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Business Software Development - Alkami: Online Banking - Phase 2 Interactive
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Business Software Development - Alkami: Online Banking - Phase 2 Interactive


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Alkami: Online Banking Case Study by Phase 2 Interactive.

Alkami: Online Banking Case Study by Phase 2 Interactive.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Alkami, iThryvSectorBanking, financial literacyProblemWith little to no education in financial literacy, how do we expect young people to make betterfinancial decisions?SolutionBuild a revolutionary new online banking system with financial literacy components built in so thatyoung people can learn about finances the right way, from the get-go, tied directly into your bankaccount. The platform will also be used for We Prosper community and school literacy programs.TechnologyDesigned and architected a service-based 2.0 web banking platform with a brand new widget-baseduser interface providing client banks and credit unions with ultimate flexibility and the ability toexpand the capabilities of the platform for personal style and branding. Unique flavors create acustomized appeal for children, young adults, multiple languages and cultures, as well as various lifesituations such as newly married couples and growing families.The platform ensures secure financial transactions accessing multiple core banking systems and givingusers best of breed protection.Capabilities • Multi-year, multi-million dollar software platform development • Highly secure data and business logic systems • Internationally scalable platform capable of millions of usersTechnical DetailsService Oriented Architecture (SOA) – Designed to allow multiple components to workindependently of giving Alkami clients the greatest flexibility in implementing the system.Model View Controller (MVC) User Interface Layer – Using the MVC pattern allows the user interfaceto be lightweight and responsive to the end user as well as reducing the bandwidth the webapplication requires.  In addition the MVC pattern allows developers to create rich web applicationswhich are as powerful as many desktop applications.Configurable Auditing Framework – The custom developed auditing framework allows
  • 2. administrators to configure auditing records from UI components down to transactions depending onthe needs of the financial institution.  The auditing framework was is deployed as a separate serviceusing a message queue ensuring the application will run seamlessly no matter the scale of the userson the system or quantity of audits configured.Inversion of Control (IoC) – IoC is different from the traditional procedural programming paradigm inthat the caller isn’t the controller of the interaction instead the callee determines how and when toanswer the call.  This design pattern has the following advantages: Execution of a task is decoupledfrom the implementation, Separation of Concerns is enforced as each system or component can focuson its particular concerns, Individual components can be replaced without affecting other parts of thesystem or requiring developers to tear out code and replace it throughout the other systems.Object Relational Mapping using NHibernate - NHibernate is an open source object-relationalmapping (ORM) framework and is a .NET port of Hibernate, the most popular ORM tool for Java. Itallows a pure object model/business logic layer to be used without mandating references to dataaccess or NHibernate itself, using particular base classes, or decorating the object model with anyattributes. This allows core business logic to take place in the object model without being obscured bydata access code. Fluent NHibernate greatly simplifies the configuration and mapping of the objectmodel to the database schema.Custom App Framework – To allow extensibility within the platform it was design to allow first andthird party developers to add new features and applications to the system.  The application storeallows users to choose which applications they want on which pages as well as allowing financialinstitutions to configure which applications their users will have access to see.TestimonialsMission-critical technology solutions, brought to you by Phase and