A2 Media Studies "Still into you" (Analysis)


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A2 Media Studies "Still into you" (Analysis)

  1. 1. Paramore,“Still Into You”
  2. 2. Type of video? “Still Into You” is a concept and performance based music video • Performance: Throughout the course of the video, there were a range of shots and close-ups of the lead singer, Hayley Williams, singing the lyrics, and the members of the band, interspersed between panning shots of the action. • Concept: Although the music video includes a range of shots of the lead singer performing, the concept is unrelated to the lyrics or soundtrack. There are a variety of long shots and panning shots of ballet dancers, the band riding on BMX bicycles, rowing in balloons and fireworks, all of which don’t link to the meaning of the song and leaves the audience confused but eager to re- watch it
  3. 3. Does “Still Into You” fulfil its purpose as a music video?
  4. 4. The quirky, concept-based footage of the ballet dancers and BMX bicycles and general random-nature of the video evoke an interested and entertained reaction in the viewer, and encourage them to not only revisit the video, but download and listen to the song associated with it. The tune, much like the video is upbeat, fun and light-hearted, evoking similar emotions in the listener as did the video, selling the song as a result. The bright, multi-coloured costume of the lead singer, such as the quirky melting tights and items which emphasise striking neon orange, yellow and pink shades, paired with funky misé en scene makes the music video eye-catching and memorable. The bright lighting and fast-pace tempo of the footage also engages the audience and leaves them with a strong impression of the video.
  5. 5. “Still Into You” is not a narrative-based music video and so doesn’t give a better understanding of the song, per say. However, the action on the screen commands the attention of the viewer enough so that they concentrate and listen to the lyrics as well as watch the video, helping to convey a better understanding of the lyrics an meaning behind the song. The video is very entertaining in its random but fun shots of the band acting with various props, ballet dancers and rowing in a floor filled with balloons, and although the video doesn’t particularly showcase any talents of the lead singers like acting or dancing, there is movement and a performance element to the action onscreen, enticing the audience.
  6. 6. The bright visual spectacle of the video and quirky footage make the video engaging for first, second and third time watchers, and increases the song’s chances of selling CDs and DVDs on a large scale, as the video positively promotes the band, soundtrack, and album. The video’s release on YouTube makes it accessible for everyone and easy to view continually, increasing the amount of exposure the single and the band receives. The video is appealing and enjoyable, not so quirky as to be confusing and a struggle to watch, and portrays Halyley Williams and Paramore as well as talented, exciting and energetic, qualities which will appeal the band to mass audiences, and expand the band’s fan base. The single is also pop-rock, a genre popular to the general public and a hybrid genre, allowing “Still Into You” to integrate into two types of fans.
  7. 7. Target Audience: Reactions? (Established) Paramore Fans New Audiences I liked the video. I’ve never heard of Paramore before but I really liked the video as well as the song. It was catchy and the video was interesting. I loved the ballet dancers and the lead singer, particularly her outfit. I can definitely see myself listening to a lot more Paramore after watching the video and searching their other music videos. I LOVED the video! The video was amazing and excelled my expectations, but surprised as it was different to other videos the band has made such as “Decode” and “Misery Business”. The new album = new direction and image, which the video shows as its different compared to past videos. It was better in some ways such as featuring all the band members, and that it was fun and quirky. The band also described making the video as fun. My favourite part was when Taylor (a member of the band) danced to the fireworks.
  8. 8. Conclusion In conclusion, the music video for “Still into you” by Paramore does fulfil the purposes of a music video, using a range of engaging imagery and footage, eye-catching and capturing misé en scene, aptly timed action and quick jump cuts which set a fast tempo and encourages return to the video to rewatch.