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  • We’re here to talk about how Publishing companies use Drupal Introductions – Me, and then the guys Drupal veteran from MDW, implementing systems as far back as Drupal 4.75 for newspapers Now PM at Phase2, working mostly with publishers and governments Phase2 – while we do a lot of other things, too, we’re well know for building Drupal platforms and we work with a number of publishers Paul AP John Nation Josh P2 The AP and The Nation are just two of the publishing companies we work with, and are very different examples of how publishing companies are leveraging Drupal.
  • Nation - as the digital CMS, currating and routing content to the web, email, mobile phone and tablets. - Ask John to elaborate a little AP - as a display layer for vast, every-changing content for multiple sites. - Ask John to elaborate a little Intro Next - We broke down some Common themes in the why/how publishers are using Drupal - Flexibility, Customaziability and Profitablity...
  • One of the reasons a lot of folks are drawn to Drupal, other than it being open source, is it a very flexible platform Both the Nation and the Associated Press are taking advantage of that in very different ways
  • 3rd party integrations - Drupal is very flexible, and you can do a lot in the system and with the system, but sometimes it is better to use someone how specialized - Ask John about the various integrations - Lyris email - iPhone - iPad - upcoming - Salsa, Endplay Custom segmentation - Ask John about - Subscribers vs. nonsubscribers
  • Questions to Ask AP: Ask Paul - How many verticals on platform? Transition to the Big Story - Ask Josh about volume and size Talk a little about editor control – how they currate the system
  • Because it’s flexible, I tell my clients that we can meet almost any need in Drupal – but that is not always the best solution. Specialist do one thing really well Drupal can integate or create Both the Nation and the AP have some integrations and some custom functionality
  • Integrated subscription services Automated email push One of the unique items that really struck me when I started working with the Nation was that they had something I’d chased in the past – integrating online users with their subscriber database - Ask John to talk about integration and subscriber only content. Talk about custom subscriber wall One other items I really like about the Nation integration is the push they’ve made to one stop digital curration – pushing from Drupal out to other systems so that editors have one place to do their work - Ask John about Lyris integration, other integrations
  • Transition to Paul and the AP Your team does do a lot of routing and editing in the Drupal system; that is done in the Aps system and then routed to Drupal? -lead to talking about what the system does Ask Josh about how much content is flowing in normally Content Volume Content Control - How often do they spin up new verticals? - How much time does it take for each new vertical? - Do you have some new ones on the horizon?
  • Ask each person for their advice for people interested in Drupal for their CMS…
  • CmsExpo publishing in Drupal

    1. 1. Phase2 ProjectManagerFeliciaHaynesPhase2 SeniorDeveloperJoshCaldwellDirector of DigitalProduct for TheNation MagazineJohn CaryGlobal Director, DigitalServices at AssociatedPressPaul Caluori
    2. 2. Different ways to leverage DrupalAssociated Press• Uses Drupal to displayingested content andspecific listing of content ona Drupal platform.The Nation• Uses Drupal to publishtheir website, and pushcurated content to otherservices.
    3. 3. FlexibilityAssociated Press•Content Volume•Content Control
    4. 4. Third-PartyIntegrationFlexibility
    5. 5. FlexibilityCustom Query Building
    6. 6. Custom FunctionalityThe Nation•Integratedsubscription services•Automated emailpushAssociated Press•Automated ingestion•White-labeled sites
    7. 7. SubscribersCustom Functionality
    8. 8. WhiteLabelsCustom Functionality
    9. 9. ProfitabilityAssociated Press•Advertising•White label SitesThe Nation•Paid content•Advertising
    10. 10. ProfitabilityProfitability
    11. 11. 12Profitability
    12. 12. Sage Advice…
    13. 13. www.phase2technology.comThank You!fhaynes@phase2technology.comFeliciaHaynesJoshCaldwellJohn CaryPaul