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Unit 3 research

  1. 1. R Y A N K E L L Y M R D A L E Y Unit 3: research for CMP
  2. 2. Research- what is research?  Research is simply investigating a subject of interest in order to find out more about that specific thing. People generally research things in everyday lifestyle such as for jobs or school or just general research into things that may be of general interest. Research can vary from finding different recipes for something you are interested in making or it can be the study of a particular subject for a work/school project.
  3. 3. How do people research?  People can research in many different ways; using books, the internet or people of knowledge in that specific area they are researching.  Research can come in different forms such as, reading up on things and taking notes, using questionnaires to find out specific details or just simply listening and remembering.  People may using search engines to research specific topics such as Google, Bing, etc. Another form of research would be using books which have information of the subject.
  4. 4. Quantitative research  Quantitative research is essentially numerical research; putting research into numbers, which can then be put into categories, rank order or put into measurements.  NUMBERS
  5. 5. Qualitative research  Qualitative research is research which is written, for example; diary counts or open ended questionnaires  OPINIONS
  6. 6. Primary research  Primary research is collecting research yourself, for example; surveys questionnaires and asking questions Secondary Research  Secondary research is taking somebody else’s research and using it, for example; Wikipedia, books, Google websites
  7. 7. Bibliography  A bibliography is a document which is used to put references of where you found out your information from. They work by putting the web address or book title and author and the year it was published.
  8. 8. Film survey  What is your favourite genre of film? Thriller Action  Who is your favourite male and female actor? Male – Edward Norton, Female – Emma Stone Male – Henry Cavil, Female – Emma Watson  Do you regularly go to the cinema/watch films? Sometimes Yes  When do you mostly go to the cinema? summer Summer  Do you like the story to have depth or for it to be quite simple and easy watching? Depth Depth
  9. 9. Questions  What are technical codes? The way the text is constructed, camera angles, framing, typography  Explain why representation is important in factual programs. It provides information on the programme so we are able to understand what the story is about through the representation.  Explain what genres are in your own words Different categories in music, literature & film.  Describe the concept of ideology? The ideas and manners of a social group/class.
  10. 10. Online vs Print Research  Online research is a very fast way to research information and you can generalise your search which makes it even faster to search things  Print research generally takes longer however it is more reliable than online as anyone has access to publishing things. With print things are usually written by an expert on the subject where as with online, pretty much anyone could write stuff.  A more reliable source of energy would print due to the fact that you always know who wrote it and there will always be some information on who wrote the book.
  11. 11. Research proposal  The point of project is to make a film idea from the use of the research I will gather  By using qualitative research is research which is written, for example; diary counts or open ended questionnaires this will give me an accurate idea of what film I should make and who should star in the film.  Questions will be: what is film genre is your favourite? Who is your favourite actor and actress? Who do you like as a supporting actor? Do you like romance in films or violence?  Another option is to use a focus group and ask them questions and use there information to put forward into a film idea.  Focus groups are useful as you can achieve hands on information and get more opinionated questions
  12. 12.  I could also use secondary research from the internet to see facts about what films people like and would want to see  I could also get statistics about how successful certain types of films were and other factual information that will be able to assist in my information as I could discover facts quickly  I could use useful websites like idmb and Wikipedia
  13. 13.  I will use primary research and secondary research to come up with my initial ideas for the film idea and this should be able to give me a good ideas for the film
  14. 14. Conducting secondary research  Secondary research on film genres  In uk cinema the moment the top ten films are a majority of thriller and dramas for example Diana, the call, metro manila, cold come out the night, Kelly + Victor  Also a study shows that dramas and thrillers have a big cult following and also have a proven high revenue like tarantinos thrillers are at most a revenues of $400 million and David Fincher films like se7en and the social network of $300 million
  15. 15. Directors from secondary research  First of all I looked at Quentin Tarantino he has a cult following and is very popular worldwide and his movies get big attention.  Tarantino has a very good record of high revenues on films such as pulp fiction box office making $213 million and django unchained making $424 million  Tarantino also has a good relationship with Hollywood's best actors as Samuel l Jackson and Christopher Waltz
  16. 16.  I also looked at Martin Scorsese and he has also amazing track record but his budgets are extremely large with Hugo having a budget of $170 million and only grossing $190 million  But on the other hand many of his films make millions and he has links to actors like Robert de Niro and Leonardo Dicaprio
  17. 17. Actors  By using secondary research the most popular actors  Brad Pitt Actor, Inglorious Basterds  Jack Nicholson Actor, The Shining 3.  Will Ferrell Actor, Step Brothers  Jim Carrey Actor, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind  Denzel Washington Actor, American Gangster  Will Smith Actor, Independence Day  Leonardo DiCaprio Actor, Inception 2.  Robert De Niro Actor, Goodfellas  Tom Hanks Actor, The Da Vinci Code  Samuel L. Jackson Actor, Pulp Fiction 1.
  18. 18. Actresses  Using secondary research I discovered the most popular actresses are  Julia Roberts  Meryl Streep  Cate Blanchett  Uma Thurman  Michelle Pfeiffer  Judi Dench 3.  Sandra Bullock  Amy Adams 2.  Penelope Cruz  Jennifer Lawrence 1.  Cameron Diaz
  19. 19. Primary research  Questionnaire  What is your favourite film genre?  Who is your favourite director?  Name your 2 favourite actors and actresses?  What is your favourite film?  How much do you think a film should cost?
  20. 20.  Comedy/thriller  Danny Boyle  Justin Timberlake & Bruce Willis, Emma Stone & Jennifer Aniston  Friends with Benefits  £80 million.
  21. 21.  Thriller  Quentin Tarantino  Edward Norton and Robert De Niro, Sharon stone and Uma Thurman  American History X  £50 MILLION
  22. 22.  Action/comedy  James Cameron  The Rock and Bruce Willis, Megan Fox and Jennifer Aniston  The Italian Job $500 MILLION
  23. 23.  Fantasy/Thriller  Steven Spielberg  Johnny Depp and Liam Neeson, Emma Watson and Christian Dunts  Dark Shadows  £8 million
  24. 24.  Horror  Quentin Tarantino  Channing Tatum Blue eyes from fast furious and  Fast Furious (all of them) Transformers (all of them)  £100 million
  25. 25.  Thriller  Quentin Tarantino  Samuel L Jackson Leonardo Di caprio and Uma Thurman and Jennifer Lawrence  Jackie Brown  £200 million
  26. 26.  Action  Quentin Tarantino  Robert Downey Jnr Robert de niro  Uma Thurman Tilda Swindon  Pulp Fiction  £60 million
  27. 27.  Sci fi  Guillermo del Toro  Nicholas Cage, Christian Bale and Emma Watson Jennifer Lawrence  Pacific rim  £95 million
  28. 28.  Evidence film will work  Samuel l Jackson's last three films have grossed.  Robert Downey Jnr last three films grossed 
  29. 29. Social networking  The use of twitter if people like the film they can retweet it to there followers so its shared around the world.  Face book could be used by making a page and seeing how many likes the page gets to up too up its popularity  YouTube will be able to promote previews and trailers of the film and get the film noticed by the public
  30. 30. Focus group  Who do you prefer as a director Quentin Tarantino or Martin Scorsese?  Do you prefer films with twists and depths or simplicity?  Do you like violence in films?  Who do you like to have small cameo roles in films like Jonah hills role in Django Unchained?  Do you prefer kids to have a big role in films or minor roles?  Do you like films with big names or a few unknown  The film is set in Chicago about the lives of the characters  Who should play the role of the preacher Samuel L Jackson or Denzel Washington?  Retired cop Bruce Willis or Anthony Hopkins  A rich banker whose addicted to cocaine Edward Norton or Robert Downey Jnr ?  Would your prefer the characters to rob the bank or the drug dealer and a group of his friends to rob it and the others characters interlink throughout the rest of the film or the characters join together to rob the bank
  31. 31. Pitch  The Chicago Blues is the name of my film  The interlinking stories of a drug dealer, a cocaine addict/who works in a bank, a preacher/drug lord, a angry retired aged cop and a young woman who cares for her elderly grandfather who works in the bank  Its set it January 2013 during the most violent, murderous and chaotic month in Chicago's month  The interlinking story of 5 people trying to fend and survive in a amazing city falling to pieces due to unemployment and a lack of money.  The main scene is set in a bank in the middle of Chicago during the mid morning  The drug dealer gets more and more scared of Chicago's violence after a drug deal with the banker he walks past a church he devises a plan. He and a few drug dealing pals realise cocaine isn't enough and they need to make money and get out quick as they owe the preacher who is a drug lord money.
  32. 32. Pitch continued  The film is similar to different thrillers like reservoir dogs the interlinking story's in 2 days in the valley.  The preacher is a angry vigilante who believes Chicago is going down hill  The banker is a cocaine addict who escapes the problems of Chicago through drugs  The drug dealer is a scared individual who wants to make enough money to get out of Chicago  The angry retired cop believes the youth are corrupting Chicago the beautiful city he once loved  The young girl grows insane due to the overwhelming violence in the city
  33. 33. The target audience  The target audience is older teenagers and adults as it is very mature film with mature ideas and scenes  There is violence and drugs that's not suitable for children but more suitable for mature ages.  This is the same for most Tarantino films
  34. 34. Evidence  When release  October 2014  Evidence of popularity and how it will work  The films has many good actors and a good story line with a world class director  Who it will compete against  Paranormal activity 5 is the only film competing with my film but there is a massive chance it will not be successful due to its not written by the original writer or director  The film is a 18 due to Tarantinos use of violence and blood
  35. 35.  Peer assessment
  36. 36. Self assessment  I think my research was good and well developed and it helped support the ideas I was coming up with  My pitch was well developed using my research and had good ideas for a plot and actors to use  I had a lot of evidence  More detail in social networking
  37. 37. Bibliography  www.imdb.com/  en.wikipedia.org/  filmschoolwtf.com/best-hollywood-actors/