29th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference
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29th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference



29th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference

29th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference



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29th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Delivering Scientific AdvancesThat Impact Patients’ Lives Geno Germano President / General Manager Specialty Care & Oncology Business UnitsJ.P. Morgan Healthcare ConferenceJanuary 11, 2011
  • 2. Forward-Looking Statements● Our discussions during this presentation will include forward- looking statements. Actual results could differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements. The factors that could cause actual results to differ are discussed in Pfizer’s 2009 Annual Report on Form 10-K and in our reports on Form 10- Q and Form 8-K.● These reports are available on our website at www pfizer com in www.pfizer.com the “Investors—SEC Filings” section. Working Together for a Healthier World™ 2
  • 3. Our Operating Model Drives StrongAlignment Between R&D and Business Units BioPharmaceutical Business Units Diversified Business Units Primary Specialty Established Emerging Animal Consumer Nutritional Oncology Capsugel Care Care Products Markets Health Health Health Pharma-Therapeutics Business Units Bio-Therapeutics Research Research Sales & Development Medical Marketing Manufacturing Supporting Functions Working Together for a Healthier World™ 3
  • 4. Together, the Research and Business Units Utilize NewTools Designed for Creating New Standards of Care What Differentiates ● Tools & Processes are the Asset? integrated to demonstrate (Medicine Differentiator Index) Commercial  Why BUs should invest in Planned Viability this program? Label (Is the market real?(Label as Driver) Can we win?)  Why regulators will Reasons approve? To Believe or Dev Options & Not (go/no-go) (g g ) Payer Value Prop  Why physicians and Strategy (HTA / Access patients will use? Readiness) Risk  Why payers will pay? Mitigation Strategy ● How to create a new or Agreement to next Decision differentiated standard of Point care Working Together for a Healthier World™
  • 5. Innovative Therapies in Key Areas ofUnmet Medical Need Neuroscience Pain/Inflammation Infectious Diseases Oncology Metabolic Disorders Our Focus is on High Priority Disease Areas Using Various Modalities Vaccines Small Molecules Biotherapeutics Working Together for a Healthier World™ 5
  • 6. Pipeline Snapshot* 25 Programs Advanced Discovery Projects Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 In Reg. Total 46 37 26 9 118 31 projects discontinued since last update Pipeline Focused on Compounds in High-Priority Diseases* Pipeline snapshot as of Sept. 2010. Represents progress of R&D programs since 01/27/10; included are 92 NMEs plus 26 additional indications Working Together for a Healthier World™ 6
  • 7. Today’s Late Stage Pfizer Portfolio In RegistrationCelebrex Chronic Pain Lyrica GAD (monotherapy)Xiapex Dupuytrens Contracture (MAA) Pristiq Vasomotor Symptoms of MenopauseViviant Osteoporosis Treatment and Prevention Tafamidis meglumine transthyretin amyloidosis polyneuropathy (MAA)Apixaban VTE prevention (MAA) Taliglucerase alfa Gaucher DiseaseMacugen Diabetic Macular Edema (MAA) Prevenar 13 Adult Pneumococcal DiseaseSutent Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors Phase 3 (New Molecular Entities & Product Line Extensions)Apixaban Venous Thromboembolism Treatment , Atrial p Aprela (bazedoxefine/conjugated estrogens) Menopausal Vasomotor p ( j g g ) pFibrillation SymptomsAxitinib Renal Cell Carcinoma Bapineuzumab Alzheimers DiseaseBosutinib Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia Neratinib Breast Cancer Lyrica Post Operative Pain, Epilepsy Monotherapy, Central NeuropathicCP-690,550 (tasocitinib) Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis Pain due to Spinal Chord Injury, Peripheral Neuropathic PainDimebon (latrepirdine) Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s Disease Crizotinib Non-Small Cell Lung CancerTorisel Renal Cell Carcinoma Zithromax/Chloroquine MalariaMoxidectin River Blindness Tanezumab OA Signs and Symptoms (On Clinical Hold)PF-299804 Lung Cancer Eraxis/Vfend AspergillosisSutent Adjuvant Renal Cell Carcinoma Xiapex Peyronie’s Disease Working Together for a Healthier World™ 7
  • 8. Pfizer is a leader in Specialty Care with a StrongPresence in Oncology Broad In-line Portfolio Infectious Diseases PVD / PAH * Endocrine Ophthalmics Specialty Care / Oncology Gastrointestinal BUs Neuroscience Disease A Di Areas Hemophilia Inflammation And Products 13 (pediatrics, Vaccines Musculoskeletal adults) Pfizer’s HIV portfolio, including Selzentry and Hormonal Agent - Transplant Viracept, has been licensed to ViiV Breast Cancer Healthcare, a Joint Venture Advanced RCC and GIST RCC * Peripheral vascular disease / pulmonary arterial hypertension Working Together for a Healthier World™ 8
  • 9. Select Late-Stage Candidates in Specialty Care & Oncology  Prevnar 13 for Adults (Vaccine) Pneumococcal Disease  Tasocitinib (JAK inhibitor) Rheumatoid Arthritis  Crizotinib (ALK inhibition) Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer  Axitinib (VEGF inhibition) Metastatic Renal Cell Cancer Working Together for a Healthier World™ 9
  • 10. Prevnar 13 Adult:An Important Healthcare Opportunity High Significant Excellent Incidence Unmet Need Profile IPD incidence in adults IPD and Pneumococcal Building on the >50 is similar to the Pneumonia are scientific foundation of incidence in children <51 associated with Prevnar mortality and significant Pneumococcal morbidity Potential to become the pneumonia >500,000 standard of care for the cases and 20,000 Existing polysaccharide long-term prevention of deaths/year in the US1 vaccine has perceived pneumococcal disease limitations in adults >50 Potential to Significantly Expand the Prevnar Franchise by Offering Effective and Long-Term PD Prevention to Adults1. Weycker et al. (2010) Vaccine 28: 4955-4960. Working Together for a Healthier World™ 10
  • 11. Prevenar 13 Adult ● Placebo-controlled efficacy trial of vaccine-type community acquired pneumonia in adults >65 years ● Conducted in the Netherlands ● 84,000+ subjects enrolled, largest study of its kind Working Together for a Healthier World™ 11
  • 12. Tasocitinib (CP-690,550) is being Studied in a Wide Range ofRA Patient Populations in the ORAL Trials Program  The Phase 3 program consists of six studies at more than 350 locations in 35 countries worldwide evaluating patients with active RA  More than 5000 people have taken tasocitinib in clinical trials, to date Trial Name Description Length Status ORAL Scan Inadequate responders to methotrexate receive CP-690,550 and 24 months Ongoing (1044) background methotrexate with a structural endpoint in addition to evaluating signs and symptoms and physical function ORAL Solo Inadequate responders to a DMARD (traditional or biologic) 6 months Complete; positive ( (1045) ) receive CP-690,550 monotherapy evaluating signs and , py g g data presented at p symptoms and physical function ACR 2010 ORAL Sync Inadequate responders to a DMARD (traditional or biologic) 12 months Ongoing (1046) receive CP-690,550 and background traditional DMARD ORAL Standard Inadequate responders to methotrexate receive CP-690,550 and 12 months Ongoing (1064) background methotrexate, or active comparator of adalimumab and background methotrexate ORAL Step Inadequate responders to ≥ 1 TNF inhibitor receive CP-690,550 6 months Ongoing (1032) and background methotrexate ORAL Start Methotrexate-naïve patients receive CP-690,550 monotherapy 24 months Ongoing (1069) with a structural endpoint also included in addition to evaluating signs and symptoms and physical function; this study has a methotrexate control arm Working Together for a Healthier World™
  • 13. Tasocitinib (CP-690,550): A Novel, OralRheumatoid Arthritis Agent CP- CP-690,550 Pfizer arthritis drug succeeds in late stage trial (Inflammation) --- - Meets goal on two of three primary endpoints - - Significantly improves symptoms, physical function - Novel MOA inhibiting - Serious adverse events seen in 4.1 pct of patients - the Janus Kinase (JAK) inflammation NEW YORK, Nov 7 (Reuters) - A closely watched experimental drug for rheumatoid arthritis being pathway developed by Pfizer Inc significantly reduced symptoms and improved physical function, according to data from a late-stage clinical trial. The drug, Large unmet medical tasocitinib, met two of three primary goals of the 611- need across multiple patient Phase III study at two tested doses, compared indications with a placebo, the data show. On the third primary goal, tasocitinib demonstrated a numerically higher measure of disease remission at three months than Potential to offer placebo, but that measure did not reach statistical robust efficacy in an significance. Source: Reuters, Nov. 7 oral (tablet) form Working Together for a Healthier World™ 13
  • 14. CP-690,550 is Being Evaluated in a Number of OtherInflammatory and Immunologic Diseases Phase of Disease Prevalence* Current Market* Projected Market *(2019) Development (2011) (2011) (CAGR; 2011-2019)Rheumatoid Arthritis III 5.3M $9.0B $12.5B (4%) Psoriasis III 14.3M $3.3B $4.8B (5%) Psoriatic II 1.3M $1.6B $2.0B (3%) t ts Arthritis Ankylosing Spondylitis II 1.2M $1.4B $1.8B (3%) Crohn’s Disease II 1.0M $3.4B $4.2B (3%) Ulcerative Colitis II 1.4M $1.6B $2.3B (5%) # POC Established, * Source: Decision Resources *Source: Decision Resources Institute Working Together for a Healthier World™
  • 15. Pfizer has one of the strongest Phase III Oncology Pipelines inthe Industry with a range of approaches to treating cancer Adhesion Angiogenesis ALK-1 mAb Cell Cycle & (PF-03446962) Metabolism Α5/β1 mAb Immunotherapy (PF-04605412) Signal PI3K/mTor-PO Transduction Sunitinib (PF-04691502) (SU-011248) PAK4 (PF-03758609) axitinib (AG-013736) PI3K/mTor IV (PKI-857/PF-05212384) Torisel (CCI-779/PF-5208748) SMO (PF-04449913) CDK-4,6 Inhibitor neratinib Gamma Secretase (PD-0332991) (HKI-272/PF-5208767) (PF-03084014) rucaparib FAK Inhibitor* (AG-14699/PF- bosutinib 1367338) (SKI-606/PF-5208763) (PF-00562271) Inotuzumab FAK Inhibitor (CMC-544/PF- crizotinib (PF-04554878) 5208773) (PF-02341066) c-Met Inhibitor tremelimumab pan-ErbB Inhibitor c-Met Inhibitor (PF-04217903) (CP-675,206) (PF-04217903) (PF-00299804) 10 4 7 Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Working Together for a Healthier World™
  • 16. Oncology Focus on Personalized Medicine Benefit to Clinical Development Benefits of Approach # Patients  Leverage patient selection 800 strategies to reduce 400 study size: – Less expensive Bigger Treatment Effect 18 Months 30 – Faster completion  Achieve earlier regulatory h l l submission and launches Benefit to Patients  Demonstrate dramatic Unselected treatment effect to facilitate Patients early regulatory approval  Demonstrate more robust Selected value proposition to Patients facilitate access Months on Treatment Patients Treated More Likely to Benefit Longer Time on Treatment Working Together for a Healthier World™ 16
  • 17. Crizotinib: Potential Breakthrough in PersonalizedMedicine For Lung Cancer Patients Working Together for a Healthier World™ 17
  • 18. Crizotinib’s Rapid Timeline from Research to Development First clinical Lead Discovery of responses Phase 3 lung Abstract selectedCompound Clinical Testing EML4-ALK cancer trial for plenary session Begins observed; tumors + Identified Translocation T l ti for EML4-ALK f EML4 ALK initiated at ASCO 2010 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Working Together for a Healthier World™
  • 19. Axitinib: Strong Efficacy Data Shows Potential for Differentiation – Key Asset in 1st in Class RCC Franchise Global RCC Targeted Therapy Sales Pfizer Announces Positive Phase 3 Trial $2,500 $2,348 MM Results For Axitinib In Patients With Previously-Treated Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma (mRCC) $2,000 ___WW Sales (US $M) NEW YORK, N.Y., Nov 19 – Pfizer Inc. $1,500 $1,374 MM announced today that the Phase 3 AXIS 1032 trial (A4061032), studying the ( ) y g ( investigational compound axitinib in $1,000 previously treated patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma (mRCC), has met its primary endpoint, demonstrating that axitinib significantly extended progression- $500 free survival (PFS) when compared to sorafenib, in the study population. Consistent with previous analyses, axitinib $0 demonstrated a generally manageable safety profile in this study. 2009A 2019E Source: Pfizer Press Release, Nov. 19th Sources: Decision Resources projected market growth rates (2007-2011; 13.9% and 2012-2019: 5.4%) applied 2009A RCC market sales ($1.2B). 2019 Sales by Class provided by Decision Resources (2008) Working Together for a Healthier World™
  • 20. Pfizer’s Structure Enhances Our Focus and Expertise Running Our Diverse BusinessesNew Tools & Processes for Enhanced Decision- Decision-Making and Accountability for Development of g y p Meaningful MedicinesRich Pipeline with Several Assets in Registration and Late Stage Development Working Together for a Healthier World™ 20
  • 21. Delivering Scientific AdvancesThat Impact Patients’ Lives Geno GermanoPresident / General Manager Specialty Care & Oncology Business UnitsJ.P. Morgan Healthcare ConferenceJanuary 11, 2011