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Businesses can save time and money processing travel expenses online rather than on paper. Selecting a travel expense app that focuses on the accounting and administrative processing as much as the employee's experience submitting expenses is essential for any new application to be a success.

The Travel Expenses Instant App provides an easily configured process to support the back-office, while remaining easy to use for the employee.

Go to to sign up for free.

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  • I hope you find this information on why online travel expense processing can be so valuable to a business. Feel free to comment below, or contact me for more information: has all the contact details.
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Travel Expenses Instant App - Case Study

  1. 1. Travel Expenses Instant App Case Study Travel Expenses Instant App
  2. 2. Company Profile Employees: 130 Business: distributor of construction supplies Users: 40 reps traveling to customer sites 2 admin + 3 regional managers Problem: hundreds of paper expense reports, thousands of receipts stuffed in envelopes, one painful processing mess Travel Expenses Instant App
  3. 3. Step 1: Fill Expenses Online <ul><li>Travelers print expense form from spreadsheet and fill in when back at the office
  4. 4. Travelers fill online expense form, while still traveling
  5. 5. Upload credit card transactions
  6. 6. Mileage and exchange rates calculated automatically </li></ul>Travel Expenses Instant App
  7. 7. Step 2: Scan Receipts <ul><ul><li>Travelers staple receipts to yet more paper
  8. 8. Travelers scan receipts directly into expense report
  9. 9. Some even upload photos from smart-phone
  10. 10. Reviewers do not need to keep receipts organized </li></ul></ul>Travel Expenses Instant App
  11. 11. Step 3: Submit Report <ul><li>Place in courier envelope and ship, charged to the company account
  12. 12. Click to submit report
  13. 13. Receive notifications if additional details required
  14. 14. Go online to track progress </li></ul>Travel Expenses Instant App
  15. 15. Step 4: Review Expenses <ul><li>Wait for courier to bring yet another delivery; open envelope; unstaple receipts; check calculations; email manager for additional reviews (and chase for response); walk the package over to payment admin
  16. 16. Instant notification of new expense report
  17. 17. Click to view scanned receipts
  18. 18. Quickly check that expenses meet policies
  19. 19. Click to request manager review, if required
  20. 20. Click to approve for payment </li></ul>Travel Expenses Instant App
  21. 21. Step 5: Finalize Payment <ul><li>Retrieve envelope from pile on the desk; open carefully avoiding the mess of receipts; key expenses into finance system; file paper in a storage box
  22. 22. Click to open notification of new claim
  23. 23. Upload or enter details into finance system
  24. 24. Click to notify claimant of payment </li></ul>Travel Expenses Instant App
  25. 25. Estimated Savings <ul><li>Save courier costs for remote workers sending receipts and expense reports. Approx $500/month
  26. 26. Reduce the time to receive and perform initial validation & calculation of new expense reports, from 5 hours per week to 30 minutes per week
  27. 27. Reduce misplaced expense cases from 3 per month to zero
  28. 28. Remove cost of filing and sending offsite 6 storage boxes per year </li></ul>Travel Expenses Instant App
  29. 29. Process Expenses More Easily For Free! Any organization can process expense reports more easily and save money in the process Sign-up for free, for unlimited users, starting instantly. Travel Expenses Instant App