8 Investing Mobile Apps


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8 Investing Mobile Apps.

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  • Also included in this list should be Today in Private Equity News App


    This App is top rated on the AppStore and is a great one-stop App for real-time news and analysis on U.S. Politics.
    Today in Private Equity pulls deal news and longer articles from publications, journalists, analysts, and banks who publish across the Web. The App continuously monitors and adjusts online source lists to include new analysts and publications as well as opinion leaders of note.The App's user interface is beautiful and makes it easy to read articles and research on the iPad, simple and efficient. This is a great App for collecting and reading all this content into one place. It is the onlygoodPE related App on the iTunes Store.
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8 Investing Mobile Apps

  1. 1.   8 Investing Mobile Apps www. phase2online .com
  2. 2. www. phase2online .com Take a quick look around you and you will realize – almost everyone has a mobile. The future is here. Mobile apps are being created for every business domain. Here are 8 mobile apps that can turn your smartphone into a ultimate investment tool.
  3. 3. www. phase2online .com Chase Mobile (SM) If you own an iPhone or iPod touch, try banking on the go! BANK WITH CONFIDENCE 24/7 – If you’re enrolled in Chase Online, you can pay bills and credit cards; see account balances and transaction history, transfer money between your accounts, make changes to pending transfers, wires and bill payments, and even send wire transfers.
  4. 4. www. phase2online .com PayPal Send money to your friends, manage your account, and more, with the PayPal app. It’s free, secure and more convenient than going to the ATM, writing checks, or sending gifts the traditional way.
  5. 5. www. phase2online .com Bloomberg Bring the power of the most trusted source for financial information to your iPhone, along with tools to help you analyze the world's markets. Bloomberg offers news, stock quotes, company descriptions, market leaders/laggers, price charts, market trends analysis, and more.
  6. 6. www. phase2online .com E*TRADE Mobile Pro E*TRADE Mobile Pro is one of the most powerful mobile trading applications ever. With E*TRADE Mobile Pro, you’ll always be in touch with your accounts and your assets no matter where you go.
  7. 7. www. phase2online .com Stock Quote Stocks, Markets, Currencies, Commodities, News are all in one great application. Highlighted by Google, Stock Quote has best financial features.
  8. 8. www. phase2online .com Bank of America The Bank of America app lets you easily view balances, make transfers, and more. With Bank of America Mobile Banking, easily take your banking with you.
  9. 9. www. phase2online .com Discover Mobile Get one-stop, on-the-go account management for your Discover Card or Discover Bank account.
  10. 10. www. phase2online .com Real-Time Stocks Real-Time Stocks app collects real-time stock quotes/charts from various sources. You can monitor multiple real-time quotes at once, not just one at a time like other financial apps.
  11. 11. 4100 Perimeter Center, Suite 310 Oklahoma City, OK 73112 www. phase2online .com info@phase2online.com