Real time analytics and adding contacts


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Get started with the Consected Twitter Analysis and Social CRM invitation only beta. Understand the main features, and get started understanding your Twitter friends and followers better.

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Real time analytics and adding contacts

  1. 1. SocialSocialTwitter Analysis and Social CRMInvitation-Only BetaReal-Time Analytics and adding Contacts(highlights to get you started)
  2. 2. Click Login with Twitter. If you are signed in to Twitter already youshould get straight in.SocialSocial
  3. 3. Your home page. Pretty bare at first. If you manage multipleaccounts they will appear here. Click your account to start.SocialSocial
  4. 4. The main page for the account you are working on. Features willappear here based on your profile. To start, click Research.SocialSocial
  5. 5. The real-time analysis page shows all Tweets mentioning you. Thelist will grow as we continue to collect data.SocialSocial
  6. 6. Enter fields on the left to filter the list in real-time.SocialSocial
  7. 7. Click Chart to see the current filtered results graphically. This viewshows the total mentions of you by each user.SocialSocial
  8. 8. To add extra metrics, click the Sender Statistics checkboxes. Thisview also shows Klout Score for each user.SocialSocial
  9. 9. Identify the popular keywords / terms in your Tweets. Exclude junkterms by entering them in the field below.SocialSocial
  10. 10. View a histogram of the count of Tweets daily (incoming oroutgoing, again based on your current filters).SocialSocial
  11. 11. Back to the Sender Statistics, showing Klout Score provides anordered list. Click a bar to view the user details (& tweets to you).SocialSocial
  12. 12. Click the Contact Star to add this user as a contact you would liketo follow more closely.SocialSocial
  13. 13. A full set of Contact information can be added. Initial details arecaptured from the Twitter profile.SocialSocial
  14. 14. Update information, add free text notes and click Save. Well nowfollow this Twitter users activity.SocialSocial
  15. 15. The Contact Star is now gold, and will show against all referencesto the Contact.SocialSocial
  16. 16. Filter the tweet list by Contacts only by unchecking Not contacts.This is a quick view of recent twitter mentions from your contacts.SocialSocial
  17. 17. Click on a gold Contact Star to see the contacts information. Clickedit to update it if needed.SocialSocial
  18. 18. Clicking the close button takes you back to the analysis. Click “Mystatus updates” to add your own tweets into the list.SocialSocial
  19. 19. Maybe you want to slice your data a little more. Consider adding adate range. Click Timeline to refresh the view after selecting dates.SocialSocial
  20. 20. Ready for more? Return to your home page by clicking Home.More CRM features to be appearing here as the beta progresses.SocialSocial
  21. 21. Want to add a sticky note to yourself (silly feature? Maybe!)SocialSocial
  22. 22. OK, silly stuff over. Now click into your account block, the same aswhen we started.SocialSocial
  23. 23. Click the Contacts icon to search your contacts.SocialSocial
  24. 24. Enter a few characters of the last name and click Search. If youhave many contacts, refine the search with more fields.View the contact by clicking the [+] icon.SocialSocial
  25. 25. The contact details appear. Click edit to go in and make updates ordelete the contact. Click the Interactions sub-menu for more...SocialSocial
  26. 26. All interactions (currently tweets mentioning you) are visible. Moreinteractions will appear as the beta progresses.SocialSocial
  27. 27. Putting it togetherTwitter AnalysisTwitter Analysis Social CRMFor more information or assistance, please contact us:social@consected.comPlease let us know your feedback, what will make thisproduct better, and perhaps recommend a friend to jointhe beta program.SocialSocialSocialSocial