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Life of the buddha
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Life of the buddha



Slide Show of the life of the Buddha

Slide Show of the life of the Buddha



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Life of the buddha Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The Life of
    Shakyamuni Buddha
  • 2. Bodhisattva Prabhapala is invited by the Devas in the Tushita Heaven to come down on earth to save all beings.
  • 3. Queen Mahamaya had a dream of a six-tusked white elephant coming to her and she was then pregnant.
  • 4. The Buddha was born at Lumbini Garden.
  • 5. Prince Siddhartha was tenderly pampered.
  • 6. Prince Siddhartha attends the PloughingFestival with his father, King Suddhodana.
  • 7. His compassion was shown at his young age, when a crane was shot by Devadatta, he took it in his arms, nourished it, saving it.
  • 8. In his outings through the four gates of the city,prince Siddhartha realizes the true circle of life:birth, old age, illness and death.
  • 9. Prince Siddhartha looks at his wife and son before leaving the palace.
  • 10. At dawn, Prince Siddhartha and the charioteerride the horse Kanthaka, leave the city ofKapilvastu, cross the Anoma river and start ahomeless life.
  • 11. Cutting off his hair, shaving off his beard, the Prince instructs Dunpa to return to the palacewith his arments, ornaments and precious sword.
  • 12. Prince Siddhartha dwells in the snow-cappedmountain caves to engage in spiritual practice.
  • 13. Prince Siddhartha in his six years of continuouspracticing all forms of severe austerity.
  • 14. Deciding to follow the Middle Path, the Princeabandones ascetic life and accepts a bowl of milk-rice offered by Gamo and Gatopma.
  • 15. Temptation from the demons of defilement, attachment, jealousy and doubt.
  • 16. Mara, the evil forces, such as: arrogance,hatred, etc., fail to disturb the Prince.
  • 17. Prince Siddhartha meditates under the Bodhi tree by the Neranjara River.
  • 18. Prince Siddhartha attains Enlightenment onthe eighth of December under the Bodhi treeafter defeating Mara.
  • 19. Turning the Dharma Wheel the first time at theDeer Park, the Buddha expounds the Four Noble Truths to convert the first five ascetic friends.
  • 20. In the Bamboo (Venuvana) at Rajagriha, theBuddha gave a sermon to 1250 disciples.
  • 21. The Buddha exhorts the Dharma to Sariputta, Moggalana, and other chief disciples.
  • 22. The Buddha expounds the Dharma to QueenMaha-Yana.
  • 23. The Buddha returns to Kapilvastu to visit King Suddhodana and to preach Dharma to his royal relatives.
  • 24. The Buddha advises Singala about the meaningof worshiping six directions: East, West, South,North, Above and Below.
  • 25. The Buddha converts a heretic, Angulimala,who murdered others for their fingers.
  • 26. A mother agonized over the sudden death of her son, came to Buddha, asking him to help her saving her son. The Buddha delivered a sermon on impermanence. She was then Enlightened.
  • 27. The Buddha converts Patacara, an unfortunatewoman, to become a Bhiksuni in the Sangha
  • 28. With his great compassion, the Buddha bringsto submission the ferociously drunken elephants released by King Ajatasatti.
  • 29. The Buddha attains Parinibbana in the Sala Grove, between the twin Sala tress, in the vicinity of Kusinagara.