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AS Media Studies - Case Studies AS Media Studies - Case Studies Presentation Transcript

  • Directed: Tom HooperProduction: Cameron Mackintosh Productions (Cameron Mackintosh owns the rights to LesMiserables), Working TitleDistribution and Marketing: UniversalCast: Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Eddie RedmayneUK Release: 11th January 2013 (set back from its earlier scheduled release in December, in order to passthe Christmas market and avoid being associated with the Christmas seasons and films)Budget: $61, 000, 000Grossed:$437,710,466Marketing Campaigns:•Les Miserables had a huge marketing campaign to publicise and build interest in the film in time for its January release.•The DVD/Blu-ray release of Les Misérables: 25th Anniversary Concert confirmed an announcement of the musicals film adaptation.•On 30 May 2012, the films first teaser trailer debuted online, and later in theatres. On 20 September 2012, an extended first look was releasedon the films official Facebook page.•Clips of Jackman, Hathaway, Seyfried, Redmayne and Barks singing were released, especially the teaser trailers presentation of "I Dreamed aDream" by Hathaway.•Interviews of the main cast were also released, talking about production and promoted the film•The iconic Les Mis poster featuring an image of Cosette was released on the films official Facebook page, as well as further posters of JeanValjean, Javert, Fantine, and Cosette, Thénardiers and Marius.•The film used a gimmick of having the vocals recorded live on set using live piano accompaniments played through earpieces as a guide, withthe orchestral accompaniment recorded in post-production.•The film also released the soundtrack for the film before Les Mis was released in cinemas.
  • Senna is a British 2010 documentary film that depicts the life and death of Brazilian motor-racing champion, AyrtonSenna.The film was produced by StudioCanal and Working Title Films, one of the companies “passion project”Was distributed by the parent company of Working Title Films production company, Universal Pictures.Director: Asif KapadiaGrossed: $1,612,430, it is the highest grossing British documentary in the UK, (made a loss)A special screening of Senna was held on October 7, 2010 at the 2010 Japanese Grand Prix, at the Suzuka Circuit inSuzuka, Japan. The official world première was held at the Cinemark Theatre in Sao Paulo, Brazil on November 3, 2010.It was released in Brazil on 12 November 2010 and the UK on 3 June 2011.It has received great critical acclaim e.g. won a BAFTA for best documentary.during the UK release, promotinginteractivity by reaching out to pagewith similar interests.●The campaign also designed andintegrated apps for critic reviews,worldwide trailers, UK screeninglocations and global competitions.●They drove the activity for SENNA Day,when the movie was screened at over300 cinemas across the UK, andhundreds of fans changed theirFacebook profile picture to the SENNAposter.Marketing Campaign:●Universal designed, delivered andmanaged the UK SENNA Twittercampaign through @SENNAmovie.●It was a successful launch, attractingover 6,000 followers, and for a shortwhile during the UK release SENNA wastrending on Twitter, and the accountappeared as a suggestion on Twittershome page.●The SENNA movie channel on YouTubewas set up as well.●On Facebook, the marketing campaigngenerated 25,000 Likes
  • Marketing Campaigns:•Trailers and posters•Main character, Ted, writing, blogging and tweeting as his character on social networking sites, in particular,Twitter and Facebook e.g. Ted’s timeline, to generate interest•The company also set-up an interactive website for the film which, following an animation of Ted spraypainting the screen, allows users access to exclusive features such as “watch restricted content”, get theofficial soundtrack to the film, “Mobile Ted” app , as well as videos and photos of production and the film.Directed: Seth McFarlaneProduction: Universal PicturesDistribution and Marketing: UniversalCast: Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, SethMcFarlaneUK Release: 1st August 2012Budget: $50, 000, 000Grossed: $218, 000, 000
  • Director: Gareth EdwardsThe film was devised, story boarded anddirected by Gareth EdwardsThe filming equipmentcost approximately$15,000, with the budgetcoming in at "way under"$500,000For about 90% of thefilming the crewcomprised seven peopleMade by an independent company with onlybacking from a minor company, Vertigo FilmsProduced and distributed byVertigo FilmWas mainly released in filmfestivals e.g. 64th EdinburghInternational Film FestivalRelease Date: 3rd December2010Little connections Or exposure•On 17 March, MagnetReleasing acquired therights for the North Americandistribution•Monsters had its UKpremiere as part of the 64thEdinburgh International FilmFestival, on 18 June 2010.•Magnolia Pictures releasedMonsters in U.S. theatres on29 October 2010.In the weeks leading up tothe UK release, amarketing campaign usingsocial network Foursquarewas announced. VueEntertainment andCineworld Cinemas set upinfected locations whichgave users access toexclusive Monsters contentand the chance to winrandom on-the-spot prizes.
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  • Media SynergyIn 2000, AOL and TimeWarner mergedAdverts for the firstHarry Potter film wereshown on HBO andWB, both American TVchannels which aresubsidiaries of TimeWarnerAdverts and articlesappeared bout the film inmagazines and newspapersowned by Time WarnerThe soundtrack wasreleased on AtlanticRecords, part of WarnerMusicAOL’s internet service wasoffering merchandise, andticket promotions tied tosubscriptions for AOL’sservicesDisney SynergyThe Disney company owns avariety of companies in Disney’sname across a number of mediaplatforms“The Disney Storepromotes themerchandise withpromotes the themeparks with promote thetelevision shows whichpromote the company”Former Disney CEOMichael EisnerThe series ‘Indiana Jones’was produced anddistributed by Disney, themerchandise retailed bythem, including thecalendars and dolls, thetheme parks are run by themas well as the Disney StoreAll these are promotedby Disney througheach other, leading tothe sequel and so on
  • PiracyFilm Piracy clearly violates therites of ownership companiesproducing and distributingthe films haveAllow cheaper, lowerquality copies of filmsto be made and soldand this results in alower profit for thosewho made the filmFilm-piracy contributes to a number ofillegal activity such as drug-dealing andsex-traffickingIs an on-goingproblem the film-industry has to dealwith constantlyConsequently,movie piracycaused a 7%decline ininternationalsales forHollywoodstudios between2005 and 2006the film industry as awhole loses roughly $446million per yearTechnologicalConvergenceThe technologicalconvergence of the Xboxallows the consumer towatch a film, play videogames, listen to music,and connect to theinternet all using onemachine.Sony owns all the rights to Blu-ray and so any DVD playersmade by companies otherthan Sony have to pay themfor the rights as well as othermedia devices that use itXbox includes avariety of mediadevices including Blu-rayHowever, this costs the companies producing thetechnology money as it costs more to include a Blu-rayplayer within the Xbox deviceWithout increasing theprice companies likeToshiba make a lossfrom producing thedevice and paying morefor the privilege ofincluding it thanprofiting
  • Strategy of synchronising and actively forging connections between directly relatedareas of entertainment•Synergy is the process by which a media institution tries to use various platformsto sell various products e.g. Film, soundtrack and video gameThe AmazingSpiderman=++SynergyConvergenceConvergence is the process by which a range of media platforms are integratedwithin a single piece of media technology e.g. The iPhone is a phone, camera, videocamera, mp3 player, FM radio, games console, web browser.=++ExchangeThe relationship between audiences and institutions in the film industry e.g. Theproduces make a film, the distribution generate interest and release it and theaudience’s watch and react to it.