special election who felt so compelled by the But when the voting booths are returned to storage, the confetti McLaughlin section. Shortly thereafter, I intensity of this election that for and balloons are trashed and the oath of office is sworn, this country spilled the coffee and, worst the first time she opted to work remains at a precipice. of all, my “I Voted” sticker fell the polls Tuesday. Students Could it be? Is it really true? The United States is in a recession and our economic woes have off, leaving me ineligible for all had many different ideas about I don’t want to jinx anything, only compounded the global economic crisis. It has become increas- the free stuff offered to voters, what the election’s most crucial but I think after two years of ingly difficult for borrowers to obtain loans and mortgages. We are including Ben & Jerry’s ice issues were and how to solve campaigning, mudslinging, ex- fighting two wars in the Middle East, and threats to our security cream, Krispy Kreme donuts, them, but most agreed that in- aggerating, villainizing, poli- remain. So while we’ve finally selected our next president, there is beer, combo meals, bottles of formation about the candidates ticking, scandal mongering, still much work to be done. champagne, tat- and the issues pig-lipsticking, assassination- Marquette Tribune readers have selected the following issues as too removals, was more widely plotting, whiskey-shot-taking, among the most important of the election. We go further to argue reduced zoo ad- Well, no matter available to vot- curveballing, YouTube-ing, that these issues are some of the most important of our lifetimes. mission, and… who they supported ers this year than campaign shopping, vote They must not be forgotten or ignored simply because the campaign ahem, uh, adult Tuesday, Americans ever before. stumping, remixing, season has come to a close. toys. Seven years celebrity endorsing and Tina Feeling like I should feel one heck ago, author Rob- Fey-ing, the 2008 presiden- Economy was in a Charlie of a bond with one ert D. Putnam tial election is at long last… Given that Obama is taking office during a recession, his adminis- Brown movie another because for wrote a book OVER!!! tration will likely be credited with — or blamed for — whatever eco- or the title char- two years, we’ve had called “Bowling Maybe now there will be nomic situation the country faces four years from now. During the acter in “James Alone: The Col- some more real news instead campaign, both presidential candidates pledged to reign in spending and the Terrible, a constant conversa- lapse and Reviv- of pseudo-news about Joe the and balance the budget. Obama will need to aggressively pursue that Horrible, No tion topic. al of American Plumber’s licensure. proposal if he wants to improve the country’s financial situation. Good, Very Bad C o m m u n i t y. ” Now that the confetti’s been Further, voters should carefully watch how the government’s $700 Election Day,” I The book is about swept away and the champagne billion bailout of financial institutions is handled. The financial res- sulked as I interviewed election how Americans no longer feel spills have been mopped up, the cue package is being put together with taxpayer dollars, and voters workers and voters. But being connected to one another. He morning-after nostalgia has be- must not write the federal government a blank check. constantly bombarded by eager calls it social capital. gun to set in. We need to ensure our money is spent wisely to aid homeowners citizens, it was impossible to Well, no matter who they Having psyched myself up for and to help banks begin lending again. That way voters — particu- stay grumpy. supported on Tuesday, Ameri- the last few months, I woke up larly students — will have access to the credit market, which will Everywhere were signs telling cans should feel one heck of a yesterday at 7:30 a.m., Christ- assist them in purchasing their first cars and homes and in paying off people where and how to vote. bond with one another because mas-morning excited to cast my student loans. Posters hung in students’ win- for two years, we’ve had a con- ballot. I expected my first time dows — both for John McCain stant conversation topic. For voting in a presidential election and for Barack Obama. I talked two years, people have pon- Energy and Environment to be accompanied by trum- Voters of every party and political stripe can agree that our nation’s to a community organizer who dered aloud to each other what pet fanfares and rockets’ red dependence on oil is troubling. We urge young voters to buy smart said 400 high school students the outcome would be. And two glares and maybe the Found- and consider gas mileage and fuel emissions — when they purchase in Racine were going door-to- years later, the world still has ing Fathers looking down from vehicles. Don’t forget the campaign promises to “go green.” Begin door, encouraging neighbors to its eyes on our fantastic nation. heaven, nodding in approval. introducing green practices into your daily lives in small doses and get to their polling stations and We the American people are Instead, it was just two hours hound elected officials to fund the research and development needed even offering free transporta- members of a coveted group, in line and a little attitude from to find alternative energy sources. tion there. It was even charm- and I think that’s something we the poll workers. Saving our planet cannot be done in one fell swoop. Protecting the ing (for the first hour) to hear can all agree on. Slightly disheartened, I environment will take the concerted efforts of every American. cars honking in support of their walked out of the Alumni Me- candidate. morial Union and made my Iraq The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have largely been shoved from the front pages of the nation’s newspapers due to economic troubles STATEMENT OF OPINION POLICY and energy woes. But the men and women in uniform who risk their lives every day should not be forgotten.Obama has promised to set a The opinions expressed in staff editorials reflect the opinion of THE MARQUETTE TRIBUNE editorial board. timeline for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, in order to re-focus The editorials do not represent the opinions of Marquette University nor its administrators. Opinions repre- the war on terror where it began — in Afghanistan. sented in columns, letters to the editor and submitted viewpoints are those of the writer(s). The war in Iraq is undoubtedly a hot-button issue. But regardless THE TRIBUNE prints guest submissions at its discretion. THE TRIBUNE strives to give all sides of an issue of voters’ personal stances on the war, they should remind Obama of STAFF LIST UPDATED an equal voice over the course of a reasonable time period. An author’s contribution will not be published his campaign promises regarding the war’s end. more than once in a four-week period. Submissions with obvious relevance to the Marquette community will Countless other issues face our nation, from health care to educa- be given priority consideration. tion to social issues to immigration, and none of these issues will Viewpoint submissions should be limited to 400 words. Letters to the editor should be no more than 150 disappear when Obama takes the oath of office on Jan. 20. For the next four years, it is up to us to hold Obama and his administration words. THE TRIBUNE reserves the right to edit submissions for length and content. AS OF NOVEMBER 4TH, 2008 @ 9:33 P.M. CST responsible for the direction in which they take our nation. We must Please e-mail submissions to: If you are a current student, include the college unfailingly work toward that “more perfect union” the Constitution in which you are enrolled and your year in school. If not, please note any affliations to Marquette or your cur- proclaims America should be. rent city of residence. No anonymous submissions will be printed. THE MARQUETTE TRIBUNE Copy Editor Lizzie Mytty SPORTS (288-6964) Photographers Therese Bowes, Ryan Glazier, Veronica Rodriguez, Libby Shean, Peter EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT Editor John Borneman Higher Education Michael Murphy Dylan Huebner, Lauren Stoxen Wagoner Editor-in-Chief (288-5610) Assistant Editor Nick Bullock MKE Metro Jack Kelly Phil Caruso Classified Assistants Emily Dixon, Online Editor Erica Bail Copy Editors Tim Kraft, Rosemary Lane Religion & Social Justice Brooke McEwen Managing Editor (288-7246) Anthony Esh, Rebecca O’Malley Online Assistant Editor Kellie Bramlet Reporters Robby Douthitt, David Peltz, Wisconsin Metro Kaleigh Ward Alli Kerfeld Account Executives Nicole Brander, (not exclusively Tribune) Pete Worth General News Ashley Niedringhaus Ben Burns, Lauren Frey, Casey Lembke, CAMPUS NEWS (288-5198) STUDENT MEDIA INTERACTIVE Part-time Reporter Paul Thorson Kate Meehan, Camille Rudolf, Jake EDITORIAL PAGE (288-6969) Editor Christopher Placek (288-3038) SENIOR REPORTER James Teats Schlater, Paul Thibaudeau, Sara Johnson Editor Megan Hupp Assistant Editor Molly Newman Director John Luetke Editorial Writer Andrea Tarrell THE MARQUETTE TRIBUNE is a wholly owned prop- Copy Editor Sara Martinez VISUAL CONTENT (288-1702) erty of Marquette University, the publisher. THE TRIBUNE serves Columnists Lindsay Fiori, Megan Hren, ADVERTISING DEPARTMENT Administration Jeff Engel Editor Terri Sheridan as a student voice for the university and gives students publish- Jim McLaughlin, Charlie Puckett, Robbie MUSG Roger Lopez Assistant Editor James A. Molnar ing experience and practice in journalism, advertising, and man- Advertising Director (288-1739) Wiedie, Peter Hejny agement and allied disciplines. THE TRIBUNE is written, edited, DPS Erin McGrath Designers Alex Stoxen (part-time news), Maureen Kearney produced and operated solely by students with the encourage- Events & Organizations Marie Gentile John Marston (part-time Marquee), ment and advice of the advisor and business manager, who are Sales Manager (288-1738) MARQUEE (288-6747) university employees. Part-time Reporter Dan Kraynak Sarah Krasin (full-time sports), Monse Huerta Editor Rincey Abraham THE TRIBUNE is normally published Tuesdays and Thursdays, Trent Carlson (part-time sports) Creative Director Ali Babineau Assistant Editor Kevin Mueller except holidays, during the academic year by Marquette Student OFF-CAMPUS NEWS (288-7294) Graphics Editor Maureen Murray Art Director Dominique Divito Media, P Box 1881, Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881. First copy of .O. Reporters Molly Gamble, Becky Simo Editor Kaitlin Kovach paper is free; additional copies are $1 each. Subscription rate: Classified Manager Katy Schneider Assistant Editor Sarah Milnar $50 annually. Phone: (414) 288-7246. Fax: (414) 288-3998. E- Graphic Designers Kari Grunman, mail:
  • 3. 3 NEWS WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 2008 TRIBUNE Performance art encourages voters zation, produced the projects. My Vote performs at The purpose of MVP is to en- courage voting, said Laura Mak- 11 polling locations er, a volunteer for the group. “It’s about civic involvement and getting your voice heard,” By Jeff Engel Maker said. The State Elections Board (now the Government Accountability “Oh dear, what can the matter Board) and the Milwaukee Elec- be?” sang the woman in an old- tion Commission approved MVP, fashioned dress. “Women are Maker said. The commission also wanting to vote.” approved each project concept Voters outside Central Li- and its polling site. braryCentennial Hall, 733 N. 8th Inside the library, a video pre- St., were welcomed to their poll- sentation of animated Milwaukee ing place yesterday evening by Public Library sculptures and his- “Suffragium,” a performance art torical factoids greeted voters as project that included jazz singing they headed to the polls. and a video documenting histori- “Reconsidering this history in cal events in American voting. Wisconsin reveals how fragile Singer Annie Denison served as and precious our right to vote Photo by Therese Bowes/ a “living sculpture,” said friend continues to be,” read the project Jill Sebastian, a Milwaukee In- description on Sebastian’s sign. Around 2,300 students voted in the Alumni Memorial Union, while 2,050 voted at Central Library. Students and stitute of Art & Design sculpture voters arrived as early as 6:40 a.m. to cast their votes in the 2008 presidential election. Denison said the 2008 presiden- professor who came up with the tial election is the most important idea for “Suffragium.” Sebastian Polling places experience few problems election of she and her children’s enlisted the help of Denison, who lifetimes. performed on the steps of the li- “I have seen today that kids are brary. First-time voters voting,” Denison said. “I’m so The performance was one of 11 proud of my country right now.” that occurred at polling locations make voices heard throughout Milwaukee. My Vote Performs, a non-partisan organi- By Marie Gentile and Jeff Engel Five minutes before the polls Ex rience closed, a Marquette freshman sprinted to her polling location near campus to cast her vote in Saint James Court yesterday’s presidential election. Historic Apartments Kimberly Campbell, a freshman 831 west wisconsin avenue in the College of Business Ad- ministration, was the last voter at Central Library Centennial Hall, 733 N. 8th St. Campbell was still undecided throughout the day, but felt it was necessary to make her voice heard. “Every vote counts, whether it’s Neighboring Milwaukee’s main one in a million or one in a dozen,” library, Saint James Court Neighboring Milwaukee’s main library, Campbell said. “I believe it’s im- Saint James Court apartments are apartmentsto all of downtown are convenient to all portant to vote if you’re going to convenient Milwaukee’s cultural, Milwaukee’sand of Downtown entertainment, have any say in the government.” Photo by Therese Bowes/ Like many other Marquette stu- cultural, entertainment, and business resources. dents, Campbell voted in her first Its award winning business resources. Its hardwood award Students wait in line in the Alumni Memorial Union third floor ballrooms to presidential election yesterday. garden, vote. Only a few minor problems were encountered by voters. winning garden, hardwood Freddy Terrazas, a freshman in floors, fireplaces, and Edison Media Research for media and Central Library experienced a romantic ambience the College of Health Sciences, floors, fireplaces, andthis a great romantic organizations, 68 percent of vot- few minor problems involving vot- make arrived at the polls in the Alumni ambience make this live. place to a great ers between the ages of 18 and 24 ers’ confusion about where to vote Memorial Union at 6:40 a.m. to place to live. supported Obama and 30 percent and having the necessary identifi- cast his vote. voted for McCain. cation for registration. However, “Not only is it my first election, In an effort to make Election Schultz said that overall, voting but it’s one of the most monumen- Day go smoothly, Marquette stu- went smoothly Tuesday. tal elections in United States his- dents, faculty and staff worked “I think things went very well. It tory,” Terrazas said. to register students in advance. was very orderly,” Schultz said. “It Another first-time voter, Kelly Roughly 1,500 students registered went as fast as possible given all HBO & Internet Included! L’Esperance, said it is everyone’s before Nov. 4, according to Steve the checks and balances within the duty as an American citizen to ex- Call Matt: 414-272-6600 Schultz, manager of governmental voting system.” ercise his or her right to vote. and community affairs in the Of- Schultz observed both polling “You’re not allowed to com- fice of Public Affairs. places throughout the day. He said plain if you don’t vote,” said As of Oct. 31, 86 percent of both locations had a heavy turnout L’Esperance, a freshman in the youth had pre-registered for the- early in the day, then tapered off. College of Health Sciences. election, a 3 percent increase from The final tally of voters at Cen- “We’re the next generation, and the 2004 presidential election, ac- tral Library was around 2,050, this election will affect us more for Marquette News cording to a Gallup poll. while the AMU had around 2,300. than other people. We have to take Matt Willems, a sophomore in Schultz said he was extremely the opportunity (to vote).” the College of Business Adminis- impressed by Marquette students’ Alison Wessendorf, a graduate VISIT tration, volunteered as an election enthusiasm and participation in student in the College of Health observer at the Central Library. He the election. Sciences, voted in her second pres- said he saw many pre-registered “As members of the Marquette idential election. She said voting students at the polls. community we’d like our students this year was important because of “They’ve done a good job reg- to be part of the political process,” the many critical issues at stake. News Sports Entertainment istering students on campus,” Wil- Schultz said. “We’re thrilled to “There’s lots of issues that will lems said. “It’s pretty impressive. see how they’ve turned out and have an effect in the future, like The Marquette Tribune Overall, there’s been a good effort that they’ve exercised their right health care, Social Security and the to make registration available to to vote. We’re hoping that this is war (in Iraq),” Wessendorf said. everyone.” something they take forward with “I think the election has shown Aria DeBenny, a freshman in the them once they graduate.” young people how they can have College of Communication, regis- an impact with their votes.” Read the Trib tered in the Cobeen Hall lobby in Janet Boles, professor of politi- Video Online October. She said it was easy to cal science, said she believed the ▲ register and that the student volun- youth vote would benefit Barack teers were helpful. Check out the Tribune Web Obama more than John McCain. site for a video of campus The polling locations at the AMU In exit polling conducted by voting locations.
  • 4. 4 NEWS WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 2008 TRIBUNE Why did you choose to vote? “It is a right that you have in “I voted to be civically “I voted because I believe “It is my right and I care “Because there are people in this country and that other responsible.” in Barack Obama.” about who is elected.” the world that don’t have this countries don’t.” right and it is our privilege.” -Chelsea Du Fresne, freshman, -Bryan Miguel, freshman, -Ashley Reed, 4th year, -Michael Chapman, junior, College College of Arts & Sciences College of Communication School of Dentistry -Kelly Krol, junior, of Business Administration College of Nursing “A lot of things need to be “It is important to exercise “You have the right and you “It’s something new. changed, one being the my right and have a say.” must exercise it.” I didn’t do it before.” economy. We need change.” -Jessica Green, senior, -Jon Newman, freshman, -Patrick Kurish, junior, -Thomas Fera, freshman, College College of Health Sciences College of Engineering College of Communication of Business Administration Reporting and photos by Rupali Varma, Andrei Greska, Ross Geiger/Special to the Tribune | Graphic by Terri Sheridan/ YOUR GOLDENOPPORTUNITY has almost arrived. UNITY OPPORT GOLDEN THE THEGO LDENO PPORT UNITY lysis of plete ana the Big edu A com arquette. in ’s foes @marquele.thompson@m an.glazier MarquetteConference. /nico Glazier/ry Thompson by Ryan n by Nicki ’s role East Photo Monfre Illustratio Photo guard Erin shifted greatly Senior ette has rs. at Marqu last three yea k says in the k Bulloc be nist Nic team will r. Colum men’s yea the wo tch this g to wa excitin Colum already nist Robby Douth made pleased by itt the ch is Photo by co Illustrat Photo ach Bu an ion by by Rya zz Willia ges Nicki n Thomps Glazier/r ier/ He’s on/nicole yan.glaz ms. on/ Matth not James, .thomps ier@marque tte.e on@mar ews, bu quette.e du McNe al or t Ma du forwa rd Lazar rquette ne eds Hayw ard. A comp lete Marqu ette’s analysis of East Co foes in the Big nferen ce.
  • 5. 5 NEWS WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 2008 TRIBUNE College Democrats celebrate big victory Students look for change following historic presidential election win “If Obama doesn’t win, I’m By Erin McGrath fleeing to Canada,” said Me- lissa Vermillion, a junior in the College of Arts & Sciences. “I It’s 8:51 p.m. on Election missed class all day working on Night and the Marquette chapter the election and making phone of Students for Obama is clut- calls. The past few days I’ve tered in lawn chairs around a been freaking out, but right now small television in a St. James I’m feeling really good.” Court basement office. Shortly after 9 p.m., Obama is The light chatter at the apart- projected as the winner of New ment building, 831 W. Wiscon- Mexico and the students imme- sin Ave., is cut by stark silence diately flip from eager to elated. as the popular vote update flash- A few hugs are exchanged as es across the screen, announc- they start to gather their things ing that Sen. Barack Obama is to move to the Hyatt Regency in the lead. The students had Hotel, 333 W. Kilbourn Ave., been working tirelessly up until where they will celebrate with the last possible minute for the the rest of Milwaukee’s Obama Obama campaign, and were now supporters. anxiously waiting to see if their Scott and her crew can barely work paid off. move in the ballroom, which is “A half-hour ago I was sprint- overflowing with an assembly of ing from door-to-door asking supporters of different ages and people if they voted because colors. Shortly after 10 p.m., the I wasn’t sure if we were win- room erupts with screams, tears ning Wisconsin,” said Kathleen and hugs as election returns in- Scott, a junior in the College dicate Obama has more than the of Communication and deputy Photo by Ryan Glazier/ necessary 270 electoral votes field organizer for Students for needed to win. Obama. “Now I’m pretty confi- The Marquette chapter of Students for Obama gathered in St. James Court to view election results prior to meet- As the crowd celebrates, Scott dent because it’s looking really ing other Obama supporters to witness President-elect Obama address the crowd at Grant Park in Chicago. can be spotted standing still in good for us. To go from that to lege of Health Sciences, said “To me, this really means sets in. The students exchange disbelief with tears rolling down this is surreal.” Obama’s victory was “unreal.” change,” said Doug Hynes, a congratulations and long hugs her cheeks. The Obama campaign gave “It’s so inspirational to see all graduate student in the College with faces of sincere joy. “All of the hard work paid off. Students for Obama the base- of these people here. It’s a testa- of Engineering and member “I wanted to find a president I feel so relieved,” Scott said. ment of the apartment building ment to what his campaign was of Students for Obama. “I feel who I could be proud of again,” “It feels like a huge weight was on Friday to use as its student (about),” Bailey said. that having Barack in office will Hynes said. “I feel that I found lifted off of my shoulders. The headquarters. There isn’t a spot For these students, who had make so many changes that I that in Obama and it’s awesome mix of people here is incredible. on the wall that isn’t covered made campaigning a priority, can’t even begin to name them.” that so many others share that This is what I want America to with an Obama poster, and each the victory was both personal The chaos calms as the reality feeling with me.” be like all the time!” student in the office is heavily and emotional. of the evening’s historical event Liz Bailey, a junior in the Col- decorated with Obama regalia. College Republicans join Wisconsin GOP for election results At that time, the popular vote right now,” Sholl said. “I’m a lit- Optimism dims as was still about even, but the all- tle disappointed. We've put a lot important Electoral College count of hard work towards this cam- evening draws on favored Sen. Barack Obama. He paign.” led 195-70, according to projec- At 10:05 p.m., the results be- tions airing on television sets came official. “Obama Elected By Dan Kraynak throughout the room. That lead President” flashed across the two included Wisconsin’s 11 electoral projection screens in the ball- Spirits were high and excite- votes. room, which seemed to evaporate Most of the other members of any last rays of hope still linger- ment filled the air as Marquette College Republicans joined the the College Republicans arrived ing in the crowd. Wisconsin GOP Election Night at the viewing party closer to Dambach didn’t hesitate to con- Party while polls were closing 10 p.m. after an evening of poll gratulate President-elect Obama. watching. Matt Dambach, the “I wish him the best of luck in across the state. The party at the Country Students for McCain Marquette the next four years. He ran a very Springs Hotel in Pewaukee offi- chapter chair, said he knew Mc- good campaign,” Dambach said. cially kicked off at 8 p.m. Sarah Cain’s chances of winning the “President-elect Obama spoke Bartlett, the College Republicans' election looked bleak. a lot about unity on the campaign “About an hour ago I was op- trail. I hope he is able to follow director of communications and a junior in the College of Commu- timistic, but it’s not looking very through and unify the country, nication, was the first Marquette good right now,” said Dambach, because our country is at its best a senior in the College of Arts when all Americans are work- student to arrive on the scene. & Sciences. ing together — Republicans and After a long “Right after we Democrats alike,” Dambach said. day of vot- “President-elect Obama lost Ohio, I be- Matt Rossetto, a College Re- ing and mak- spoke a lot about unity on gan to think it publican and freshman in the ing volunteer the campaign trail. I hope he was pretty much College of Communication, said phone calls at is able to follow through and over.” that he plans on giving Obama the McCain headquarters unify the country, because Just before 10 his full support and hopes Obama p.m., McCain will follow through on his plans in Waukesha, our country is at its best was when all Americans are work- trailed Obama for taking the country in a new Bartlett in the projected direction. optimistic as ing together — Republicans electoral vote “I think it’s pretty clear that early returns and Democrats alike.” Matt Dambach count 220-120. the American people have given were coming Dambach said President-elect Obama a mandate in. Students for McCain Marquette chair McCain would and bought into his promise for “I’m excited, need to win ev- change,” Rossetto said. I'm nervous, but I'm also very confident,” ery toss-up state left to pull off a Although the vast majority of Bartlett said. “The popular vote victory. people left the viewing party dis- “Basically, it will take a mira- appointed, Bartlett put things into is even at about 10 million votes each, but it’s still too early to cle,” Dambach said. perspective just before heading Patrick Sholl, a junior in the back to campus. be delving too deeply into emo- College of Business Administra- “We’re Americans first and tions.” At 9 p.m., the ballroom was tion, was another College Repub- Republicans second. At the end filled with supporters of Sen. lican running low on optimism of the day, that is what’s impor- Photo by Therese Bowes/ John McCain. However, the ex- shortly before 10 p.m. tant,” Bartlett said. “We need to “It’s not over, but the map appreciate this historic moment citement in the room began to de- A disappointed John McCain supporter reflects on the evening’s results at doesn't look particularly good in time.” cline soon after. the Country Springs Hotel in Pewaukee.
  • 6. 6 7 NEWS TRIBUNE TRIBUNE PRESIDENTIAL RACE FULL RESULTSFULL RESULTSFULL RESULTSFULL RESULTS MONTANA McCain: 50.9% Obama: 45.9% WISCONSIN WA Precincts reporting: 88% INDIANA County by county McCain: 49% Obama: 49.9% MT Precincts reporting: 99% OR ND ME MN ID VT NH SD WY WI NY MA MI CT NV IA NE PA RI UT MILWAUKEE NJ OH IN IL CA CO DE WV MD KS MO VA SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN KY Broken down by county AZ NC DODGE COUNTY RACINE COUNTY TN OK NM McCain 53.9% McCain 45.5% Obama 44.9% Obama 53.4% AK 100% reporting 92% reporting SC FOND DU LAC COUNTY ROCK COUNTY McCain 53.9% McCain 34.6% AL MS GA Obama 44.9% Obama 64% 100% reporting 100% reporting VIRGINIA TX JEFFERSON COUNTY SHEBOYGAN COUNTY LA McCain: 47.3% McCain 49.5% McCain 49.7% Obama 49.3% Obama 49% Obama: 51.8% 97% reporting 100% reporting AK Precincts reporting: 99% KENOSHA COUNTY WALWORTH COUNTY McCain 39.8% McCain 50.7% Obama 58.9% Obama 48.1% FL 95% reporting 100% reporting MILWAUKEE COUNTY WASHINGTON COUNTY McCain 33.2% McCain 64.3% TEXAS Obama 65.7% Obama 34.6% HI 99% reporting 100% reporting McCain: 55.4% ALASKA OZAUKEE COUNTY WAUKESHA COUNTY Obama: 43.9% McCain 60.2% McCain 62.4% McCain: 61.9% Obama 38.8% Obama 36.7% Precincts reporting: 99% 96% reporting 100% reporting Obama: 35.9% Precincts reporting: 81% All re sults GEORGIA from Ass ocia MISSOURI ted P ress a McCain: 53% s of 3 a. m. |M McCain: 49.5% Obama’s home state ap Obama: 46.3% and gra ph ILLINOIS McCain’s home state ic b Obama: 49.3% yJ Precincts reporting: 98% am NORTH CAROLINA es A. ARIZONA Mo Precincts reporting: 100% lna McCain: 37.7% r/ja me McCain: 49.6% s.m oln McCain: 53.7% Obama: 61% a r@ ma Obama: 49.8% rqu ett Obama: 45.1% Precincts reporting: 96% e. ed u Precincts reporting: 100% Precincts reporting: 98%
  • 7. 8 NEWS WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 2008 TRIBUNE Campus celebration hits the streets Students run through dorms and buildings By Sarah Milnar Chanting and banging on drums, hundreds of students thundered through the streets last night ex- pressing their support of Barack Obama, the next president of the United States. Students crammed into cars plastered with posters and sped down Wisconsin Avenue. Other students ran out onto the streets, darting and dashing through the cars that honked in approval. Still others linked arms and skipped down the street singing. Patriotic chants of “U.S.A.” rang through the air. “Let’s do this every day for the next four years,” a faceless stu- dent screamed from the depths of the crowd. His declaration was followed by an eruption of cheers. The horde of students began at McCormick Hall and ran toward the Alumni Memorial Union. They flowed out onto Wisconsin Avenue and rallied in the street between 15th Street and Olin Engineering Center. The group Photo by Ryan Glazier/ continued through the lobby of Raynor Library and back through Student supporters of Barack Obama gather in the middle of Wisconsin Avenue last night in celebration of the Illinois senator’s victory. Students also Schroeder Hall. They proceeded ran through residence halls, Olin Engineering Center and Raynor Library. to 16th Street and Wells Street, then back to McCormick. The Beth Russo, a senior in the Col- “It was very inspiring but some started a chant that he said the on Sept. 11. But he said he rec- group went back for round two lege of Education, said she imme- people got mad,” Eslami said. crowd echoed: “I don’t know ognizes students’ right to parade through the AMU and the library diately knew Obama had locked Leslie McGrath, a senior in what I’ve been told; George Bush through the streets. and down to Straz Tower Hall. the vote when she heard screams the College of Nursing who is getting old; I don’t care what “As much as I don’t like it, the Many students said they didn’t emitting from the rooms up- also works at the desk, said one Republicans say; Barack Obama’s fact is they have this freedom,” know exactly what was going on, stairs. Russo said she then heard library-goer yelled at the roaring gonna save the day.” Uttamchandani said. “All soldiers but just followed the crowd and residents rumble down the stairs, students to “get the f*** out of Mary Walz-Chojnacki, a Mar- died and gave them this freedom. the immense commotion. through the hallway and out the the library.” quette alumna, said she and her I hope they recognize that. I’m Hiriam Bradley, a freshman in door. Both McCain and Obama sup- children attended the Hyatt Re- happy they have the right to get the College of Communication, As the crowd went by, Russo porters were met with profanity gency Hotel, 333 W. Kilbourn out and do what they do.” led the crowd with friends An- said she saw a sole McCain sup- and vulgar name-calling as they Ave. She stopped her car on Wis- Uttamchandani added that he drew Fowler, a freshman in the porter hugging a McCain poster raged through campus. consin Avenue to honk at Obama- hopes no one died in vain. At this College of Education, and Kiarri held to his chest. Sean Ivers, a junior in the Col- supporting passersby. point, he said he hopes Obama McBroom, a freshman in the col- He wasn’t saying a word, “al- lege of Communication, said “We’re totally celebrating our will do the right thing. lege of Arts & Sciences. most in disbelief,” she said. someone told him to “f*** off” as time for change and we’re totally “Now I have to be supportive of The pack-leaders said they kept Students working at the Cir- he and his friends expressed their psyched,” Walz-Chojnacki said. Obama,” he said. “I don’t have a a close eye on incoming poll re- culation Desk at Raynor Library delight in Obama’s election by But not everyone was so spir- choice.” sults from their rooms in McCor- said they heard the crowd charg- chanting and banging on a metal ited about Obama’s victory. mick. ing down the street and weren’t pot. Sumeet Uttamchandani, a “The margin was so big we just surprised when students entered “We decided we needed to hit freshman in the College of Arts & had to come out here and lead the the library. the streets,” Ivers said. “I brought Sciences, said he wished America pack,” Bradley said. Video ▲ Students came through the lob- a pot to make noise to exemplify had chosen someone with more “We’re all for change,” McB- by taking pictures and screaming how excited I am.” foreign policy experience and room added. “We just wanted to Check out the Tribune Web “Obama!” said Natasha Eslami, Ivers and his friends marched first hand military experience. Ut- be here for a change.” site for a video of students a senior in the College of Arts & from 17th Street to the Obama tamchandani is from New York running through campus. McCormick desk receptionists Sciences. party at the Hyatt. There Ivers and knew 15 people who died Photo by Ryan Glazier/ Students parade down Wells Street in reaction to Barack Obama’s appointment as the 44th President of the United States. Student workers at Raynor Library and McCormick Hall reported a stampede of excited students running past and bystanders expressed mixed reactions.
  • 8. 9 NEWS WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 2008 TRIBUNE Photos by Lauren Stoxen/ Hundreds of Milwaukee Obama campaign members, volunteers and supporters gathered to watch Obama make his first televised speech as president-elect at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Milwaukee. It was an emotional experience for many of those who gathered there. Milwaukee celebrates Obama victory City’s supporters campaign slogan. Lisa Rowe, a campaign vol- unteer and Sarah Palin imper- declare, ‘Yes we sonator, sported a red business suit, sleek glasses and a hairdo that rivaled that of the Alaska can’ downtown governor. “I just wanted to do something to win people over with humor,” Rowe said. By Brooke McEwen The Palin pretender clutched a sign that read, “Alaska Gover- nors for Obama. I changed my As Election Day came to a close, excit- mind for Obama.” ed chatter filled the ballroom at the Hyatt The clock approached the Regency Hotel, 333 W. Kilbourn Ave., 10 o’clock hour and the sea of where hundreds of Milwaukee Obama fans erupted into waves of ex- campaign members, volunteers and sup- citement as Obama was named porters gathered to watch their efforts president-elect. materialize in the election results. Supporters and volunteers Campaign members waited with bated danced, hugged, sobbed, smiled breath for the final results of their months and screamed. of labor. A table of young voters danced The crowd-swollen room periodically and shouted, “Landslide! Land- burst into animated chants of, “O-ba-ma! slide! Landslide!” O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma!” American optimism permeated As the results came in, campaign vol- the room. Voices uttered, “Yes unteers and supporters learned Obama we can.” The crowd’s words had not only won Connecticut, Vermont, grew and resonated through the New Hampshire and Massachusetts, room, “Yes we can!” but had also taken Iowa and the impor- Henrietta Smith, a campaign tant swing state of Florida. Anticipation volunteer, while dancing for mounted. joy said, “I am just elated! I Chris Spehert, an Obama campaign vol- have never been so happy in my unteer, said he had spent the last couple life!” of months helping the campaign. Spehert Smith said she knocked on said he knocked on doors for nine hours doors for four hours on Monday, in Greenfield, Wis., to “get out the vote” encouraging citizens to vote. on Election Day. “I can’t wait to see Michelle As a long-time Democratic Party sup- Obama as the first lady,” Smith porter, Spehert said he noticed more said. support for Obama than for other Demo- The television flashed images cratic campaigns in his past volunteering of Obama’s celebration in Chi- experience. cago. Energy and enthusiasm “Obama’s a different kind of candi- electrified the room. date,” Spehert said. “I think it’s a great, great day Democratic Congresswoman Gwen for people all over America,” Moore won the election for her third Democratic Sen. Herb Kohl term and spoke at the party. said. “This is a victory not of a “We have an amazing candidate for party but of a country. It’s gon- president,” Moore said before the final na bring about a period of unity results came in. “Let me tell you some- in this country.” thing, as I walked around Milwaukee Sarah Kikkert, a campaign today I have never seen so many people volunteer and freshman in the taking shift after shift at knocking on College of Communication, said doors.” she supported Obama for more Mary Anne Cavadias, a campaign vol- Photo by Lauren Stoxen/ than just his eloquent speaking unteer, said she decided to volunteer for style. Obama’s campaign because of his man- “Somebody pinch me,” said Deborah Paige, an Evangelist minister from Milwaukee, as she celebrated “As cliché; as it sounds, we Obama’s victory at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. tra of change. need change,” Kikkert said. As large televisions displayed Obama’s She said she values being part increasing lead, Cavadias erupted into of a monumental election. fits of “Obama” cheers. The election symbolizes how far Amer- “At this defining moment change has Paula Hegwood, a campaign volun- ica has come, but we have to continue to come to America,” Obama said. Moore said, “Let me tell you some- teer and nurse at the Children’s Hospital work together, Hegwood said. thing, this proves something. This proves of Wisconsin, said she just finished her that ordinary people can be the change “I hope Obama will unite us all,” Heg- Rosemary Lane contributed shift and was on her way to Milwaukee’s wood said. “We have work to do and it that they want to see in the world. This to this report. Obama celebration when she heard the starts with us.” young man stepped up to this challenge. news. We’ve got to be there for him.” As the party began to wind down, “It was unbelievable,” Hegwood said. Obama echoed over the airwaves, According to the Associated Press, the Video ▲ “I was crying on my way here.” results of preliminary exit polls showed “America is a place where all things are She said she wonders what her dad and possible.” that one-third of voters said the qual- Check out the Tribune Web her grandfather would have thought of ity that mattered most was a candidate’s The crowd clapped, cheered and waved site for a video of the Obama the historic day. stance on change, Obama’s enduring their hands. viewing party at the Hyatt.
  • 9. 10 NEWS WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 2008 TRIBUNE Election results disappoint Republicans Local officials had to participate in some form of national test or curve, which would qualify them as educated still optimistic voters. “It is not about wanting to take votes away from people, it’s about about the making people understand the re- sponsibility that is part of the pro- cess of voting,” Rivera said. party’s future He said he has noticed that vet- erans represent the group that is most receptive to his political ef- forts. By Kaleigh Ward “They understand that free- dom isn’t free, even when they Last night Republican Sen. are fighting for the freedoms of John McCain supporters from people that protest against them,” around Wisconsin gathered in a Rivera said. “They understand the ballroom at the Country Springs dynamics of this country.” Ryan Mahony, deputy com- Hotel in Pewaukee. Two projec- munications director for the Re- tors displayed Fox News’ election coverage while citizens of all age publican Party of Wisconsin, said groups awaited the results of the his experience with this election has been good overall, though election. Many influential public figures the result was not what the GOP spoke to the crowd, including At- wanted. “I think the party tonight went torney General J.B. Van Hollen, chairman of the Republican Party well. It was open to the public and of Wisconsin Reince Priebus and the invitation was state-wide,” Congressmen Paul Ryan and Jim Mahony said. Photo by Therese Bowes/ He said his campaigning efforts Sensenbrenner. The speakers remained hopeful were generally well-received, Wisconsin McCain supporters gathered together at the Country Springs Hotel in Pewaukee to watch the results of the presidential election. One supporter shows her disappointment after McCain’s loss to Obama. and continued to deliver inspiring with a few exceptions. “In Madison specifically I had a messages to the members of their hard time, a lot party through- “The Democrats ascended to of people gave out the night. me dirty looks In one of power tonight. We are going Marquette Tribune Advertising* just for wear- several short to need to work with them ing a McCain speeches, Van when we agree ... and when fleece,” Maho- Hollen said the ny said. “It just we oppose them we have to Republican Par- depends on the propose alternatives.” ty of Wisconsin area.” is not only alive Paul Ryan Joe Medina, and well, but 1st-District Congressman a minister in it is as strong, Wa u k e s h a , if not stronger, said Waukesha than it ever has been. “The strength of a party is built County is heavily Republican. “I think we lost a lot of the His- upon our ideas, the strength of a panic vote because we wanted to party is built upon our philosophy and the strength of a party is built stay away from the border issue,” upon our people,” Van Hollen Medina said. “I think that defi- nitely hurt us.” said. Medina said he is glad that so He said he operates indepen- dently as Wisconsin’s attorney many people have shared their general, but he is still a proud Re- opinions about the election. Louis Young, a resident of Mus- publican. kego, said he noticed that Demo- In his address to those in atten- dance, Priebus said the Republi- crats were much more aggressive can Party of Wisconsin has raised in this election. “I just wish the state of Wiscon- and spent more money in this sin would make voter identifica- election than ever before. “Everything is at stake in this tion more consistent and better election,” Priebus said. “Every- policed,” Young said. “It is very thing we believe in as a party is at lopsided. Sometimes there are different rules from city to city.” stake in this election.” Mary Anne LeDuc Jarowski, Ryan said that Republicans are going to need to learn some les- a resident of Pewaukee, said she participated in campaigning this sons from this election. “First of all stand up for what year for the first time because she you believe in,” he said. “Second believes this is the most important of all, don’t be afraid to take po- election of our lives. “For the first time in my life I litical risks.” feel that our democracy was sto- Ryan said his party should not look back at this election as the len from us. We should pursue all time McCain lost. He said Re- possible avenues until we get to publicans should look back at the bottom of it,” Jarowski said. She said she is disappointed this election and say it was the time Republicans turned things that U.S. citizens failed McCain. She said he is a man that loves our around. “The Democrats ascended to country, that supports the United power tonight,” Ryan said. “We States and its troops, and that are going to need to work with would do everything in his power them when we agree ... and when to protect all of us. “I did not work on this cam- we oppose them we have to pro- paign for myself, I did it for my pose alternatives.” Perfecto Rivera of Milwaukee, children and my grandchildren who ran for U.S. Congress in ... and I am not going to stop,” 2006 and chairs Wisconsin’s Re- Jarowski said. publican Hispanic Assembly, said in general he thinks his political Rosemary Lane contributed to views have been well received. *we know “However, we are in a time and this report. age of new voters who don’t know good ads. the history and the foundation of this country. They often fall prey Video ▲ to a message or a messenger who promises to make their lives easi- Check out the Tribune Web er,” Rivera said. site for a video of McCain 414.288.1739 supporters from Wisconsin. Rivera said he wishes voters
  • 10. 11 NEWS WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 2008 TRIBUNE 4th District re-elects Gwen Moore Moore said she thinks Obama, Landslide victory who won Wisconsin by earning about 56 percent of the vote, has over independent what it takes to be a great presi- dent. “He has inherited some prob- Michael LaForest lems,” Moore said. “A terrible economy, two wars, terrible mili- tary situations on the horizons, global warming, but he was born By Michael Murphy for such a time.” Moore also seemed to look Congresswoman Gwen Moore forward to working through the was officially re-elected to her democratic-controlled Congress. third term in her Fourth District “Certainly I don’t think a presi- position early Wednesday morn- dent like Obama is going to just ing. Moore was the only person role over for a liberal agenda,” on the Milwaukee County ballot Moore said. “I’m excited about who ran opposed. having a working majority.” While Moore won by a land- Moore has even more to cel- slide, receiving 88 percent of the ebrate now that the Milwaukee vote over independent Michael D. Paid Sick Leave Referendum was LaForest, it was Moore’s reaction overwhelmingly passed with 68 to Sen. Barack Obama winning percent of the vote. Milwaukee the state of Wisconsin she sin- Mayor Tom Barrett, who believed Photo by Lauren Stoxen/ cerely seemed excited about. it would cost the city jobs, heav- “It’s over, it’s over!” Moore Local Democrats gathered at the Hyatt Regency Hotel to listen to Congresswoman Gwen Moore. Together, they ily opposed the bill. yelled as she ran around with tears celebrated Moore’s re-election to her third term and Obama’s victory. Since the referendum was in her eyes. “This shows this blue passed on the ballot, Moore has collar state really got it. People afford to miss work and they drag County ballot was made up of ei- the vote. stood behind paid sick days. believe Obama cares about ordi- themselves in anyways, infect- ther a blow out or unopposed race, As listed on the ballot, now that “About half of all workers na- nary people like them. He identi- ing other coworkers who in turn the Milwaukee County Sales Tax this referendum has been passed, tionwide have no paid sick days,” fies with them and he’s going to spread it to others.” Referendum was only just ap- Wisconsin will grant Milwaukee Moore said in a press release. “So get the job done.” While the entire Milwaukee proved by receiving 57 percent of County the authority to add an when they get sick, they cannot additional 1 percent to the county sales tax which will go towards, parks recreation culture, transit and emergency medical services. This 1 percent will provide $67 million dollars of tax relief annu- ally. Neil Albrecht, executive di- rector of the City of Milwaukee Board of Election, said he was very satisfied with how the elec- FURNISHED, LOFT-STYLE tion was run in Milwaukee. “At around 10:30 p.m. a major- APARTMENTS, INCLUDING: ity of our wards have reported in,” Albrecht said. “There have 24-hour fitness center All utilities included at been no problems at any of our ■ ■ one flat rate, including sites as to closing our sites or 42” HDTV in each ■ central air transmitting the election results apartment, with expanded to the central processing center.” cable, HD channels and VIP units with pool table ■ Albrecht, who has been stand- DVR included and maid service ing in for Susan Edman since she Wi-Fi throughout entire Private shuttle service - broke her hip, explained how ■ ■ building new for 2009 long it took to make the Milwau- kee balloting process work as Secure access and Heated parking on-site ■ ■ smoothly as possible. attended lobby Two restaurants on-site ■ “Preparation for the election Large common areas and ■ of office starts a good year be- Individual contracts, no ■ private study rooms fore the election,” Albrecht said. liability for roommates’ rent “We all work long hours through Professional on-site ■ the summer particularly in the management and Starting at $499/person months prior to the election.” maintenance (12 installments)* As Milwaukee’s polls came to *2009-10 rate shown; subject to change. a close, some people were sur- prised to see the results in Mil- waukee, as well as Wisconsin overall. Barrett McCormick, a profes- sor of political science, said he was surprised about Obama’s large victory in Milwaukee, which earned about 76 percent of the vote. “I think people not just in Mil- INTRODUCING waukee, but Wisconsin, thought Obama would do a better job THE SIGNATURE SUITES AT 2040 LOFTS with the economy and there was skepticism in (Sarah) Palin,” Mc- Five stories of 2- and Designer furniture Cormick said. ■ ■ 3-bedroom suites While McCormick said he was Flat-panel HDTV in each ■ surprised about the blowout by Private bathroom for apartment, with premium ■ Obama in Milwaukee, he was each resident cable, HD channels and DVR very happy about the victory by Hardwood-style floors and Heated, reserved parking Moore, who helped support a pe- ■ ■ stainless steel appliances on-site tition he helped organize at Mar- quette a few years ago. Not long Dedicated laundry and Wireless high-speed Internet ■ ■ after she received the petition she private study areas on Green courtyard was arrested for protesting on the ■ each floor steps of the Sudanese Embassy in Washington, D.C. CURRENT SPECIAL: 9 MONTH AGREEMENTS AVAILABLE “When she was escorted to the AT SIGNATURE SUITES WITH NO ADDITIONAL PREMIUM. police car she told a reporter she FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY. was inspired to act by the stu- dents at her alma mater at MU,” 2040 W. Wisconsin - steps from the MU campus McCormick said. “She is a good friend to Marquette.” Call today to schedule a personal tour : 414.344.2040 Rosemary Lane contributed to this report.
  • 11. 12 NEWS WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 2008 TRIBUNE Photos by Associated Press President-elect Barack Obama addresses his supporters at Grant Park in Chicago (top). Sen. John McCain (R- Ariz.) delivers his remarks at his rally in Phoenix, Ariz. (right). Close to a million supporters greeted Obama and Vice president-elect Joe Biden after the results were announced (left). Obama and lost the 2000 Republican pri- a forerunner for the party nomina- dent. But when Obama won the tive voters, McCain made a gutsy mary. tion. Iowa Caucus, voters started to be- move, finalizing his ticket by After the loss, McCain re- As 2008 rolled in, so did caucus lieve that perhaps the junior sena- choosing Alaska Gov. Sarah Pa- turned to the U.S. Senate, where season. Huckabee, the most tradi- tor from Illinois really could win lin as his running mate. Initially, Continued from page 1 he worked with Democratic Wis- tionally conservative of the three, the election. Palin was not thought to be on Law School, where he earned his consin Sen. Russ Feingold on the swept the Jan. 3 caucus in Iowa, But Obama’s campaign wasn’t McCain’s short list of candidates, law degree and became the first McCain-Feingold Act, a biparti- with Romney claiming second without its rough spots. In mid- which some predicted included black president of the Harvard san bill that worked on campaign and McCain tying Tennessee Sen. March, video of Obama’s former former opponent Romney. Law Review. finance reform and fought to in- Fred Thompson for third place pastor, Jeremiah Wright, surfaced, “Palin was initially selected to Obama was elected to the Illi- crease the role of soft money. Mc- with just 13 percent of the vote. in which the pastor radically criti- attract former Clinton and young nois state senate in 1996, where Cain also supported Bush in his On Super Tuesday, after almost cized the United States. Obama voters but it didn’t seem like she he spent eight years. On a national bid for re-election in 2004. a month of continuously rising underwent heavy scrutiny after did that,” Azari said. “The choice scale, Obama’s visibility exploded With current Vice President poll success, McCain claimed 60 the video was spread via the Inter- was considered hasty and that she during the 2004 Democratic Na- Dick Cheney not seeking elec- percent of the necessary delegates net and cable news programs. was someone he chose without tional Convention. He gave a stir- tion, the Republican race was up needed to secure a nomination. Following a hard-fought, con- careful vetting. It questioned his ring keynote speech, in which he for grabs and on April 25, 2007, A week later, as his competition tentious and sometimes bitter decision-making process.” sought to break down party lines McCain officially announced his fizzled, Romney announced his campaign, Obama’s message of Kukowski disagreed, citing ex- and unify the nation. second bid for president. resignation from the campaign. change trumped Clinton’s experi- citement about Palin in the Re- His appearance and performance McCain entered a race against Huckabee held on for another ence. Clinton ceded the nomina- publican Party. at the DNC ignited speculation of 11 other candidates, including for- month but, after losing the re- tion June 7 and the battle we’ve “She is now a leader in the where Obama fit in the Democrat- mer New York Mayor Rudy Giu- maining primaries on March 4, been watching for the last five Republican Party,” she said. “I ic Party, including the possibility liani. The Republican field was conceded victory to McCain. months officially began. think we’ll be seeing her around of a future presidential run. eventually narrowed to three main As the Republican Party secured again.” McCain’s bid for president be- candidates — McCain, former its nominee, it watched the Demo- McCain graciously bowed out Enter the running mates gan eight years ago. Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney crats fight for a decisive winner of the race as he thanked his sup- With only eight weeks until In 2000, McCain was the top and former Arkansas Gov. Mike for another three months. porters, praised his opponent and Election Day, both Obama and challenger against the eventual Huckabee. Obama’s possibility of a run for vowed to continue to serve his McCain finalized their ticket with Republican nominee and current In the first half of 2007, cam- president came to fruition in 2007, country. strikingly different picks. president George W. Bush. Prior paign finance issues plagued when he emerged as one of front- “The American people have Obama selected Delaware Sen. to his campaign against Bush, McCain. At the same time, both runners for the Democratic nomi- spoken, and they have spoken Joe Biden as his vice presiden- McCain had served two terms in his campaign manager and chief nation, along with New York Sen. clearly,” McCain said. tial candidate on Aug. 23, giving the U.S. House of Representatives strategist quit his campaign. As Hillary Clinton and former North “These are difficult times for assurance to those skeptical of starting in 1982 and been Arizona a result, McCain found himself Carolina Sen. John Edwards. this country. I will do all in my Obama’s experience and foreign senator since 1986. But despite a coming in last in early polls. But As the primaries got underway, power to help Obama lead.” relations capabilities. history of successful campaigns, resurgence came in the second some voters struggled to adjust to In late August, in an attempt McCain carried only seven states half of 2007 and McCain became the idea of a black man as presi- to pick up female and conserva-